Well folks, stability seems to have been restored. It’s been very difficult in recent days seeing all that bias pumped out by the rancid BBC and not being able to provide you with a forum. But things look better now so I am providing you with this new Open Thread as the site begins to move up a few gears.


Well, the BBC have finally found one member of the Murdoch dynasty that they like and guess why? Yes, Elisabeth Murdoch has come out in support of the BBC licence fee in a speech to TV executives in Edinburgh.

Giving the annual MacTaggart lecture, the daughter of News Corporation founder Rupert also praised the BBC for its creative leadership. Her brother James delivered the lecture in 2009, and notoriously described the BBC’s size and ambition as “chilling”.

James called it right and since then the BBC have been after his head. Elisabeth calls it wrong and they love her.  The only solution to the BBC is to scrap the License Fee and let them fund their bias themselves.


Was listening to the BBC this morning as they breathlessly intoned the latest news about “right wing” mass killer Anders Breivik.  They know what they are doing when they wilfully attach that term to such a lunatic. Can’t wait for them to talk about left wing killers. They have no shame at all. I’ve been waiting to see if the site is stable before posting again but all looks well. Time to sort the BBC out.

Keep The Red Flag Flying

The BBC have been caught red handed flying the flag for the Reds.

This is an update of this.

The BBC passed off a Socialist Party member, Matt Whale, as an ‘ordinary’ member of the public, albeit unemployed.

In fact he has appeared on 5Live before and as an activist for the Socialist Party. (Thanks to Beeboidal)

The 5Live show’s producer, editor and researcher would have known of Whale’s provenance and clearly decided that it wasn’t relevant to tell listeners that he was an anti capitalist activist.

Essentially we had a spokesman for Labour/Occupy/Communists given a platform to spout his socialist propaganda and to push the Balls’ agenda.

This is the BBC working to undermine the Coalition policies.

This is the BBC no longer reporting the news but trying to shape it and the nation’s political and economic policy.

This is the BBC corrupting Democracy.


Some information from Wikipedia on the Socialist Party:

The Socialist Party is a Trotskyist political party in England and Wales. The Socialist Party was founded in 1991 as Militant Labour, its members having previously been organised as the Militant tendency within the Labour Party.

“Marxist voice of Labour and Youth”.

The Socialist Party’s first issue of 2010, headlined “Rage Against Unemployment” and written by Youth Fight for Jobs national organiser Sean Figg,[10] who took part in the Jarrow March for Jobs, argues that young people are likely to suffer ‘permanent psychological scars’ from unemployment. Figg calls for the right to a “decent job for all”, with a “living wage” of at least £8 an hour, and an end to university fees. Figg demands that the government “bail out young people” as it had the banks, stating that “capitalist politicians” will claim the cost would be ‘too high’.


All that kind of puts a new light on this story from the BBC about the recent ‘Jarrow March’….note Mark Serwotka of the  PCS union being interviewed….the PCS being heavily ‘infiltrated’ by the Socialist Party, and the ‘innocent’ sounding ‘Youth Fight For Jobs’ closely tied to the Socialist party.

‘A group of young unemployed people have begun a walk from Tyne and Wear to London in a recreation of the Jarrow March which took place 75 years ago.

Campaign group Youth Fight for Jobs said it hoped hundreds would take part.

Students and young trade unionists also joined the march.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS, said: “Three-quarters of a century on, the young people recreating this famous march are sending an important message that our communities must never again be abandoned to pay for an economic crisis they did not cause.” ‘


God’s Will Be Done

The BBC are never keen to associate anything with Islam, especially if it has negative connotations.

You may well be a Muslim embarking on a Holy war and declaring such in a video…but the BBC will edit out your declaration of Jihad and claim you’re just a criminal madman.

That tends to change when associating Islam with something that will foster a better perception of Muslims.

We recently had reports of a man that doctors believed was too ill to survive and with no hope of recovery and so wanted to switch off his life support.

The BBC told us ‘Patient L’ could not be identified…we could not even know the hospital he was in.

That changed ….and suddenly we knew his religion..he was Muslim.  The BBC pushed hard the idea that Islam demanded the ‘preservation and protection of life’, Islam respected the ‘sanctity of human life’…the ‘protection of life’ was an essential requirement of Islam.

