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  1. Guest Who says:

    One for the ‘when your own family is starting to notice..’ files?
    Leo Hickman ‏@leohickman

    “GM protestor charged” is now second lead story on BBC News website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18140957 >>Interesting, but slightly OTT?
    Have had a few issues with the author’s variable standards, especially CiF’s odd modding policy given its name, but he can on occasion highlight stuff most in the hive remain in denial about no matter what.


  2. Pah says:

    I am no doubt being over sesnsitive here; but why is the BBC programme on forged goods called ‘Fake Britain’?

    Most of the forgeries seem to come from abroad so why highlight the ‘Britain’ part of it. The same issues must be prevalent throughout Europe …


    • Old Goat says:

      Britain IS fake – it’s pretending to be something it used to be, but isn’t now…


  3. Guest Who says:

    Talking of ‘we want your views’, as predicted, a BBC market rate talent decided 23 was quite enough out of 25,000,000 before pulling the plug after 3 days:
    Maybe… wrong kind of views on the line?
    Odd that these posts garner few in support, yet dismiss those who have valid points as nothing to do with all who love the BBC in polls… run by the BBC.


    • Pah says:

      And pulled after 23 comments that mostly were not that pleased with the way the BBC behaved.

      Well, you can understand it. The poor luvvies wanted some pats on the back and got cow pats instead. Poor dears.


  4. Umbongo says:

    The euro is crashing (if not yet burning); the citizens of the EU are realising what lying sh*te their rulers are (both nationally and in Brussels) and the BBC’s headline news as I write (12:18) is Cleggie – one of the arch-liars – warning us that “eurozone collapse” opens the way to “extremism”. You don’t say! It’s another symptom of BBC Aspergers Syndrome “don’t panic, save the euro, it’s all Cameron’s fault, more spending, more borrowing, love growth – hate austerity . . . . “


  5. Merlin says:

    Hi folks, at work so will have to type fast in case my boss catches me! Did anyone have the misfortune of watching the cringeworty Andrew Marr yesterday morning trying to act ‘cool’ in his discussions over the ‘artist’ Banksy? Truly PATHETIC!


    • 1327 says:

      You bet Marr and all Beebiods love Banksy. He is edgy , he is from the “street” , he is young and hip oh and he is a 30 something year old ex public school boy just like them 🙂


      • chrisH says:

        And a very rich and safe rebel!
        I don`t begrudge him because of his talent-but the talentless drones that are his peers at the BBC must resent his fame,but love that feeling of 1968 and 1977 they love to celebrate.
        They couldn`t do so at the time because there was prep to do and no nanny would risk the overtime at the PSV Club..oh the humanity!
        Naughtie is a eunuch at the harem…loves good music, would love to be able to write-but has to go on Arts Council Committee meetings , bacuse he has no artistic talent.
        Rich, yet resentful and unfulfilled creatively…hence the need to make up stories about Israel etc…fiction and fantasy where news once used to be.


    • Guest Who says:

      He is,also, if I am not mistaken, not short of a bob or two.
      But the ‘right kind of rich’ for the BBC.
      I’d agree losing shareholders money hand over fist (and getting bailouts from Labour) is probably a worse kind of failure to be rewarded, but along with footyballists and thespians behaving badly, I am unsure quite why creating a leaky formaldehyde preservation tank gets the pass in some quarters that it doesn’t deserve.
      Does he contribute to all the ‘right’ causes by chance?
      That would look to be a ‘unique’ yes, then.


  6. George R says:

    “£1.5m Gordon Brown is comfortably in the black”

    -also item on BBC NEWS’ job ad verts and Labour Party.

    By Andrew Pierce

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2147291/1-5m-Gordon-Brown-comfortably-black.html#ixzz1vVIX83Z6


    • Guest Who says:

      Oo… the right kind of money on the line.
      Cue watertight oversight for reasons of ‘professional courtesy’ chez Aunty.
      “You guarantee our fees & toe our line.. we make sure you get an easy pass and PR your policies whilst trashing the opposition”.
      Ah the sweet smell of unconflicted integrity in the air… yours for just £145.50pa.. .or else.


  7. tonyel says:

    Lat night BBC2 had a programme called Indian Ocean, presented by somebody called Simon Reeve The “presenter” turned out to be a fully paid up member of the Global Warming fraternity – about the only myth he spared us was the hockey stick. Oh, and he was appalled that the Maldives have tourists, who generate rubbish, and the Maldives government haven’t got a fully (global warmer) approved way of dispensing with it yet.
    Where do the Beeb find these people, and more to the point why do they find them. Surely Roger Harrabin hasn’t got THAT much influence.


