Just because you are not interested in “gay marriage” does not mean the advocates of “gay marriage” are not interested in you. The BBC has been a relentless propagandist for the gay lobby and a good example of this was an interview with the highly divisive American cleric Gene Robinson on Today this morning @ peak hour 8.17am.  Robinson was given such a soft interview and even got away unchallenged with suggesting that Christ may have slyly hinting that he was in favour of Gay Marriage at the Last Supper. It’s clear that the BBC sees Robinson as a hero and so happily provides him with this platform disguised an interview, a platform that his critics – and they are many – are denied. I have no problem with the BBC covering the topic (although it does so with much enthusiasm, entirely disconnected to its relevance to the overwhelming of people) but it sets the debate up in such a way that those who suggest it is unBiblical and morally wrong are then presented as bigots. It’s as if the BBC is Stonewall’s broadcasting arm. 

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