Allahu Akhbar! Gorgeous George Galloway, Saddam’s representative on Earth, has won the Bradford West by election and the BBC has a problem. Yes they love the Labour Party but they will always genuflect to the pro-Jihad Respect party. So, this morning with my old pal George sleeping after his historic victory care of  “Asians” apparently, on trooped Salma Yaqoob to the Today programme @ 8.10AM. The climax of the interview was contrived to enable her to say that Respect did not support the killing of British soldiers in Afghanistan. She didn’t. Instead she talked of her support for the “right to resist” to the obvious chagrin of the BBC interviewer.

Further, she was able to claim that Galloway had obtained support from “all parts of the community” in Bradford West. I was speaking to a friend this morning who had visited the electoral battleground in Bradford West in the past few days. I am told that all of the Muslim areas were bedecked  with Respect posters, the Islamic community was fully energised to deliver support for the crusader (!) Galloway and elsewhere apathy reigned. How come the BBC’s world class reporters missed this? Why do they hide behind the false claim that Galloway represents a broad cross section of the Bradford people?

Here we have a situation where militant minded anti-British Muslims rally around the demagogue Galloway and the best the BBC can do is question Baroness Warsi as to why the Conservatives did not do better! Mind you, they also let Harriet Harperson declare “The lesson that we learn this morning is that we must learn lessons from this.”  Perhaps Harriet’s nonsense provides us with something to smile about, but the BBC’s obsequious to Respect reminds me of how it also grovelled to Sinn Fein.


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  1. Leha says:

    So begins the complete polarization of British politics, as we say in Scotland, the main parties jackets are hanging on a “shoogly nail” but as usual all we shall get from al-beeb is soft whitewash.

    bBC – Jihads useful idiots


  2. David Vance says:

    Allah’s little helpers…


  3. starfish says:


    Some detailed analysis of voting patterns (particulalry postal votes stats) might be interesting

    I noted that Dead Ed was not mentioned at all by HH, indeed his name was raised by the interviewer quite late on

    Apparently things were going well up to a week ago – indeed Dead Ed visited the constituency.

    So the wheels fell off after Dead Ed was there, funny old thing!


  4. zemplar says:

    Yes, “a particular problem” with Bradford was mentioned on ‘Today’, oh, it must have been at least half a dozen times, and no exaggeration; but no mention was made of what that “particular problem” is. Classic BBC crap.


  5. Dave s says:

    Welcome to our future. The political elite seems taken aback by this result. Entirely predictable when the politics of identity replace the politics as practised in this country for generations. I hope it finally wakes them up but I doubt it. So inured to reality has this dreadful generation of political and intellectual fantasists become.
    We are well on course for the Balkanisation of England in another generation or so.


    • Reed says:

      I fear you’re correct, Dave. So many sensible people have long warned of the divisiveness of identity politics, but it has become the political norm in the last few decades, championed and accelerated by New Labour. You don’t have to go back too far to remember a time when phrases like ‘community cohesion’ were simply not part of the national discourse. Now we have a department for community cohesion, a minister of state and a branch in every local authority. Yet you can guarantee that those responsible for this growing balkanisation see no correlation in their increasingly obsessive use of identity politics and the segregation we see in our society today. Add mass, uncontrolled immigration to the equation and we have a ticking timebomb that has been placed into OUR hands. What did they expect? Who would have thought that dividing people up into entirely separate groups based on any number of criteria, and then flooding the nation with people from all over the world who have vastly different cultures and expectations, might not be conducive to ‘community cohesion’.

      I would like to think that, with this defeat in Bradford, the Labour party would perhaps begin to reflect on their legacy in all these regards, but that would be an expectation too far. Unfortunately, we all have to live with their legacy too.


  6. John says:

    BBC seems to be stating repeatedly that this is a one-off, see for example

    Have they not noticed what Ken is up to in London? If Ken rides into the mayoralty on the Islamicist vote, will that be another one-off?


    • Span Ows says:

      Is that Mark Mardell in the yellow rosette and cowboy hat behind GG?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      They’ve noticed, you can bet. But they’ve refused to report it. Even when they had him on for a “grilling” by BBC London reporters, they didn’t touch it and stuck to fiscal policy issues.


  7. As I See It says:

    The good ship Beeb and its champagne socialist crew ought to take note. Snooze and you lose. The hard left and their postal vote allies have stolen a march.

    Meanwhile the BBC have poked fun over pasties, frightened the grannies and laughed at the Cameroons lack of skillful spin (yes, its true the BBC really do get nostalgic for the days of Alistair Campbell).


  8. Wayne X says:

    Why did we not the truth behind the Galloway win in Bradford? All we get from all of the MSM is analysis of the failure of Labour. This is not what I wanted to hear, I wanted the truth behind his win and I am sure I am not alone.

    I know you have only just got the new site up and running, and it’s a lot better so very well done, but I am beginning to think that it should also have had a name change. After all the BBC is not the only one that is biased, all of the MSM are. We resent the BBC the most because we are made to pay for it on pain of imprisonment but in fact is that the MSM are all biased illegitimate individuals. They all absolutely and completely distort the truth beyond recognition. The truth is not even visible from behind their fuzzy politically correct spectacles; everything is slanted, opinionated and simply transparent propaganda worthy of the Third Reich.