    • Old Goat says:

      They just ooze out of the woodwork – all the BBC has to do is scrape them off and give ’em a platform…


    • David S says:

      There are two more of these idiots coming our way – the man who has decided to canoe across the Arctic now it has all melted due to global warming, neglecting the fact that Arctic sea ice at present is at 94% of the 1979-2008 average, and the one who is jetting off to Antarctica to do some science on the effects of Antarctic warming on marine life, but is not interested enough in science to have followed the O’Donnell v Steig controversy otherwise he would have known that the warming is very localised and Antarctica in general shows no warming trend. Both given lavish attention and production budgets to do crap “science” as long as they follow the hysterical party line.


  8. Guest Who says:

    You no that ‘reward for failure’ debate that the BBC likes to have?
    Guessing this may be one where ‘watertight oversight’ kicks in again.


  9. George R says:

    How BBC-NUJ censors for its political chums, ‘Occupy’ – (unlike BBC-NUJ hostile political treatment of its enemy, EDL).
    BBC-NUJ’s political chums (whom BBC-NUJ calls merely ‘activists’) are in Chicago to disrupt NATO meeting.

    Compare Glenn BECK’s ‘The Blaze’, with BBC-NUJ

    1.) ‘The Blaze’:

    “NATO Protest Recap: Police Clash with Black Bloc; Shotgun Shells; Protesters Using Bottles of Urine and Feces?”


    2.) BBC-NUJ:

    “Chicago braced for more Nato summit protests ”



  10. As I See It says:

    Last night BBC1 aired the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – for about the ‘n’th time.

    Anyway there were two amusing lines which had some relevance to the Beeb.

    One was when Ron was told that his TV station needed some diversity. Asked what he thought diversity was he replied ‘It’s an old wooden ship used in the civil war’.

    The other was the earnest Public Service Broadcast reporter ‘We at Public Television, we’re really down with the woman’s lib thing’.

    I’m guessing the truth at the BBC is far more amusing than the fiction – if only someone was allowed to satirise it.


    • chrisH says:

      I`d say that they have.
      Now I know Coogan is a right creep in real life.
      Yet the “I, Partridge” autobiography by Alan Partridge shafts the BBC brilliantly…and the mindset of all who crave her berths and billing.
      Surely to God, that Guardian-reading self-righteous phoney (Coogan) must have read what he wrote…now if only he stayed in character with Ianoucchis hand up his arse, he`d be our man.
      The stuff on the BBCs club…(p79-paperback) is genius, and only says what we know.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Somehow, the BBC managed to miss activity from their little darlings in Chicago:

    “EAT THE RICH AND SMASH THE STATE!” #Occupy #Nato2012

    I thought it was just peace-loving, anti-this war activists?


    • Reed says:

      Hmmm. Smash the state? Wonder where all those entitlements will come from after nanny has been slaughtered? Halfwits, the lot of them.

      …and the Tea Party’s ‘reduce the state’ message is the misguided and extreme one!


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        And the BBC worried about the “boiling anger” of only the Tea Party. The anger of the Occupiers they can dig.


  12. Roland the Barbarian says:

    Now they are having a go at Cameron for cheering when Chelsea beat B.Munich when in the same room as Merkel.

    Cupid stunts.


    • MD says:

      Unbelievable that they’ve got nothing better to do!

      It’s death by a thousand cuts. A relentless assault on all aspects of the coalition and Conservatives until Labour are back in.


    • Guest Who says:

      Yes, it does seem a bit of a stretch. But a reach the BBC seems willing to make when necessary.
      Tom must be very proud.
      Even if he, and employers do indeed come off looking a bit silly.


  13. As I See It says:

    BBC1 10 O’Clock News and the increasingly orange and sneery Welshman Huw Edwards insists that the nation is united in its excitement over the Olympics. No hint of any balance.
    I’m going to put down a couple of markers here. I predict that the BBC is going to piss off most of the British public with Olympics overkill.
    Lets not forget that this was a Blair/Livingstone vanity project. In contrast with the Thatcher Government which rightly calculated the Olympics to make no economic sense whatsoever New Labour ploughed on with this money pit and the main cheerleader has been the Beeb. Of course for the BBC payroll gang it is all just a super wonderful win win party situation.
    And another thing. I may not make any friends with this but I have to ask: Am I the only person who finds the Paralympics a little…how shall I put this?….a little toe curling. Now please don’t get me wrong. If people, any people – whatever their physical abilitites – want to do sport, well then bloody good luck to them. But should we all be having to regard it in some condescendingly special PC manor?
    Now look, the point of Olympic sport is the celebration of physical excellence in various ways. The trouble with that is that the left-wing PC brigade who have been so keen to bring the show to Britain have felt the need to mitigate this entirely un-PC concept of excellence with a big dollop of paralympics diversity and inclusion.
    Isn’t it all just human-powered robot wars?
    Ok now tell me, preferably without resorting to PC cliches, sentimentality, or special pleading, where I might have got this wrong?


