The NHS worshipping BBC seem to have missed this great instance of how the NHS truly exports around the world;

An NHS doctor on leave from a London hospital was part of a heavily-armed extremist gang who took a British journalist hostage in war-torn Syria. The Kalashnikov-toting doctor – believed to be around 28 – told photographer John Cantlie he had taken a sabbatical from his medical work to come to Syria and fight a ‘holy war’. The bearded medic, who spoke with a south London accent and said he had a wife and a child back in the UK, told the captive photographer he intended to return to an NHS job in Britain after his time in Syria.

Am sure Today will cover it in detail tomorrow…

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16 Responses to NHS WORSHIP

  1. Old Goat says:

    All doctors will eventually be issued with arms, the growing population and NHS expense must be curbed somehow…


  2. Dazed & Confused says:

    I note that this Doctor, said that he had taken a “sabbatical” to embrace Islamic terrorism in the name of fighting poverty.

    Now there’s many things ironic in that statement, but “taking a sabbatical”?

    Isn’t that the foundational Bible passage in regards to concepts of Genesis 2:2-3?


    • Richard D says:

      And this would be the same NHS which claims a massive shortage of skilled staff, so we need to recruit from all round the world, fly doctors in from all round Europe at extortionate daily rates to provide ‘locum’ services, etc., etc. ?

      And this guy doesn’t see that ‘being part of a heavily-armed extremist gang’ conflicts with his Hippocratic Oath (I mean, what the hell else are you going to with these arms you’re toting, except injure or kill people ?), and so he’ll be returning, ‘hands-clean’, to his comfy NHS job in a London hospital with no questions asked by those who allowed him to go on sabbatical for this purpose – despite the fact, that at the very least, he’s guilty of kidnapping ?

      And they say that irony is dead in this country….


      • Leftie-Loather says:

        One thing that most definitely shouldn’t be dead is long prison sentences (and/or deportation) for acts of treason!
        But with this NHS doctor, I just wouldn’t ever be letting him back in to the UK, simple as that! Completely incompatible with the West – Syria’s more than welcome to the British-hostage taking bastard!


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      A misprint Dazed. Should have been a Satanical.


  3. George R says:


    ‘Jihadwatch’ –

    “Muslim doctor from UK led Syrian jihad terror cell that took British journalist hostage.”



  4. Guest Who says:

    Well, it it is often mis-spelled as the ‘Hypocritic oath’.

    I wonder what you need to do not to be deemed quite suitable for the envy of the world health system that all enjoy here?

    Probably some slots free still in Glasgow, if the smell of burned scrubs is not an issue.

    And that ‘free everything (but paid for by ‘other folk’)’ deal has to be a big plus to those of such a mindset, too.

    If anyone raises so much as an eyebrow at him getting rehired after his gap year jaunt, one is sure the BBC and hypocriteratti will have a Twitter campaign up and running before you can say ‘Stuart Hughes’.


  5. George R says:

    Of course, there is no question that any Islamic jihadist on tour will NOT be sacked from NHS job.

    No doubt, Islam Not BBC (INBBC) would be appalled if it were recommended that any Islamic jihadist committed to killing people who had a job in the public sector in Britain, be it in health, education, broadcasting, or administration, etc, be sacked.
    Apparently, INBBC is prepared to support the rights of Islamic jihad murderers to be employed in Britain.

    Is it part of INBBC’s ‘enemy within’ political strategy?

    Are there any Islamic jihad ‘tourists’ employed by INBBC, inside Britain or overseas, or interchangeably?

    Is INBBC during a thorough security search of the Corporation to find out?

    In contrast, people employed in the public sector who are members of the English Defence League, which opposes Islamic jihad, ARE sacked for their belief, as by LEEDS City Council, without demur by INBBC.

    “Statement from Chris Knowles of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) in relation to being summarily dismissed from Leeds City Council in the absence of due process due to his political beliefs”


    And, censored by INBBC:

    DURHAM C.C. puts EDL supporting mother’s child in care! (June, 2012).

    “Punished for
    supporting the EDL?”
    “A mum in northern England believes her kids were taken because of her political views. She talks to ‘spiked’.”


    So, in the INBBC’s Islamising world, a British person must fulfil a commitment to ‘multiculturalism’, to be at least tolerant of, or supportive of Islamic jihad, and be utterly opposed to the English Defence League.

    And this overall INBBC ideology is reflected in both its biased reporting and censorship.


  6. Moise Pippic says:

    This NHS doctor is reported by the Mail On Sunday as being disappointed that his British captives were not beheaded in accordance with what he believes to be shariah law. Imagine having an NHS appointment in a London hospital with a physician who believes in beheading his prisoners . Are such ethics compatible with the Hippocratic oath?
    Will the GMC consider him fit to practice once he is identified and, by the way, is President Assad still on the British Medical Register?


  7. DJ says:

    And then there’s this blast from the past:


    So, do we have a count yet of Nazi sympathisers in the German police versus Islamists in the NHS?

    As ever, note the BBC’s readiness to come out with all kinds of pompous blather about the alleged Deep Cultural Significance of supposedly right-wing violence and What It All Means For German Society even as it insists that it’s just a wacky coincidence that the ringleaders of the September 11 and July 7 attacks both had the same first name.


  8. Fred Bloggs says:

    Off subject: (open thread rather full) The latest series of Montalbano started. However, I am sure this first episode is a remake of a story from a previous series. The problem is the story line, basically be nice to poor immigrants. Then in the credits as before, the series is partly funded by the EU. EU-bBC always willing to transmit a subliminal message!


    • Fred Bloggs says:

      I have now been able to check the wiki entry and this new story is not a remake. I am still sure that there has been a story with a similar theme. Also I do not see why there are EU credits. If the EU have any part in the funding I expect they will have a say in the stories, just like the bBC.


  9. London Calling says:

    Love to hear an interview with the Clinical Director of the Medical Directorate of his employing Trust why he thought it reasonable to grant a”sabbatical”to this so-called doctor? What is the cost of locuming his appointment, to ensure it is available to him on return, assuming he is not killed in action of course. British military surgeons can be ordered to serve in Afghanistan as part of their contracts. Does some dopey administrator think this is a model for jihadists? The doc’s wife and kids remain in the UK – at whose expense? Is some dodgy Islamic Relief charity paying the mortgage or what? What does Jihad pay compared to his NHS salary? Not a single interesting question has been asked by the lazy useless lefty journalist “droids” employed by all our newspapers today.


  10. Deborah says:

    Inspector George Gently last night as described by the BBC…

    As Enoch Powell delivers his Rivers of Blood speech, disillusioned young people, black and white, come together to dance the night away to Northern Soul music at all-nighters. In Newcastle, their haven of equality is destroyed when a young black girl is murdered. Gently and Bacchus have their eyes opened to the shocking consequences of casual racism as racial tension spirals out of control, leaving a path of destroyed friendships, love affairs and families in its wake.

    Trouble was, as usual, the byline, all black people good and kind, and apart from GG, all white people nasty and raicist. Apparently next week a girl is found dear in a car owned by prominent aristocrats. We can guess if they will prove to be nice decent people or otherwise.


    • Demon says:

      That’s why I stopped watching that propaganda shit. It’s more insidious than their blatant bullshit in the news and documentaries, therefore more dangerous. They learned a lot from Herr Goebbels.


  11. johnnythefish says:

    He is also a member of a terrorist group whose aim is to impose Sharia law across Syria.

    But when he returns to the UK, of course, welcomed by our smiling border guards, he’ll return to being his normal, well-integrated, UK law-abiding, democracy-upholding self.