Once such a BBC hero, he’s been hard to find since May 2010. Biased BBC’s Alan asks;

Victoria Derbyshire asks (48 mins in ) ‘What’s happened to Gordon Brown?’ as he seems to have disappeared making only about 3 appearances in Parliament since he was deposed.

A fair enough question, one that many people have been asking.

It went along the lines of ‘He’s made a few mistakes, not of his making though…but what a good bloke he is really…so misunderstood…the people love him.’  And did you know that the financial crash wasn’t really his fault…he was just unlucky, bad timing…he took on a poisoned chalice.

Hmmm…the economy was starting to boom in 1997…by 2000 it was in surplus…no debt in sight….and then Gordon Brown began to spend…and tax…and spend and tax….just like every other Labour government that sent the economy into a tailspin.

Just think what Gordon would have done to an economy that was in trouble when he took over!

Whilst flagging up people’s doubts about him it seemed only as an excuse to exonerate him of his misdemeanours…his very own Leveson Inquiry in reverse….finding the Glory rather than the Guilt.

The Glory of Gordon was burnished to a high shine….he is a secular saint almost….although jetting around the world getting highly paid for doing the odd speech you must know that not a penny goes into the pocket of the venerable Brown, his sole income being his meagre MP’s salary that he ekes a living out of (an austere one?).

A salary that he doesn’t seem to earn as a member of Parliament, one elected to represent his constituency in Parliament overseeing or proposing new legislation and seeking to improve the lives of his constituents via that legislation.

Apparently the reason he fails to turn up is because he is subject to ‘Tory vitriol’ when he does….this being the man who had raging temper tantrums and made angry phone calls to opponents and newspaper editors who didn’t say what he wanted them to say….that’s when he wasn’t throwing the phones around.

Apart from the nasty Tory Yahboos he is too busy helping the Third World to do any work here….there are 67 million children living in poverty and he is on a mission to save them all.

He could of course start in the UK where the poverty rates and inequality went up under his government.

Good of the BBC to keep us informed.

Shame they couldn’t find the same time to talk about Labour’s open door immigration policies and the effects it has had on the working classes here….and on education, health and welfare, housing, roads and crime.

13 years of Labour….it was just a dream, it never happened. lalalalala….

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49 Responses to WHERE’S WALLY?

  1. Span Ows says:

    Indeed. Not a single negative mention of Gordon Brown in the past 2 years. An incredible feat when you consider it and one that could only happen with institutional bias and control of editorial input. Did she really say the people loved him? In bygone days he’d have his head on a spike at the city gates.


    • Span Ows says:

      P.S. acknowledging that even when he was in power he wasn’t ever given the negative, antagonistic and aggressive treatment that Conservatives get, EVER.


      • john in cheshire says:

        And yet, my hero Margaret Thatcher has been out of office for over 20 years and it seems not a day goes by when some nasty comment is made about her by the bbc circus and its performing seals.


        • Span Ows says:

          Mine too John, the country owes her such a debt of gratitude yet the left keep the vitriolic bile going infecting new generations with their envious spite: they need her a the bogey man.


        • john in cheshire says:

          Oh, and I always thought the epithet accorded to Mr Brown, ‘Prime Mentalist’, was quite appropriate.


          • Backwoodsman says:

            As was the epithet ‘Toenails’, accorded to the bbc chief political comentator, that being the only part of visible outside of browns’ backside.


  2. DavidLamb says:

    He is doing penance for insulting Mrs Duffy, who probably cost him the election.


  3. Burt says:

    She might not realise it, but at least Gordon knows. His political career was a disaster for the country and even for the labour party. That is why he is hiding from public affairs in perpetual embarrassment.


  4. Framer says:

    His and Labour’s constant use of the word ‘Global’ when explaining that the financial crash had nothing to do with the government still goes unchallenged on the BBC.
    In truth, Britain was second only to America as a player in the banking and finance industry so everything done here by Brown and Balls created the global crisis while their running up of debt in the UK was an integral part of the banks’ over-lending bubble.


  5. johnnythefish says:

    ‘….there are 67 million children living in poverty and he is on a mission to save them all’. Funny, I thought he’d saved the whole world a few years back. Oh, and he abolished boom and bust.

    In reality, he pretty well single-handedly brought this country to it’s knees, which is what the BBC really admire him for.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I think the lefties have classed children as living in poverty because their pocket money is below the minimum wage, even though most of them get very fat on the food they buy at the shops. Gordon Brown is to blame because he failed to raise Child Benefits above the minimum wage.