    Another incident of plain lies; a report by ITN on the shooting in Florida of the black boy Martin stated “that he was shot because the security guard did not like the look of him”. Yes those were the words used; there was absolutely no mention of the witnesses that saw the guard being beaten up.

    So, when do we get our Political Spring that sets the truth free from the MSM?
    Perhaps it’s time for an Obama-messiah change?
    What about, http://WWW.THE LIES OF THE MSM.COM?


  9. Pounce_uk says:

    While the bBC is more than happy to cry out about how this is a blow to Labour and such. They leave out just who the vast majority of those 10,000 votes are?

    They leave out any mention of the letter (Yes letter) which GG sent out to his ethnic target (this is West Bradford) which asked the question of who is a real Muslim, that the Labour candidate (actually a real Muslim and not a plastic one) isn’t a Muslim and that he had done more for Pakistan , than anybody else. Have a look at the letter and ask why the bBC doesn’t mention how somebody looking to get voted in as a British MP appeals to Allah for guidance. How would the bBC have reported this if somebody had targeted white Christians with a letter.

    I do like the part where the cock states he has never drunk ‘Alcohol’ Yeah right and the part where he tried to save the people of Iraq.


    • Jim Dandy says:

      No they don’t: Nick Robinson’s analysis highlights the importance of the Muslim vote ‘…particularly In the Muslim community.’ ditto Chris Mason’s analysis.

      I thought Evan Davis’ treatment of Warsi was ott. The performance of the Tories isn’t the main issue. Your best case for bias is there.

      But the notion that the BBC genuflect to respect is garbage ( remember Paxman’s grilling of Golliway in 2005.)

      Interesting far left perspective here which accuses tge BBC of bias, and compares it disfavourabky to Sky:


    • TrueToo says:

      Yes, I saw that bit:

      I, George Galloway do not drink alcohol and never have.

      Bullshit. He has always struck me as a heavy drinker. All that unreasoning rage when away from the bottle and longing for a fix.

      The sight of Galloway giving chief Hamas terrorist Ismael Haniya a big hug when he led his motley crew to Gaza was disturbing indeed. They should warn people before broadcasting such images on TV.


      • More upset than they were supposed to be… says:

        Wasn’t he guzzling champaign on celebrity big brother?


  10. Framer says:

    Evan Davis on BBC Today tried to land a knock-out blow on Baroness Warsi suggesting the swing against the Tories was worse than Labour’s. In truth Davis didn’t even know what the swing was as he came back tentatively to the issue later.
    No surprise as the BBC has stopped even reporting election details on its news bulletins. They didn’t tell us the Conservative (or other if there were) vote numbers or percentages.
    Anyway same old, same old BBC later interviewed – with exceptional Respect – Harriet Harman who could tell us nothing until a review was held. She did however know Bradford was an exception that had nothing to do with its ethnic composition.
    The BBC could not bring itself to query whether Muslims concentrated in English city seats are effectively outside the party system and vote on issues that affect Muslims first.
    And they won’t be going to the Tories whoever the candidate or the policies. Nigel Farage calls it the beginning of religious voting in the UK (NI and Glasgow excluded presumably).
    Warsi put on an exceptionally effective and sturdy performance which upset Evan Davis greatly.
    BTW there were 10,000 postal votes which calls that system into question.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Too right it does! All those martyrdom-mental Brahdfordstinians away on strangely extensive activity holidays in sunny Pakistan and Afghanistan should get absolutely f**k all of any vote back here!! Let’s have an Al-Beeb reported referendum on THAT and see if i’m wrong! THEN we’d see how popular pussycat George (cracking kick in goofy Dead Ed’s cobblers though!) and his ultra intolerant frenzied jim-jam wearers REALLY are here!!


  11. hippiepooter says:

    If British politics could be taken seriously any more, all three main parties would highlight that Respect is a far-left/Jihadi alliance and the result of this election clearly shows that the allegiance of a huge swathe of our Muslim population is with the enemy at time of war.

    Far from not seeing a Churchill on the horizon to save our country at time of great peril, I dont even see a leader with the moral fibre of Neville Chamberlain!


  12. Jake says:

    This to me is a green light to vote ‘extreme’. And it won’t be ‘respect’ I’m voting for. But of course, if an ‘extreme’ party of the type I’ll be voting for won a by-election, the BBC et al would be up in arms about it.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Absolutely! We can ALL play at the protest vote. People just need to actually follow through with their anger and words for once though, instead of so stupidly keep on and on bottling out at the last second in the voting booths.
      Sod the disgruntled political preachers, a HUGE protest vote every few elections could not possibly be ignored at all and would soon start getting a few seriously angering things changed for the better of Britain. It’s the only way to seriously shake up and properly wake up the presently main political parties. Getting even just a dozen or two MPs of right wing/common sense parties in to the (televised for all to see) House of Commons would soon start working bloody wonders!
      Absolutely got to stop being weasels though and do just as they’ve determinedly done in Bradfordistan and follow through in those voting booths. Repeatedly strong sympathisers (which it’s known there’s MANY millions of!) and conviction voters that stick to their guns for once and stop just stupidly and naively being all mouth will be CRUCIAL for real change! What the bloody hell have you got to lose in a democratic country where you can simply change your vote a few years afterwards if you so desire?!! All that’s got to be done is just play those dark ages Bradfordstinians at their own game – Simples!!