Odd how the BBC is so ready to tell us what Islam means when they believe it represents a good characteristic of the ideology but refuses to allow on air anything that might detract from that image of a religion of peace and tolerance towards all men and other cultures.

If they really knew Islam they would know that far from insisting Patient L be kept alive  with no hope of recovery,  Islam would say that the decision was God’s alone and that he should die a natural death if that was God’s will….after all you are denying him the promised ‘Paradise’.

God’s ‘sovereignty’ doesn’t just extend to the political and legal sphere but to all life.

Inform and Educate

If today you have been following, as best you can, the reports and analysis tumbling headlong out of the media about the furore over GCSE results you are possibly  none the wiser.

Do we know if marking is more rigorous, or ‘brutal’ as Evan Davis put it, do we know if exams themselves have been made more difficult, do we know if the pass mark boundaries have been moved?

I’m in the dark.  Thanks BBC.

However I have winkled out a few interesting and seemingly relevant bits of information from a days listening. (and hopefully correct info)

1.  The English GCSE is no longer one is now split in two…English Literature and English Language.  I would suggest that that in itself may be the reason English grades have altered….the BBC fail to mention this surely relevant information.

2.  That in 2011 the government put into law that exam marking standards would not be made more exacting but would remain the same standard as from 2011…that is, they wouldn’t reduce the number of people passing at the same grades as those in 2011 but would stop further grade inflation which might otherwise result from easier marking.

3.  …and oh yes….‘these new GCSEs in maths, English and ICT, had been brought in by the previous Labour government.’

So who is to blame if anyone?

Labour says…”Michael Gove and his education ministers must explain what has happened.”

If only someone would….BBC inform and educate?



IPPR, I Know I am, I’m Sure I am, I’m IPPR

‘Policy Exchange’ were constantly referred to as a right leaning think tank, or even as a think tank ‘close to David Cameron’ this week by the BBC.

The IPPR today, at least on the radio, have had no such label attached to them…that of being Labour’s pet think tank…wonder why when you look at their new thoughts on petrol pricing:

From Guido:

‘Labour wonk-shop IPPR have declared war on the Sun‘s Page 3 girls as they publish a report claiming that the government’s bleeding of motorists via high fuel taxes is just a “myth“. Earlier this week the Sun girls jumped on board the Taxpayers’ Alliance campaign to freeze fuel duty by showing their support at petrol stations up and down the country. Now IPPR has hit back, laughably arguing that the Chancellor “should make every effort to avoid further delays in fuel duty increases“.

Will’s argument is unconvincing and not likely to be taken up by the Labour Party. “Vote Labour for higher petrol taxes” is a CCHQ dream slogan…’


The BBC don’t want you thinking Labour want to price you out of your cars…even if the BBC green Marxists do.

In fact I can’t find the story on the BBC website…it was mentioned on the radio…but not on the web…except for this:

Elsewhere on the web

  • Huffington Post UK / NEW 5 hours ago… fuel duty increases and prioritise spending on public transport, a think-tank has urged. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said…


A curious omission you might think.


Why the Greek bail-out has worked 2011

Stephanie Flander’s must have got hold of Gordon Brown’s crystal ball now that he has no use for it for predicting our economic future…’no more boom and bust’.

Here she is in 2011 telling us to relax, it’s all good, the future is rosy, unless you’re Greek:

‘Everyone says that heightened talk of a Greek default is proof that last year’s bail-out has “failed”. But you could make a strong case for the opposite.

In reality, all that the Greek support programme last year was ever going to do was buy time. And that is exactly what it has done. It just hasn’t bought quite as much as governments hoped.

Governments were right a year ago to kick the Greek problem down the road and buy the system some time.

One year on, they are roughly back where they were, facing the same choice.

What’s changed, from a Greek standpoint, is that its government is now much less popular than it was, and it now has even more debt to repay.

Europe is enjoying a decent recovery.

From their perspective, buying time has worked for the eurozone. It just hasn’t been working out so well for Greece.’

 Wonder how that Greek thing turned out?

Funny how she thinks ‘kicking the can down the road, doing nothing, buying time’ is a solution for Europe but isn’t prepared to wait out Osborne’s policies and give them time to run their course.


The BBC Continues To Be A White House Lackey

The BBC has been busy this week trying to carry the President’s water over various incidents. US President editor Mark Mardell has been especially active defending the President and attacking His enemies. And the youngsters at BBC News Online Recdep have been equally busy making sure some things are reported at length, while other things are censored entirely.

Before I continue, though, let me state first that this is not, contrary to what defenders of the indefensible love to claim, about me simply wanting the BBC to say only what I want to hear, or report from a Right-wing slant. This is about the failure of the BBC – specifically its top people in the US – to report not only accurately, but honestly, and give you some semblance of the whole picture. It’s also about how the biased reporting makes the BBC appear to support the President of the US, rather than being an impartial, honest broker of news.

The latest example is the foolish remark by Rep. Akin about rape and pregnancy. Naturally, since it’s been a big deal in the US mainstream media, the BBC is all over it, with no fewer than five features about it. currently at the top of the US & Canada (Who?) page:

Romney calls for Akin to drop out

Mardell: Obama’s opportunity

Missouri residents on row

Todd Akin: “I was medically wrong”

Akin’s apology ad

(There have probably been at least two more news briefs going up since I’ve been trying to put this together while the site goes up and down). Contrast this with the amount of BBC coverage of two other big recent election stories. The President’s “You didn’t build that” statement (I hesitate to call it a gaffe, because He meant it) was censored entirely by the BBC, except for a single brief mention of it in one Mardell blogpost. Yes, Mardell was defending the remark, trying to explain the context.  The other big story, one which has been all over the news was even brought up in the recent surprise Presidential press conference (more on this later), was the falsehood put out by a Democrat Super-PAC that Romney was directly responsible for a woman dying of cancer. The BBC has censored that completely.

These issues harm the President, make Him look bad. So the BBC isn’t interested in covering any of it. Yet this story about one Republican candidate for Senate – not even about Romney, not even connected to his campaign, mind – is a top priority for them. Even Katty Kay got into the game by tweeting that Missouri was an important State for Romney. It continues to be the biggest target for the Democrats this week, but that ought not make it a top news priority. Or do political targets dictate newsgathering now?

Back in January, Mardell managed to defend, sort of, Romney for his quip about how he loved to fire people. Actually, he didn’t defend Romney at all. Rather, he said that it was wrong to call the statement a “gaffe”, because it was really just clumsy and wrong for Romney to say it. Actually, it’s not really a defense at all, just the pretense of one.

A couple of days ago, VP Biden told an audience of African-Americans – descendants of slaves – that Romney and Ryan wanted “to put y’all back in chains”. Mardell defended him. In fact, he starts out by seeming to call any criticism of Biden over this remark “mud-slinging”. He curiously said that the mainstream media played down why the remark caused an uproar – the slavery reference – which is a joke. Everyone knows why it was a bad thing to say, which is why the media went into overdrive to protect Biden from the backlash. What’s much worse, though, is that Mardell had the nerve to suggest that Biden said it “perhaps inadvertently”. No, that’s simply not credible. Of course Biden knew exactly what he was saying, hence the pandering “y’all” thrown into the mix. Otherwise, Mardell is suggesting that Biden is as dim and unqualified to be VP as he thinks Sarah Palin is. I don’t believe that for a moment. Mardell here is basically telling himself – and you – a little white lie.

The defense continues. Suddenly people who saw this as race-baiting and wrong are, according to Mardell, “too sensitive”. Apparently the BBC’s top man in the US is unconcerned that people like Artur Davis (the co-chair of the President’s 2008 election campaign) and Doug Wilder (Democrat former Governor of Virginia) found Biden’s remarks to be deliberate, and offensive. The BBC wouldn’t dare suggest that the Black Coalition of Georgia Republicans are too sensitive to racial issues, would they? What Mardell really means is that white Republicans are making a mountain out of a molehill. He’s thus dismissing the objections of black people out of hand. And it’s not like he has no idea these people exist.

