I know I shouldn’t but I DO watch Nicky Campbell’s “The Big Questions”. Do you? It’s a grim programme but bang on all BBC memes. This morning saw Peter Hitchens being howled down because he spoke up in favour of capital punishment, meanwhile Islamophobia was detected in those who object to Halal meat. It’s truly grotesque in the bias.

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  1. The Highland Rebel says:

    As usual Campbell looks as though he came straight from a cardboard box at Kings Cross to the Al Beeb mosque at Broadcasting House.


  2. maturecheese says:

    Mind you, and I was surprised, the last words allowed before the titles was in regards of a Muslim organisation that also agreed with labelling ” Are they Islamophobic too?”


  3. Merlin says:

    Not going to repost my views on this morning’s show – if you can be bothered you’ll find them in the previous thread, suffice (and needless) to say that today’s soppy left wing love-in consisted of the usual vomit inducing and cringeworthy sanctimonious nonsense. Poor Peter Hitchen’s treatment at the hands of the aggressive liberal fascists and Cocky Campbell brought to mind Colonel Custer’s Last Stand!


  4. Mice Height says:

    No, I don’t watch it! You don’t need to have done to know how awful it was!


  5. George R says:

    “The Theory and Practice of Halal ”


    • George R says:


      “Islamonausea, not Islamophobia”

      [Opening excerpt] –

      “We should stop using Muslims’ self-chosen word – ‘Islamophobia’– by which they paint themselves into a corner of being feared: it destroys communication. Instead of such a divisive term, we should insert a more approachable and factual word that preserves opportunities for bridge-building and learning: ‘Islamonausea.'”


      • ltwf 1964 says:

        I love that term islamonausea

        Fits the nazislamists to a T


      • John Anderson says:

        I mentioned the term “Islamonausea” here a week or so ago. It really is the correct term.

        Today some BBC radio channels have been yammering on about 2 things – Murdoch/Hunt, and the mounting of missile defences on a tower block in Bow, near the Olympic site.

        1 Murdoch is not the threat to our freedom. The BBC is.

        2 I remember the IRA threats and attacks on London. Arguably, you might say there was a cause, an historic reason for extremism and murder. But any threat against the Olympics is a MUSLIM threat, without proper cause or reason. The BBC fails to say that is what the precautions are about.

        Any more than they will say – when attacking the Government about delays at immigration at Heathrow – that is MUSLIMS that are the terrorist threat.

        When has the BBC ever rounded on the UK MUslim community band said – Hey – sort yourselves out, stamp on the extremism among your youth, stamp on the extremism being preached or purveyed in many mosques and at universities, outlaw the bad Muslim organisations that YOU MUSLIMS know are oprating here in the UK, stamp on the idea that Muslims can live here in the UK but their mosque after-school lessons can teach impressionable children that the Brits are bad people.


        • Leftie-Loather says:

          BBC’s gutless, John, totally and utterly feckin GUTLESS. – Not that other broadcasters are much different (I often think ITV news is even more diabolically leftist), but as i’ve often had to remind people, we don’t uniquely HAVE TO fund other broadcasters and so the BBC should – whether it likes it or not – properly and absolutely unbiasedly represent ALL of us, not just do-goody leftists.
          The sickening BBC licence fee can’t be scrapped a day too feckin soon!


  6. Demon says:

    I only caught a few minutes of the Kosher/Halal “debate”. From that short time I saw Jews defending Kosher, but no Muslims present at all. I may easily be wrong as I did see so little, but if I’m right then it is very strange that no Muslims are present when the debate involves Halal. This is particularly surprising since the Big Question audience normally appears to have a large number of the “ZZ Top in a dress” in evidence, so when the subject is Halal then where are they?