  13. Wayne X says:

    When the penny finally drops about what Galloway stands for the majority of people in Britain will not like it. There will be a backlash and it will not be Labour, Conservative or heaven help us the Liberals that will benefit. It will be the Patriotic Parties. We dare not speak their name of course but very quietly a lot of us will say our piece at the ballet box in 2015. I cannot wait.


  14. Adi says:

    One small step for the British (Galloway is a fringe unrepresentative minority) society, huge step for the anti-Zionist society.

    Looking forward to the Olympics and the contributions Bradford will make.


  15. will says:

    The conclusion of the “Today” interview with Salma Yaqoob was a hoot. She had danced around giving a direct answer to questioning seeking a denial that Respect encouraged of the killing of UK troops in Afghanisatan. The Interviewer thought he almost had the denial & thought it safe to get confirmation. Unfortunately she then said that she supported the right to resist occupying forces. Even as the words were leaving her lips the interview was terminated with all haste. (I remember that the Stop the War coalition, which included Labour MPs in its politburo, also supported the right of the Iraqi Resistance to oppose UK etc forces “by whatever means necessary”)


  16. George R says:

    The Islamisation of Britain continues daily.

    Presumably, it is too obvious for INBBC to mention that the Bradford result derives from Labour’s (and the rest of the British political elite’s) support for Mass Immigration from Islamic countries.

    The Labour Party long held policy of stealth Mass Immigration (supported by INBBC) was aimed to impose on indigenous British people:-
    1.) a ‘multicultural’ colonisation;
    2.) the basis of a permanent Labour-voting electorate.

    In practice, on 1.) (above) we get – Islamisation,
    on 2.) (above) we get – ‘Respect,’ and Shariah politics.

    “‘We have won the most sensational victory’: George Galloway secures landslide in Bradford West by-election as Labour admits they didn’t see shock defeat coming.”

    Read more:


  17. Span Ows says:

    Mike Smithson@MikeSmithsonOGH
    Why is the BBC Bradford West coverage so crap? This is the most sensational by-election result for decades and they are ignoring it

    Points to note: Conservatives put up a whitey woman whereas last time they had a Muslim man and reports of massive postal voting (already mentioned) and 1000s of Conservatives voted tactically…

    BBC doesn’t want to know.: saving Ed’s blushes


  18. Popeye says:

    It makes me sad to see that anyone would support a man like George Galloway. He cares little for the truth and devalues any discussion he takes part in with his loud and abusive debating technique.

    The BBC should be analysing who voted for him and why? If he has been elected by the Muslim vote, this should be a watershed and a wakeup call to our politicians. I wonder if Harriet Harman will really learn the true lessons?

    I agree it will also be interesting to see how Ken Livingston fares in the election for London Mayor after his nauseating play for the Muslim vote. I thought he was an atheist.


    • Jim Dandy says:

      Sue says below radio 4 asked Galloway whether he was playing the Muslim card. This isn’t really new. It’s what he did in tower hamlets.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Jim, doesn’t that mean it’s bogus for the BBC to play this as a one-off?


  19. johnyork says:

    Spare a thought for the non-muslims in Bradford, I know the BBC wont !
    An idiot of an MP to represent Bradford West.
    Idiots overseeing Bradford Bulls into bankruptey.
    Idiots from Bradford City charged with violent conduct.

    Beware of new idiot schemes in Bradford (half the city centre in rubble for 6 years awaiting funding for a much needed new shopping experience) for gorgeous george will have you all on a tacky Game Show as not watched by Muslims.

    This will take your mind off sports and shopping and if you live in Bradford, he might be the best MP you’ve ever elected.
    I imagine the BBC think so !


  20. Hey DJ says:

    you mean BRADISTAN


  21. Louis Robinson says:

    “An extraordinary result but surely a one-off political coup by a political one-off” – Nick Robinson
    No, Nick, the shape of things to come thanks in part to a self-loathing upper-middle elite and a timid media.


  22. alan says:

    A one off? It is for the BBC because they have singularly failed to report the political events in Tower Hamlets where Islamist extremists have taken the council and run it to their own agenda.

    Andrew Gilligan has been relentlessly following the goings on there but the BBC for some reason, even BBC London, has ignored what are significant social, political and religious events that have the power to change this country for the worse.

    Ken Livingstone is also now playing the same religious card as Galloway in the hope of winning the Muslim vote….it does seem Muslims vote for those who promote their religion rather than economics or other political issues regardless of the quality or reputation of the person up for election.

    Politicians will never have the heart or will to tackle Islam….the future is lots of mini-Pakistans dotted around Britain, a law unto themselves and a no-go zone for non-Muslims and where British law and human rights mean little.


