Marching Orders

Israel-supporting blogs have been cross posting an account of the manner in which Richard Millett was roughly ejected from yet another of the sinister pro-Palestinian meetings that abound in London institutions.

The organisers objected to the fact that he was filming, but as there were others doing so too, it is more likely that they simply objected to his presence. He makes it his duty to attend these functions, which are, after all, advertised as public meetings, and he is well known for asking difficult questions and ‘disrupting’ the antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric.

The relationship between this incident and the BBC is an indirect one, apart from the fact that one of the speakers who watched this incident take place from his seat on the  platform was our old friend, the BBC’s go-to Middle East talking head, Abdel Bari Atwan.

That, and the fact that the BBC’s biased reporting has fostered a default anti-Israel attitude amongst otherwise well-meaning people who mistakenly think this is a good and righteous principle.

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21 Responses to Marching Orders

  1. Ros Morris says:

    He’s a bloody brave man.


  2. The Highland Rebel says:

    Keep it up Richard.

    You are attacking these c*nts with the only weapon they cannot defend themselves against.

    The truth.


  3. Helio Bernados says:

    They had pro-Palestinian weeks where my friend was at university. It consisted of an entire week of virulently anti-Zionist (and sometime anti-Semitic) speakers, propaganda videos, market stalls with distorted material, and anti-Semitic art displays. When I went to visit, for the entire week the whole student area was saturated with this hysteria. The anti-Semitic art consisted of cartoons of Jews depicted as monster, harvesting human eyeballs. Other outright racist pictures included ones of Jew saying they intended to send the Palestinians to the “gas chambers”, an extraordinarily insensitive allegation considering recent history. For some reason the University felt as if it was appropriate to display this kind of thing all week long, with no apparent counter argument. How this was acceptable is beyond me. The fear/intimidation felt by any Jewish/Israeli students must have been immense. Apparently, according the the students right website this sort of this is commonplace:

    A report by the Centre for Social Cohesion also documents the range of extremist speakers at top Universities:

    Click to access 1292336866_1.pdf

    Another report documents the Saudi/extremist funding places like Oxford are receiving for an altered curriculum:

    Click to access 1321526643_1.pdf

    One can only imagine the uproar if there were such weeks criticizing any other (non-Jewish) community. There would almost certainly be BBC coverage of this massive abuse of the education system. I truly sympathise with the Jewish/Israeli people as the unfair demonization of them seems to becoming ever more acceptable in modern day Britain. We need more infiltration of said events by this brave film-maker to expose this threat to peace.


  4. Helio Bernados says:

    Take an event that occurred yesterday at the University of London as an example:

    Abdel Bari Atwan to speak at SOAS tonight
    Here at Student Rights we have written before on the way in which events organised by student Palestinian Societies frequently give speakers on the issue unopposed platforms without considering the consequences of such actions.

    Tonight will be no different, as Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, addresses students at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

    Called ‘Register me: I am Palestinian’, this event has been organised by both the SOAS Palestine Society and the General Union of Palestinian Students. It once more highlights the polarisation on campus of debate surrounding the Middle East conflict.

    This was illustrated all too well at SOAS in March last year, when a counter-protest by pro-Israel activists at an event resulted in one student being punched and bitten.
    At the same time an individual was reported to have said that “the best thing the Jews have ever done was go into the gas chamber. It was the best thing to happen to Germany to have been cleaned of Jews. The same thing needs to happen in the Middle East”.

    Violent clashes were also seen at the London School of Economics in February 2012 when pro-Palestine protesters violently attacked individuals who had thrown water-bombs at their mock checkpoint.

    It should also be remembered that when Atwan spoke at the LSE in December 2010, he refused to condemn Hamas terrorism, and Jewish students present were called ‘Nazis’ by a member of the audience.

    Atwan’s previous comments have also included a statement that he would “go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight” if Iranian missiles hit Israel. He also suggested that a gun attack on an Israeli religious school which killed eight students, all but one of whom were aged 18 or under, “was justified” as the school produced “Israeli extremists and fundamentalists”.

    Despite these comments, Atwan is actually a supporter of non-violent resistance, yet his fiercely polarised opinions create division on campus. Here at Student Rights we support his right to address students but would urge the Palestine Society to consider the negative impact that his talk may have on campus cohesion, and to attempt to balance any such debates in future.

    I’m sorry, but this is an absolute disgrace.



  5. Jeremy Clarke says:

    The HP comments section is a bit lively, that’s for sure.


  6. chrisH says:

    About time we friends of Israel reclaimed the public square, and the brave likes of Mr Millett need support.
    Boycotting the Co-op is the obvious place to start, and a need to link up via synagogues, churches is also something I`d like to see. Online is fine, but we need to meet up around the country.
    Can seem awful lonely and dangerous swimming against the tide-especially when the BBC and their liberal bigots seem to control the wave machines.
    Shouldn`t be too difficult to print off a load of Israeli flag stickers to put on my local library editions of the Guardian for example should it?


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      It’s not so easy Chris.

