Given the shocking mess that Labour made of our Education system, one would think they are in no position to carp about efforts being made by this Coalition government to try and improve things.  But of course that is not the case, Labour has no shame. The BBC has been pushing the Labour line on the news that more “Free Schools” are opening this morning and I heard one BBC correspondent talk about the “waste” that accompanied some of these new Free Schools. (Bradford was singled out) Funny how the BBC NEVER talks about the enormous waste that characterises the bloated State sector schools. It never talks of the staggering inefficiencies, the inept teaching, the lack of discipline or indeed the grotesque social engineering that Labour helped build up within our Schools. Just shameless, BBC.

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  1. Guest Who says:

    SKY was/is as bad.
    The media are united when it comes to a ratings-gold negative bashing the government, and the BBC simply adds blatant tribal PR for Labour on top, which really isn’t their remit.
    Hence the focus is not on the successes, but the few (as far as I can gather, in terms of numbers and costs ‘wasted’) failing to deliver.
    At least on SKY one is seeing Free School heads being interviewed and putting things calmly in context.
    After a decade and a half of Labour’s ‘investment’ in edukashon and the results generated, the BBC should head for a corner with a dunce’s hat on, and be neither seen nor heard on this topic if they can’t avoid trying to rig the reporting to suit their social engineering biases.


  2. Colonel Blimp says:

    one o Labour/the unions’ big talking point is that the “wrong areas are being targeted”. Surely not being targeted or centrally planned is the whole point of Free Schools? And if there are neglected areas, surely the rafts of skilled and experienced Labour teachers should be leaping at a chance to improve education provision and set up a school rather than whining about how it’s unfair.

    Oh no wait, hold on, that’s the Left’s mantra, isn’t it? “‘S’not FAIR!”


  3. uncle bup says:

    “The TUC, NASUWT, NUT, ATL, UCU, UNISON, UNITE, GMB, PCS, MU and FBU are affiliated to the Anti Academies Alliance.”

    That tells you where any sensible person should be in this argument, and also where the BBC might be ie *are*.

    Boohoo boohoo English GCSE results weren’t mo be’ah this year boohoo.

    Sick blud.



  4. Bob says:

    It seems that the case for political bias at the BBC has been clearly proven.

    But what can be done about it?

    My approach has been to stop feeding them.

    If enough people joined the refusniks, the licence fee system would have to be abandoned.

    See: The Great TV Licence Scam

    ~ ~ ~


  5. Ian Hills says:

    Er, how many bbc broadcasters and executives send their kids to state sector schools? Thought so. Same as their beloved NHS – they use the private sector. On publicly-funded salaries too – now that really takes the p*ss!


  6. chrisH says:

    The last independent-minded teachers left the State system when Baker brought in his Godawful National Curriculum, with its Compliance Days…still called Baker Days.
    So the States ciphers and drones would have been happy to carp and bitch as they parked up for their INSET Days…as imposed by Baker way back.
    You need only read the TES(Murdoch rag that funnily escapes the ire of the Unions…all those co-ordinator jobs and dope addled child centred bollox still slopped up)…or look at the Guardian or BBC…to see the useless cabbages that “person” the commanding heights of the education system.
    As if they`d ever question what they actually “deliver”…exams, curriculum,…only the Private Sector still employ proper teachers who can think straight.
    So the BBC get the pliant playdo boys of the Teaching Unions-f***in up your kids prospects since the 60s-to “take legal action” to defend why they`re paid so much, work so little-and all to do Crick and Blunketts work for them.
    IN short-the Toady show knows its go-to heads and union creatures-its gangsta kids and charities full of victims of…well Thatch, since you ask.
    As for those 1997-2010 years which infected education as a terminal cancer of the bone does-well, we are where we are eh?
    Humphrys kid won`t be staying in state schools as soon as secondary outside Hampstead becomes a threat to him…doesn`t stop the ignoramus “striking a pose” though.
    We don`t need to LEARN ANYTHING from the BBC in regard of education…three words…bloody Libby Pervis…and four more-Michael Rosen, Laurie Taylor.
    See-we DON`T Need no educayshun…those privately educated lads in Pink Floyd were right all along…but they go private when they do need one…ask Sarah, Laura, Owen, Justin, George, Evan, Mark, Caroline, Jeremy, Jack…..all fagging for each other in the BBC Green Room since you ask!


  7. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    I saw somewhere recently that half of the members of the Labour Party are teachers. Can anyone find the facts to back up that statement? But, if true, it explains the stranglehold that they have had on government 1997-2010, with the relentless dumbing-down so that teachers have to do less and less but appear (in their eyes) to be better and better. And, of course, through their party membership they still have a stranglehold on the bBBC.


    • johnnythefish says:

      And it shows what a stranglehold the Left have had on our education system for even longer.

      Anyone remember the teachers strikes in the 80s? My kids do!


  8. Alan says:

    Yes, I heard it was something like 60% of Labour members are teachers….was a ‘reliable’ MSM source…unfortunately can’t remember who.

    What is annoying about BBC, or in fact all coverage of the exam results, is that they claim how unfair it is on the June students ….I would have thought that in fact it was the January students that were ‘lucky’ (and those before) in not being properly examined or marked to give a correct assessment.

    Love to see Gove saying he was going to lower the January marks!


  9. Privatise the BBC says:

    What’s even more galling is watching/hearing Polly toynbee lecture on the subject of education on The Daily Politics.


  10. johnnythefish says:

    The more crap like this we get from the BBC the more obvious it becomes that 1997-2010 didn’t happen, it was just a dream, Dallas-style.

    So, as one example, already consigned to the Memory Hole is Labour’s hosepiping of £2,000,000,0000 on a 100% ineffective anti-truancy initiative. But hey, what the heck, under Gordon McRuin the billion became the new thousand. Now Millibean, aided and abetted by the BBC, is fretting over a ‘trivial’ few million.

    Balance? About as balanced as a Robin Reliant with a grand piano on its roofrack taking as hairpin bend at 70 miles an hour.


    • JAH says:

      “So, as one example, already consigned to the Memory Hole is Labour’s hosepiping of £2,000,000,0000 on a 100% ineffective anti-truancy initiative.”

      Clearly you failed maths.