    • Roland the Barbarian says:


      Don’t you know all pets must win prizes.

      Take thirty lashes.


    • #88 says:

      On the subject of the 10 O’Clock news. I noticed that the BBC found time to take another swipe at Hunt – mentioning his alleged failure to declare meetings.

      …But not the slightest mention of Mandleson’s appearance at Leveson. Mandelson who it should be remembered was at the heart of the Bliar government and it’s media relationships with NI and others.

      What justification is there for this unbelievable lack of balance.


  14. George R says:

    BBC 2 has shown a documentary tonight:
    ‘The Fall Of Singapore: The Great Betrayal’
    (repeat 23 May, 11:20 pm).

    It showed the horrendous betrayal of the British people by a British spy for Japan, Lord SEMPILL.

    In an article in ‘The Independent’ (1998), it appears that Sempill became a ‘Japanophile’ before becoming a spy for Japan.

    “Churchill protected Scottish peer suspected of spying for Japan.
    “Second World War: Government papers show prominent aristocrat was believed to be leaking naval secrets to Tokyo.”


    Could such a betrayal by part of the British political class as of the inter-war years and WWII, ever be repeated? Or will it be a case of ‘Trojan Horses’ being in place in a very different war?



  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I do hope the BBC won’t treat Hollande too harshly for his behavior at the NATO summit:

    As if to underscore the problems remaining, new French President Francois Hollande skipped Mr. Obama’s remarks at Monday’s session, arriving to take his seat only after Mr. Obama had finished speaking. Mr. Hollande campaigned on a pledge to remove France’s 3,400 troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year, and he has publicly resisted efforts by Mr. Obama to reconsider his vow.

    We already know Mark Mardell agrees wholeheartedly with Hollande that all troops should be out tomorrow, it’s folly to keep a single soldier in Afghanistan now that the war has been declared defunct. But such disrespect for The Obamessiah surely mustn’t go unpunished.


  16. Craig says:

    Even by the standards of the BBC Complaints department, this is a feeble, weaselling response.

    I’d put in a fairly long complaint based on this comment at B-BBC:

    “The BBC tonight says, “French socialist Francois Hollande has won a clear victory in the country’s presidential election”….

    ….while report after report on Boris’s similar margin of victory gets this sort of thing from the BBC:

    “London mayor: Boris Johnson wins second term by tight margin.”

    “Boris had narrowly beaten Ken Livingstone”

    “So by winning, albeit by a narrow margin, Mr Johnson…”

    Those report that don’t say how “narrow” or “tight” Boris’s margin of victory was stress how “close” it was:

    “The mayoral contest was much closer than many people had expected.”

    52% Hollande 48% Sarkozy
    51% Boris 48% Ken

    Nowhere in that main BBC Online report on the French election result does the BBC reporter write, “The presidential contest was much closer than many people had expected.”

    All I got in response was this very brief, dismissive reply from the BBC Complaints department:

    “Thank you for your email. The terms “narrow” and “clear” are not mutually exclusive. The results in both elections were close, but the difference is that in the French election, although the counting was not complete, Mr Sarkoky had conceded, so it was a clear victory.
    We hope that addresses your concerns.
    Best wishes,
    BBC News website”

    Pathetic. Talk about non sequiturs!

    The words “narrow” and “clear” meant very different things here, obviously. To say they “are not mutually exclusive” is like something out of ‘Yes, Minister’. Weasel words, indeed.

    Livingstone conceded too and yet BBC article after BBC article kept on saying it was a ‘narrow’ victory for Boris after his concession.

    And what on earth has someone conceding defeat really got to do with the BBC being able to use the phrase “clear victory” in its main headline? Someone conceding defeat after a “tight” or “close” or “narrow” victory (words used about Boris’s victory by the BBC) is still conceding defeat after all and it doesn’t automatically make it a “clear victory”.