      I wrote to every church denomination in Scotland highlighting the rabid anti semitism preached by the ruling SNP government in Scotland.
      I gave them links regarding their funding of radical Islamic terrorist groups and warned them that the people the SNP are supporting are also calling for Christianity to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

      Sadly I got only one rather feeble reply out of the lot of them.


      • chrisH says:

        I know that the churches can be among the worst in their cringing around Islam, but I hope to create some kind of Christian presentation for them that shows that where Israel goes…so do we.
        The fact that Palestine is just Roman for “Philistines”-and was so called to abolish the notion of Judea from the maps following the Jewish rebellion just after Christs resurrection-is my first point.
        Will take time, but I know it will be the right cause in the end.
        God Bless Israel, Sue and everybody else who won`t shut up over this continual sniping and smearing of a country deserving more from us!


  7. Dave s says:

    Presumably expressing pro Israel views on this site is enough to get it labelled a ‘hate site” by the usual suspects.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Wouldn’t ever lose a wink of sleep over that joke mate….fuck ’em! Lefties are the most ignoramus, cloth eared, brick brained, diabolically biased, bitter, twisted and hateful lot on the planet! The Far Right, most of whom rightly really just keep screaming for PROPER democracy and REAL equality in their countries, aren’t a patch on the positive discrimination frenzied and truly dangerously poisoning Far Left.


      • Leftie-Loather says:

        Heavens were tryna tell crackpot Hollande and his dipshit sheep something today. Pissed on through to his skin, plane hit by lightning…lol…Great start for the deluded multi culti mental French turd!


  8. Gladiatrix says:

    It seems to me that Richard Millett should take this up with the Senate of the University of London, and make clear to it that if it does not put a stop to the rampant anti-Semitism being promulgated on the University’s premises then he will make formal complaints to both the Metropolitan Police and the EHRC for breach of the laws relating to inciting racial and/or religious hatred. The Senate is opening itself to prosecution for either aiding and abetting, being an accessory or conspiracy. The thought of being imprisoned ought to concentrate the minds of the members of Senate wonderfully.


  9. noggin says:

    a brave man indeed, and one has to ask, what have got to hide.
    meanwhile peter allen, was on form today … on 5live drive, with an extended pally “catastrophe day” presentation with lots of simpering suchre for
    “right of return airheads”
    simply gaulling


    • noggin says:

      “what have they got to hide”. oops


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      “right of return airheads”

      The Palestinians are not a race but a rag tag bunch of Arabs who illegally occupied Israel during the 7th. century in the reign of Moh the pedo.

      They are mostly from Syria, Egypt and Jordan and as far as I know are free to return to their ancestral homelands whenever they want.

      The problem for them is, no other country in the world wants anything to do with them.

      I wonder why.


      • noggin says:

        don t forget Reb,(or maybe Rab 😀 ) these Muslim (Palestinian Jordanian arabs) brought this on themselves.
        They were a conquered people at the end of WWII. Why?
        Because they supported the Nazi’s. British rule of that area was a direct result of this.

        But the “Palestinian” people were offered most of the Holy Land to create a Palestinian State.
        What did they do? rejected it.
        Because of this they still don’t have a country of their own.
        Oh and why? did they reject it?
        Because the treaty that would have created their state also stated that the Jews had a right to exist. They couldn’t accept that because they hated the Jews and lived only for their extermination.

        So for the last 60 some years there has been no Palestinian state. Who’s fault? Theirs!
        Their hatred has harmed them beyond belief.
        Today, they still hate the Jewish people and refuse to live at peace with them, simply following their terrorist manual, and its abhorrent ideology


        • noggin says:

          The “Palestinian” jordanian Arabs are an invented people, and not even a self-invented people.
          That dubious honour fell to some Arab nations who found it convenient to have terrorist militias that could launch attacks across the border, after realising the wider accepted view that Israel was surrounded, by a massive “ring of facist bad intention”, & thus … needed a foil smaller than Israel, to manufacture victim status,
          Their whole claim to a state is the bizarre insistence that they are the region’s original inhabitants who were driven out by the actual original inhabitants, the Jews.

          When in truth they are actually the descendants of the Muslim conquerors who drove out or subjugated the native inhabitants?

          none of their bullshine holds up, and don t they know it 😀 …
          mr millet more power to you


  10. George R says:

    “British universities: seats of learning – and loathing”

    By Ruth Edwards (‘Telegraph’ 2010).


  11. The Highland Rebel says:

    Melanie Philips has picked up on this as well.

    Good on you girl.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      “Stop filming, because you are insulting us”…Huh?
      Millett deserves a medal every time he sniffs out and embarrasses the terrorism mongering turds at their ‘public’ (my arse!) little meetings.


  12. George R says:

    “The BBC is using taxpayers’ money to spread an ancient racial libel”
    – by Melanie PHILLIPS.

    [Excerpt] –

    …”the BBC is now peddling the ancient racial libel that the Jews exercise a unique control over the levers of power. And that is unvarnished Judeophobia. On the BBC. Paid for by the British public. The BBC won’t report the Muslim element of paedophile gangs in northern towns, but they will libel the Jewish people by stating a notorious bigoted trope as fact.”

    Read more: