But a few days ago, BBC presenter Justin Webb was engaging in wild speculation concerning the motivations that lay behind the killings in Toulouse. Here, B-BBC contributor Alan captures his thoughts.

20th march 

Justin Webb

‘There are some who wonder that some politicians,including perhaps Mr Sarkozy must bear some responsibility, not necessarilyfor what happened, but for the context in which it happened. They are accused of creating a climate of suspicionabout, possibly even hatred, of minority groups.’

Agnes Poirier:

‘We couldn’t make a link between the killing of thesoldiers and little kids…what is emerging is that these are the faces ofdiverse France and obviously it becomes then extremely apparent that the killershould want to assassinate diverse France.’


‘That is the point…do we accept it is possible at leastthat this killer seemed to be motivated by wanting to attack the way thatmodern France looks and that of course has been part of the presidentialcampaign. French Interior Minister Claude Gueant became a verycontroversial figure a few weeks ago when he said ‘For us not all civilisationsare of equal value.’ Do you think these kind of remarks should not havehappened? Is it acceptable for people to talk about subjects ofpolitical controversy?’

Agnes Poirier;

‘The constant stirring of stereotypes is unhelpful and isan unhealthy debate in France.’

Interesting that Webb thinks any talk of immigration andintegration makes for ‘controversial politics’….and perhaps should not bespoken of….but that has always been BBC policy and look where such lack ofmoral fibre and backbone and failure to challenge cultural beliefs andactivities leads us:
‘The British public have not got their teeth into any ofthis, not least because it is so hard for the full facts to be put tothem…..vested interests discourage too close a scrutiny of the evidence.
It is a matter of the gravest concern that Westerndemocracies are not only failing to monitor properly the activities of radicalimams but allowing the Islamic studies centres to mushroom, totally out ofcontrol. They are making radicalisation and ideological transfer easier, notharder, and increasing the security risk rather than containing it. In Britain, it is actually official government policy toexpand the teaching of Islamic studies so that every single Muslim student inthe UK will be able to take this subject. Wherever Islamists go on the attack, all are driven bythe same malign and violent hatred of the West and its current foreign securityinterests.’
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