    The BBC’s reply doesn’t make sense. They probably don’t care that it doesn’t make sense.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC’s reply doesn’t make sense. They probably don’t care that it doesn’t make sense.
      As somewhat of a veteran of such exchanges, I take no pleasure in confirming that no, it does not make sense, and no, they do not care that it does not. Worse, they are quite deliberate in that because it serves and, frankly, what are you going to do about it?
      Now all that happens is you get a strike (in their minds, and records – they maintain such files, and use them proactively too) against your name, that can count towards an expedited banning. Query their lack of sense and they will consider, decide they got it about right… and add another strike. Hit around 15-20 and you are out. Their ball; their rules. Oddly, our stadium; our money. Never quite sussed how that works out.
      What gets me is the tonality on top.
      Utter, lip-curling contempt, secure that no matter what they say or how they say it, they are accountable to no one bar themselves, and what happens in BBC Complaints Club stays in BBC Complaints Club.
      And if this is where it ends, then not even a ‘note on the walls of the lavvy for us all to laugh at the saps we get paid by to abuse trying to point out our rampant bias’.
      As is, after such a response, to sign off ‘Best wishes’.
      What are they, eleven?
      Thanks for the share.
      I know it’s water torture, but enough of us do, every drip of poisonous bile from them will add up, and one day capsize the leaky, arrogant tub that is the BBC ‘Beware of the Leopard’ system.
      Just ensure you add ‘No I don’t’ to their ‘In replying you keep it our little secret’ disclaimer at the bottom.
      They don’t like that. Trust me. And testing what they don’t like is where Achilles Heels get exposed.


      • Craig says:

        Thanks Guest Who. I will begin my reply with a ‘No I don’t’.

        The more I re-read it the more obviously it seems to be a clear and deliberate two-fingered (or, knowing the BBC, probably one-fingered) salute from the BBC.

        If I didn’t help pay their wages and keep them in a job (through the license fee) it wouldn’t be so bad.


        • Guest Who says:

          I simply add it in the same font and size to theirs. Two can play at weaseling (of course they are aware of this, as they are of all that transpires here, to a rather creepy extent: http://biased-bbc.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/more-on-that-bbc-complaint.html )
          Actually I’d love a qualified legal opinion on that little selection they sneak in at the end, especially the ‘we can share with everyone in the office but you cannot tell anyone or else’ threat.


    • GotItAboutRight says:

      The BBC’s response is utter bullshit. Even after the official results were in, and whether someone had conceded or not was no longer relevant, their reports went with Johnson’s win being “narrow” and Hollande’s “clear”.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘The BBC’s response is utter bullshit.’
        You know it. Craig knows it. I know it.
        Heck, even the person who wrote it, and the rest of the BBC knows it.
        But… they also know, as they control the edit suite and the filter, nothing can or will be done about it.
        At least, internally.
        From the Bastille to the Bunker, revolutions seldom work out well for those who stay behind walls of their own creation, trying to blot out the noises from outside.


    • Millie Tant says:

      Exactly, Craig. Talk about a specious argument! (although “argument” is stretching it). Somebody sat there trying to think up an answer and no doubt thought they were being awfully clever in coming up with that nonsense.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Weasels. Someday those at the BBC will meet the same fate their brethren did at Toad Hall.


  17. Umbongo says:

    The sole justification for the changes in IVF availability, put forward by the chief executive of Nice, Sir Andrew Dillon on Today is that “it’s the right thing to do” repeated ad nauseam. Even Humphrys appeared to consider that this was an unsatisfactory response. However, (the “improved” Today site failing as of now (09:30) to put up a recording of this item so not completely checkable) the really controversial matter – the extension of the right to IVF to same-sex couples – was apparently ignored. I’m sure though that Dildo would have said “it’s the right thing to do”. All those refused cancer treatment for lack of NICE-approved funding must surely agree


    • Guest Who says:

      “it’s the right thing to do”
      It’s the politician-class (Especially one-Flanders & boy-child Blinky) version of ‘We are comfortable in our belief that we are getting about right’
      Yes, he also prevailed for a while on that basis.
      But it did not end well (depending on your viewpoint).
      “Yes children, of course it’s good to swallow… would Aunty Eva lie to you?”


    • Guest Who says:

      I did stumble a bit when SKY announced IVF for gay couples.
      Forgot for a moment, after BBC’s foray into men-only SA tourism, that the word applied more broadly when it suits.
      Not sure the circumlutions the media are trying to go through to spin this one, along with the authorities, as ‘the right thing to do’, is quite working, with consequences of legitimate lifestyle choices suddenly hitting the triage choices of the thousand cuts-afflicted NHS; and now a fair number of folk not so convinced a lesbian couple of TV producerettes should get their Fifi Trixibelle accessory over other, more-pressing calls on actual medically-based as opposed to lifestyle funding.
      However, as the aforementioned producerettes seem to control the protest, outrage and rights-jumping sector, anticipate many a bouncing pink collection of quads to add to the benefits tally as various elders get left in their own poo for lack of ‘training progammes’ to remind our modern day Florence Nightingales what ‘care’ means.


