The BBC had quite a rattle at the alleged “exploitation” of the unemployed by the wicked employer CPUK at the River Pageant yesterday. This Guardian/Labour/BBC assault now looks a little shoddy when we read…

“The company has also received messages from other volunteers. One said they were ‘treated with the utmost respect and highly praised for the work we had done’, while others said they were looking forward to working with CPUK again at the Olympics. The 80 or so volunteers were taken on through the Government’s apprentice and work programme schemes, which aim to help the long-term jobless back into work.

Of these, 50 under the age of 25 were paid the Government’s standard rate for apprentices of £2.60 per hour and the other 30 either accepted the same rate or refused payment because it would adversely affect their benefits.

The complaints were reported at length by The Guardian, which quoted two unnamed jobseekers claiming they were forced to camp overnight under London Bridge before they started work on the river pageant.

They were then picked up by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, becoming the subject of its main interview slot at 8.10am, and again by The World At One at lunchtime.”

As was also brought to my attention, did the two anonymous complainants receive payment in any form for their story from the Guardian and if so, will they ensure this income is reported to the Department that pays their Benefit?

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  1. chrisH says:

    Good point…because the BBC certainly gave the impression that the interviewees were anonymous, due to fear of speaking out…you know, as if it was Syria, Bahrain…or the New Labour Cabinet bravely speaking off the record as it were.
    BBC/Guardian…Guardian/BBC…which comes first with these chickenshit egged up stories?
    Sense that the Guardian set the fires and the BBC try to light them as a parody of the Royal Beacons…but with a bellows like Prescott, it`ll end up as blowback as ever.
    Sense there`s a disillusion with the BBC after the Royal mockeries of Sunday…hope it`ll help us for a while yet.


  2. Umbongo says:

    When the truth of the circumstances surrounding the atrocity becomes evident, the BBC will drop it like a hot brick . . . . for now. However, it has already been entered in the Holy Book of Class Struggle Myths to be dredged up in the distant future (when the facts have been all but forgotten) by the BBC, Guardian and all points left whenever the wickedness of those nasty capitalists is discussed.


  3. Guest Who says:

    ‘A message to Prescott. ” It is better to remain silent and thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”
    Top rated.
    Message to the BBC: “Keeping lying with a dog that has fleas… and no amount of ‘getting it about right’ claims will make anyone want to touch you with a bargepole’


  4. chrisH says:

    Delicious irony in the Mail today.
    Apparently, all those veterans who were so patronised and belittled by Fearne Cotton…names wrong etc…well, the Mail says that they were stood out in the wind and rain for an hour or more and put at risk of hypothermia…or at least something akin to Prince Phillips ailments.
    As well as that, a big group of kids were told to keep playing their music on a ship for over two hours for suitable shots to be broadcast…again, this would not be good for the poor band and their families-and none of it got aired on the Beeb either!
    Will Prescott be seeking an enquiry into this…or is it BBC policy to encourage pre-euthansia/post abortion solutions to the population crises and drains on school places, hospitals and our beloved NHS?
    What hypocrites-and of course, no-one to answer because they “went on holiday” to aviod the flak.
    Caring, inclusive, calm and brave under fire…a Bafta or a George(Galloway) Medal pleaswe for the BBCs Director of Vision(what else?)…George Entwhistle.
    Imagine the poor sod cooped in a small caravan near Tenby-why, they`re underpaid you know!


  5. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of ‘go-to’ guys that the BBC feels best reflect the nation they, and it, speak at…too.. for… down to..
    ‘Pagin’ Mr. Mason, mentoring shoulder needed in aisle whine…’


  6. Guest Who says:

    ‘They thought is was all moved on from. Well, it isn’t now…’
    Amazing what £4Bpa doesn’t get you any more when needing trusted, professionally-gathered ‘news’, vs. tribally-stirred, Labour>Graun>BBC ‘sources say’.
    If the BBC use Prescott again, especially in complement to the Graun, on just about any topic, I may find that world-renowned ‘professionalism’ and oft-cited ‘trust’ a wee bit hard to credit. He’s a joke. They are a farce. Together they simply tragic.
    I wonder if they think it was all worth it just for a post-Jubilee snark and now backfiring chance to have a dig at the government?
    ‘English Ed’ must be thrilled how this is unravelling on his latest ‘will say’ outing.


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      Act, shout, accuse, – engage Brain NEVER. Seems something else bBC and Labour have in common.


  7. wallygreeninker says:

    Guido is running a thread on this story and the BBC is being excoriated – and their unhealthy relationship with the Guardian and Labour being taken as a given.

