Biased BBC contributor Alan writes…

“Pro Europeans fighting back…..Ball’s answer to massive debt is more debt, the BBC answer to Euro implosion is more Europe.

Enoch Powell has for the BBC been a scurrilous, dangerous race baiter whose views on immigration were an outrage to a civilised nation…his warning that mass immigration could result in a rise in race attacks and xenophobia and conflict between communities were evidence of almost criminally racist tendencies. How different the world is today when the BBC sees its European empire dreams go up in smoke and any radical expression of distress and dismay are acceptable in its defence and its frontpage headline is…….

Clegg warns of Europe ‘extremism’
A collapse in the eurozone would create the “ideal recipe for an increase in extremism and xenophobia”, the UK deputy PM says.

And Here’s a glimpse of the BBC mindset concerning the European Project as set out by Will Self…’enthusiastic pro-European’…….

‘I viewed an increasingly united Europe as a necessary counterweight to US world hegemony and Russian idiocy, while also being a handy cosmopolitan stick with which to beat the backs of uptight Little Englanders.’

Isn’t that interesting?  The BBC are enthusiastically anti-nation and embrace the no-borders internationalism of a European identity but  Self’s statement shows that the European Project  wasn’t about getting rid of nations to stop war, it was a plan to make an even bigger nation, an Empire, to compete with the US and the USSR, and now China.

Far from a peaceful project it was all about power and  sabre rattling in one form or another….having ‘peacefully’ subjugated its own new ‘Euro’ citizen first of course.

And how neat that Self also propounds the ideas that such internationalism, cosmopolitanism, is a useful device to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’……wasn’t that exactly Labour’s policy when they opened the floodgates?

Who can doubt that this is the authentic, approved voice of the BBC metropolitian ‘elite’ as well?

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  1. George R says:

    John Redwood:-

    “BBC Analysis and the possible exit of Greece from the Euro – a very poor programme.
    “Time to think again, BBC.
    “The UK public does not share your EU enthusiasm.”


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Why didn’t they just revisit their archives and discover how common it has been?

      Classic BBC behavior. Seen it a few times before where they wouldn’t have gotten something wrong if they had only checked. They don’t bother because it’s unimportant. It’s all about how they feel now. And their in-house experts being all Left-wing ideologues probably doesn’t help.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘“The UK public does not share your EU enthusiasm.””
      But they speak for us!
      Apparently… if uniquely.. in a ‘we speak’ and you are spoken for way…

      BBC Producer – Mr. Mason’s characterisation, I would humbly still submit, did a lot more than describe what happened. It framed it, and in terms that could generously be described as designed to appeal to his rather singular political views and preferences.

      Me – I don’t believe Paul Mason, on his own, on that night, framed what happened.

      I still beg to differ. He is an adult. He is a professional journalist; a BBC senior editor of experience with a vast pulpit. He chose his words carefully to describe something, the outcome at that point, in a particular, common and fully understood way: ‘the UK has thrown its toys out of the pram’. That frames what happened all right. Maybe not accurately, or impartially, but then that goes back to the complaint.

      Of course it went to the top, and the BBC decided that the BBC was comfortable with the fact that the BBC got it about right.
      Interestingly, such self-referential and delusional-in-the-face-of-fact ‘decisions’ can be tallied up and used in their favour for expedited complaints impositions.
      Such box-ticking twisting of logic and legal precedent explains, if not excuses the slavish adoration of our politico-media classes for even the direst excesses in name of the EU ‘project’.


      • Guest Who says:

        Apols- Stuffed my formatting . This line was them too. My reply after this.

        BBC – I don’t believe Paul Mason, on his own, on that night, framed what happened.


      • john in cheshire says:

        I hope that if (or rather when) civil insurrection takes off in our country, someone has kept a list of all, yes all, bbc employees.


        • ROBERT BROWN says:

          Correct John, then see how they like it when their ‘world’ turns upside down. NO PRISONERS.


  2. George R says:

    “Hordes of Muslim Illegals Invading Greece from Turkey.”


  3. The General says:

    Ed Balls seems to get several unchallenged ‘spots’ on the BBC every week where he is able to push his
    ‘ increase in spending and unproductive employment’ policies without any attempt at any balance or objectivity.


    • Well he can look on the “bright side” if he wants. Given the way this govt are going he may just get a go at his beloved policy and all the accompanying consequences that come with it.

