You would need a heart of stone not to laugh at the BBC’s slavish spin on the latest attempt by “EU Leaders” to try and salvage their crumbling “project”. Yes, it looks like Mr Personality Von Rompuy and the gang have saved the day after another tense summit “running right the right through the night” – as an open mouthed reporter tells us. If you read the BBC report, you can see that Hollande isthe new hero for the BBC, as he uses his unbridled Socialist power to force Merkel to..erm…gain financial control over all European Banks! The BBC and the EU have much in common. Both are removed from fiscal reality; both are determined to spin a specious agenda; and both are dedicated to the further whittling away of the Nation State, or what is left of it. It’s perfectly obvious that the BBC is incapable of allowing a balanced analysis of the epic failure of the Eurozone and the economies therein. Instead it operates as Brussels little echo chamber, relentlessly pushing out the EU press releases as IF they were news. Who knows, maybe they even help write them…

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  1. johnnythefish says:

    I heard some of this on Today this morning. Funny how the head of the European think tank (can’t remember its name) they were interviewing acted as an echo chamber for the BBC EU narrative – if he used the word ‘isolated’ once he used it (or a synonym) a dozen times.

    (By the way, he didn’t specify what the UK would be isolated from – it could have been Euro-induced financial chaos, I suppose).


    • David Vance says:


      Yes, good point!


    • Deborah says:

      Yes, Johnnythefish, the gentleman interviewed appeared to be of the view that last night has sorted out all the Euro’s troubles and therefore the UK is isolated from the roaring economy that is now Euroland. He was not asked if the UK was in a better place is all Euroland’s difficulties have not been resolved.


    • Beeboidal says:

      the epic failure of the Eurozone

      No, no, the euro is not a failure. At least it’s not according to left wing journalist/film-maker and regular panellist on the BBC’s hopelessly biased Dateline London programme. Paxo’s face is a treat – iPlayer starting at 44:00 . I suppose we should be grateful Paxo called her out on this. Would Gavin Esler have done so?


      • TomR says:

        “The Masses” – reminds me of a Reagan quote.

        Paxo’s face was hilarious, though.


    • chrisH says:

      I wonder if the Beeb monkey of choice above actually meant “insulated” as opposed to isolated.
      Anyone at the BBC care to tell us the difference?…not you Webb , if you`d keep your hand down at the back!


  2. jimbola says:

    Maybe the unelected big boys in Brussels will appreciate the support enough to roll out the Brussels Broadcasting Cooperation across the Eurozone. Just think of the lavish propaganda that could be produced with European taxpayers money as well.

    That would keep the gravy train chugging along nicely.


  3. starfish says:

    So, the greatest solution to the Euro criss since the last one

    Is it just me or are these crises occurring more frequently?

    At what stage do these politicans admit defeat – I know that a round peg will fit in a square hole if you hit it hard enough and long enough – but given the eventual state of the peg isn’t it time to accept that it won’t fit?

    Finally, if the Eurozone wants to cripple its financial markets, fine – London will clean up


  4. Earls Court says:

    the trouble with these leftys is they are good at spending other peoples money until it runs out.


  5. john foster says:

    The only problem with showing your anger,frustration at the bbc bollocks, is that’s it nothing will ever change, they are teflon, nothing changes them. They will carry on spewing out the crap day after day. This amused me.


  6. Justin casey says:

    Millions of people wouldn`t have been able to fly??? WTF!!


  7. Scrappydoo says:

    The BBC are behaving very strangely over their pronunciation of the name Von Rompuy, it has suddenly changed from “rumpoye” to something quite different, what are they up to, is Rumpoy being rebranded? Has he done something they want you to forget? You just can’t trust auntie beeb any more.


  8. George R says:

    Christoher BOOKER, ‘Sunday Telegraph’:-

    “The EU has opted to do nothing and die.
    The real drama of the latest EU summit was not what happened, but what didn’t happen.”


  9. George R says:

    E.U Referendum?

    Is this even a maybe?:

    ‘Telegraph’ –

    “EU: New Tory battlelines drawn.
    David Cameron has opened the door to a historic referendum on Britain’s future relationship with the European Union — declaring that voters need a ‘real choice’. ”