Actually, Biden’s dopey utterings have gotten worse. He opened his remarks in Virginia by saying that the Dems can “win in North Carolina”, and last week asked at a campaign stop, “’Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th Century in making automobiles?’  Imagine if Sarah Palin had said such a thing. The BBC would have been all over it: Beeboids tweeting ecstatically, two separate online articles, plus a Mardell blogpost. But when Biden does it….nada.

It’s actually worse than you think. Biden’s idiocy has gotten so bad that his staff is actively trying to censor press pool reports and keep reporters from getting too close. This is from Politico, ladies and gentlemen, a favorite read and retweet source for both Katty Kay and Mark Mardell. They know all about this, but don’t want you to know. No, it’s much more important to whip up hysteria over Rep. Akin’s terrible remark about rape and pregnancy.

Let me repeat: I don’t want the BBC to report negatively about Biden, while supporting or sweeping Akin under the rug. I want them to report both accurately and honestly, without trying to defend one or the other. Explaining the potential damage or why one or the other is controversial is fine, but that’s not what you’re getting from the BBC, is it?

Speaking of difficulties with the press, people here may remember three weeks ago when Mardell was grumbling about how Romney wasn’t so friendly with the press during his visit to Poland. Apparently there wasn’t enough access granted, and his press man lost his temper with the pool reporters. Mardell was all over that. In fact, it was so important to him that he whipped up a second negative piece about it. His friends getting censored by Biden’s staff? Radio silence. You don’t need to know about that.

Worse, the President Himself actually didn’t give a press conference at all for eight weeks. No questions taken at all. Instead, He’s been hitting the local media, morning radio DJs, and the like. He’s been doing that instead because they bow to instructions in advance about what He wants to talk about. Where’s Mardell on this? He knows about it, but doesn’t want you to know. Again, I don’t merely want Mardell to attack the President: I just want him for once to report the whole picture, both sides, and not only negatives about one side, while providing the defense for the other.

And this is where the water-carrying becomes really obvious. Remember all those times Mardell was moaning about how things have gotten so negative, so nasty, and blamed the Tea Party or Republicans for it? There was another attack from Team Obamessiah last month, this time accusing Romney of committing a felony while at Bain. They even held a conference call with reporters to push it.

The other day, the President finally did grant an audience give a press conference where He took questions from reporters. It didn’t go so well for Him because one of them had the audacity to ask Him about the negative, ugly tone of His campaign. This was about both that bogus ad and the felony charge. The President tried to dodge responsibility for it. Previously, His campaign denied knowledge of it. Then they had to admit they knew. At the presser, the President showed that He knew all about it, while trying to claim that He didn’t, and that it was no big deal. Did the BBC report that? No, of course not, because that would mean you’d know about the ugly ad itself, or the bogus felony charge, which makes Him look bad. So they’ve censored this as well, in order to maintain radio silence about the ugliness coming out of the White House.

How’s that hopey-changey stuff workin’ out for ya now, BBC? Will you ever be an honest broker of news about US issues? Or is it going to be Pro Obama At All Costs until November 6? (Not Nov. 2, like Michelle Obama just said, at which the Beeboids will not be giggling on air.) It’s not bias to report about the two attack ads. No need to judge them, just report that they exist, and that they’ve caused an outcry. But the BBC can’t even do that anymore. It’s not just Mardell, either. There are other BBC journalists tasked with proper newsgathering in the US. They’re all responsible for this failure.


The BBC were blasted by Tory Ian Duncan Smith for their insistence that falling unemployment figures  were bad for the economy in some mysterious way….now the Empire is striking back.

The release of the latest borrowing figures ironically (considering they have been calling for more borrowing) led to the BBC having the opportunity to launch a counter attack on the Tories. They also constantly slip in Flander’s question demanding to know why employment is going up in a recession whenever possible.

One of the factors in unemployment falling was that of some people becoming self employed and setting up their own businesses.

Steven Nolan steps up to the plate and set out to do battle with that assertion…that self employment is a proper job, or possible to do.