      • Umbongo says:

        Set aside the subject for what could have been a genuine debate – whether IVF is a suitable procedure to be financed by the taxpayer – it would have been enlightening (and interesting) if one of the chosen interviewees had been unequivocally against the extension of the procedure to older women and gays or just against the raising of the age limit.
        What we got was the usual truncated “debate” with an obviously sympathetic Humphrys asking the odd mock-awkward question to Dildo who was not required to justify his quango’s proposal: and didn’t.
        Again, what is the point of these items? The announcement on the news that this proposal has been put forward tells us all we are going to learn from the BBC (and Sky apparently). God forbid that there’s someone out there who objects to this use of scarce funds (although, of course, in BBC-world taxpayer funding is never scarce). An interesting item would have had a participant putting forward the very dodgy case (in BBC terms) that not being able to have a baby is certainly upsetting and manifestly deserving of sympathy but not an “illness” in any commonsense meaning of the word.
        Even then this item was loaded. In the “blue corner” we had a woman who had spent £33,000 privately on IVF treatment and who did (does?) not qualify for NHS funding. The unstated – but obvious – point of the item was to contrast a woman who was able to spend substantial resources of her own on herself with the millions of “child-poor” women and gays who “deserve” IVF and who are being prevented from access to the treatment because of the cutz.


        • Guest Who says:

          ‘An interesting item would have had a participant putting forward the very dodgy case (in BBC terms) that not being able to have a baby is certainly upsetting and manifestly deserving of sympathy but not an “illness” in any commonsense meaning of the word.
          Especially when adding ‘choice’ to the mix. But it seems the BBC and its fellow travellers have found a way to well and truly circumvent nature and even one of Darwinism’s more basic precepts.
          Seems therefore we have another ‘unique’ difference when meddling with Gaia is OK (plus on others’ dime) where there are many others where it is not. Apparently.
          So many standards, so little air time.


          • Guest Who says:

            If karma has a wicked sense of irony, in a few decades, as Humphrys’ tries to reach a glass of water placed out or reach by a trained (but evidently not very well) professional, his successor will be interviewing the Labour PM in a puff piece to explain that this cruel but necessary Logan’s Re-run is necessary to devote all funding to the future of the human race via funded IVF to the gay community.
            A bit like the Golden Goose fallout already underway in Greece, they may not have quite figured out the ultimate consequences of that one either.


  18. Umbongo says:

    Also on Today there was yet another Chomskyan “debate” concerning the subsidy (or not) for nuclear power between the loonie in office and the trougher in the Commons. The interviewees failed to mention the substantial subsidies already in place and affecting consumer’s energy bills for useless windmills and other ineffective “renewable” sources of energy. Of course, there was no mention of shale gas: to the contrary all the participants agreed (ignoring evidence from the US) that movements in gas prices are inevitably upward.


  19. Aurelien says:

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  20. Fred Bloggs says:

    News24: 10:00-10:30 They are showing the IMF presentation by Lagarde. The headlines about what Lagarde said were all negative. Switched to sky to see they were balanced and a true representation of what Lagarde said. BBC=bias, Sky=truthful. Talking of Leveson, the bBC presenter said Watson, who was being quized, is the chairman of the media committee (NOT TRUE or just bBC wishful thinking.


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      10:40 – Now they want comment on what Lagarde said. Will Straw from the IPPR, yes lefty from left foot forward goes to lefty think tank. Presenter says inflation drop a smidgen, 3.5% to 3.0% in one month, a smidgen!


  21. George R says:

    BBC-Pink News gets a relevant mention here:


    “ASA concedes Lord Smith’s conflict of interest”



    • Guest Who says:

      Interesting the stout defence techniques being mounted by one commenter in particular, using every trick in the book BBC Complaints uses when desperate, and Dr. Scezandy here. Again, he might score on some (not many) actually worthy counters if he wasn’t flailing his handbag around like a good ‘un.


      • wally greeninker says:

        I was tempted to post a few words of encouragement at Cranmer during the height of the ASA onslaught. The ones that occurred to me were those addressed by Douglas Haig to British troops reeling from the German mass offensive of spring 1918: ‘With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause…’ but then I thought I’d better not lower the tone.


  22. Zemplar says:

    Paul Simon on ‘Today’ this morning. Was it Sarah Montague? Essentially, she kept haranguing him to admit he was a racist bastard who went to South Africa as The White Bwana and exploited blacks for his ‘Graceland’ album. Pure BBC, doin’ what it does…


    • Demon says:

      Obviously he not an anti-Zionist Jew or else he would have been eulogised for his struggles against apartheid in South Africa.


