I see that the BBC are busy churning out Labour talking points as news this morning…if Labour say it is true it must be true.

“The number of elderly people in England getting council-funded care has fallen by 11% in the last two years, figures obtained by Labour suggest. Freedom of Information responses from 121 councils showed they provided free care to 59,056 over 65s in 2011-12, down from 66,342 in 2009-10. The drop comes despite the rise in over-65s due to the ageing population.”

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  1. Hugh says:

    Based on the assumption that increased longevity is necessarily associated in all age bands by increased morbidity, and thus an increase in the need for state care. This wrong on so many levels. Dullards.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      And on the assumption that people must receive state care, and something must be wrong if they’re not.


  2. Umbongo says:

    And then – according to the Today website – at 8:30 “Liz Kendall MP, shadow minister for Care and Older People, gives her view on the issue”. I didn’t hear this item but my bet is that it was yet another discussion between Labour sympathisers on which the BBC graciously allowed the listeners to eavesdrop.


  3. The Highland Rebel says:

    When Labour opened the doors on unfettered mass immigration to this country it also meant that these people were allowed to bring their families, their extended families and every other hanger on they could think of.

    These people didn’t come here to work but to get free housing, free social security, free education, free health and free access to the legal system so they could claim even more from the umin rites and racial discrimination laws.

    Would it be too much to ask Labour / Al Beeb where exactly they think the money to pay for all this is supposed to come from.


    • NotaSheep says:

      To even think such thoughts is, to the BBC mind, racist, and that is as fine an indictment of the BBC mind as I can think of now.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘When Labour opened the doors on unfettered mass immigration to this country it also meant that these people were allowed to bring their families, their extended families and every other hanger on they could think of’. In fact, they introduced specific legislation (2001, I think it was) to make it so, at least for siblings, parents and grandparents. Add in the 12,000 wives imported from Bangladesh and Pakistan (just for starters) each year because eligible young British Muslim males don’t fancy their westernised female equivalents who refuse to take on the role of submissive, housebound drudge…….(off for a lie down in a dark corner of the garage).


  4. geyza says:

    sorry, O/T . Unemployment figures show another fall. BBC scraps half of it’s planned output that it would have gone with if it had increased. It minimises it’s coverage of the figures, because they show a fall, and to the little coverage it does show, they add all the negative caveats they can find.



    • Fred Bloggs says:

      Saw the 24 news; bBC must have gone out their way to produce such a gloomy presentation of the unemployment figures.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Funny how there’s a similar situation in the US, yet the BBC presents our unemployment scene in a more positive light.


  5. Span Ows says:

    Watched BBC evening news at 6 yesterday (2nd time in about 10 years) and apart from teh Leverson/Brooks bashing fest they had a massive report (slides, interviews, insight, agenda, narrative) about part time jobs saying what a problem they are and how people are suffering. The whole thing was reported as if it were a new issue and anyone not knowing would have taken that very impression: new problem, must be coalition’s fault…err…hellooo…only been going on for 2 decades!



  6. Sres says:

    I’d be interested in the trend prior to current government, I hazard that the trend was sliding since 2008.


  7. GotItAboutRight says:

    In my appalling non-BBC approved way of thinking I heard this and thought it migh be good news. Only the portentous tones of the newsreader and the prominence it was being given by the Today programme put me on notice that the very fact that fewer people are receiving public money is inherently a Bad Thing.

    I am not trying to be “controversial” (to use another BBC favourite phrase) here, but just giving the figures set out above is completely meaningless, without details as to what criteria have been used in deciding to withdaw any funded care, and the financial resources of those involved.


  8. chrisH says:

    Never ending Chinese water torture…or is it a golden shower from the Pollygarchy there at the BBC.
    It`s as if we hadn`t had twelve years of Labour pissing our grandkids inheritance up the wall…then sneering at the poor sods sent round now to clean up after them.
    Perpetual bitching and carping on from the balcony seats that Labour left for them…and the useless tossers up on stage continue to amend the script, change the lighting and crave the approval of the critics section that have been in training since their parental genotypes were forever spitting venom at Thatch.
    Which are more pathetic…the BBC and its caustic choir; or the tap dancing twerps that won`t aim their guns once and for all at the “traitors in our midst”.
    Truly-the REAL enemy within!
    Thank God for Norman Tebbit…and I would never have said that back when I was a Guardian-reading twat back in the eighties!
    What`s their excuse for staying wilfully twat-like then…apart from the pay, the privileges, the unthreatened mindset of easy virtues and cheap grace?
    This make me a hate criminal then?
    No-just hate the hateful BBC!


  9. alan says:

    BBC raced down to Brighton and Hove to tackle them about their outrageous charge of £20 an hour to their residents in need of care.

    However….B&H said that the majority of their residents received free care….and that payments were based upon ability to pay…means tested.