  23. alan says:

    Bradford and Tower Hamlets give the lie to the BBC and Establishment line that there is a ‘moderate’ Islam.

    Why would ‘moderates’ keep voting for ‘extremists’…..because extremists are only extremists in comparison to non-Muslims. Islam as laid out…and the Koran is the unchangeable word of God to be followed exactly….is extreme. It is racist, homophobic, mysogynist and incites war, conquest and colonisation.

    There is nothing moderate about the Koran.

    And yet it is taught to every Muslim in this country as a religious book to be held in the highest esteem.

    The truth is the Koran, and its teachings, is a dangerous book….a ‘toxic arsenal that fuels hatred and sterile polemic.’

    The French are starting to realise the danger and have started banning the attempts to impose Islam and its culture upon them in indirect means…halal meat fed secretly to non-Muslims, praying in the streets and face coverings.

    If you value freedom of thought, of expression and human rights then perhaps it is time to consider more closely the extremely harmful effects this ideology will have upon our culture and society.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Read: “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Isalm” by Robert Spencer:
      the truth will set you free.


  24. Beness says:

    Sky news were showing pictures earlier, of a white man who had threw a missile at Galloways car.
    He was surrounded by brown skinned chaps who were hassling him. they cut back to the studio. No protest allowed then.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Should have been a hand-grenade. These idiots in Bradford will soon learn they have been duped by the rancid traitor Galloway, and will ‘get rid’ of him like they did in London.


  25. Beness says:

    PS: I think they said the missile was an Egg.


  26. alan says:

    Guido Fawkes called it the ‘Bradford Spring’.

    Says it all.

    Laugh or cry.


  27. Sue says:

    On radio 4 at lunchtime Galloway was questioned about ‘playing the Muslim card’. In particular he was asked if his campaign had included a boast that he was ‘a better Muslim than the Muslim Labour candidate.’
    Needless to say he obfuscated.
    I suppose playing the Muslim card so aggressively, and winning so many of their votes will put paid to all those claims by Muslims of feeling disenfranchised. But the Labour party’s retrospective self-examination might lead them to conclude that they too should play the Muslim card even more aggressively.
    You have to laugh ruefully at the fact that the Labour party deliberately encouraged mass Muslim immigration mainly to keep themselves in power, but their very own viper turned round and bit them on the bum. Bit us all on the bum, that is.


    • hippiepooter says:

      What we need is for the democratic parties to make common cause – as they have against the Nazi BNP – and reach a pact not to court the anti-democratic moslem vote.

      Unfortunately they are all run by moral pygmies and the exact opposite will happen.


      • More upset than they were supposed to be… says:

        Here’s a Conversation that will never happen in Labour Party HQ:

        “Hey, has anyone considered the possibility that we let in all those Muslims and that one day, they might vote for …….. someone….. else?


    • TrueToo says:

      You have to laugh ruefully at the fact that the Labour party deliberately encouraged mass Muslim immigration mainly to keep themselves in power, but their very own viper turned round and bit them on the bum.

      Good point. I have no doubt they didn’t foresee it.


      • Jim Dandy says:

        I’m not sure the majority of the country’s Muslims arrived under Labour did they? Any evidence for this ?


        • demon1001 says:

          I don’t have the figures but the first huge swathes started in the sixties and seventies. Then in the Blair/Brown disaster period the gates were opened for all to come. I would suggest that the vast majority came in these two periods or are descended from those that arrived in the first period.


        • Sue says:



          • Reed says:

            Sue – It’s the single biggest act of betrayal by any government in rcent history. Yet…almost NO coverage in the MSM. Shocking.


  28. GotItAboutRight says:

    £10 to anyone who catches the BBC asking Galloway about his views on gay marriage.


    • Reed says:

      Good point!
      It’s a very current issue, after all. Perhaps someone should have asked him before the election. Where are the journalists! I guess it’s much easier to make the nasty white Christians the bad guy – too many downsides to asking Galloway, as they might have to join the dots to his new constituents’ opinion on this matter.


  29. Umbongo says:

    Putting to one side the BBC’s predictably execrable coverage of this event, why shouldn’t Galloway (and Ken for that matter) play the Moslem card? It’s not illegal and, since it’s a Moslem card, never will be.
    The “mainstream” politicians have played that card for the last 10-15 years thinking that they could thereby control and emasculate the Moslem electorate in the same way that they successfully control and emasculate the white indigenous working-class electorate. Well, unfortunately for mainstream politicians – and, rather more important, the rest of us non-Moslems – “politics as usual” doesn’t work when you are faced with a vociferous and motivated community with medieval beliefs and practices concerning, for instance, women and infidels and, moreover, an easygoing tolerance of electoral corruption.
    Galloway’s victory signals the arrival in the UK of the community politics in all the glory and violence which we see in India and Pakistan.


    • uncle bup says:

      Click to access 11_05_05_psi_report.pdf

      Senator, I am not now, nor have I ever been, an oil trader. and neither has anyone on my behalf. I have never seen a barrel of oil, owned one, bought one, sold one – and neither has anyone on my behalf.


