It’s so blatant it is unbelievable, isn’t it? I’m talking, of course, about the BBC’s continued frenzied coverage of the News Corp “phone hacking” issue.  This gets massive lead story emphasis on the UK news page, and other stories are relegated to minor importance. From where I stand, the BBC is clearly conducting a witchhunt against Murdoch with the intention of maximising it’s already monopolistic position in UK media. It’s a travesty that a weak willed Cameron idly stands by and let’s the BBC away with this. I suspect it is because he too is afraid of the power of the monster that presents itself as lovable old Auntie Beeb but as anyone with an ounce of wit understands, appeasers that feed a crocodile thinking it will devour them last…still end up devoured! We see this on daily basis as the BBC acts as the unofficial cheerleader for Labour. But it’s sheer 24/7 media power means that whilst some of us here see the danger, many others STILL actually trust the beast and are manipulated into thinking what it wants. I’ve said it before but I will say it again, the BBC as currently constituted is the biggest danger to the UK. 

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  1. elizabeth wilson says:

    bbc have been pushing this story all day,sorry one sided story.totaly sick of bbc and thier lefty slanted agenda.tom watson should have questions to answer on why finding were in his book published last week.


    • #88 says:

      I’m really angered by the unbalanced coverage of this both on TV and 5 Live. There has been little from them to caveat the decision i.e explaining the nature if the dissention in the Committee, or words (offered on other channels) from independent analysts accussing Watson of hijacking the Committee.

      Instead we get a procession of the BBC’s favourite commentators and Murdoch enemies on both sides of the Atlantic. Lawyers, Hacked-off, Simon Greer etc. All without any balance or attempt at balance.

      This was clearly coming. Harman trailed the committee’s findings on the Brillo show on Sunday, declaring that Murdoch was not ‘fit and proper’. Quite sinister and quite choreographed.

      But one of the most troubling contributions was from one of the BBC’s ubiquitous lawyer friends, finally breaking cover and parroting that this was really about the Murdoch’s closeness to Government and what went over lunches and over the Christmas crackers. So much for their concern for their hacked clients – this was a naked and unacceptable political attack on Cameron in particular.

      Reading Polly Toynbee saying (or hoping?) that this would bring down the Government, I am reminded of what someone said elsewhere – this is beging to feel a bit like an attempted coup d’etat. A bit far fetched perhaps but it seems that the BBC and their fellow travellers will not accept a Conservative administration.

      Time for an Inquiry into the BBC


      • jarwill101 says:

        Heaven knows how the beeboids would react to a REAL Conservative administration. Especially one that put the stick about, & muttered darkly of a ‘Revised Charter’. I think we’d see the well-heeled, multiculti left’s canyonesque yellow streak coming out of the closet, & their iClouds of sanctimonious exhibitionism fade away. I look forward to seeing their state-suckled good life take a dramatic turn for the worse. Get the venal, traitorous scum off our backs, & earning their own keep. They’ve leeched us long enough.


      • Phobic-ist says:

        Fat chance of that happening. What a lily-livered crew of creeps. And Watsons pompous posturing had me reaching for the happy pills and single malt. I’m just hoping that the Beeb overdo it and some smart Murdoch lawyer catches them out. Truly shameless.


  2. Span Ows says:

    Your first 8 words were taken out of my mouth! Surely now many will begin to see the Jihad (very apt name)


  3. Span Ows says:

    “,i>I’ve said it before but I will say it again, the BBC as currently constituted is the biggest danger to the UK. ”

    Some would call that hyperbole but it isn’t any more. I mentioned on Conservative Home earlier how the bias and monopoly are becoming more sinister (and the literal meaning of ‘sinister’ makes it all the more appropriate!)


  4. GotItAboutRight says:

    What the BBC are doing is a disgraceful abuse of position. Today we have had more blanket BBC coverage of this – another 25 minutes on the World at One etc and the BBC’s “live text” service on its website rolled out – at one point just after giving us the esteemed opinion of Tommy Sheridan (wtf I believe is the internet expression) it announced that Ed Miliband was expected to give his reaction, reassuring an enthralled nation that it would bring it to us as soon as possible.
    It is appalling how driven by political self-interest they have gone along with the Guardian and Independent and manufactured this into some huge story which they can then perpetuate.


    • Backwoodsman says:

      Unfortunately for the Cameroons, its a largely self inflicted wound. Had they from day one said, it wasn’t until the Murdoch press finally realised how hopeless labour are and gave up on them, that labour developed this strange aversion to all things Murdoch – tough.
      Oh, and bbc you need to be very careful you are not seen to be attacking a commercial rival, etc.


