I see that Biased BBC favourite, Richard Black, has been leading the BBC charge against Fracking. There was an item on Today about it this morning and it seems to me that the BBC seems more like an echo chamber for Friends of the Earth, that radical hard left organisation. Mind you it’s a tough time for Richard. Here he is dealing with the fact that some glaciers are confounding the “global warming meme” and putting on mass.

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  1. brian says:

    “Fracking contamination downplayed” is the headline.

    However “The concern that hydraulic fracturing of shale formations to extract natural gas is contaminating groundwater is overstated, claims a new report.” is the actual first line.


  2. Pah says:

    I’ve heard a lot of nasty stories about fracking and the fact that the BBC is against it seems to show they may not be true.

    Now, could someone please enlighten me as to what the ‘truth’ is about fracking? Or at least point me at a balanced site – should such a thing exist.

    Somehow I don’t think someone like me, who knows nothing about the subject can trust the BBC to give the facts.


    • Old Goat says:

      Well, you could start with for various scientific views of everything to do with climate change – there have been a few fracking blogs within it.

      On balance, it has no more seismic potential than normal day to day earth tremors which are common, and minor. Overblown hype from those who don’t want us to have energy.


      • Pah says:

        So the stories of poisoned aquifers and ‘flames from the tap’ are all bunkum then?

        Phew. Didn’t fancy setting fire to me sink 😉


        • Chilli says:

 is a good site for pro-shale views. (Not to be confused with the alarmist ‘Without Hot Air’ site run by DECC’s hard-left propagandist Mackay)


        • George R says:

          “State Department Promotes Debunked ‘Fracking’ Propaganda”


          In fact, Josh Fox, the [”Gasland”] film’s director, has openly admitted that he disregarded facts in order to present hydraulic fracturing in a more negative light. The now-famous scene in “Gasland” of a faucet being lit on fire was presented in the film as evidence that nearby fracking operations had injected flammable chemicals into the area’s drinking water supplies.

          “But the area in question had seen such phenomena as far back as 1936 – decades before hydraulic fracturing was even invented. That would seem to belie the claim that flaming faucets could be blamed on the practice, but, confronted on that fact, Fox insisted that the information was not relevant.”


          • Guest Who says:

            ‘That would seem to belie the claim that flaming faucets could be blamed on the practice’
            Can’t speak for the BBC, who I no longer rely upon for any useful or balanced news coverage, but SKY certainly was trotting out this imagery yesterday. Now if Aunty was equally tempted, for reasons of ratings or agenda, and that is excused because ‘others are still doing it’, I will not be best impressed.
            I do actually have a desire to learn on this topic, and concerns as I would with any new, disruptive technology, but am seriously frustrated that sources I might once have trusted are automatically suspect having surrendered curiosity and challenge with dogma and PR-forwarding long ago.


    • i8n says:

      Skeptoid is a really top quality site, with a brilliant weekly podcast. Brian Dunning addressed fracking in this issue – well worth a listen/read:


  3. Leha says:

    we really need to get this stuff out of the ground pronto, there is enough shale gas around britain to keep power stations going for donkey’s years and we will be less reliant on Russian pipelines. Windmills are ok if the wind speed is “just about right” otherwise they are pants.


  4. George R says:

    Of course, the BBC-greenie-Black-Harrabin-FOE political position on
    shale gas is to be opposed to its development, and to propagandise against it, whenever possible.

    Alternative views, largely censored by BBC-greenies:-

    “Fracking: The Radical Left’s Latest Weapon of Fear”


    James Delingpole:

    “How many died in the great Blackpool earthquake of ’11?”


    • George R says:

      The BBC-greenie-Guardian-FOE default political opening gambit is to spread unwarranted FEAR of the development of shale gas through the fracking process, not HOPE that such technological development will make the West less dependent on imported fuel.


  5. The General says:

    “………….. some glaciers are putting on mass……..!!!!!”

    How intolerably right wing of them.