  23. As I See It says:

    Oh look, this earth shattering snippet of news made BBC News 24.


    ‘Manchester’s famous Hacienda nightclub has been revived for a one-off party to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
    Ageing ravers attended the event in an underground car park on the site of the venue, which was demolished in 2002.’

    The Beeboids seem to be in ecstacy.


  24. chrisH says:

    Just got the ending headlines of Martha Kearneys charabanc of good opinion and Beeboid virtues…the World at One.
    1. Inflation has fallen.
    2. The IMF endorse what Osborne has been doing.
    3. But the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls says it`t time for Plan B and the Tories are wrong. End of.
    Anyone able to tell me why the hell Ed Balls opinion on anything economic since 2010 is not laughed out of the room…the very git that got us into this mess ever since 1997 is somehow to be listened to, regarding how to get out of that mess…the very one he caused.
    As worthwhile as asking Gary Glitter about the SureStart programme for his creche whilst on tour.
    Yes Martha did mention some Tory who none of us will know by way of reply…but it`s the fact that Blaster Balls is somehow to be asked for an opinion in my time and with my money.
    F*** the f***`i BBC..yet again!


  25. Harry says:

    BBC on racism.

    A search of “racist” on the BBC news website comes up with the following 10 entries

    Liam Stacey ‘sorry’ for racist Muamba tweets
    Liam Stacey ‘sorry’ for racist Muamba tweets
    Asbo replacement: What is anti-social behaviour?
    Muamba tweet: Jailed Liam Stacey sorry for racist comments
    Are some workplace discrimination laws “unnecessary”?
    Met special PC guilty of race abuse on Croydon train
    Barrow MP John Woodcock assault: Daniel Duke pleads guilty
    Racism warning to football supporters using Cardiff City fan websites
    Metropolitan Police sacks Commander Ali Dizaei
    Cannes 2012: Reporter’s Diary
    Dublin taxi drivers ordered to remove green lights
    ‘Forced labour’ of migrants in UK food industry
    Giants of French history: Jules Ferry and Marie Curie
    Peter Mangs pleads not guilty over ‘racist’ Malmo attacks
    Is grooming a race issue? (Had leader of MCB and an Imam discussing it)
    West Yorkshire Police investigate Keighley racism claim
    Woman’s struggle for police to apologise for ‘assault’
    Met Police officer suspended over racism allegations
    Viewpoint: Blame liberal media for same-sex marriage
    Met race claim victims ‘made to suffer’, says retiring officer

    PC Alex MacFarlane denies riots race abuse charge
    Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has a baby boy
    Live updates: French inauguration
    Week ahead
    Viewpoint: Let Germans read Mein Kampf
    ‘Racism still a problem’ at Metropolitan Police
    Louis Saha on racism in France and football
    Switzerland profile – Timeline
    Euro 2012: Poland’s football hooligan fears
    How similar are London and ancient Rome?
    Sectarian division ‘still deeply rooted in NI’

    Every single one of these stories that alludes to a particular racist event describes “white on other” racism. The only example when it may be the other way around is presented as a question “Is grooming a race issue?”, and had a leader of the MCB and a Bradford Imam discussing it. It is pretty clear what sort of picture the BBC is trying got paint with regards to this sensitive issue.


  26. Guest Who says:

    As always, and ever aware of the ‘speaking for us’ nature of the BBC and its footsoldiers’ conceits, the highest rated on blogs can be fun…
    7. doesitreallymatter
    Well done Nick in finding Labour a single straw to clutch at.
    The reality is that if labour were now in power there would be a total mess and we would be going to the IMF for a bail-out, ala Denis Healey. I remember it well.

    Evidently, from the update, not enough questions were being asked, despite prompting, from Labour, so our hero has chipped in again: ‘Here’s the key paragraph in the IMF report which Labour can quote’
    Maybe I could quote this to the ECU/Trust drone who based his last stout defence on Mr. Robinson’s ‘professionalism and impartiality”


    • Guest Who says:

      Ms. TwoEds chips in with Boadenesque impartiality:
      ‘IMF: “Great policies – shame about the economy”‘
      ‘That’s my translation of the IMF’s latest, curious report on the UK’
      So now we get ‘unique’… ‘translations’… now too?


  27. Guest Who says:

    I think I have a new record.
    48hrs and closed at… 2!
    Even Andrew Neil’s (which I can never find) didn’t match that.