    • George R says:

      “We won’t eat halal meat, say MPs and peers who reject demands to serve it at Westminster”


    • noggin says:

      the big questions … on halal/kosher meat and labelling
      lack of a certain religion i could mention when it comes to answering even the most rudimentary of questions??? … where are all the syphoned in
      post box sisters?? the weirdy beardies??
      mind you, did you think any serious questions would even get asked???
      … where? are all the “ejector seat” muslim spokesman? … when someone is there with all the hard facts eh! ???
      the biggest,(if you excuse the pun) and only question here seemed inextricably, to be about the (giggle) … rampant erm “unicorn” of islamophobia ????? ….
      aaahhh! the el beeb/campbell staple.

      nothing, about halal its so called religions insidious push to control schools/colleges/councils etc meat intake to conform to islam, the shameful and disgraceful
      throwback mentality, of those behind it,
      in DIRECT contrast to the kosher meat community, a point that has been made inadvertently on other shows in the series … but (of course ) not here.

      welcome to sharia bbc … obscene wilful and deliberate


    • Cassis says:

      There was a muslim (not obviously so from appearance). He was sitting next to the Rabbi. He banged on about the “superiority” of halal meat.

      Fortunately there was an articulate vet who made the case against.


    • Pah says:

      Oh course you know where this will end – not in some wet dream sharia theogeddon but in meat being banned all together. Equality for all and all that gubbins.

      The veggies are out there I tell yer!


  7. chrisH says:

    Noted in the Sunday Telegraph that MPs get paid something called “disturbance money” for appearing on their PPBs for the Labour Party and fellow-travellers.
    The likes of Abbott, Johnson, Portillo and their fees are mentioned…and the fact that the “BBC will be holding an enquiry” into this after a grumble to the BBC Trust had been noted.
    Where did the BBC get the permission to hold enquiries about MPs and their freebies?…didn`t a persistent few vote for these leeches so they could try to keep their snouts out of the trough as well as stay out of the dressing up box under the Glitterball?
    Looks like they`re all stiull Vazzing it…new verb for the day!
    Hitchens…still refusing to bleed in front of the men…award him a medal!


  8. Fred Bloggs says:

    Off subject: Sunday Politics, 12:40 Tim Donovan interviewing Kit Malthouse, Donovan being continual accused of bias all through the interview.


    • Merlin says:

      Will have to catch it on the iPlayer later as we are off to the beach whilst this good weather lasts (very rare in the Scottish Highlands I can tell you!) It sounds unsurprising though!


      • Harry says:

        As always with big questions there is a pre-determined left-wing conclusion that the program drives towards. Opinions show 61% of the British public support the death penalty in certain circumstances:
        If this is the case, then why aren’t 61% of the participants in favour?

        This is similar to how on the Sunday Morning Live Program a couple of months ago had a panel of 3 liberals (including the presenter) in favour of the human rights act, when 89% of the audience at home voted against it:

        Typical BBC crap


        • Harry says:

          Honestly, go to 22:50 and see the smug happy look on the presenters face when she gives the results as:
          89% in favour of keeping Vs.
          11% in favour of scrappring.

          Just to then have to turn around and say:

          “Oh no, sorry, technical problem, its actually:
          11% in favour of keeping Vs.
          89% in favour of scrappring.


          • Demon says:

            They tried that trick in a debate David Vance was involved with. At the time it looked a fake mistake. the fact they are doing it again proves it. The BBC – lying to you all the time, and you pay us for the privilege of being lied to.


          • Harry says:

            Sorry I was conflating the guests from two shows. This one, on whether foreign criminals should have human rights, returned a very similar result despite an obvious 3 to 1 panel/presenter bias:

            92%- they should not have human rights

            8%- They should



            • Pah says:

              Well what a stupidly broad question. Of course foreign criminals should have human rights. So should home bred ones. They should have equal rights.

              That doesn’t mean we need to be soft on the buggers.


            • LondonCalling says:

              As far as I understand it, the principle is that “human rights” are universal – everyone has them, even prisoners. The lawyers who presumably drafted it were unable to see the inconsistency that someone who has just murdered his family, continues to have a right to enjoy a family life.
              Not for nothing do they call 100 lawyers drowned at the bottom of the sea “a good start”.