  6. DavidLamb says:

    Listening to Radio Four News Bulletins this morning interspersed with the wisdom of Greenest Black, I lost count of the number of times fracking was described as controversial.


  7. tinks says:

    The eco-loons are like a dog with a rag doll, they just won’t let go. A real opportunity to get cheap power – a strategic need – and they have to carry on with their counter-productive nonsense. It turns people off green issues, because people really don’t like being lied to!
    Good that it has been given the go ahead. Of course, the shit-stirring will have permeated to local people, rather than the water supply.
    I envisage all of those combat-jacket clad student activists from freshers week all those years ago who we never took seriously, twenty years on infesting the corridors of power with their cultishness (can I say that?).

    *For ASE – won’t accept name in ‘name box’ for some reason. (Chrome)


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘I envisage all of those combat-jacket clad student activists from freshers week all those years ago who we never took seriously, twenty years on infesting the corridors of power with their cultishness (can I say that?).’
      You can, you have, and you are spot on. The Left have slowly infiltrated and dominated what seems like every aspect of our public life, from local government through ‘charities’, education, science – you name it. Education is particularly targeted (get ’em young!) as anyone with a child/grandchild will know from the curriculum. Man-made global warming and every other ‘environmental’ and ‘rights’ issue on the leftie agenda is now so deeply embedded (not just in science) it’s little wonder kids end up as windmill-loving, capitalist-hating, fox-hugging Vegans.


    • Span Ows says:

      * It has never accepted mine either.


  8. Richard Black appeared on the R2 Jeremy Vine Show earlier, and spouted the usual tosh. I particularly admired the way he crowbarred a “global warming” reference in to his chat with Vine.

    Vine last covered this in May 2011 and had Harrabin in to talk about. I decided to question what he said and what he had written on the BBC web site:

    Me: You said: “It is the fracking process – creating tiny explosions to shatter hard shale rocks and release gas 10,000 feet underground – that has caused so much controversy in the US. Some householders claim that shale gas leaking into their drinking supply causes tap water to ignite.”. The suggestion is that shale gas percolates nearly two miles up through the earth’s crust and then seeps through metal or plastic pipes containing water under pressure and then bursts in flames out of water taps with no source of ignition. Would you care to suggest how this can happen? Do you have any documentary evidence of such an occurrence?

    Harrabin: Many share your incredulity.

    Me: So you made it up then? No facts, no news!

    Harrabin: No that’s silly

    I am no expert on fracking at all, but like others here I am starting to take the view that “if the BBC says it is bad, it must be good”.


    • johnnythefish says:

      So Harrabin avoided answering your question and called you ‘silly’. Some science.


  9. Jim Dandy says:

    No way was Today’s coverage one sided. I posted about the coverage on the open thread earlier. Not remotely biased. And Black’s web article gave prominence to pro voices.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Not even the trademark snigger from Davies whenever he used the word ‘earthquake’? You’re ‘avin a larf, aintcha?


    • Old Goat says:

      You always appear to be at odds with the rest of us, Jim…


      • Rueful Red says:

        He’s not a patch on old Hillhunt of blessed memory. A chap who put the “um” in “WUM”.


        • Jim Dandy says:

          Did you hear the coverage? I did before 8. And is was not one sided. Can’t vouch for after then.


          • Span Ows says:

            Jim, there is one-sided, two-sided and many-sided; unfortunately with much of the BBC output all these sides are actually ON THE SAME SIDE! Like their political output: having a raving extremist lefty, a calm centre lefty and a.n.other guest (who they don’t introduce but happens to be a labour Party member) [please forgive my slight hyperbole for effect]


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Not remotely biased’
      So, based from what I can see on your entirely personal view, with no other aspect to add other than some ‘pro voices’ were allowed a moment on air, the BBC again ‘got it about right’?
      Right. You are consistent, it has to be said, if nothing else.
      And love the ‘go and look where I posted elsewhere’ bit. That’s up there with a BBC editor pulling the ‘Beware of the Leopard’ out the hat and saying that while it wasn’t actually mentioned on the thread/show being covered, it was online elsewhere.
      I’d say a recharge is in order. This calibre of argument is waaaaay below par.