  28. noggin says:

    “My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and kiss my ass”


    R Bacon, on 5live going over the top, with (surprise surprise) someone from the guardian …
    over restricting freedom of speech generally, on twitter etc,
    Of course …. he drones on about ” he knows/he has been a twitter victim” too! . (boo hoo!)
    people ought to be prosecuted, feel the full weight of the law, reported to the ahem … authorities.
    … of course his guardianista buddy totally agrees.


    “It was a shocking thing to say and I knew it was a shocking thing to say. But no one has the right to live without being shocked. No one has the right to spend their life without being offended.
    Nobody HAS to read a book. Nobody has to pick it up. Nobody has to open it.
    And if you open it and read it, you don’t have to like it.

    And if you read it and you dislike it, you don’t have to remain silent about it. You can write about it, you can complain about it, you can write to the publisher, you can write to the papers, you can write your own book. You can do all those things, but there your rights stop. No one has the right to stop me writing a book.
    No one has the right to stop it being published, or sold, or bought, or read.”



  29. Paddytoplad says:

    Wimmins hour this morning on four showed everything I hate about the vile and pernicious cabal that is Auntie and the islington set.

    They were discussing schools . They had some dyke on from Republic whinging about schools not allowing their anti monarchist progeny the option to not enjoy cakes and jelly for the jubilee. Her whine seemed to be that 25% of the population don’t want her Madge or anyone having any fun.

    Then some anti Christian philosophy lecturer had a go at his kids C of E school for teaching religion. Well pardon me for stating the obvious but why the f send your kid to c of e school if you don’t want the sprog taught religion. Again less than 25 % of the population is atheist.

    Weirdly they then went on to say they were glad schools only taught the monotheism of AGW, and didn’t allow the minority viewpoint even though the minority who don’t believ the crock of shit is reaching to nearly 50%. They also had a go at creationism. Now I am not a happy clappy but I do respect their religious beliefs after all some of my Fenian ways may seem a little far fetched to the likes of DV. I would like schools to point out that some religions don’t agree with evolution while still teaching it.

    What strikes me as a total BBC group think twist is that minority controversial opinions are OK as long as they are ‘progressive’. Thus hating the reigning Monarch of the most consistently stable country in western Europe is OK objecting to the state religion where the vast majority of the Population were baptized in that religion is OK, but being skeptical about an unproven watermelon theory about climate change is beyond the pale and having a slightly eccentric view on evolution is totally unacceptable.

    Statist Corrupt useless meddling. (scum for short)


    • “Then some anti Christian philosophy lecturer had a go at his kids C of E school for teaching religion.”

      I bet she/he didn’t apply the same argument to Islamic schools?


  30. As I See It says:

    I would have no problem with Radio 4 as the Gruniad of the airwaves – so long as it were funded from the pockets of its fans.
    It ought to have been a sobering moment for the Islington luvvie-lefty set when the AV Referendum result revealed where they would be – if stripped of the Labour Party tribal vote. (Isn’t it funny how that event has been expunged from the record). They are a tiny minority with extreme and unpopular views. Thanks to the BBC they are a tiny minority with a very very loud megaphone.


  31. Guest Who says:

    BBC Maths..
    ‘BBC1 Controller Danny Cohen has been explaining the economics of tv to the Radio Times.
    “There’s only a finite amount of money and, by ending some shows, I freed the money to do Call the Midwife in January. That’s how it works.”

    So… with finite money one engages in triage (albeit, in his case, rather oddly, gilding corpses as the healthy die from suffocation)?
    Maybe our Danny could explain this to such as Messrs Robinson, Peston, Mason, Marr & Ms. Flanders, etc, especially when propping up the likes of Messrs Miliband & Balls on matters economical (esp. with the truth).
    Or is that a ‘unique’ too far?


  32. Reed says:

    Quite a good essay here on the illiberalism of the so-called liberal left…

    “The viciousness of the American left drove intelligent men and women rightwards, they replied. They arrived at American campuses with standard left-wing beliefs. The illiberalism of allegedly liberal academics so shocked them, they left as conservatives. ”



  33. Reed says:

    Is the BBC’s Nick Robinson working for the Labour party’s communications department?

    …Look out! Potential trouble for Labour…

    –It was the soundbite of the chancellor’s dreams. The head of the IMF said that when she looked back at the UK’s deficit in May 2010 and imagined there being no plan to reduce it “I shiver”.

    …but wait, there’s something here we might be able to use to our advantage…

    –The sting in the IMF tail appeared to be calls for the government and the bank to do more to protect the poor, get credit to business, invest more in infrastructure and, if growth continues to flatline, to consider a temporary cut in VAT in future.
    I have not yet read the detailed IMF report. It is sure to contain more concerns which Labour can point to.