      However as has been said before, when you pick up one end of the stick, the other end comes with it by which I mean, that they may well spend us into oblivion. I wish it were different but spending us into oblivion will bring some dark days indeed in which rioting and violence will be common place.

      I want to see how available he will be for interview when those days come.


      • The General says:

        Well he was there for 13 years advising how to overspend at a rate not sustainable even with their fiscal measures and despite this the BBC afford him credibility.
        When did the Labour Party ever deliver a responsible economic model ? When did they ever deliver anything but an economy mired in unsustainable debt ?
        But that’s OK by the BBC because they share a ‘plan’ with Obama ( he who can do no wrong) but let’s not dwell on the fact that Obama’s policies have doubled the US debt.


        • As a certain Margaret Thatcher once said – “That’s the problem with socialism – you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend”


          • Reed says:

            In the current climate, that’s the quote that keeps on giving. Yet Labour and their friends at the BBC seem unwilling or unable to understand this simple fact. As Daniel Hannan once said, “the facts of life are conservative”.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      But that’s misunderstanding their position. To the BBC, giving Balls air time to express his views unchallenged is the balance. They’ve already reported a Government statement or policy position, so it’s required that they then give Labour a platform too.


      • lojolondon says:

        Absolutely. But they never saw the need during the last 13 years when Liebour were running the show……


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          I’m not supporting the BBC’s position here. They regularly challenged the Conservatives given air time. Back then, the “balance” was allowing them in the studio at all.


  4. chrisH says:

    In regard of all these cumulative chickens strolling home to roost…I can only quote Steve Priest..about the only religious voice soon to be allowed on the BBC at the current rate.
    In response to Brian Connolly( Kevins smarter brother?)…”does anyone know the way?…did we hear someone say?”
    Steve said that “we haven`t got a clue WHAT to do!”.
    He says it in a variety of diverse tones…all camp, but diverse…and if Mr Priest is not the very voice of the BBC/Euro/Labour/Guardian/ Greenie elite with its pants down and its heads up everybody elses bottoms…then who else dare speak for these fatuous liberal fantasists.
    I always had them down as “laughing liberals”…but they`re singularly unamused at “Merde” as the new name for Merkel/Hollandes wobbling tandem of irrelevance.
    “Zees eez not funny”….ah Basil Fawlty!


  5. As I See It says:

    The BBC and fellow EU travellers know all too well that the Southern European Euro crisis not only mocks their previous earnestly pro-euro economic arguments for the single currency but provides strong ammunition for the Coalition against unrestrained and profligate state spending. No wonder the BBC makes such a big hullabaloo over the French having elected a leftist. No wonder the BBC provides multiple platforms for the doomsayers who prodict that the breakup of the euro would return us to the economic stone age. Liars!


  6. LondonCalling says:

    Spain (Franco), Portugal (Salazar), Italy (Mussolini), Greece (The Colonels)…”You take a step to the Left (too far), you get a goosestep to the right”. Its the Mediterranean Thrust. They find balance their own way.

    It was never going to work, why would you take these people’s word for the time of day, let alone pass all your lawmaking over to them. What’s the collective noun for basketcases – an EU of Basketcases?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Hitler was a socialist, a National Socialist but a socialist never the less. Like Ken Livingstone He hated people richer than himself, and a lot of them were Jews.


      • LondonCalling says:

        I deliberately left Hitler out of the comparison as I think initiating the murder of six million people and the messianic plan for a Thousand Year Reich puts him in a different league from the other mediteranean dictators. I am not sure labelling Hitler “socialist” throws much light on either him or Socialism, though you are absolutely correct.


  7. johnnythefish says:

    ‘…Self’s statement shows that the European Project wasn’t about getting rid of nations to stop war, it was a plan to make an even bigger nation, an Empire, to compete with the US and the USSR, and now China’.
    Think ‘Oceania’ (1984) – it’s halfway there already, ably assisted by the Ministry of Truth – sorry – BBC.
    Also note Self talks about US ‘hegemony’, but only Russian ‘idiocy’. ‘What, you murdered 30 million of your own people Stalin? You idiot!’


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      And to beat “Little Englanders”. Smug, self-righteous superiority, better than all of us here because he holds the approved thoughts, although he’s clearly a bigot himself.


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        He is actually a junkie, once one, always one, his mind is gone, check it out.


        • ROBERT BROWN says:

          Actually, he abstained in 1998, but i reckon the damage is done, heroin is a dreadful substance, look at his face, hear his ‘opinions’, anyone that calls me a ‘little englander’ is nothing more than traitor to this country.


