There is a definite BBC agenda in play with regard to the murders in Toulouse and Biased-BBC’s Alan notes;

“The BBC have rushedto judgement on those responsible for the shootings in France….they have evennamed a French politician as prime suspect for his ‘inflammatory’ comments onimmigration.

However if you wanted to rush to judgement other facts might point in anotherdirection and not towards a far right extremist trying to stir up a race war(though of course no one knows yet)…

Three soldiers were sacked from the French army for photographing themselvesgiving a Hitler salute whilst wrapped in a Nazi flag…..These three soldiers were cashiered from the 17th Parachute Engineer Regimentin 2008. 

The soldiers who have been murdered recently are also from the 17th ParachuteEngineer Regiment.

If you wanted to jump to conclusions you would surely think the killer wassomeone who hated white nationalists and Jews. Perhaps someone from the Left or one of those who cannot be mentioned? After all it was Left wing terrorists that have predominated in Europe fordecades”

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