    …yes!…it can definately be of use – thank heavens!…

    –Update 11.50am: Sure enough. Here’s the key paragraph in the IMF report which Labour can quote – it holds out the future prospect of easing up on cuts or a temporary tax cut – like the VAT cut proposed by Ed Balls


    I think he might have accidently posted one of his e-mails to Labour HQ on the BBC website. It certainly reads that way.


  34. George R says:

    The Beeboids’ political orbit:

    “Monbiot v Chomsky: Left v Truth”



  35. Pounce_uk says:

    Anybody noticed the bBC news page regarding racism inside schools.
    More than 87,000 racist incidents recorded in schools
    Nearly 88,000 racist incidents were recorded in Britain’s schools between 2007 and 2011, the BBC has found. Data from 90 areas shows 87,915 cases of racist bullying, which can include name calling and physical abuse.

    Wow such a big number of racist incidents, however when we read into the story we find that, that figure is actually a capture over a period of 4 years. So why does the bBC push out such a high figure when they should be pushing out a figure a 1/4 of the size. 2010/11 was 18,000.
    Now notice how the bBC doesn’t break down who was abusing who? Whites on Blacks, Whites on Brown, Brown on Whites etc..
    This is further exemplified by the photo the bbC use:

    If I didn’t know better, I would walk away from this article presuming that only whites can be capable of racism. When in fact not only is it a two way street. But actually Blacks and brown people are even more racist than whites. And I am a brown skinned person saying that.
    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst.


    • Craig says:

      The word ‘Islamophobia’ is prominently displayed on that photo!

      Another of the main messages of that article by Divya Talwar of the BBC Asian Network is that, because racism is such a major problem in schools, Labour did something good to tackle it. The wicked Coalition have now stupidly reversed that policy. Christine Blower of the NUT and the woman from Show Racism the Red Card (who’s worried on behalf of muslims, gypsies and E. European immigrants) say so, so it must be true: “But both unions and anti-racism charities fear that the government’s new reporting guidance of racism in schools is a mistake. ”

      The BBC and their not-so-hidden agenda!


    • noggin says:

      i think if you do the math, its possibly about one incident,(if that) per year, per school … factor in the recent , “criteria” for racism, plus massive influx in some areas, of new children, its a non story.

      must be … to quote P Kay a ” tsunami o filth “


  36. noggin says:

    Panto Nikki, 5 live 8.15am a veritable “tsunami” of racism, is being reported especially in schools, 😀
    (due to rabid and ridiculous”anything constitutes racism” regulation, is that any surprise).
    To prove the point perfectly, a mother and daughter
    are on,
    “Tell us what has happened”? ….. cometh the bleat,

    Apparently, names have been shouted from afar, Taliban
    has been shouted at her, and her scarf has been pulled whilst at school, to give even more erm … clarity.
    her mother says “Pakistani s” are getting a raw deal, its bad for “Asians”, since “that 9/11 palava” …. and that half of her family are “from Iran” .

    I think the bullet point here, through this fog of nonsense is that shes muslim,
    erm … just run it by me again … what race is islam again Panto? . anyway after a 5minutes charade of victim mentality, with the most dubious of foundation eh!.

    Are there no genuine incidents worthy of report?
    with this huge rise and all.?
    all this does a genuine dis-service to a real and important case.


  37. deegee says:

    Guess where?
    Skin cells turned into healthy heart muscle cells
    Intriguingly the presumably earlier version I have print-screened and linked in a Facebook page shows some editing that the BBC PC police must have missed.


  38. Guest Who says:

    My forecast is a slew of events interpreters on various BBC shows to explain that, in the original Aramaic, which he could have been speaking in, what he meant was….
    Maybe Ms. Flanders could be co-opted to ‘translate’ on something else she seems unqualified for, uniquely, as this appears her new gig?


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  40. Tom says:

    Radio 4 Today Programme
    Well, they manage to ‘air brush out’ a current news story by completely ignoring a subject… I have just listened to their broadcast between 0600 and 0700 and there was a complete non mention about Baronnes Varsi and the current revelations about the way that she has been spending my money. It’s stramge because the Weekend Newspapers seemed to consider it rather important…So why is it not important for our friends on the Today programme………Ah! its not because she is female and from an ethnic minority, is it? (By definition these two descriptive items make it impossible in the bbc’s mentality for her to commit any crime whatsoever.
    Please can we have independent, fair and non biased comment/reporting please, please!!!!


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Please can we have independent, fair and non biased comment/reporting please, please!!!!’
      Be ironic if Dr. Scezandy from Oslo weighed in in full-archive correction here:)


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