“Production staff in an English TV crew were dismayed when they lost the chance to work at the World Snooker Championships for the BBC.  But their disappoint turned to anger, when they realised their jobs were still available, but had been replaced under a quota scheme which favoured  employing staff from Scotland.  As a result, Scottish production crews were relocated to England and put up in a hotel – while the previous crews who had built up a specialist knowledge working on the programme were sidelined simply because they were English. “

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18 Responses to IS IT COS I IS ENGLISH?

  1. Hector Plasm says:

    Where’s this from, please?


  2. johnnythefish says:

    They also seem to favour non-English correspondents in Muslim countries.


  3. Jez Clarke says:

    The World Snooker Championship?

    Sounds like the English staff had a lucky escape.


  4. David Heath says:

    Listening or watching the BBC I doubt if there are any Scottish reporters still in their homeland. They are all on either BBC or Radio 4. Wonder what the chances would be of an English person getting a job on BBC Scotland??


  5. Merlin says:

    Now this type of behaviour really angers me. I am Scottish but my father was from Penzance in Cornwall and I have worked in England for many years. I love England and get irate when the BBC’s love of minority groups extends to north the border. Reporting Scotland is even worse; it’s an utter SNP disgrace! The bias is simply appalling. The BBC’s largest source of funding comes from England and the politically correct/diversity/minority group obsessed BBC should always remember this when they’re drawing up their stipulations on the back of an envelope.
    The BBC are trying to airbrush the English people and traditions from popular consciousness via celeb culture, brainwashing and the multicultural apologist guilt trip that plagues the middle/upper classes. Why the English put up with everything that has been imposed on them I don’t know; especially when you considered that England’s might has meant that a 1/4 of the World’s population speak English.


  6. Merlin says:

    Off topic: nine foul scum found guilty of child sex abuse,

    Incredibly, the ‘police’ say that these loathsome and repulsive attacks were ‘not racially motivated’ – no, of course not…that’s why all the victims are ALWAYS vulnerable young white girls whilst the perpetrators are ALWAYS all ‘Asian’. Where is all of the Panorama/Question Time/Newsnight/’Big’ Questions analysis and debate dissecting the causes of this revolting and worrying epidemic? The left wing socialists are more concerned with protecting ethnic minorities and the multicultural utopia than protecting our children. Having this as headline news but failing to mention the ethnicity involved is disgraceful. It’s not racism or offensive to highlight what is an obvious problem in the Asian community – the targeting of young white girls (because of the many extremist Muslims’ utter contempt for the west) and their sexual frustration caused by strict marriage tenets from a certain ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ religion.


    • johnyork says:

      Good God, Pakistani’s mentioned twice in a BBC report of a court case.
      What ever next ?


      • Leftie-Loather says:

        “Pakistani’s” yes or “Asian’s” yes but never that they’re Muslim’s though. The BBC’s absolutely fuckin gutless! Stuff any ethnic or religious ‘sensitivities’ and always pussyfooting around for uncivilised twats who can’t accept we’re all individually responsible for our own actions! If these evil scumbag gangs (and afraid this lot and the Oxford lot are just the tip of the iceberg) were always found to be Christian ones then we all know the traitorous stinking BritishBrainwashingCorporation wouldn’t be able to report it fast enough. There’d be NO pussyfooting or dancing around anything then!


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      The actions of the CPS come under the review; for instance why did they not prosecute in 2008 and one girl had to wait until 2012 before they would prosecute. The bBC do not ask this question, also the rapes are violent and racist. This is much played down.


    • Dave666 says:

      Remember when all the media told us this was a right wing lie. Even now they stick to “men “Asians” etc etc. Just who are the liars now?


      • Leftie-Loather says:

        I’d have the gutless broadcasters in the courts along with the paedo scumbags!


    • More Upset Than They Were Ment To Be... says:

      From the INBBC article, a member of “the religion of piece”, admits this is a race issue and a problem for the Pakistani community.

      But further down we have a high level police officer unable to brake his left wing, multicultural, brainwashing and admit what is blindingly obvious and just been admitted!!

      And they wonder why the country’s going to hell in a handcart.

      “Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of of the Ramadhan Foundation, accused Pakistani community elders of burying their heads in the sand on the issue of on-street grooming.

      “There is a significant problem for the British Pakistani community,” he said.

      “There should be no silence in addressing the issue of race as this is central to the actions of these criminals.”

      “They think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame on our community.”

      But Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) denied that the ethnicity of either the defendants or the victims was a factor.

      “It is not a racial issue,” he said. “This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children.

      “It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men.”


      • Fred Bloggs says:

        The word Racism is misused so many times. The OED (Oxford..) defines the word using the word SUPERIOR; in the word worthless is used to describe the attitude towards the girls.

        That attitude of ‘worthless’ is another way of saying that the men feel superior and thus the criminal act is RACIST.


      • chrisH says:

        This case has smoked out the LibLeft trusties hasn`t it?
        Nearly any policeman high up in the “service” has been well-drilled in mulit-kulti postures and soundbites…same for any teachers, social workers or other state tools of compliance.
        No surprise then that these dulled cliche ridden interchangeable public sector goons will assume that they speak for “Asians” better than any young Muslim who tells it as it is.
        Cue the big guns of liberal platitudes to put up the blue tape and call for an enquiry or whatever.
        Surely these white toadies that promote the “nothin` to do with Islam guv” stock defence are “patronising” the “Asians” that they presume to speak for…”imperialist” and “white supremacist”…how DARE they speak for the black oppressed and marginalised victims of prewjudice when they`re not Muslim themselves.
        Shafiq speaks sense…the likes of Vaz and Narey…and the Beeb natch…are empire builders and Trevor Phillips should be hauling them to court for their racist, patronising presumptions.
        That he speaks from the same Professor Nod set of cue cards and idiot boards is “not applicable”…never is!


  7. TigerOC says:

    <blockquote cite"But Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) denied that the ethnicity of either the defendants or the victims was a factor.

    “It is not a racial issue,” he said. “This is about adults preying on vulnerable young children.

    “It just happens that in this particular area and time the demographics were that these were Asian men.”

    Really? This is the 4th prosecution is as many months and all from different areas and there is no commonality either to race and religion of the perps or the victims?
    How many gangs of other races are currently being investigated?
    The CPS, Police and the Home Office should hang their heads in shame at the travesty of justice and morality of this plague. You are all a disgrace to your society, your profession and so called justice system.


    • chrisH says:

      Great isn`t it, that we rely on a Pennines plodder with a career to look after to tell us the truth as the BBC sees it.
      All bow down before the policeman…they are the thin blue line of discernment today.
      But when Duggan or Moaty were in the news…Occupy and student riots/G20 kettling…they didn`t seem to be so valued as the voice of truth.
      Weren`t they cover up hustlers and murderers back then.
      So BBC….are we all to love the fuzz or to want them disbanded for being wrong ?….cue tumbleweed and a call to the Guardian.
      The “Red Flag” playing on the phone as you`re put in a queue; I`d imagine.


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