      • Umbongo says:

        uncle bup

        You and I might consider that Galloway’s conduct vis-a-vis the late dictator of Iraq was appalling. However, such behaviour is apparently deemed worthy of reward and approval by the community which voted him into parliament.


  30. Robin Rose says:

    I heard Princess Nikki Campbell discussing the election this morning. According to Princess Nikki, Assad is a “right wing dictator” and Ahmadinejad is a “right wing conservative”. Gramsci would be so proud if he could see his little girl all grown up and on the radio.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Always hidden it really well that he’s an anything BUT impartial do-goody raving leftie though, hasn’t he?
      No, Princess Nikki couldn’t be any more right up Al-Beeb’s street! lol


    • demon1001 says:

      Amazing that all these “right-wing” dictators are heroes of, and are supported by, the left. Just the same as they supported Hitler right up to his invasion of the USSR.


  31. Burkean Outlook says:

    As usual, the British political establishment, political punditry and most bloggers are missing the key point.

    This result is the first indication of what is already happening in Europe-the Balkanisation and the collapse of the West.

    As the economy continues its plummet of the cliff, you are now beginning to see the parts of the electorate splitting off into its Far Left and Far Right factions.

    We are already seeing this split in Europe- Malmo, Amsterdam, Rotterdam,Oslo, Antwerp, Ghent, Copenhagen,Helsinki, and most major cities in Germany, France and Italy now have racial and ethnic complexion and tensions more akin to Bosnia than Blackpool.

    The real “shock” will come in France, with massive gains for both the FN and significant gains for CPF and other Far Left Groups and Islamic fellow traveller’s.

    Already fractured societies are now well on the way towards the sort of pre-revolutionary stage. From Crawley to Catalan, the wiff of the last days of Weimar Republic is everywhere.

    We’ve already seen political violence on the rise, the riots in France, Greece, Spain and the UK, Mohammed Merah, Mohammed Bouyeri, and Anders Behring Brevik being just a few examples of the grim future that we can expect.

    Dave S talks about all this taking place within a generation, but I expect it to be much quicker. You only have to read Mark Steyn’s “America Alone” or “After America” to know where this is going.

    Of course not that we will get any of that on the BBC-to them “news” is all pasties- all gristle and no meat……


  32. Reed says:

    Harriet Harperson – “The lesson that we learn this morning is that we must learn lessons from this.”

    This tells us two things we already know.
    Firstly, that Harperson is as thick and vacuous as they come. Secondly, that they REALLY don’t know how to spin this defeat without mentioning the very issue they wish to avoid mentioning.

    I hope the anguish tears them up. At least they now know how the rest of us feel after a decade’s worth of being bullied into silence.


  33. David Preiser (USA) says:

    If nothing else, this is what you get for allowing candidates to parachute in and run for office wherever they like.


  34. hippiepooter says:

    The BBC 6 O’ Clock News has just informed us that just under half the electors in Bradford West are ‘ethnic minorities’ and lo, Respect have a swing from all 3 main parties of 52%. How could that be anything else than Muslims voters leaving all 3 parties to support the Jihad candidate?

    What a state we’re in when there’s no examination of the view that at time of war a hugely disloyal Muslim population have voted for the enemy candidate. I guess its chicken and egg: The BBC dont mention it because the main parties dont mention it; the main parties dont mention it because they know the BBC would smear them for doing so.

    So far, all the news readers I’ve seen sound remarkably bouncy and upbeat when announcing Galloway’s election victory. No sign of bias there then.

    In light of some comments here, the danger of a large portion of the native population going far right has just increased.


    • worker drone 22 says:

      Some of us saw the writing on the wall well over a decade ago and have been voting for “that” party since then. I had no choice as the other parties decided I and the rest of worker drones did not matter. They didn’t care what nationality the drone was, just that the work was done. If I complained, then I was a racist, natch.

      Bradford will not be the last “shock” result for the religion of peace and it will end in civil war just has it has done in other countries.


    • Dazed & Confused says:

      50% of the public of Bradford West stayed at home. 50% of the Bradford West constituency are counted as ‘ethnic minorities’….(I.E. of the Islamic persuasion) Not hard to do the maths of who voted and who didn’t.

      Block voting at the local Imams decree, gives the ever “peaceful” religion of Islam way more clout than otherwise it might…..And when Galloway’s served his purpose (Just like in Tower Hamlets) the pious Ummah simply step up to the next rung on the ladder…..Read the Islamist Mayor Lutfur Rahman for further details on that….

      People do need to realise this, because otherwise, we’ll quickly find that we’ve imported future civil war.


  35. The Rev says:

    Anybody else think that Harriet Harman was trying her best to hint at election fraud but didn’t dare to say anymore? Reminds me of the 2010 election night coverage when a certain inner-city result (Tower Hamlets?) came in which had all the pundits checking their figures and scratching their heads at the voting patterns. Naturally we heard nothing more about it.
    Postal voting should be abolished!


