BBC Question Time Liveblog 31st May 2012

You are all cordially invited to join in the fun for this evenings Labour Party broadcast  Question Time Liveblog. Adding their weight to the National debate will be Alan Duncan, Stella Creasy, Mark Oaten, Fraser Nelson and Victoria Coren. Strong alcohol is advised if you aim to last the entire duration or, alternatively, prayer.





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9 Responses to BBC Question Time Liveblog 31st May 2012

  1. Ontablets says:

    Bring it on!!!!


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Oaten and Duncan? I’m praying for alcohol.


  3. Killsocialism says:

    Mark Oaten as in the LibDem who used to make his rent boy wear a Chelsea football shirt whilst being rogered?!?!!?!


  4. Simon says:

    Mark Oaten – a ludicrous figure whose seemingly-uncontroversial resilience says a lot about the culture of professional politics. I’m bald myself but have never gone in for the kind of hair-restorer he claimed to favour.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Judging from his comments tonight, Oaten either reads this blog or knows someone who does.


  5. johnyork says:

    Victoria Coren is a right piece of work.
    Subtlety and humor have skipped a generation with her.
    I presume she was on the Vote Labour Show to make the other panellists (not Duncan) look and sound intelligent whilst having airs of superiority herself.
    If so, she failed, and she failed miserably


    • Reed says:

      She manages to do that ‘smug know-all posing as humourist’ impression with such ease, one could be forgiven for thinking it was real.
      Her other half is David Mitchell – must be quite a competitive household for that title.


      • London Calling says:

        “Amused superiority” is a well-established cover for the liberal-facist tendancy (Hampstead, Camden and Islington Branch)

        I used to enjoy TV and Radio comedy until it was infiltrated by the left to the point when it is impossible for any comedian to stand up in front of a young urban audience who expect lefty jokes, and say anything else. It has a momentum all of its own. Repeat ad nauseam variants of “celebrating Thatcher’s funeral – does she have to be dead first?” jokes. No edgy jokes about how much Obama spends on skin darkening treatments.

        Their compass has been pointing left for so long the needle is stuck.