    The interviewer didn’t seem too keen to find out about the free care …..but ironically seemed shocked that those that could pay should be subsidisng those that couldn’t by having higher charges.

    Strange for the lefty BBC to dream that objection up….guess any objection will do if it provides a stick to beat the Tories with.

    Here’s a question though…..the government make cuts because they have no money…spent by Labour and they get castigated for the cuts….and Labour get off scotfree.

    Councils have less money because of Tory cuts and so make their own cuts….and yet in that case it’s not the council’s fault, it’s the Tories.

    How does that work?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Because the Tories let it work.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Exactly, they need to keep reminding people and in the most uncompromising terms. On the economy, it wouldn’t go amiss to keep reminding people who promised them ‘no more boom and bust’, or who said on leaving office ‘sorry, all the money’s gone’.


  10. George R says:

    Who says Beeboids have no sense of humour?

    BBC World News Commercial Director, Mr Lawrence:-

    …”audiences may be growing tired of more slanted broadcast news and value our intelligent and un-spun global perspective.”


  11. ltwf 1964 says:

    this really registered with me today as well

    first off,we had the trial in the Hague about to return a verdict,with a nice excuse to wheel on a muslim to talk about it

    can’t seem to recall the last time a christian living in an islamic country was brought on to talk about the ongoing genocide against them,but which is totally ignored by al beeb

    then the rest of the so called stories were as you say……like something off a labour briefing memo



    • The Highland Rebel says:

      Most people don’t realise that the greatest persecution of Christians in history is going on at this very moment at the hands of the followers of the Religion of Peace.


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      And all we get from our so called church leaders is the unanimous defence of the perpetrators.


    • Harry says:

      Take this excerpt from Wikipedia for example:

      1971 Bangladesh atrocities

      Main articles: 1971 Bangladesh atrocities and Operation Searchlight

      During the 1971 Bangladesh atrocities there were widespread killings and acts of ethnic cleansing of civilians in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan, a province of Pakistan), and widespread violations of human rights were carried out by the Pakistan Army, which was supported by political and religious militias during the Bangladesh Liberation War. In Bangladesh, the atrocities are identified as a genocide. Many of the victims were Hindus, and the total death toll was in the millions.[101][102]TIME magazine reported that “The Hindus, who account for three-fourths of the refugees and a majority of the dead, have borne the brunt of the Muslim military’s hatred.”[103]

      There are a number of instances of persecution of Hindus in Pakistan. Minority members of the Pakistan National Assembly have alleged that Hindus were being hounded and humiliated to force them to leave Pakistan.[86] In 1951, Hindus constituted 22 percentage of the Pakistani population (that includes the modern day Bangladesh);[87][88] Today, the share of Hindus are down to 1.7 percent in Pakistan,[89] and 9.2 percent in Bangladesh[90] (In 1951, Bangladesh alone had 22% Hindu population[91])


      • wally greeninker says:

        The genocide was justified by the Pakistanis (to themselves) on the grounds that the Bangladeshis were bad Muslims – contaminated by Hindu influences and were seeking to weaken the umma by separating the two Pakistans.
        The Jamaat i Islami party of Bangladesh, however, sided with West Pakistan and the head of one of their youth gangs, who specialised in murdering intellectuals is now an important figure in British Muslim circles. Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin’s wiki entry lists his jobs as; …a Director of Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the United Kingdom‘s National Health Service (NHS), a member of Multi Faith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy (MFGHC), a trustee of Muslim Aid, Vice Chairman of East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre.”
        He’s associated with people who have taken over local governent in Tower hamlets: the Islamic Forum of Europe and Luthfar Rahman.

        The BBC , of course held a n ‘Any Questions’ session at the mosque in 2110 and the only mention of Mueen-Uddin on their website is in connection with his charity work.


        • As I See It says:

          The Beeb have pick their side in the Pakistan-Bangladesh issue. Last year veteran Beeboid Mark Tully (who should know better) insisted that Pakistani attrocities ought to be forgotten. An odd conclusion for a BBC man.


  12. George R says:

    -Couldn’t find this on BBC-Democrat:

    “Medical report shows George Zimmerman was treated for a broken nose and cuts on his head after shooting Trayvon Martin.”

    Read more:


  13. geyza says:

    Sorry for another O/T but there has been a very badly needed campaign launch today of a campaign to reform the Public Order Act 1986. Specifically the call to reform Section 5 outlawing “insulting words or behaviour”.

    I think this is an excellent campaign to legalise free speech.

    I have submitted an idea to focus the minds of the MPs to allow free speech.

    IF anyone who finds anything anyone else does to fall under the category of “insulting words or behaviour” then they can call the police and have that person arrested. Many people have been arrested and charged under this act for the most petty and ridiculous reasons.

    I suggest to focus the minds of MPs that anytime any MP makes a public speech, a supporter of this campaign calls the police and make an official complaint against some part of the speech which is offensive. Insist on the Police officer acting on their Queen’s oath to uphold the law and to act in their capacity to uphold their legal obligation to arrest the MP for a breach of Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, and insist on getting a crime number for the offence, so that you can track the progress of the police in stamping out “insulting words and behaviour” according to law.