          • RCE says:

            That air-headed bint must be on +100k.


            • LondonCalling says:

              And the BBC producer on top of the airheaded bint probably twice as much.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          “If this is the case, then why aren’t 61% of the participants in favour? ”
          I’m with you on this one, but to follow your logic then we ought to have the same proportion of MP’s too. But we don’t and of course they all know better than us mere plebs dont they?
          Just like INBBC, traitors !


  9. Harry says:

    I’m sorry to waffle on, but today’s show really was a pig circus. I personally think that there should only be a death penalty for treason, but there was no balance whatsoever.


  10. Jagman84 says:

    Is Tim Donovan for real? I have just took the time to watch the Politics Show on iPlayer. It was the most blatantly pro- Labour / anti-Tory interview I have ever witnessed on the BBC. All the pretense of even-handedness has been torn away. All of the News & Politics coverage needs to be removed from this rotting edifice before it totally corrupts what is left of democracy in the UK.


  11. Abandon Ship! says:

    With regard to audience bias, regularly remarked upon here, did anyone listen to Any Questions on Friday night? As convincing evidence that the audiences at these events are a mixture of ecoloons and SWP/STW coalition members, the majority of the audience apparently were in favour of having their own taxes raised! One or two of the panellists were somewhat surprised, since we know that in reality the vast majority of ordinary voters do not want them raised. Now I know why Jonathan Dimbleby regularly asks for audience votes on this programme – he knows he will get the BBC-approved answer.


    • chrisH says:

      This was primed by the Nobel scientist, that would be the BBCs dream of a spokesman for the Green/Euthanasia/Contraception lobby…and, of course: the cuts to his “research”(into how to get Lysenko back for Miliband)
      Like Winston and Dawkins…a political clot playing to a gallery whereby he`ll NEVER have to account for earning his own money.
      Was Thatcher the last science graduate with any political instinct?…this wish of his for the poor not to breed, so he can keep his pension is typical of the turds that Blair left us with…


  12. chrisH says:

    Thanks for putting me onto this Donovan.
    If the Tories don`t take the BBC to the cleaners for their outrageous bias after this display, then they are spineless enough to actually deserve the contempt that the likes of Donovan(and his puppetmasters at the BBC/Labour HQ) clearly have for them.
    Murdoch was right that the BBC are now set on removing any alternative to their fetid output…this being BBC London, it has got to go!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      They wont, they are and they do.

      You might as well give up on the Tories, they’re beyond any hope of redemption.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Totally agree …a lost cause ! look to some other future. This lot are sleepwalking to disaster. Who else would think Turkey’s accession to the EU makes any sense?


  13. chrisH says:

    I`m writing this as some awful little late-night Beeb show tells me about child-brides of 13 getting married off in Muslim Bangladesh.
    The BBC website tells me about some Muslim convert( a Scot called Khalil, who used to be Ken) being found “murdered” and “killed” in Quetta , Pakistan.
    That`ll be beheaded and video`d then would it Beeb?
    These mealy mouthed vectors of evil like the BBC truly make ME Islamonauseous…
    Yet BBC audiences dare howl down Hitchens?…say no more!


  14. Nick says:

    Campbell is a disgrace. I just listened to his interview with a guest, concerning the production of cannabis and its criminal additions. Campbell couldn’t help himself, he twice mentioned decriminalisation and maintained a jovial, almost jokey, demeanour throughout. Campbell has obviously never seen a mother at her wits’ end, because her son has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The BBC is perverse.


  15. Sadly I do not have the technical know-how to post a link, but the delightful Nicky Campbell got very animated when I suggested he was a disgraceful individual on twitter. The amusing thing being, I didnt address hinm directly, so I can but assume he was proactively looking for mentions of himself on twitter, which just goes to show how desparetely vain the man is. As usual, with every BBC monkey, he insisted he was neutral. He then ended a conversation he chose to start with me, with fifth form sarcasm. Honestly, its just pathetic. The man takes home well in excess of 400k, paid for by us idiots.