Biased BBC correspondent Alan writes;

“You have to look hard to find this story on the BBC website:

Imam dies in mosque arson attack in Belgian capital

It doesn’t make the Homepage (though ironically it does have a report on Le Pen running in the French election), nor even merit a highlighted report on the world news…just a line in ‘Europe’.

Could the reason be for this lack of reaction that the arsonist was another Muslim…a Sunni attacking a Shia Mosque? I’m sure it had nothing to do with religion what so ever though.

Imagine…or in fact just go back through the archives and you can find the BBC reaction to attacks on Mosques by ‘Islamophobess’ or apparently Israelis….where no one died or indeed no serious damage done. The BBC continues to hide the violence done by Muslims whilst highlighting Israeli ‘aggression’ of any nature and measure.

It highlights and goes into spasms of delight when an American goes beserk in Afghanistan but it ignores the cold blooded and deliberate murders of Afghan civilians by the Taliban.

Rewarding Muslim violence with favourable media coverage or at least, coverage that hides motives behind the violence, or the violence itself, will only lead to more violence…it obviously gets results politically and financially as politicians pour money into communities in an effort to look like they care. It’s a clever strategy by Muslims…get people to distrust or hate you…then claim victim status and have politicans falling over themselves to ‘protect’ and develop your community and culture.”

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7 Responses to SUNNI AND SHIA

  1. cjhartnett says:

    Wonder if Rageh Omar or someone could do a programme about the difference between Sunnis and Shia…the reasons seem to vary all over the place, depending on who you speak to.
    Which leads us to the obvious conclusion that if they`re so angry, vengeful and sanctimonious over these arcane trivia…and carry out atrocities like these on “fellow umma”…what do we think lies in store for us if we don`t send them packing and into the 19th century by way of gradual progression into members of the world community?
    Tumbleweed from the Beeb…nothing from Al Jazeera…whilst we`re supposed to bother with two zealots fighting over whether a sword or a stanley knife is Allahs will for the likes of us…


  2. Scott M says:

    Notably, criticising some stories for not being on the BBC homepage is something that David Vance used to do, before he started restricting himself to just passing on “Alan”‘s wise words. I’m sure, though, that this is just coincidence.

    Any chance the prolific Alan could get his own posting account? It seems odd for so many of one man’s pronouncements to have to be channelled through David Vance…


  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    The Guardian also failed to report that it was a Muslim who conducted this attack – leaving one, I assume, to suspect that it was a “right wing extremist”. 

    Why one wonders? I contacted their “reader” email address; oddly, they are yet to reply. WOuld that because I suggested that had they reported truthfully, they might have been seen to be (in PC world, which of course they have long inhabited) Islamophobic?


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Not sure what this has to do with BBC bias.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Seems to me that the point is that the BBC would be swarming all over this murder had it been a right wing extremist or a Jew who had done it.
      It would be a hate crime and Islamophobic and right at the heart of the EU Empire itself…an arson in a Mosque in one of our nations capitals…as well as in the city that probably has a higher population of Muslims than any other in the EU.
      It`s the selective cherry picking of reports that hush up black on black crime, Muslim sex gangs up in our northern cities and now the Sunni/Shia conflagration that is due if we don`t point out that this is not our war or our cause…if only both sides of Islam could BOTH lose.
      That would be my interpretation anyway!


    • Span Ows says:

      Omission David: half of the bias at the BBC is what they don’t say.


  5. noggin says:

    absolutely spot on
     i posted this on the last open thread the time it was just reported
    all over 5 live all over r4 news … then ………silence 😀
    i note with interest, how el beeb was wetting its pants earlier as a belgium imam was killed/mosque firebombed ( pant pant! breivik far right bnp edl drone drone drone).
    aahhaaarrr! whoops! its just another islamic outrage, pull down the shutters … how many act of aggression israelli bombs have killed innocent “the poor” palestinians, today

    mosque? … belgium?? … imam??? … what mosque????
    oh! … and as another point of interest, i haven t heard from el beeb
    (or ANY of the muslim organisations), just how many Qurans were burned during this heinous act. 😀
    and this was deliberate! 😀