Hamastan. A few hangings and some tough challenges for the BBC reporter.

The Hamas-controlled administration in Gaza has announced that three prisoners have been executed. The Gaza interior ministry says the men were hanged at what it called a security centre in Gaza City. One of the men was accused of collaborating with Israel and the others had been found guilty of murder.

Mmm. The BBC’s Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly says it is impossible to assess the quality of the evidence presented against the three men who have been executed.

True, however it is possible to assess the savagery of such actions. It is possible to ask where is the UN and EU and Quartet response or at least it should be since that is the case when Israel does anything controversial in BBC eyes.

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22 Responses to THE QUALITY OF MERCY…

  1. Pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, the reason why Anti-Semitism is a growth industry in the UK.

    I love the part in the bBC article where they excuse the behaviour of allah’s finest by opining right at the end:
    “Israel’s intelligence services recruit informers to gather information about possible targets for militants and help block attacks.

    So according to the bBC, the reason these men were executed , wasn’t because Hamas subscribes to a code of law (sharia) which is still rooted to the superstitions, fears and laws of 5th century Arabia. Which is why they have the death penalty. Ironically the state the bBC despises of ‘Israel’ got rid of the death penalty over 50 years ago. (Ok it has executed one person, but he was a very special case) and boy how does the bBC bang its human rights drum when the US gets rid of somebody, but when Iran, China or Gaza do likewise then they see nothing wrong with Sharia law. With Gaza the bBC excuses these state executions by blaming ‘Israel’.

    The bBC, the reason why Anti-Semitism is a growth industry in the UK.


    • Adi says:

      At least they are now more Iran-like, instead throwing people off buildings or smashing their kneecaps with baseball bats.

      The “de-facto” government of Gaza becomes more “conservative”.


  2. Teddy Bear says:

    According to the article this is supposed to mean something
    Under Palestinian law, executions are meant to be approved by the Palestinian president.

    But since the split between Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Palestinian-Authority-run West Bank, Hamas does not recognise the authority of President Mahmoud Abbas.

    So how are things done by the Palestinian Authority? This being one of many such incidents that the BBC prefer to ignore when done by the ‘peace-loving/freedom-fighting’ Palestinians. Any Palestinian that criticises any of the scum that rules them just gets accused of being a collaborator and done away with.

    Can you imagine Israel having executed a Palestinian collaborator, of which there are many, in similar circumstances, and the BBC not reminding us every chance they got?

    Me neither.


  3. Pounce_uk says:

    OK nothing to do with Hamas or Israel but I feel this story falls under the remit of “The quality of mercy”

    The plastic Muslims at the bBC have as their current mission statement to excuse all Islamic terrorists as innocent and victims of non-Muslims in the UK.

    Which is why they currently bending over five times a day and swallowing what the bBC imam unzips in front of them while shouting out “Allah Ackba” as they lick their lips in anticipation over what they are about to receive.
    (“Why do leftwing tossers love to swallow Islamic man-fat?”)

    So has anybody seen the latest excuse of an apology from the bBC over how yet another Islamic Terrorist Victim is a sick man. I quote:
    Terror suspect Talha Ahsan’s family fear US extradition
    His family say they are particularly worried as since his arrest he has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.
    Wow, I tell you what, prison doctors are really top notch, I mean all these aliments they find in people who get banged up, resulting in them getting released with only days to live. But also Ass-wipe isn’t a very clever fellow as he suffers from aspergers . What I find strange is in a previous bBC article the bBC mentioned this about thick-c**t Ass-wipe:
    “Mr Ahsan, who studied at Dulwich College and has a first class degree in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies, became increasingly religious and political while at school, his family said.”

    So actually there is nothing wrong with the so called window licker and in true Islamic fashion the bBC is simply playing the victim card for yet another Islamic terrorist.

    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst


    • LondonCalling says:

      Aspergers? Amazing how many defence lawyers have suddely become expert in Psychiatry. Funnily enough none of these claims are supported by a qualified medical diagnosis made prior to them being found out and indited.


      • chrisH says:

        Aspergers syndrome?
        Didn`t exist until modern times, when teachers needed a “diagnosis” to excuse why the kids couldn`t read or write.
        Parents also needed an excuse to excuse their(usually boys) childs unwillingness to put up with Uncle Thirteen shacking up with mum…with all the behaviour associated with this when they got dumped at the school gates.
        The US legal and drugs industries just developed a version of kiddie speed and sold it as a legal entitlement-a new layer of bureaucrats ensued, and we swallowed it hook line and sinker over here.
        In short-in 95% of cases , Aspergers is “I`m an anti-social type through bad parents, bad teaching and too much telly/computers”….it`s basically” naughty boy syndrome ” with its own rainbow spectrum…and creates loads of jobs and lots of excuses for the Guardianistas.
        Can only imagine these excuses will follow them through the PRISON gates now after their bankrupt tattered remnants were dumped with their school files on leaving the bouncy castle that is schooling and education.
        Give Tommy Robinson a Blue Badge and an letter that excuses him from his mum…THEN let`s see Paxman taken to court for trying to ask ” inappropriate questions of a vulnerable white young man”-we might then begin to see some sense enter the political system where BBC, Islam and Communism-lite come together…
        Mums writing your own “get out of jail” notes eh?…not long now…self certification?…welcome to Loonsville.