    • Reed says:

      I’m with you there, Rev. I’m also beginning to wonder if proof of identity ought to be required at polling stations.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        I’d make them dip their fingers into indellible ink ……..cant vote twice huh?


  36. Merlin says:

    That traitorous filth Galloway is not to be trusted. He’d turn his back on his fellow countrymen in seconds flat in order to save his own skin.


  37. Burkean Outlook says:

    The point is that while I enjoy seeing Labour getting a kicking, nobody who has the best interests of the UK at heart, will be getting any satisfaction out of this.

    The BBC will flog the lie that everything is fine and dandy, along with the rest of the MSM and popular bloggers like Guido with the usual stories of half arsed commentry, but the truth is we are well on the way the post Western, post American world.

    I am in Singapore at the moment, and I can tell you, while you are talking about pasties, China is spending US taxpayers money from outlandish borrowing of Obama House of Cards on its military-it has increased for the fourth year its military budget by 11%

    That’s a real story

    The US has $15 Trillion worth of debt, and 10 times that of unfunded liabilities.

    That’s a real story

    West Africa is now in a real civil war, with Islamist taking over large swathes of the continent.

    That’s a real story.

    Southern Thailand and the Philippines being engulfed in civil war between the increasingly weak Central Government and Islamist forces. Iranian agents trying to blow up the Israeli embassy in Bangkok, while the whole of the South East Asian region is awaiting Islamic Jihad bombing campaigns.

    That’s a real story

    China is also selling hardware to Iran, who is getting ready for the showdown. Iran now has a useful idiot in Westminster, and possibly a Mayor in the Capital, and a significant size of the population more loyal to Tehran than Twickenham.

    That’s a real story

    What do we get from the chattering classes? “Freak Result”, “Bad news for Ed” and other such nonsense-from Islamist apologist Dan Hannan who has as much backbone as a jelly fish, unwilling to take on the fight in this country and become a proper MP, and opts instead to indulge himself on the EU money-go-round, to the droids in Al Beeb weeping over their Pally friends, its no wonder that the Kremlin, Beijing and Tehran are already planning what to do with the remains of the West.

    As Julius Nicholson said in the Thick of It “This Shit has just got real”-shame the chattering classes haven’t got that yet.


  38. Jeff says:

    In my humble opinion George Galloway is a much a traitor to our country as Lord Haw Haw was during World War 2. And we all know how he finished up.
    The only good thing about this result is the effect it might have on a bovine electorate. Can anyone from the still quiet and peaceful shires see footage of this repulsive creature and his equally vile supporters and not realise just what is happening to our once green and pleasant land?
    We have become a docile, supine people, existing in a state of vegetative contentment with our soaps, soccer and celebrity culture. Time to wake up!


    • Burkean Outlook says:

      Don’t count on it.

      It took the fall of Poland, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France before we woke up.

      Until a few Tarquin’s, Jessica’s and Jenny’s of the establishment come home in bodybag’s after a night out at the Ministry of Sound, and they have to bury them up at Hampstead, this will carry on until its game over.

      This time there is no Winston Churchill to come to the rescue now.


    • Span Ows says:

      You’re wrong Jeff, GG is far worse than Lord Haw Haw. What the BBC does now, re EU, re AGW, re various things is worse than Lord Haw Haw too. They are actively aiding and abetting enemies of this country.


  39. chrisH says:

    Do I laugh or do I cry?
    To see the liberal elite squirming at their boy “taking a hell of a beating” up there in the land of Ray Honeyford is all well and good.
    To see Galloway getting voted in and being Banquos ghost at the wake of what remains of the Labour Party is good comedy.
    Yet this utter creep and shameless Islamic penis sheath is a dangerous man indeed….Jenny Tonge with a cigar.
    For now enjoy the sounds of Labour creeps like Harman and Eagle not even having the imagination to read from anything other than Milibands excuse list…same damn script and lack of self-analysis…and enjoy them do anything but say that it`s anything to do with Bradford being Muslim..not at all…Allah forbid!


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Spot on!

      “shameless Islamic penis sheath” ..LOL!! ..Superb!


    • Leodian says:

      At least Harman & Eagle could resort to their anti-male politics. GG is/has a prick.


  40. JAG says:

    We’ll never know, but I would love to know what proportion of Gorgeous George (I have never drunk alcohol) Galloways votes were postal or proxy!

    I very much suspect that the electoral and political processes of Pakistan have been installed in Bradford West. Soon to be followed (if not already by their social and legal practices.


  41. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I’m still trying to understand why the BBC would be trying to convince people that Galloway’s victory is a one-off. Never mind the fact that he previously gotten elected doing the exact same thing, which makes it a trend. As Wilde might have said, to elect an extremist once may be regarded as misfortune, but to do it twice looks like carelessness.

    In any case, what is the alleged journalistic integrity behind Robinson’s and others’ assurances? Obviously they know people are worried about someone getting elected – again – as the anti-West candidate. They can’t say it too openly because he’s now an elected politician and the BBC must remain impartial, so it must be a tough line to dance around.


    • Burkean Outlook says:

      Very interesting points of view David.