  5. Fred Bloggs says:

    As we all know the bBC on every outlet have been spouting ‘Murdoch unfit’ at at every possible excuse. They also say it is the conclusion of the committee. What they usually fail to mention is that because of Labour bias, 4 of 10 of the committee (excludes chairman as they only vote in the case of a tie) refused to sign off the report.


  6. Harry says:

    The monomaniac has the whale in it’s sights!


  7. Craig says:

    There were certain revealing differences between the BBC New at Six’s coverage at the ITV News at 6.30.

    The biggest difference was the way the story was framed. ITV’s account was far more focused from the start on the party political split aspect of the story, which the BBC bulletin certainly didn’t ignore but definitely played down.

    Secondly, BBC viewers would have had no idea why the Tories voted against the part of the report personally attacking Rupert Murdoch. Robert Peston’s report was more concerned to hammer home a certain phrase than to give an account of the Conservatives’ stated reason:

    Tom Watson: We found News Corporation carried out an extensive cover-up of its rampant law-breaking. In the view of the majority of the committee members, Rupert Murdoch is not fit to run an international company like BSkyB.
    Louise Mensch: The issue on which no Conservative member felt they could support the report itself was the line put in the middle of the report that said that Mr Rupert Murdoch is not a fit person to run an international company.
    Robert Peston: So what will be the impact of MPs’ verdict that Rupert Murdoch isn’t fit to run a major international company.

    Only viewers of ITV News would have heard the reason in a longer clip from Louise Mensch:
    “No member of the committee could find it in their heart to say that either James or Rupert Murdoch had misled the committee. Nobody. Even in the report as published. Therefore, it did appear to us that something negative had to be found to say about Rupert Murdoch since nobody was going to conclude that either he or his son had misled our committee. And therefore this line about Rupert Murdoch not being a fit person, which echoes Ofcom’s ‘fit and proper’ test, was stuck in on the basis of no evidence presented to the committee whatsoever.”

    BBC1 viewers would, therefore, have been left with no understanding of why the Tories had voted against and would doubtless have taken away the impression that they only did it to pander to the Murdochs. Even Nick Robinson failed to report that it was the lack of evidence against Rupert Murdoch personally that was their stated reason. ITV’s Tom Bradby, in contrast, prefaced that clip from the lovely Louise with the additional words, “But there just isn’t the evidence to justify this, said the Tories.”

    Thirdly, here’s a further sample of ITV’s Tom Bradby and his reporting tonight:

    “We should be pretty clear what happened today. The Labour Party declared total war on the Murdochs. There was a report in the House of Commons worked on for many months which did have some punchy points but it was somewhat overshadowed by the Labour members going all out to destroy Rupert Murdoch’s business empire.”

    “This committee report lost a lot of clout by being so obviously split along party lines but Labour’s total declaration of war is a fascinating gamble – a bold and brave or absurd and foolish one, depending on your point of view.”

    There was nothing like that from the BBC’s Nick Robinson.


    • Span Ows says:

      Exactly Craig; the news that James Murdoch was cleared of misleading the committee also seems to have been lost in the tsunami of “MURDOCH AGGGGHHH, HE’S NOT FIT TO RUN A COMPANY, AGGHHHH!!!


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      Just to spell it out, this turned out to be a Kangaroo court.
      1) It was not in their remit to decide if he was a fit person in the first place.
      2) None of them could find that the Murdoch’s had misled the committee.
      3) The perverse conclusion that they did not find the the Murdoch had misled, so ergo they are not fit persons.


    • Demon says:

      It would appear that ITV have got the tone just right. I saw some of the BBC opinions (and Sky were almost as bad) and was annoyed about how they took the partisan Labour line and never gave any time to discuss any other view. Louise Mensch was shown with a brief line but the BBC only gave credence to Watson’s blatantly biased opinion – the same Watson who claims the full amount for food expenses. (And doesn’t it show).

      Watson has also attacked Glenn Beck claiming that Beck’s “type of journalism is dangerous and can have wide-ranging negative effects on society.” (From Wikipedia).

      Like all lefties, he hates that anyone should be allowed to express an opinion with which he disagrees.


  8. Abandon Ship! says:

    Today programme this morning; how to present the ongoing disagreements in the Select Committee?

    Well, why not get on someone who hates Murdoch’s guts, and someone who hates Murdoch’s guts but is slightly less extreme. Result, we can all conclude that Murdoch is evil whilst the BBC can claim this was a balanced report. Should be available to listen to soon.

    Dr Tony Wright, Chair of the Public Administration Committee, and Paul Farrelly, member for the DCMS Committee, discuss the verdict of the parliamentary report into phone hacking. ”

    Job done BBC


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Interesting. I only caught Today for half an hour shortly after 8:00 and was surprised to hear nothing regarding Murdoch and the Select Committee. I thought perhaps they realised they had overplayed their hand. It seems I may just have listened at the wrong time.