      • johnnythefish says:

        I read somewhere recently that the modern definition of child poverty includes two or more children sharing a bedroom.
        And one head of a so-called children’s ‘charity’ was on the Vine show some months back arguing that lack of Sky TV was also an indication of poverty, as it is now an essential for keeping the kids entertained. I kid you not.
        These charities (mostly government funded – spawned by Labour) are nothing to do with giving families a leg-up in life, and more about re-distribution of wealth.


      • chrisH says:

        How much food/week is that Welsh kid who is 63 stones putting away-and what`s the bill?
        Let`s hope that social services get her petrol tankers worth of food from Wilkinsons/Poundland type bins and not M&S or Waitrose.
        Is there a self-referring hotline to declare my hate crime here?…


  6. chrisH says:

    I imagine the Beeb are still trying to extract Team Derbyshire from up Browns bottom.
    20 minutes of unremitting hagiography.
    Let`s hope the fearless class warrior doesn`t actually DO anything to ruin this eulogy, worthy of Kim Jong Il, Chavez and Castro combined.
    Not much danger of him doing anything, of course-the craven custard yellowtail writes ABOUT courage….but won`t show up to Parliament lest the Tories are rotten to him.
    Hardly Jan Palach is it?
    Loved too the notion of wee Gordon shyly being forced into Number 10, contrary to that impression we all got. That him and his pondscum “followers” somehow badgered abused and hounded the smoother cretin Blair out of office.
    Perish the thought.
    History as a moveable feast…phone it in and let the BBC mould it to Labours purring satisfaction.
    Despicable-but no surprise.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Oh, poor Gordon! What a joke. Obviously this isn’t BBC bias because they got around to talking about this after only two years, right? Devil’s advocate questions to set up each talking point from Mr. Brown’s defense team. The giggle feigning surprise from the male Beeboid when Derbyshire asked about how Brown’s earnings compared to Blair’s was so obviously an act. How stupid do they think you are?

    What an utter joke to say that it’s only a Tory position that Mr. Brown was partially responsible for the financial crisis. Complaints about selling all the gold and unsustainable spending are just Tory “attacks”. Pretty dishonest as well to suggest that he was forced into being PM.

    Well, his constituency loves him, so all complaints are worthless. He tells the children about Nelson Mandela! What more could you ask for? That’s the message I got. Plus the explanation that he wasn’t responsible for any of the country’s problems, and any suggestions to the contrary are just partisan attacks.


    • johnnythefish says:

      So where are Dez Boy and his ilk when broadcasts like Derbyshire’s are being debated? Solid proof of the corrosive Labour bias at the heart of our public broadcaster, allegedly revered across the world for its intelligence and impartiality.
      The undisguised arrogance of the likes of Derbyshire, stuffing their bias in our faces with a ‘well, what are you going to do about it’ smirk (ok, I know it’s radio), is truly sickening, and is seriously undermining democracy in this country.


  8. will says:

    Get ready to despair. MoneySavingExpert.com had a readers poll a few weeks ago for “your dream Chancellor”
    1. Cable, 2 Brown


    These are the voters who have made Martin Lewis a multi millionaire when he sold that website last week.


    • Span Ows says:

      I think that must be a joke as they have Cameron, Clegg and Miliband minor too. Anyone with even a smidgeon of sense would pick Ken Clarke as he is the only successful one there although Osborne isn’t doing too bad (if you fade out the pasty/caravan waffle).


    • MD says:

      Anyone on that website wants something for nothing, hence the result


    • DJ says:

      Yes, indeed, Martin Lewis, former Beeboid, whose site benefited no end from him being allowed a slot on Jeremy Vine once a week to portray himself as a disinterested fighter for the consumer.


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      Cable who is so biassed get’s thrown off the SKY judication. Brown/Balls, their incompetence sent the UK into a £1T national debt spiral. More likely ‘wet dream chancellors’.


  9. logdon says:

    A tragic legend in his own lifetime.

    In his mind he was robbed of PMship and when he did grasp that glittering prize it turned into the mother of all poisoned chalices.

    Whereas Blair’s cunning and political adroitness steered him through, Brown bullied, blustered and blatantly lied riding an ego unmatched by economic knowledge or any discernible trace of honest self reflection.

    Despite the BBC’s promotion of this Scottish slug which worked for around six months, his very own insane personality dragged him down and he just could not admit any fault of his own.

    Good generals always, in the event of initial failure have plan B’s. The Romans excelled at this as did Monty at El Alamein. Brown, buried in his narcissism expected to ride the crest from the word go and rather than adapt just kept on digging.

    However when I look at the present lot I wonder if we are doomed to be ruled by mediocrity. By rights Cameron had an easy, open goal and all he ended up with was a pathetic draw. And it gets worse as even Miliband can edge nine points ahead.

    The public have indicated what they want and the tin ears waft airily on in a vapid plume of exotically and expensively perfumed contentment.

    What actually does, or will it take?


