Another example of the BBC giving you half the story, plainly seeking to shill for these vile Muslim paedophiles…

From the BBC….

“Men charged with rape and abduction of girl, 13, in Ipswich. Four men have been charged with the abduction of a 13-year-old girl allegedly raped in Suffolk. Three men from east London, aged 28, 31 and 38, along with a 46-year-old Ipswich man, are due to appear before magistrates in Ipswich on Monday.

Police said the men were charged and held in custody over the alleged offences in Ipswich over the past week. The men aged 46 and 28 have each been accused of child abduction and two counts of rape.

The 38-year-old man is charged with child abduction and sexual assault, while the 31-year-old man faces accusations of child abduction and possession of a controlled drug.

 ..AND then, from SKY News

Four Men Charged Over Alleged Abduction

Suffolk Police accuse four men of abducting a 13-year-old girl.

Four men have been charged with offences relating to the alleged abduction of a 13-year-old girl, according to Suffolk Police. Police have issued a statement confirming the arrests. They said Mohamed Sheikh, a 31-year-old of Seaton Point in London, has been charged with a child abduction offence and with possession of a controlled drug.

Surin Uddin, a 28-year-old of St Matthews Row in London, has been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

Ali Hamza, a 38-year-old of Chingford Road in London, has been charged with sexual assault and a child abduction offence.

Abdul Hammed, a 46-year-old of Wellington Street in Ipswich, has also been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

The men are due to face Ipswich Magistrates’ Court on Monday. … -abduction

Hat-tip to Bill.

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  1. Merlin says:

    I am getting sick with this disgusting paedo censorship! What about our children; why isn’t there a national inquiry looking at this revolting religiously inspired epidemic? The BBC and the rest of the cowardly Lefty media are more interested though, in trying to deflect blame from a ‘particular community’ ! I’m sick of hearing gutless PC do-gooders say ‘we shouldn’t stereotype a community ‘
    The fact that the Liebour government swept this under the carpet is warrant for an inquiry in my opinion. And say what you like about Nick Griffin and the BNP, but that man had the courage to speak out over these foul affronts to our nation and got the whole force of the politically correct law thrown at him.
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot… why the hell was this headline tucked away on a regional news link? If any other UK politician’s family was blackmailed in an aggressive manner it would be headline news:


  2. Biodegradable says:

    Who’s Bill?

    See the comments towards the bottom of this thread:



  3. Pounce_uk says:

    Maybe the rash of ‘Islamophobia’ articles in the Guardian has polarised the bBC into not mentioning just which ethnic minority majority these peaceful fellows belong to?


  4. Beness says:

    There was me being told that only White Christians were paedophiles (similar stereotype) when black knife crime came into the news.
    I cannot bring myself to condemn all Black people or all Muslim people but the BBC sure as hell jump in with their condemnation.


    • Beness says:

      Just to clarify. When the BBC jump in it’s usually to demonise white people.


  5. Durotrigan says:

    A classic BBC treatment of such a case unfortunately. I wonder how it will react to another case in Bradford involving 10 men (8 from Keighley) of a certain ‘faith’ extraction? Moreover, do you think that we’ll see the BBC noting where the highest percentage population growth has taken place according to the 2011 census figures? Given that the two local authorities are Tower Hamlets and Newham, what could be underpinning such a rise?


  6. +james says:

    I’m sure that if the nonce was called Fr Blarney O’Murphy the BBC would name him.


  7. Hawk the Slayer says:

    Any of you lot ever seen The ‘Big’ Questions with that narcissist Nicky Campbell? The islamic groveling on it is simply unbearable!


    • Merlin says:

      Can you explain, then, why this loathsome story is hidden away on some regional link? And don’t dare say it’s because the verdict is pending… because that excuse won’t wash in the light of the John Terry and Stephen lawrence trials, where The One News Outlet With Three Names (BBC, Guardian and Independent) were spitting hellfire and brimstone every night on the six and ten O’clock news. No, the foul truth is simple and plain to see (for those who are willing to open their eyes that is!). The Left-wing, spearheaded by the BBC filth, want to see Christianity removed and replaced with Islam as the UK’s supreme religion; to the socialist scum, Christianity is a weak religion but Islam has the idiotic, brainwashed foot soldiers needed to do their Marxist foul bidding. On account of this revolting treachery, the BBC must continue with their Islamic brainwashing agenda.


  8. Merlin says:

    I say it again… why the hell is this story not front page news? This censored crap is hidden away on an obscure link in the hope that no one will see it!


    • Jeff says:

      You’re absolutely right, Merlin. The Beeb hi-lighted the John Terry case as though it was the trial of the century. The coverage it received one would have thought the foul mouthed twerp had committed mass murder. I confess I had heard not a whisper about this latest sex abuse scandal. Burying it in an online piece they can say they covered it, but in reality they’re just covering it up. We all know why!


  9. ReefKnot says:

    Where is the BBC hack who only a couple of weeks ago was telling us that the BBC are only allowed to publish certain information about court cases – including names, and yet they studiously avoid names in this report ?


    • RCE says:

      That will be one David Gregory esq.

      He’ll have read this thread, you can be sure; his absence is a sure sign of being right on the money.


  10. Backwoodsman says:

    If pushed, the bbc will resort to the A word.
    Not a lot of gangs of Sikhs and Hindus out there abusing under-age girls, however !


  11. Leftie-Loather says:

    Just utterly sickening. More fuckin BPC than BBC I reckon!
    On behalf of all our children and all normally loving and protective parents… Well done! SKY News, for – unlike typical Al-Beeb – yet again responsibly very rightly getting straight on with giving us as many identity details of sicko paedo scumbags as legally possible.
    And we even HAVE TO pay for BPC News – whereas SKY News is still free!