Gloating With Salah

I admire Harry’s Place. It’s considered a left-wing blog, but their comments field is by no means an echo chamber. Political views expressed are predominantly leftist, but, because of their strong pro-Israel stance, they’ve been accused, in the pejorative manner with which such an accusation is generally uttered, of being  “a right-wing, Islamophobic blog”.

Someone who applauded Theresa May’s failure to send Raed Salah packing was provoked into making such a ludicrous remark about Harry’s Place, after being subjected to what he saw as an impertinent challenge to his unseemly gloating. He didn’t much like being asked to clarify whether he endorsed or denounced Salah’s blood libel either, nor whether he agreed or disagreed that Salah was a generally undesirable lingerer in the UK.

That same person has been captured on film effectively auditioning for Broadmoor. That, and the video of the infamous “ infidels are like cattle” sermon, not to mention various Q.T. appearances that hint that he’s not the ‘sharpest fool on the box’ make his appointment as Senior Editor (politics) of the New Statesman, and his frequent appearances on the BBC all the more baffling. Why?

Harry’s Place has posed this question many many  times, but still no-one has got to the bottom of the mystery.  How far must a body go before getting crossed off the BBC’s speed dial?

As far as banning people, deporting people and declaring people personae non gratae, double standards are the order of the day. What with Geert, Grass and Salah  no-one seems to know whether  they’re coming or going.


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10 Responses to Gloating With Salah

  1. Span Ows says:

    …not to mention various Q.T. appearances that hint that he’s not the ‘sharpest fool on the box’ make his appointment as Senior Editor (politics) of the New Statesman, and his frequent appearances on the BBC all the more baffling. Why?

    Sounds perfect for the BBC: over-hyped lefty progressive fascist.


  2. ROBERT BROWN says:

    I would dearly like someone in the QT audience to challenge Hassan on his rant and explain himself, despite Dimbleby trying to shut them down.


  3. alan says:

    James Macintyre : ‘In that time I have been honoured to know an actively moderate Muslim (Hasan); easily the most moderate Muslim I have met and among the most religious people I know…’

    Just how does that religiosity manifest itself? Does it emanate like an overwhelming aura, a theological glow of piety? or does he cut a swathe through the unbelieving cattle with a scimitar bringing Heavenly Justice and Enlightenment to the Infidels?
    The truth is less heroic. He follows his Prophets injunction that the ink of the pen is more powerful than the blood of the martyr. He urges his fellow Muslims not to be doctors and engineers but to be journalists and media poppets…in order to ‘ help influence the industry’s coverage of issues such as terrorism and integration.’

    … “I see people like myself – who happen to be both a professional journalist and a practising Muslim – as a bridge between the Islamic community and the media, and by extension between Muslims and wider society”.

    In other words he means to get Muslims into positions of power and influence to push a media assault that presents Islam in a way they want you to see it, but not as it really is.
    Hasan understand well how to manipulate media coverage to present Muslims as the victims and gain political advantage. When bombs go off who do Muslims claim are the real victims? Muslims themselves. Hasan can hardly complain about the intense interest in Islam and Muslim affairs, after all Dr Mohammed Naseem was quite happy to claim that the bombs that went off on 7/7 ‘would get people talking about Islam’…apparently so long disadvantaged in the shadows.
    Clearly not one to let an opportunity slip Hasan has learnt what Stalin and Hitler learnt: ‘One lesson well understood in both Stalin’s Russia and Nazi Germany was that propaganda is most effective when it is backed by terror.’
    Hasan may deplore terrorism and bombs but he uses the ‘ripple effect’ from those explosions to set boats rocking and to push for Muslim influence.
    And to use one of Hasan’s own quotes: ‘The Prophet said that the greatest jihad is speaking the word of truth in the tyrant ruler’s court.’
    Hasan is a Muslim who wishes to confront the non-Muslim world and to have Islam dominate…in his own words…eyeball to eyeball with the West. Macintyre calls Hasan a moderate, but here, in a secular, democratic nation Islam is extremist in its profession of homophobia, sexism, racism against Jews and non-Muslims, its punishments for ’social crimes’ such as adultery and its intolerance of other religions and Muslims who want to leave the religion.
    The truth may hurt Hasan, its still the truth.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Just how does that religiosity manifest itself? ‘
      As every thug knows, wear a suit and say the words the liberal establishment wants to hear in their home, you can pretty much do, and get away with what you like when trashing those of others.
      The indulgence of such as SKY and BBC (for ratings and agenda reasons) of Mehdi Hasan is one reason I utterly despise the MSM.
      For his hypocrisy and selective moments of inflaming he should be vilified and confronted, not feted and protected.


  4. chrisH says:

    In a vaguely related theme, I heard “The Reunion” this morning on Radio 4.
    Basically, a retrospective crawl up the fundament of the Left in its “anal-ysis” of the Greenham Common stuff in the early 80s.
    The choice of contributors certainly left out any real local views on what the effect of these “wimmin” was on the families and area directly affected…instead we had plenty on how women reclaimed their power and saw off Uncle Sam in the process.
    Absolute rubbish-and poor old Sue MacGregor clearly out of her depth.
    Still-a pleasure to witness the BBC rewriting history on the hoof for the rest of us…the paint is still wet and the red/pink components are still a work in never ending progress to their own Utopia…if only we`d follow the cut glass accents in the DMs…when will we ever understand eh?
    Thank Gaia that Gorbachev blinked when pink porridge was being flicked from dykes in ditches at passing Trident warheads….until I`d known of this, I rather thought that Thatcher, Reagan and John Paul 2 had influenced him…neo-con fool that I am!


  5. Craig says:

    “How far must a body go before getting crossed off the BBC’s speed dial?”

    As with Abdel Bari Atwan, going very far (in one particular direction) not only doesn’t get you crossed off the BBC’s speed dial, it actually gets you promoted to first place on the list for certain BBC programmes (like ‘Dateline’).


    • Backwoodsman says:

      From memory, the only person ever crossed off the beeboid speed dial, was Dr. David Bellamy – although, afte rall, he did commit the ‘crime which dare not speak its name’, so its hardly surprising !


      • johnnythefish says:

        I’ve only been reading the blogs and posts for half an hour but already my mind is going back to Orwell’s ‘1984’ with which I was re-familiarising myself earlier in the week (helping my granddaughter with her A-level English).
        If, like me, you’ve not read the book for some time, I encourage you to pick it up again – for ‘The Party’ and its controlled agenda read the BBC, their favoured leftist pundits, leftie playwrights and producers etc. and, of course, 13 years of New Labour. If the Left used it as their handbook, they could not be doing a better job.


  6. George R says:

    “A rejoinder to Mehdi Hasan”