      To my mind, you have to look at the context to all this.

      The BBC, much like any of the institutions in the West, has been marinated in politically correct drivel for the last 20 odd years.

      The cult of Multiculturalism, the self loathing flagellation regarding Britain’s role in world affairs, the embrace of a Consumerism that has no understanding of where these things come from (ask a kid where milk comes from), soaked in entitlement from welfare state via state entertainment to healthcare , along with the effects of an education system, which more is spent per pupil than in anytime in human history, seems to produce less aware human beings incapable of even identifying the difference between dangerous demagoguery and a genuine critique of society.

      To many in the media establishment, Enoch Powell or Oriana Fallaci idea’s are far more dangerous than George Galloway.

      For all its supposed celebration of diversity-it employs people from every conceivable race,gender, sexual orientation and creed, the one thing the BBC does not do is the diversity of idea’s-that would be too radical.

      Put it another way, you will never see the BBC’s version of Michelle Malkin viewpoint, a Rush Limbaugh radio host or Andrew Brietbart style investigative journalism.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        The thing is, contrary to the spin that the anti-war angle was a main factor in Galloway’s supposed siphoning off of Labour voters, he was actually claiming to be an opponent of UK troops killing “innocent Muslims”. In other words, you now actually have a Member of Parliament who was elected on a jihadi platform. But the BBC plays games instead.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          The thing is, contrary to the spin that the anti-war angle was a main factor in Galloway’s supposed siphoning off of Labour voters, he was actually claiming to be an opponent of UK troops killing “innocent Muslims”. In other words, you now actually have a Member of Parliament who was elected on a jihadi platform. But the BBC plays games instead of talking about it openly.


        • Burkean Outlook says:

          I think there is a simpler answer.

          When you closely look at the BBC coverage, as well as Labour blog sites and newspapers, it clearly shows that there was an atmosphere of complacency within thecampaign. The BBC took it at face value, the reports it was receiving from Labour HQ that everything was in hand.

          After all this was going to be the springboard to the Spring Offensive against the Government, all the spin was in place, pasties and fuel strikes.

          What is now obvious that there was no independent observer of the campaign on what was going on in the constituency, except a few blog posts indicating that all was not well in the local Party.

          Then there is the “international” context to this. It would be imprudent to think that the electorate did not know Mr Galloway’s more recent record. Have in the mind of some of the more “muscular” members of the community, the increase in recent tensions within the Middle East played right into Mr Galloway’s hands.

          When you have a number within the community who believe that holocaust denial is a reality, that Zionists run the West that we fight wars for Jews, then it takes no leap of the imagination to come to the conclusion that Iran is the only country in the Muslim world prepared to fight the International Zionist Crusade. That Mr Galloway is aligned to the Islamic republic of Iran would of had some bearing on the result.

          Now the BBC is scrambling around for answers, just like the rest of the Labour Party. No matter how they spin it, they very fact that they have nurtured this “Islamic Tendency” deep within the Labour movement should be a cautionary tale. Weak leadership within the Labour Party is always dangerous to the wider society-as Michael Foot found out to his cost.

          Nick Cohen and Andrew Anthony in his book “The Fallout” warned us that all was not well.

          The fact that the BBC did not cover the election properly should be of grave concern.

          It will be interesting to see if Harry’s Place has the inside on this?


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            If the complacency of the Labour Party led the white working class of Bradford to unite with their Muslim neighbors, there’s no need to fear the EDL ruining this multicultural paradise.


  42. deegee says:

    I’m curious. Will Galloway swear an oath, or an affirmation, of loyalty to the Queen (head of the Church of England)? Will he chose the Almighty God version? I don’t believe there is anAllah option.

    What will read best for his Muslim constituency?


  43. Beness says:

    Will Galloway turn up in parliament? He has a very poor track record. Did he not go on big brother whilst still a serving MP?.


    • Burkean Outlook says:

      Of course he will turn up in parliament, the Iranian
      Parliament, that is……..


  44. noggin says:

    so glad his er…. “respect”????
    bus was pelted with rotten eggs.
    as usual though, a gang of muslim
    thugs, were straight there to intimidate
    the throwee … a sign of the bradford spring


  45. David Preiser (USA) says:

    James Naughtie has explained to me what the BBC means by Galloway being a “one-off”. As he told the guy from Political Betting, Galloway has run on his extremist platform successfully in Scotland, London, and now Bradford, but by one-off Naughtie means…um….give me a minute….er…wait….

    Actually, Naughtie contradicted himself. He said Galloway’s three successes can be “put in that bag”, meaning the “one-off” label. Which is an utterly meaningless statement. But I think they mean that Galloway is “unique”. Zubeida Malik got one of Galloway’s ex-Labour minions (an Asian) to say that people don’t think Labour represents them any more. The Political Betting guy said the same thing.

    All of this begs the question: what are those issues which the white working class of Bradford, Scotland, and Tower Hamlets are concerned about, and which Labour is missing out? Malik says it’s not just the anti-war issue. She’s right. I doubt too many white working class voters – who are otherwise considered potential racists by the BBC – are worried about UK troops killing “innocent Muslims”, as Galloway put it.

