When dealing with the BBC, it is often not what they tell you, but what they choose NOT to tell you. Just consider this one, flagged up by B-BBC contributor Alan.

“I heard the BBC reporting on the loss of jobs at two dairies this morning…what I didn’t hear was this:

‘One million jobs for young people lost since 2007 as Labour is accused of hiding scale of unemployment on its watch’

The BBC has been attacking the Coalition for youth unemployment being over 1 million…telling us this was now a ‘lost generation’ due to Coalition policies…..

However some time back Guido revealed this ( ):

‘It seems Ed Miliband misled the House when he said that “under 13 years of a Labour Government, youth unemployment never reached 1 million…” The Department of Education statistics for young people not in employment, education, or training show that the number of young people who were unemployed under Labour hovered below a million all through 2008/09. However you can guess what happened in the third quarter of 2009 – the number of young unemployed hit 1,074,000, when the Work and Pensions Secretary was one Yvette Cooper. An apology to the House is the usual form…’

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  1. johnnythefish says:

    The headline we will never see: ‘Labour Apologises’. Hell will freeze over first. In the most unlikely event that they have no choice, it will have no impact anyway as the likes of the BBC will give it next to no coverage and Millibean will just find another way of spinning it as the Coalition’s fault.
    As a side issue, why do the BBC never raise the issue of continued mass immigration as being the major barrier to youth employment? Oh, just re-read that last bit. Must be time for my afternoon nap.


  2. johnyork says:

    I would imagine that Owen Jones and other nutters will be the only ones believing a BBC/LEFT-WING LABOUR statistic and regurgitate as unquestionable truth.
    For “other nutters” read :
    Everyone on the State Broadcaster’s payroll.


  3. Merlin says:

    What I simply cannot fathom, at all, is how on earth the BBC can presently promote Labour as a credible alternative after everything that has happened under their political and economic stewardship: uncontrolled immigration and the destruction of the ethnic composition of many communities; illegal wars; dirty deals in the desert; the disenfranchisement of our ability to deport terrorists/illegal immigrants; appalling economic profligacy and incompetence; the steady onslaught of political correctness and the erosion of our freedom of speech; deteriorating education standards and an unruly youth; soft crime system that obsesses over criminals rights etc. etc. ad infinitum. How can the BBC propagate these self-serving, self-seeking narcissists after the abject damage they’ve inflicted – and which the Coalition is doing its utmost to exacerbate?! My mother has worked all her bloody life and has given everything to God, her family and Great Britain – and now it should be her turn alongside all of the others who have made this country what it is. But instead we have to stomach the BBC espousing this shower of inept buffoons. The British political class disgusts me!


  4. chrisH says:

    Fine post Merlin.
    That immigration was used to turn the country into perpetual Labour fodder…tax discs were lost with 20million sets of personal details…pension reforms were bottled, so the Tories had to do it…the likes of Prescott, MacBride and Mandelson were causing havoc….our pensions were squandered and Speaker Martin was in place…Tories offices were raided and Labour activists drummed out of Conference by strong-arm goons…need I go on?
    Yet somehow-like rendition, Livingstone, PFI and Qinetic-it`s all airbrushed from Beeb history.
    Stupid maybe?…but not that stupid!
    Labour will not get power for a generation as far as I can see-we need to break the political arm of the British people and present it to Margaret Thatcher by way of a long-overdue tribute and peace offering.


    • johnnythefish says:

      As the Labour misdeeds were never acknowledged by the BBC (Iraq excepted), it would never appear in their version of our recent history anyway.


  5. Deborah says:

    High immegration is responsible for so many things that the BBC will not admit to. Just think of the drought (has it stopped raining since it was announced?). If there are 2 million additional people living in the South East amongst the cost as well as the additional places for school children, hospital beds, etc is the amount of water needed. Lack of rain during the winter months is partly why there is a shortage but number of people is not insignificant.


  6. Fred Bloggs says:

    R4 Today: 6.00 – 6.05 They come out with a small pack of news items, but no allocation. First Jack Straw is being sued by a Libyan for signing off his rendition and torture to Gaddaffi. No mention Straw was labour. Then the release of papers brought back from overseas colonies. The bBC say that gov minsters lied to the UN in 1965 about the relocation of the inhabitants of Diego garcia so that it could be a US base. Again no mention that this was a labour gov. Then the claim that other misdeeds (unattributed) had been covered up by the destruction of files.

    Well if the supposed files were destroyed, (assumes they existed in the first place) then how do the bBC know something was covered up.


    • John Anderson says:

      ….and didn’t the BBC reporter say that the release of Colonial Office files would be crawled over by historians so we would hear many more “evils of Empire” – or words to that effect.

      Toeing the typical BBC line – Britain has always been evil and rapacious.


  7. bup says:

    The youth unemployment of a million that the droids like to shriek at us includes 300,000 full-time students looking for part-time work.

    Would hardly call them ‘unemployed’.

    Nor would I expect the BBC to make this point.