  10. Jim Dandy says:

    ‘entirely personal view’

    Indeed, like arseholes we all have them.

    ‘it seems to me that the BBC seems more like an echo chamber for Friends of the Earth, that radical hard left organisation’.


  11. Mr L says:

    I don’t know about Richard Black, but the coverage on BBC North-West has been unremittingly hostile. Their news trailers always (today no exception) feature the antis. The fact that shale gas might bring much-needed jobs to the Blackpool area is not given much emphasis….. Never mind all the horrible windmills that disfigure this part of the world, and the disgustingly expensive off-shore ones.


    • George R says:

      Yes, BBC North West, like all BBC regions, merely echoes BBC national greenie political propaganda against the development of shale gas, employment and economic growth of the British regions.


  12. chrisH says:

    Not even bothered with this story.
    Soon as I heard the BBC refer to last years Blackpool rumbles as “tremors”…before the inevitable upgrade to “earthquakes” …I knew then that this would be a Juniper bush of a story to them.
    So it was-and Tony was taken out from Spitting Image puppet storage to spout off for Evan Davis.
    Juniper was referred to as “former head of Greenpeace”….any reason why he`s still on speed dial then?….or has he got a bigger berth with some “cheridee” that is too important to need a shop window in Bootle…and is funded by the dopey taxpayers of Europe sine die?
    Good scam this charity one isn`t it?


  13. Jeff Waters says:

    Is shale gas the GM of energy? –

    In this article, Richard Black doesn’t even pretend to be balanced, portraying shale gas bosses as greedy and dishonest men who put their own profits above the environment. It’s like he’s describing the bad guys in a John Grisham novel…



    • George R says:

      BBC-greenie organisation gives Mr Black the WHOLE DAY to politically propagandise on our money against the development of shale gas in Britain, and globally.

      Floudering for an argument, Mr Black ateempts to ludicrously link ‘flacking’ to ‘GM’!

      In response to his devious line:

      “Is shale gas the GM of energy?”

      – a pertinent question is:

      ‘Is R. Black the BBC of truth?’


      ‘Take the Black out of Blackpool.’


  14. johnnythefish says:

    I wonder what the BBC will do when their lights go out in, um, about 5 years time? Perhaps an opportunity for them to reflect in quiet solitude – in the (un)fracking dark.


  15. MD says:

    I wonder when Today will devote a whole program to exploring the disaster in the making that is wind power and solar power, caused by the poorly thought out government subsidies. They were happy to suggest that fracking ‘scarred’ the landscape, but I wonder if they would like to mention the scarring caused by wind turbines?

    Telegraph article on windfarm opposition


  16. Mailman says:

    We shouldn’t get too excited about the governments reported back track and approval for tracking to restart. As already covered over at Bishop Hill and WUWT, the trigger to stop drilling has been set so low (.5 on the richter scale) that the reality is drilling will NEVER take place.

    It strikes me that at a time when the governments main concern MUST be energy security that instead they are pissing billions away on windmills whos only function is to kill GE native bird life!

    And in the real world that’s EXACTLY the kind of story the BBC should be covering! They should be out there asking ministers why the safety and prosperity of the population has taken a back seat to the cultism of Mann Made Global Warming ™.



  17. George R says:

    While, no doubt, licencepayers subsidise BBC-greenie HARRABIN’s prolonged stay in Michigan, his political clone, BLACK, continues with the same political propaganda on climate, and on fracking.

    The ‘oh-so-humorous’ Harrabin selling himself in USA:-

    “BBC reporter Roger Harrabin talks environment at U-M ”


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘His talk is free and open to the public.’
      I see that, and I think of the saying about lunches.
      Especially when it comes to educating and informing ‘the public’, often with ‘public’ money.


  18. George R says:

    Irrelevant to BBC-greenies:

    “Britain at risk of gas and electricity ‘squeeze’ by 2015”