Shame probably the world’s biggest news organisation is no longer interested in news or investigative journalism…even of  the most simple and obvious kind…such as asking one of the corporate sponsors of the Olympics exactly where their money goes, who gets the sponsor’s seat allocation and are their drinks really just liquid sugar poisoning our Youth?

Never mind…..we have the Telegraph to enlighten us and provide balance to the BBC’s anti-business polemic:

Coca-Cola chief: ‘The Olympics needs sponsors to flourish’

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7 Responses to BBC SNOOZE

  1. bod says:

    The BBC are not interested in news.
    NASA Mars Rover landed at 6.30 this morning. Sky showed uninterrupted coverage, and of course the NASA’s TV and the live feed.
    BBC News were showing a prerecorded lengthy advert telling everyone how wonderful BBC news coverage was. Pathetic.

    Its increasingly common for the BBC to miss out on a major news stories altogether. Good job we have sky. But no doubt the BBC will claim they “got it about right”.


    • Llew says:

      I am sure they will find room for plenty of Labour advertising between now and the Corby by-election.


  2. Alex says:

    Off Topic: I haven’t been able to access this site. Has David Vance finally barred me or has there been issues? Ta

    PS: for all your enrichment news go to UK Enrichment News.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I haven’t been able to access the site since yesterday. And now there’s some funny messages above about being unable to allocate memory for pool. Gremlins, methinks.


  3. John de Melle says:

    I had problems at lunchtime today. OK now.


  4. noggin says:

    yup! earlier … no go
    just got back … and 😀


  5. Pounce says:

    Myself I have noticed how the bBC isn’t reporting the news as it should be, instead we get:
    1) Americans attacked Japan with Nukes 67 years ago
    Strange how the bBC doesn’t mention why the Americans nuked Japan. Instead we get a wet dream of a ethical latte drinkers version of events of how nasty the US was for nuking Japan. I mean read the article , why did the Americans nuke Japan the bBC doesn’t mention for the young of today.
    2) The bBC has really got the riots from last year on its mind.
    We’ve had the article about how the total sentences dished out for last years riots added up to 2000 years, (Now knocked down to 1800) what a headline and one designed to complain about how those jailed are all victims of a miscarriage of justice Which is why they are currently running with an headline article about how one little black thug is going to go to the European Human rights court. Ah bless only the left (bBC included are concerned about the rioters who burnt England down last year)
    3) An article about lead free bullets
    Read how the manufacturers of these green bullets want the MOD to buy their wares. I quote from the bbC article:
    But armies in Scandinavia are so concerned about the pollution caused by lead bullets they’re replacing their entire stock with non-toxic versions. The manufacturers are encouraging the British armed forces to do the same…Nammo is disappointed by the British position. “It’s embarrassing, that’s such a hi-tech country,” says Oholm.
    And here is what the bBC (And nammo) don’t tell you their rounds are twice the price.
    And actually the leaders in lead free rounds aren’t the Norwegians, but rather the Americans. Something to do with carrion birds getting lead poisoning.
    4) Married to Mohhamed
    Next the bBC reports on how an American women found true love with a man called Mo.
    Greece and illegal immigrants
    Al beed reports on how the greeks are rounding up illegal immigrants and deporting them. To the bBC this is due to the far right , but they don’t like to use the adjective illegals in their reports.
    5) Rats to the news
    Finally the bbC reports on how Government cuts has lead to an increase of rats Really type in Vermin into the bBC serch box and you will find plenty of stories about the rise of vermin in the UK, you know like this one:
    Hospitals ‘infested with vermin’The cleanliness of most NHS hospitals in England is threatened by invasions of rats, fleas and cockroaches, claims a report.

    The bBC, giving you the news that they want you to hear rather than the news as it happens.