    So is it that Labour isn’t Marxist enough for them? And the BBC thinks Labour needs to reach out to Marxists more successfully? What about all those “Asians”? When did Labour ever represent them, exactly? What went wrong there, I wonder?

    The Beeboids really are having an intellectual failure here.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I’ve now heard Malik talking to some old white men in their working class club. One voted for Galloway, and two voted Labour, but were equally disappointed. The felt the local Labour mandarins were out of touch with the common man, and a good example was that they spent a load of money on some fountain rather than on the people.

      So there is something to it after all: Labour is not far enough to the Left to suit them (I didn’t hear them singing the Red Flag, but it was close enough), and they haven’t prevented UK troops from killing “innocent Muslims” enough to suit the local Mohammedans. It all makes sense now.

      Galloway is a uniter. He’s made the same white working class whom the BBC usually classify as xenophobic and the most likely supporters of the EDL or BNP unite with their Muslim neighbors. Not even the BBC can do that.

      I wonder why the BBC hasn’t been discussing this angle, and instead are intent on telling you he’s a one-off and the three major parties need to learn to be more connected to ordinary people so that he’s doesn’t get elected again. If the Beeboids were true to their stated goal of multicultural harmony, I say they couldn’t find a better example than Galloway in Bradford. Yet they seem not to get it. Curiouser and curiouser.


      • Burkean Outlook says:

        Indeed, unless you start to look at Labour.

        “It is not an “immigrant” vote. The masses of 20 and 30 somethings Galloway brought to the polling stations yesterday are not immigrants. They are second and third generation British Muslims. And it’s because they are not immigrants that simplistic tribal politics employed successfully by Labour in the past do not work. These people voted as Muslims not as immigrants because their principal religious and political identity is Islam.”

        “Galloway recognised that and Ken Livingstone is recognising it in London.”

        “And there is a practical lesson too for Labour voters. Communatarist politics will entrench Islamism in the Muslim community and destroy the Labour Party as an electoral force. It needs to be absolutely strangled now. It is not Labour ideology.”

        This is not just some frothing at the mouth EDL supporter, but the cold hard reality from the Left.

        I know this will go against the grain here on B-BBC, but the Labour Party is in a fight for its life.

        Unlike the 1980’s we don’t have a Mrs Thatcher to hold the ring and prevent a Hard Left take over.

        The Labour Party does not have a Tony Blair or a John Smith to keep the Party moderate.

        It would be a disaster if the Party of the tradition of Clement Attlee, Ernest Bevin, Aneurin Bevan, were to disappear and be replaced by an alliance of the Far Left/Islamist Tendency.

        I say this as a life long believer in the values of Edmund Burke and Conservative thinking.

        I don’t want the same thing happening to the Labour Party (and indeed the Conservative and Liberal Party) as what took place in the Democrat Party in 2004 when the moderates were overthrown, to be replaced by Hard Left Marxists.


        • eadwulf says:

          It was Tony Blair who gave us a “land fit only for muslims” It is the policies of the Labour Party ( and now the heir to Blair Cameron) who is carrying on where Blair left off. Bradford is only the first of many to come. Go to any town or city in the UK and you will see the signs of the comming islamification of the country. And this has all happened within a very short space of time. We have the country we deserve. Laziness and ignorance have seen to that.


  46. Burkean Outlook says:

    “Narratives not adding up here.”

    Indeed, the whole narration presented to the public as it stands is falling apart.

    To my mind what is really happening is that large sections of the public are choosing sides. The riots last year gave us a peek into the future.

    The EDL battling “youths” of a particular character in Enfield, the Sikh communities own response in Southall, East Ham, Ilford and Romford, not withstanding that Indo-Pakistan relations have not always been so cordial.

    While the University of Nottingham focused on the actions of the EDL/BNP, what was interesting is the lack of similar insight into the actions of other communities. It is inconceivable that other groups with similar motives, within other communities would not take advantage of the chaos to further their aims.

    Of course it might be politically embarrassing to mention that, as it would show that multiculturalism is a failing policy. Its far easier to blame it on “cuts” and an “-ism” of your choosing

    What is so striking is that Bradford is cited as a prime example of ‘parallel communities’, along with Oldham, Burnley, Blackburn and Barnsley, where the population is effectively segregated along ethnic, cultural and faith lines.

    These are the supposed “heartlands” of the Labour Party, a place where the “peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, stubborn-mindedness, left-of-centre thinking.” should be right at home, with the amount of diversity training the BBC deploys in giving us this narration.

    In other words you don’t have to go to Israel to find apartheid; it’s just up the M1 and its self imposed.

    We have no idea what is going on inside these communities, as we have left it in the hands of “community organizers” (sounds familiar) to tell us what is happening, but anybody familiar with Gramsci politics would certainly know the tail tell signs.

    One thing is for certain, it’s certainly not the National Labour Party running the show.


  47. Burkean Outlook says:

    For some excellent insights into the battle taking place on the Left, and a cause worth supporting, I would recommend Harry’s Place if you don’t know it already: