I am sure you may have come across this story. It concerns a G4S employee who allegedly called a soldier a ‘baby killer’ as they worked at a Games venue. The Asian civilian guard, who faces the sack, is said to have spat at the serviceman and made the abusive remark at the archery contest at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Well, when I say you “may” have come across it, that would be if you read The Mail here. Or the Telegraph here. But the BBC don’t seem to have decided this particular G4S story is not  a story, or, if they have, I can’t readily find it. Bit of a surprise given their hitherto intense interest in all things G4S.

Also…as regards this “Asian” – hands up all who think it is Chinese guy? No. How about a Thai? No? How about a Muslim….?

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29 Responses to THE ASIAN PROBLEM…

  1. George R says:

    For the censoring INBBC:


    “London 2012 Olympics: Probe launched after G4S guard calls solider ‘baby-killer'”


    “London 2012: G4S security guard accused of spitting at soldier and calling him ‘baby killer’ at Olympic archery event.
    “Security guard alleged to have abused soldier in an apparent reference to his service in Afghanistan after the member of 35 Engineers asked to search him.”


    “G4S guard faces sack after he spits at Afghanistan hero and brands him…BABY KILLER.”


    • Alex says:

      Could you imagine the thermonuclear blitzkrieg if the shoe had been on the other foot? We’d all be running to the nearest air raid shelter in order to beat the five minute warning, we’d be leapfrogging neighbours and hurdling garden fences to escape the endless Today program and BBC news meta-analysis. On a serious note though, apparently the soldier reacted cooly and calmly – as one would expect from our highly professional servicemen and women.


      • Nibor says:

        My niece wouldn`t . A cpl who`s expedited some Taliban to meet Allah , as though he wants them , while on tours in Afghan . She ,all 5`4″ of her ,would have flattened him . Mind you she would have the advantage . Her baby doll face would have lured him to think she was harmless .


    • noggin says:

      obviously not news for THE Olympic station eh. 😀

      unbelievable considering the duplicitous nature of
      (sorry to say), muslims, no one is ever in doubt of where their loyalties lie, anyone employing one now, on security has to admit it is an issue … employing them on SECURITY AT THE OLYMPICS????? is nothing short of madness, are the memories so short, in light of incidents in Afghan/the US/France etc etc.

      I actually am happy that our forces are on security watch, what a coup it would be, for one of these beneath contempt, despicable, bast-rds, to get away with something.

      getting to be a long old list isn t it :-
      demanding seperation from Israelli athletes zilch … saudi hijab demands, at the time zilch …
      Islamic demands to prevent the Israelli 2 min silence zilch,
      now this


      • RCE says:

        I know the point he’s making, but it is confused by the final sentence.

        One can ask ‘Was it a Chinese/Thai/Pakistani?’ or ‘was it a Sikh, Buddhist or Muslim?’ but not a mixture of the two as they are not mutually exclusive.


      • dez says:

        “employing [muslims] on SECURITY AT THE OLYMPICS????? is nothing short of madness”
        Just out of interest noggin, what is your preposed method for ensuring that we don’t employ any Muslims?
        I’d love to hear it.


  2. Craig says:

    This was a hot topic at work today. A lot of people knew about it. There are a lot of ‘Sun’ readers there and it was that newspaper’s lead story today. As such, you would expect the BBC to give it a mention.

    It certainly looks though as if the BBC chose to ignore it. There was no mention of it on any of the three ‘Today’ paper reviews this morning, nor on the online newspaper review.

    Curiously, this decision to ignore the story extended to Sky News whose daily Newspaper Front Pages feature opted not to include ‘The Sun’ at all today – even though every other daily paper is present and correct.

    Why? Is it because neither the BBC or Sky consider it to be an important enough story to report? Or because they don’t want to spread a bad news story connected with the Olympics? Or because they don’t want to spread what seems to be another bad news story about a hate-filled muslim?


  3. RCE says:

    David – There are Thai and Chinese Muslims. It is completely wrong to confuse nationalities (and races) with religions.

    Islam is not a race. It is not a nationality. It is a religion, faith, ideology; it is a set of ideas and values. It is not genetic or pre-determined; it is – ultimately – a choice.


    • Alex says:

      But that’s David’s point… that the broad umbrella term ‘Asian’ shouldn’t be used in reports such as the these as this shocking incident is, ostensibly, not related to race but rather with our armed personnel’s fight with the Taliban; to act as this thug did is evidence that he supports the Taliban, in my opinion. And so to lead on from that hypothesis: if and when ‘religion’ or particular cultural beliefs are seemingly a significant factor behind an incident worthy of media coverage, as in the revolting grooming cases or the repugnant attack on service personnel as reported above, then a religious term must be used and not Asian; to use the umbrella term Asian to label people for a crime perpetrated by fanatics who follow a certain relgion is being highly offensive to all those Asians who are-non religious.


      • RCE says:

        I know the point he’s making, but it is confused by the final sentence.
        One can ask ‘Was it a Chinese/Thai/Pakistani?’ or ‘was it a Sikh, Buddhist or Muslim?’ but not a mixture of the two as they are not mutually exclusive.


        • Alex says:

          Yeah, I see where you’re coming from mate. I’m always amazed why the BBC pussyfoot around certain religious minorities with value judgements and broad terms such ‘Asian’ etc etc… gutless political correctness if you ask me. 🙂


        • john pierre says:

          RTE, it’s called irony old pal.


          • RCE says:

            If that’s the case it doesn’t work, because all of them could still be ‘Asian’.


    • JMH says:

      To be a muslin one has a faith (what we think of as a religion) which is an intrinsic part of an Islamic culture.


  4. fitzfitz says:

    Your press surely has a duty to keep the nation informed of hate filled islamists … hate leads to a threat vs the state and the individual … I am disappointed at the BBC’s pro moslem & anti first nation stance … the origin of this is a mystery .


  5. Alan says:

    Yep, they did report it (on radio at least) and as usual no mention of any race or religion…just a G4s security guard.


    • Clare says:

      I heard this story on R5 today, and they said Asian security guard. I have no link as I was driving. But between 10.00 and 12.30.


  6. dez says:

    Interesting reading the different reports.
    This seems to have kicked off after an, “Army security guard” demanded to search a, “G4S security guard”.
    The Sun, which had an exclusive, quotes a “source” (note, not a “witness”) as saying;
    “This security guard was ranting and raving… …He spat at the soldier and screamed at him. He was calling him a baby killer”.
    The Telegraph, reports the first half of the statement as coming from a “source”; and the second half coming from an “unnamed witness”. But they are quoting The Sun report which doesn’t say anything about an “unnamed witness”.
    It also quotes G4S as saying;
    “We are urgently investigating allegations that a security officer spat on the ground in front of a soldier and insulted him after he was searched”.
    Why is this even a news story; “G4S Guy Shouts at Army Guy!”. Gosh, hold the front page!


    • Dez is a tosser says:

      It’s a news story everywhere but the Islamic BBC. Go way Dez and try and defend the Palestinian attacks on Israel this week. What? You hadn’t heard about the missiles and van load of terrorists trying to kill Jews. You must have been watching the BBC.


  7. dez says:

    The general theme of comments on this story (and others) seems to be that it’s wrong to describe people as “Asian” because it encompasses so many different nationalities and religions.
    Strange, therefore, that I haven’t heard a single person say it’s wrong to describe people as “Black” even though the same argument applies.
    Why is that I wonder….


    • RCE says:

      I wouldn’t spend too long wondering about it, Dez.

      It’s because adjectives have different uses and meanings in different contexts and circumstances.

      Deconstructionism is a good place to start, if you are inclined to do some research.


    • wallygreeninker says:

      Nobody is more obsessed with the colour of people’s skins than an anti-waycist – Dez absent mindedly referred to Hitler as a man who murdered people just because of the colour of their skins the other day. Black has been shorthand for Afro-Caribbean for decades and means nothing more than that.


  8. Ron Todd says:

    Muslims ae not a race and many races include some Muslims. Most of the Muslims that cause us problems come mainly from one part of the world and would be considered by most of us to be from one race, (though I would prefer to say from closely related cultures). The BBC and the rest of the liberalocracy knows that in the context we will unless they say otherwise that the ‘Asian’ is from a Packistani/Afghnistani background.


  9. George R says:

    It seems INBBC has censored the following too:-

    “Pregnant wife of Muslim convert ‘who went to Pakistan training camp’ is charged with terror offence”


    Read more:


  10. George R says:

    UK: Islamic jihadists here illegally fund Islamic jihad in SOMALIA –

    an inevitable consequence of mass Islamic immigration into UK.

    2 reports –

    1.) ‘Daily Mail’

    “Terror twins: Identical brothers who posed as charity collectors to raise funds for terrorism are jailed for three years each.
    “Shabir and Shafiq Ali, 25, imitated legitimate Muslim Aid fundraisers on street stalls.
    “Money instead went towards funding their older brother’s terrorist activities in Somalia.”

    Read more:

    2.) INBBC

    “Ali twins jailed for funding terrorism abroad”