      • 1327 says:

        Aspergers has been a get out of jail card for a few years now. I first saw it used in a Commercial Fraud case I was partly involved with a few years ago. The defence barrister said his client was guilty but couldn’t help it due to Aspergers. His client then got a non custodial sentence and went on to commit several more crimes. It was in the local paper that a car thief escaped jail around here when he used that excuse. Then of course Garry Mckinnon suddenly developed it when found guilty and now it has moved up to terror defendants.

        It helps that the medical tests for the syndrome are so broad and vague that a turnip could be diagnosed with it.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Not coming soon to a World Have Your Say near you:

    “On air: Should there be the death penalty for ‘collaborators with Israel’?”


    • Teddy Bear says:

      It’s definitely nothing the BBC will ever be accused of.


    • Popeye says:

      That’s the point. The BBC should be very interested in how wide the definition of “collaborators with Israel” is. Does it include the “crime” of trying to prevent a suicide bombing of a packed school bus, for example?

      I would think there are plenty of examples in the UK of enemy collaborators, i.e. those collaborating with terrorists. However the UK taxpayer provides them with a comfortable living rather than even deport them.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        There’s something in the following story today that shows how more and more stupid our society is becoming, led ably by low grade intellectuals gainfully employed as journalists. The fact that this is a journalist for The Telegraph shows how the tide is going.

        Theresa May humiliated by judge over attempted deportation of Palestinian activist

        In my book it is the judge that should be humiliated, along with the ridiculous laws that he uses to make a judgement here. As it is Theresa May should be lauded for her decision.

        So is it any wonder that ‘collaborators with Israel’ meet their just desert if they’re executed in this ever growing insane society, fertilised so well by its national broadcaster.


  5. Cassandra King says:

    Where is amnasty international? Where are the human rites agitators? Where is the BBC coverage of anti death penalty campaigns which always get prime time air for executions in the USA?

    As for collaboration, the BBC is an active collaborator with islamofascism and the ugly fascists of the UAF and the labour party. The BBC have no problem giving unconditional support to foreign terrorists and their useful idiot supporters trying to avoid deportation, just in case of ill treatment.

    Will the BBC be interviewing the family of the man accused of being a collaborator? I wonder if the BBC will be asking his defence council whether the trial was fair? But thats the BBC for you, blood thirsty when it suits and bleeding hearts when it suits.

    Hang em high eh BBC? Just as long as the victim is accused of the right crimes and the accused is not one of the BBCs approved victims.


  6. Mailman says:


    What’s the story about the prisoner executed by Israel? If Israel didn’t put that Khunter khunt down, I can’t begin to imagine what this other person must have done?




    • Adolf Eichmann, I’m thinking. And he did rather a lot, alas.


      • Span Ows says:

        Correct, “Because of his organizational talents and ideological reliability, Eichmann was charged by Obergruppenführer (General) Reinhard Heydrich with the task of facilitating and managing the logistics of mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in German-occupied Eastern Europe.” (Wiki)

        …hanged before I was born.


  7. So a bunch of vicious chumps in ‘Palestine’ hang one possibly (likely) innocent man and two apparently apolitical felons over Easter according to religious law and ostensibly on national security grounds.

    I just can’t WAIT for some lefty vicar to draw the obvious parallels on Thought For The Day.

    Here we go.
    Any time now.
    I’m so excited.


  8. Biodegradable says:

    World Update, now:

    Is Zionism in crisis?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      They wish.


      • Biodegradable says:

        They make it so. They also talk to an American Jew who, they say, thinks Jews should stop thinking about the Holocaust.


  9. thespecialone says:

    In May 2010 Tohseef Shah spray painted a British War Memorial with “Islam will dominate Osama” He was fined 50 & walked free from court.
    In November 2010 Emdadur Choudhury burned a Poppy during the 2mins silence. He too was given a fine 50 and walked free from court.
    Last week in a Portsmouth Court two men were sentenced to 6 months in prison for painting a Poppy on a mosque. – Any outrage on this sentencing from the BBC/Guardian?


    • Demon says:

      This backs Jim Dandy’s comment that the BBC support the Establishment. You cannot get much more “Establishment” than the judiciary, and that has clearly been taken over by the same hard-leftist types that dominate and run the BBC, CofE and DofEd.

      The sentences are obviously extremely racist but the BBC won’t mind racism in that direction at all.