      I’ve been expecting Murdoch to fight back and am surprised he has not so far done so. He must know where an awful lot of bodies are buried. I had assumed that dropping Hunt in it was a warning shot across the bows, but so far nothing. He’d better start the fight back now or it will be too late.


  9. Freddo says:

    It’s worth tuning in to last night’s The World Tonight for the pleasure of hearing ConservativeHome’s Tim Montgomery blasting Robin Lustig straight between the eyes on the subject of Murdoch and BBC bias as they argue over whether this is a major story or just some Westminster village tittle tattle. (25 mins in).
    Tim ‘says the unsayable’ in the face of Lustig’s insistence that there is no bias in the BBC’s coverage and finally silences him by pointing out that he has so far been interrupted three times while the other – left wing – guest was allowed to speak freely.
    Tory MPs and ministers could learn much from the Montgomery approach!


  10. fredblog says:

    G brown wasnt a fit person to run the UK PLC shouldn’t he be held responsible for his MP’s who fiddled their expenses,lied through their back teeth, etc……
    Tom Watson should be asked why he put the boot in Murdoch and put privileged information in his book.. personal or what..
    The bbc are scum and should be put down……
    The Tories haven’t woke up to the fact that the BBC are the media arm of liebour and as i told DC by email the first day he came PM,do something about the BBC before its too late. DC The Neil Kinnock of the tory party….DC fav group? wet wet wet….


  11. Tony Daley says:

    This is clearly organized and part of a wider plan by labour and its allies to subvert a government elected by 60% of the electorate and to eliminate media opposition. Note the reference to the owners of the telegraph group at leveson last week as shadowy. Are they next? So what should happen in response? Who should we go after and how?


  12. Demon says:

    I had stopped voting for the Conservative Party in parliamentary elections due to Cameron not allowing the British people to have a vote on EU membership, not giving England a Parliament just to bring us level with the Scotch, and will continue to do so until these matters are resolved. I now have another one, I will not vote for the Conservative Party until they make plans to neutralise the BBC, by either scrapping it or forcing it and its staff to act with even-handedness on all matters, both officially and publicly as individuals (eg Twitter).


  13. fredblog says:

    If UKIP stated that they would get rid of the TV fee I bet more people would vote for them….
    Tony.. I agree but why the tories don’t or wont see this beggars belief . When you have a (H)unt in charge of media what do you expect…you can replace the H with another letter if you want…the BBC did says it all


  14. JAG says:

    This is nothing more than The Labour Party’s revenge for The Sun switching from backing Labour to backing the Torys before the last election.


  15. As I See It says:

    The BBC are in ecstasy. Others here have noted how the BBC are now obsessed with the latest Murdoch ‘unfit’ line of attack. The phrase is hammered home at every opportunity which indicates to me that it is to be another grand slogan of the left, happily parroted ad infinitum by every BBC drone tag team from Badawai to Bacon to Brigstock and from Paxman to Peston to Merton.
    The previous slogan ‘hacking of Millie Dowler’s phone’ was successfully used to drive the News of the World out of business and now ‘Murdoch unfit’ is to be used in an attempt to force the Murdochs to relinquish their stake in BSkyB. Greg Dyke (who else?) on Newsnight was quite explicit about this. Words to the effect – ‘Without the Murdochs BSkyB can be free to be the international broadcaster it ought to be’. In other words he means another leftie-liberal outfit with a euro centric and a ‘world view’ and obviously not stepping on BBC toes.
    So we begin to see the light. A world where luvvies and politicians can more easily go about their graft and safely indulge their peccadilloes. Where the left-liberal editorial line of newsbroadcasts is universal and unchallenged. Where British newspaper titles pitched anywhere right of the Guardian either fold or are bought up by Russian oligarchs or Saudi Sheiks. The BBC are in ecstasy. I’m depressed.


  16. lojolondon says:

    I agree 100% – the BBC wants to destroy Murdoch and secure their monopoly. Cameron is too stupid to realise they are pure Liebour and want to destroy the Tories and him personally as well, and he has failed at every turn to take any action against them.


    • jarwill101 says:

      Is there any evidence that distinguishes Cameron from Blair? Dave isn’t a Conservative: he’s an old Etonian Cultural Marxist. His election has changed nothing. Any ruthlessness he possesses is turned against his own party as he strives, successfully, to emasculate it. He doesn’t want to reform the BBC, he wants the beeboids to adore him. And politicians don’t come more deluded than that.