Nolan brought on a 20 year old called Matt (36 mins in) who has been unemployed for a year and says it is impossible for him to get a job in his area….he could of course just get on his bike as Chinese, Polish and African workers have done and moved to get work…half way around the world in many cases….I know that where I live foreign workers are working a 4 day rota of 12 hours shifts on a farm and then 4 days in a factory…so not just one job but two…and yet the Brits can’t get a job!

Listening to him you get the impression there might be more to ‘Matt’ than meets the eye…he seems to have the patter off, well, pat…and glibly cranks out Labour Party or even Occupy rhetoric….he is almost cast for the part of Labour activist calling a phone in…’authentic working class accent, articulate, unemployed for a long time, ‘can’t afford’ to go to university, angry at bankers and the Tories’.  Perfect….all ‘designed’ to generate as much sympathy as possible?

I’m sure he’s entirely authentic.  I was wrong………

UPDATE:  Thanks to Beeboidal in the comments for digging out this video of young Matt…apparently a member of the Socialist Party….‘A victim of capitalism’s failure Socialist Party member. Hull KR Green Bay and LFC fan’

Funny how the BBC kept that quiet!

He says it is impossible to get a job, there are businesses collapsing left right and centre….he can’t risk coming out of university with 50-60 grand debt and no job…it’s like a mortgage…can’t risk that without a job.

He goes on…the real issue, the core is the bankers and speculators who made this crisis and aren’t being made to pay for it….their money should be taken to be invested in youth jobs instead of hoarding it for the rich….we have a lost generation and a government of rich people who don’t know what it’s like to be poor.

Nolan agrees….no one should have to have that much debt and no job…and that banks ‘hoarding’ money is wrong.

Nolan’s attitude is a big problem…it is an attitude prevalent throughout the BBC…and one resulting from journalistic laziness and one might suspect preconceived notions.

The idea that Student debt is a problem is an astonishingly common assertion both by students and BBC presenters.

It is also completely wrong.

The BBC website explains it quite clearly should anyone (including BBC staff) be bothered to read it……under the new system you in fact will pay less than under the old one…not only that but if you earn under £21,000, or are not earning at all, you pay nothing back….not only that but the amount paid back is not dependent on how much you borrow… pay back an amount dependent on your earnings alone… even with £60,000 debt you will pay no more than someone with a £30,000 debt….and after 30 years all debt is written off.

It’s a bargain and simple…anyone who doesn’t understand the system perhaps should not be considering going to university…or preaching nonsense on the radio.

Victoria Derbyshire practically joined up with the student protestors last year in their protest against tuition fees….but made only a very weak and short explanation of the fee system to the students.

The old lefty of ‘Wake Up To Money’ (Andrew Verity I believe) last Thursday argued against the tuition fees and insisted they were an albatross around young people’s necks….Martin Lewis, financial expert, came onto Shelagh Fogarty’s show and did battle with him as he repeated his mantra of doom on that programme…unfortunately just timed out on the useless BBC iPlayer.

So student fees aren’t really a problem…accept for the country that has to pay  off all the ones that aren’t repaid eventually.

As for Nolan agreeing that banks ‘hoard’ money…do they? What was the problem with banks? It was reckless lending and not having sufficient capital in reserve to back that lending up. Now they are required by the regulators to hold sufficient reserves and control their lending.

Today on ‘Wake Up To Money’  (27 minutes) we had a KPMG representative on to talk about the banks…their profits being down 17% on last year.

He stated that the reasons for lower profits are…too tight a regulatory environment…at the wrong time…he said the regulations to curb the credit boom should have been put in place in 2005/06 (note sharp intake of BBC breath…2005 was Team GB time! Embarrassing!) and now is the wrong time to tighten credit and limit lending. (note Flander’s 2005 assessment of the Brown policies  Testing the Miracle)

The banks are required now to hold large amounts of capital, which comes from the funds that normally would be used for lending to businesses and for mortgages. 

You can’t have it both ways…you can have Gordon Brown’s high risk based financial system or you can have a careful, safe and steady, risk free lending environment which limits growth at a sustainable level.

Which one? The BBC have plumped for Labour’s choice….that of Brown’s protégé, Ed Balls, who is going for the spend, spend, spend option.

Guess they never learn….Evan Davis insists that ‘Austerity is killing the patient’….clever boy that.