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            Self developed some blood disease or condition from his junkie days which required treatment. I can’t remember if he’s still on it, but when he was on Question Time a while back he was visibly beet red in the face and looking unwell. Some of us thought he was drunk or recovering from too much partying the night before, but he later said it was from this treatment.


  8. Peter Allen (R5) interviewed a French Economist on “What can Germany and France do to save the Greeks”. Not once was the subject brought around to “and what do the Greeks want?”.
    Bloody democracy. By the way who voted for Will Self? Why do the BBC see his views as superior to the average man in the street? There are too many unelected self appointed spokesmen ruining this country. Once the BBC sought the views of the elected now someone who has no more right to be heard than you or I are are given a endless platform by the BBC Marxists in which to “inform” the plebs how they should think. A plague on the lot of them.


  9. Little Englander = someone who wants England to be governed by an elected English Parliament. The opposite therefore must be a person who sees a self appointed dictatorship in a foreign country as Utopia.
    Also notice how these self appointed spokesmen for the country support democracy in places like Tibet but somehow they cannot see how hypocritical they are?

    No “Little Tibetans” though.


  10. Reed says:

    One of the comments after Will Self’s article…

    The European Union was a good idea. It was sabotaged by the USA who used their spurious special relationship with the UK to divide the union lest it became a serious rival to the USA. Likewise Multinational Business used it to manipulate and exploit cheap labour.
    Roger Tingle, London, UK

    Yep, that’s right. We, the British public, are so lacking in independence of thought that we were led astray from the blindingly obvious benefits of surrendering our sovereignty to an un-democratic bureaucracy by those dastardly Imperialist Americans.
    The irony of a pro-EU zealot invoking an anti-Imperialist argument in support of the EU is lost on this twit, as is the fact that it’s our own stubborn sense of independence and separateness that maintains our general euro-skeptic outlook.

    …and these people call the opposing side ‘nutjobs’.


    • Strange how “anti-Imperialists” like the EU? They do not seem to understand the concept of empire.

      Empire = “A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising a number of territories or nations and ruled by a single supreme authority.”

      Is that not what the EU is?


      • Reed says:

        Yep. Some Empires more equal than others.


      • 1984 double think. The “left” can be pro and anti-democracy and pro and anti-Imperialist at the same time and still be taken seriously by our state broadcaster.


    • Buggy says:

      I don’t suppose that commenter Robert Tingle is perchance related to Mr Len Tingle, BBC Political Editor for Yorkshire, who’s turned up here before, is he ?


    • Backwoodsman says:

      Thats a relief, I thought it was all down to simple things like the French working 35 hour weeks and ltalian and Greek state sector workers retiring on full pensions at 50 !


      • Guest Who says:

        Simple things, but either requiring no ‘analysis’ from our most trusted ‘news’ filter, or the kind only a Flanders, Mason or Peston can provide.


      • Guest Who says:

        I do not wish the worse on Greece as, sadly, what hurts them hurts us too, but as a example to the Ballchinian’s amongst the BBC chatterati, letting its policies take their full course might be informative and educational for them.
        Screw the golden goose of ever-fewer income generators long enough to feed the parasite classes, and when she keels over, no matter how golden your pension terms… and pot… then when it’s empty (h/t: Liam Byrne), you keel over too. And no amount of striking or protest will change that.
        Luckily for them, there are a few more layers of goose to pluck first elsewhere as, like the banks Gordon allowed to almost, but not quite fail, other people’s money will be used to buy a little longer for EUrocrats and their voters to enjoy the high life and comfy retirements.
        How their ancestors will judge them at their gravesides, and those with vested interests who sold out their professional integrity to prop them up, history will judge.


  11. As I See It says:

    Something that I would like the BBC to do is to actually give us more news about our ‘European partners’.

    The BBC seem to like a quick soundbite of news from Europe – so long as they fit a British leftist agenda.

    For example: We are told Spanish unemployment is at 24%. Therefore Spain is desperate for ‘growth’.

    However, look a little deeper beneath the surface than the BBC does and you find there is a black ecomony of 3-4%.
    Centre for Economic Policy Research
    ‘Some sceptics argue that the figures are unrealistic, and that a widespread underground economy makes high unemployment just a statistical artefact’.
    Makes you think doesn’t it? I guess that is precisely why the BBC won’t mention it.