Have a read of this piece published by the BBC concerning that lovable old Jihad preaching rogue Abu Qatada. Get the feeling that it is slightly unbalanced? It’s clear the BBC want Qatada to stay, whether out of mendacious delight in the humiliation this would bestow upon Theresa May or just because whoever is the enemy of the British people is the friend of the BBC.

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  1. wally greeninker says:

    There isn’t a country in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (which is what he OIC calls itself nowadays) that does not practice torture.

    The reason is simple- Mohammed, the perfect man and moral exemplar for all time, practiced torture. After his attack, motivated mainly by greed, on a group of Jewish settlements at Khaybar, he had a fire made on he chest of their leader, to make him give away the location of he community’s buried gold plate. The Koran tells believers on seventy occasions either that they should follow the example of the “prophet” in all particulars, or that they will go to hell if they don’t. Religious belief trumps any mere infidel conventions these countries may have signed up to.

    The practical upshot of this is that practically any jihadi derelict who washes up on our shores is practically guaranteed immunity from being deported back home.
    This not only makes them more privileged than the refugee who is the average adherent to any other religion but has the additional irony that they themselves see nothing unethical about the use of torture and would no doubt carry it out themselves, if in a position to do so.

    In stead of making programmes which either show Islam as a sublime, transcendental faith or as the inspiration behind every scientific discovery ever made, the BBC would be carrying out the ‘inform’ part of their ‘educate and inform’ remit if they told he public things like this. It would also allow for a more realistic approach to such cases as that of Qatada.

    The public may well concur with the view hat a legalistic approach based on the ethical systems of Christianity and other more enlightened religions may not be the best way of handling these implacably malevolent clowns.


  2. Sres says:

    Tweeted about this report on the 10 o’clock, sympathetic clap trap.


  3. The General says:

    Why doesn’t the Government get him to sign up as a member of the Conservative Party. The BBC and other Labour activists will soon ensure he will be gone without further delay.


  4. hippiepooter says:

    It does have the strong whiff of a BBC ‘Respect’ voter doing his bit ‘for the cause’.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Oh, and it carries the inevitable ‘blame the Jews’ trope. Did I use the word ‘whiff’? How about ‘stench’?


      • Harry says:

        Yes, I picked up that too. Pathetic. It seems like the BBC only likes Jews when they can have a go at Eastern European skinheads.


  5. Millie Tant says:

    It starts off like advocacy and finally throws in a sop to balance by mentioning the governments’ position. It’s pretty clearly weighted to one standpoint, what with the emotive family story (blub blub) placed at the top and all. How many will even read the second half of this longwinded filler article? I was flagging, I was getting bored and nearly gave up before the end. Thus the Beeboid’s work is done. Impartiality, heh.

    Incidentally, I notice it says he went from Jordan to Pakistan and then was given asylum in the UK. Shouldn’t he have claimed asylum in Pakistan or, (even if he didn’t), been returned to Pakistan when he fetched up here?


  6. chrisH says:

    The BBC delight in rubbing our faces in their faeces.
    If Qatada advocated refusal to pay the TV Licence…only THEN would the BBC think him an extremist.
    Until then he stands for every cause close to the BBC-edgy, radical, victimhood, entitlement, the thrill of danger-and, of course; sticking it to WHITEY..white van man, the chavs, oiks…all of who kept Myra Hindley in prison beyond the liberal limits with their xenophobic, sexist racist, Islamophobic… yada …yada.
    The BBC surely will want the case of Bin Laden opened up again….the turds that make THAT one will offend far more people than Qatadas case-and therefore “de rigeur” soiree guests round the salons of Hampstead, Islington where virtually ALL BBC output comes from…and we have to listen to it all for the following months.
    As the mighty Pounce says….the traitors in our midst…and we`re too chicken to expunge the buggers from history..for now anyway.


  7. Cassandra King says:

    Ken Clarke has claimed on the BBC toady show that people who want a referendum on the EU are “extremists”, a very cosy chat with his friends at the toady show revealed his opinion of the majority who want an EU referendum. Oh it was all nice and cosy, comrades together and as gentle an interview as I have ever heard. Ken Clarke, the BBCs favourite social democrat.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Too bad nobody’s complaining that – as always – the BBC portrays racism as an exclusively right-wing phenomenon, and depicts Nazis as right-wing when they were always Socialist. The Beeboid never asked any of the white supremacist groupies about any economic or other government policies, so there’s no way of knowing that they’re right-wing or not except based on trusting his word on it. Which I don’t.


    • Demon says:

      This is a quote from the Washington Post article.
      ‘ “Stay at home, watch it on TV. Don’t even risk it,” said Campbell, who was black. ‘

      That made me laugh out loud. What colour is Campbell now if his blackness is in the past?


    • Mr DuVasy says:

      Yeah, the good old BBC being selective as ever; they never seem to report the anti-white/western racism of the Turkish Muslim fans which has taken place over the years in various tournaments. The BBC’s definition of racism is different to everyone else’s: in their Left-wing eyes only whites can be racist.


  8. London Calling says:

    Quick, everyone look the other way, there is a smell of money for the treacherous ‘uman rights industry


    Why are appeals against appeals endless? France gives one appeal then that it, deportation. Couldn’t be something to do with income for our learned friends could it?


  9. DeeBee says:

    It’s interesting to note that the EU’s Europeaid programme is giving 223million Euros in aid to Jordan for the 2011-2012 period. If it is such a terrible place to send a person back to, why are we sending them such a lot of money?? If the state tortures suspects and the EU is funding the state, doesn’t that mean that the EU is actively funding torture?

    Europeaid to Jordan


    • Guest Who says:

      The disconnect between the EU on the one (‘umin rights) hand creating all this fuss on keeping him here on account of Jordan’s dire record, and the EU’s ‘generosity’ in aid to favoured 3rd world countries… such as Jordan… is one of life’s little mysteries. Another ‘unique’ one.


  10. Louis Robinson says:

    If he ever sees the outside of a prison and remains in the UK, this guy will be on “Question Time.”


  11. London Calling says:

    Perhaps if they ever get him on a plane to Jordan, we can send his lawyer for the last ten years, the repugnant Gareth Pierce, former pupil of Cheltenham, Ladies College and legal aid parasite, with him. One way ticket preferably. I would like to see her spend the rest of her life scuttling around in a Burqua ten feet behind her man.


  12. George R says:

    Even ‘The Scotsman’ has this:

    “Abu Qatada case a legal nonsense defying all justice and sense ”