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘However when I look at the present lot I wonder if we are doomed to be ruled by mediocrity’.
      Couldn’t agree more. Career politicians most of them, with no experience of working in the real world (and I don’t mean the public sector) and most hardly fit to be your local councillor.
      Not only that, they make themselves millionaires whilst they’re at it, funding second homes at taxpayers’ expense then making a small fortune in equity when they sell (‘flipping’ effortlessly whilst they’re at it).
      Millibean and his class warriors snipe constantly at the ‘millionaire cabinet’, but it would be interesting to know how many on the Labour front bench, and minsters in the previous government, made themselves millions from a taxpayer-funded career.


      • Beness says:

        Milliband avoided paying Inheritance Tax when His father died. He is not fit to tell others about anything.


        • chrisH says:

          And Tony Benn too as I recall.
          Obviously in some slithery way that we plebs might regard as tax dodging over inheritance…but his estate would see as the need for “blind trust” in him and his appalling family.


  10. ROBERT BROWN says:

    Brown has been a disaster for the UK. Taxpayers are paying him thousands a year to represent his constituency, does he? Where is he? Milking the lecture circuit and ignoring his voters and parliament. He has destroyed millions of peoples pensions as well as leaving the country in massive debt. As for ‘keeping us out of the Euro’, i’ve got another angle on that. My bet is that he kept us out to spite Blair, and for no other reason, it would be in his selfish nature to do so. But if Blair was for keeping the pound, HE would have ensured that we joined, tell me i’m wrong. He is a nasty, vindictive creature, seriously.


  11. chrisH says:

    We really didn`t deserve Brown.
    A butterfly cast into the wasps nest., and we ingrates were just beastly to him.
    Still-if the Scots DO get devolution….can we ensure that we have an extradition treaty to get the Psycho Cyclops back to face trial.
    And none of that Al Megrabhi business either!…


    • Demon says:

      I like Psycho Cyclops. Perhaps it can be shortened to “Psyclops” – a unique name that captures the brand of malign incompetence.


  12. MD says:

    I’ve just listened to this and it’s a truly outstanding piece of spin. The whole piece is 20 mins long and there are one or two veiled references to the fact that he completely screwed up the UK. Other than that it’s just a love-in for Gordy. Where’s the balance?


    • Demon says:

      “Where’s the balance?” –

      In Helen Boaden’s head, not even her jeans.


      • Guest Who says:

        In Helen Boaden’s head, not even her jeans.
        Possibly our next DG, dontchakow.


  13. Steve says:

    At The BBC they had the Champagne open when President Blair won the 1997 election.
    If Ed Miliband wins the next election, I’ll get the Kool Aid ready, would anyone care to join me ?!


  14. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    i wonder if that bigoted wwoman still loves him ? Wanker


  15. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    i wonder if that bigoted woman still loves him …


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      A bigot is someone who cannot change their mind. Mrs Duffy was questioning the desirability of immigration. The irony is that BROWN is the BIGOT accusing someone who was NOT a BIGOT of being a BIGOT.


  16. Fred Bloggs says:

    Have not listened to it, the mere thought of Derbyshire waxing lyrical about Brown, is obscene. However was is not explained is one of the reasons Brown has not shown up. Clearly if Brown turned up he would be held accountable for the disaster he headed. But if he resigns he can be referred too, but as an MP, Parliamentary convention means he cannot be talked about unless he is in the chamber. This way he stays out of the news. The hypocrite wrote a book about heroes, only to show he is a coward unable to be held responsible.


  17. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Damned mobile input berry thing oops srry


  18. maturecheese says:

    Another good post and the last paragraph is pertinent, but shhh, you know we are not supposed to mention the I word.


  19. Beness says:

    I lost 20K from that mans robbery of pensions. Course I love him.


  20. uncle bup says:

    yes I well remember James Nastie and his very snippy

    ‘Gordon Brown wasn’t to blame for Lehmans was he’

    to some interviewee who had the temerity to suggest that Labour were at fault.

    And I also remember BBC friend and dried-up old prune Mariella Frostrup opining recently that ‘Gordon Brown is a great man’.

    What is wrong with these people.


  21. Stan Arnold says:

    Mariella Frostrup can say anything she likes, as long as she keeps talking.


  22. chrisH says:

    Wasn`t Mariella one of those Labour Party interviewers that they put on stage to get up close and personal with Tony, Gordon or whoever.?
    A clear Labour puppet-file under Toksvig, Tony Robinson and bloody Bono!


  23. JAG says:

    Fear not, once they have sorted out Bruins medication, and released him from the darkened room in Kirkaldy where he is currently bouncing his Nokia off the wall, he will resume his rightful place at the top of every Radio 4 producers speed dial list!


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