    One quote in the comments seems to confirm, for me, the identity of ‘Drop a daisycutter…’:

    “Time for the Tories to take out the BBC mongs, I suggest mixing HIV in with Cocaine, that should do the job nicely.”

    (I hasten to mention that the above opinion does not reflect my views or those of this blog)


  8. Guest Who says:

    Nice comment being RT’d..
    Christian May ‏@ChristianJMay

    BBC slogan – “The whole story.” Guardian slogan – “The whole picture.” When it comes to the Jubilee Stewards story they both got about 1/4.
    Frankly I think they only really managed, between them, to dig a deeper hole.
    The BBC ‘story’ – digging a deeper hole
    Sooo. on current performance, beyond the evident actionable complicity aspects, the licence fee should be, what.. £36.38 then, tops?
    Bet they are glad they unleashed Prezza again so soon.


  9. alan says:

    The Mirror, which is happy to use any stick whatever to beat the Tories with, hasn’t got a word about this story today….normally it would be flogging something like this to death.

    Says a lot about the truth of the story when even Labour’s storm troopers don’t support Prescott.


    • #88 says:

      With the changes at the top of the Mirror and the suggestion that they wish to become politically neutral, I guess that that reflects the coming power struggle in Labour as the moderates seek to reverse the victory of the Watson, Miliband Minor, Balls faction. (A victory of the hard left that took the BBC with it).


      • johnnythefish says:

        Watson ranting yesterday on this topic and the ‘Tory led cuts’. Obviously trained at the Unite School of Soundbites. Ah, those halcyon days of the seventies….


  10. DJ says:

    It’s that ‘Drive By Media’ thing again: the BBC slimes the target d’jour then as soon as they recieve return fire they unilaterally declare the topic closed and the debate moved on, and therefore only swivel-eyed obsessives could possibly still be ‘banging out’ about the whole thing.

    What this all has to do with either actual journalism or public service broadcasting, I have no idea.


    • Backwoodsman says:

      Exactly right, but the problem is, the bbc left-wingers get the pro labour , anti Tory soundbite in before being forced to retreat.
      It really is a case of job done, as far as they are concerned.
      Serves the cameroons right for not even attempting to address the issue.


  11. Leftie-Loather says:

    Didn’t seem to be anything reported about any of this on other broadcaster’s news. I flicked over to Al-Beeb for a hopeful laugh (as you do) and there they were frothing away at the mouths with secretary shagger Prescott (how the hell did she find the pie stuffing oaf’s knob?!) about some Jubilee Pageant “slave labour” workers (“unnamed”, of course) reportedly having had to sleep under London Bridge. I flicked over to Sky News, kept watching, but wasn’t a sausage about any slave labourers having had to sleep under any bridge.
    BBC’s a joke! BritishBrainwashingComedians.


  12. Dazed & Confused says:

    My guess is that the two “unnamed jobseekers” were Martin Smith and Weyman Bennett…….Or perhaps Anjem Choudary.


  13. George R says:

    Meanwhile, at the publicly-funded, high-cost, BBC-NUJ, conditions for staff are the most generous and preferential:

    “Wish you were here? BBC staff who fall ill on HOLIDAY allowed to claim extra days off.”

    [-No wonder BBC-NUJ prefers European courts over British national sovereignty.]

    Read more:


    • George R says:


      “BBC fails to use our funds fittingly. ”

      [Concluding excerpt]:

      “Judged by its own criteria, then, we can only conclude the BBC did not properly inform, educatate or entertain over the Jubilee weekend. It was not particularly creative and failed to deliver quality while spending unknown millions of our money. If the Corporation cannot get the tone and content right for such an important national event, then its privileged position as the de facto state-funded national broadcaster becomes unsustainable.”


  14. chrisH says:

    I`m sure that someone above posted the link to the BBC using interns free over the last few years, following a Telegraph FoI request.
    Turns out that they`ve used thousands(4?)-no pay, no protection…nothing.
    Yet here they are fluttering at a bus load of unemployed from the West Country that did get expenses, money at times and were not free slave labour like those at the BBC.
    Maybe Prescott could look out over his belly and spare chins long enough to demand an enquiry into this one too, whilst he`s still scoffing the contents of the Green Rooms-can only please Lady Prezza.
    Yet another story about the BBC that will be going on holiday pronto….is there an Olympic medal going for hypocritical posturing.
    Let`s stop the interns being Prescotts foot rests and shoeshine boys and get them out on strike…Paul Mason willing to help then?
    Nah…as if!


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