    When MPs are routinely being arrested for insulting us, the law should change pretty quickly.

    In order to maintain publicity, we should adopt the same practice against the BBC. Whenever one of their newsreaders says anything we consider to be insulting, in the public forum of BBC news, then we should call the police and insist on the police arresting the newsreader.

    Considering that the amount of insulting rubbish on BBC news, we should soon have all the BBC newsreaders arrested.



  14. Harry says:

    Did anybody watching the BBC News channel this morning? Firstly an interview with Chris Grayling where the reporter mentioned these positive employment figures were likely an aberration. Next there was the speech by the Police union against the cuts. Next there was a discussion of the Labour report about elderly care. Next was a bit of sucking up to Obama.


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      I’m glad they did.

      It would have come as a shock to the system if they reported otherwise.


  15. George R says:

    Headline today:

    “BBC1 switches off Blue Peter and all shows for children after 60 years ”

    Pity the headline wasn’t simply:-

    ‘BBC switches off. ‘


    • Old Goat says:

      Shame, I’m still a child after 60 years…


    • Demon says:

      It’s a shame but the real Blue Peter went years ago. I remember when one of the presenters sat in a bath in his boxers to have a chest-wax. Totally inappropriate for children and completely unnecessary – that was when I realised that it should be brought to a close before the modern BBC could do its memory any more damage.


  16. chrisH says:

    Really going to have to get this “WordCloud” facility.
    On “You and Yours”, it`s clear the word “critics”…as in “critics are saying that”..would have been the BIG word in the centre.
    Had Harrabin and all manner of people saying that the “Governments critics” etc are saying….in regard of dodgy car engines not being recalled…houses not being energy end of “critics” and “criticisms”…
    But at least we know what the BBC sees its job as being…the old bag behind the fence, and moaning about the usual things that old bags do.
    Not enough immigration…too hard on criminals…we didn`t join the Eurozone…not enough taxes on cars…not enough accommodation of the host population for Islam…not enough regard for the Guardians views on reform of the Lords and AV…usual stuff that you hear down at Asda…


  17. johnnythefish says:

    Council care for the elderly down 11% in the last 2 years. Hmmm, something to do with ‘the cuts’, presumably? Well, have any of the dumbwits at the BBC ever thought of asking the councils concerned what they AREN’T cutting so the public can get some idea of what is getting priority over council care? Take our local council as an example: they have cut school crossing patrols and social services budgets, but they continue to produce the council propaganda sheet – sorry, newspaper – and deliver it to every house in the borough, at an annual cost of £1m, and have just spent £200,000 on laptops and mobile phones for councillors and staff (private phone calls at line manager’s discretion, would you believe). How do they get away with it? Because they effing well can, of course!


  18. As I See It says:

    I notice the BBC have axed BLUE PETER, consigning this tired old BBC1 former flagship that no one watches anymore (less than c200,000) to the Cbeebies channel.

    Unfortunately RED NEWSNIGHT which is similarly holed below the waterline sails on.

    Well where would we get a regular round up of ‘phone hacking’ news and all the anti-austerity frightners.


  19. George R says:

    Of no interest to ‘multicultural’ BBC-NUJ:-

    “Government database flooded with tip-offs over illegal immigrants”


    • geyza says:

      “Although it has not yet been publicly launched, the National Allegations Database is already receiving tip-offs at the rate of one every six seconds. “

      This is excellent news. In return for the left “rubbing the right’s noses in diversity” The right are now “rubbing the left’s noses in upholding the law.”

      Fantastic. I hope we are expeditious in removing these criminals from our country, but not so expeditious that they are not fingerprinted, Iris scanned and added to a database of undesirables who are never allowed back into this country.

      I hope that with this, and in light of the Rochdale cases, that we shall never again see justice sacrificed for racially motivated politically correct idealism.


  20. Guest Who says:

    With the caveat that I hold Mr. Hague and his pronouncements in about as high esteem as any who currently infest Westminster..

    GeorgeMonbiot ‏ @GeorgeMonbiot
    William Hague tells the poor: “get on the plane, go & sell things overseas, go & study overseas”. Funded how??

    Well, George, one presumes using the tried and nationally most trusted (h/t LSE: research) LabGraunBeeb system.
    That is, no matter how hare-brained, or money-pit bound the course, you take no risks yourselves, protest a lot, hold breath ‘til turning blue, get Stuart Hughes to start a campaign, expect and then get other folk to pay for it.
    Then, having got the MSc in North Korean media studies, discover no one wants, needs it and there are no jobs, thus enabling a moan- fest vox-pop on every BBC sofa to the next benefits cheque whinging on how it was the ‘cuts wot dun it’.
    That’s how, George.