Food For Thought

Yesterday on Midweek  Libby Purves brought us ‘Chefs Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi were born in Jerusalem in the same year – Sami on the Arab east side and Yotam in the Jewish west.’…a Palestinian and a Jewish chef working together.

No doubt the BBC thought this was a suitable message for the warring factions….you can talk it through and live and work together in harmony.

All was going to plan until reality broke in upon the BBC’s utopian dream and the Palestinian chef opened his mouth…..

Talking about Houmous (28 mins in) and who claims it as part of their national food he said that the Jews ‘when they started arriving in the Middle East and Palestine claimed it as theirs…..Israelis being Israelis and wanting to take things over …as Israelis do.’

I’m pretty sure Jews have always been in the Middle East and ‘Palestine’….and as for taking things over how about Temple Rock where the Muslims have been squatting for centuries?

From such an attitude it would seem unlikely, even with BBC sponsored ‘diplomacy’ through the medium of TV cooking programmes,  that an enduring peace will be effected.

If they fall out over Houmous what hope can there be?

 (and Billy Bragg gives a good interview about Woodie Guthrie…shock horror!)

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10 Responses to Food For Thought

  1. London Calling says:

    He mis-spoke. He meant Hamas, not houmous.
    As for houmous, I can’t help noticing that its a regular feature of the bargain shelf in my local Waitrose. No one likes it. Hamas that is.


    • noggin says:

      agreed, thats the trouble with terrorist food, like hamas you see … its really bad for you …
      even if you try it once and give it up, you ll still only end up fatah! … bum bum
      and if you don t, before long you ll just “explode” 😀
      oh somebody stop me!


  2. hippiepooter says:

    Houmous, that well known terrorist food from Gaza?

    I caught this interview, and it was definitely a jarring moment. One signal amongst many that most Arabs who talk about peace can’t be trusted.


    • The General says:

      What a shame, poor old Palestinians, they have contributed absolutely nothing to society or the world in general. They have come up with a claim of inventing houmous and now we are depriving them that ‘honour’ which no doubt would secure their historical value to society…………………back to the suicide belts I’m afraid.


  3. zemplar says:

    I have the misfortune to sometimes catch ‘Midweek’ if I haven’t switched the radio off after ‘Today’, and I caught this very intro yesterday morning; I turned off immediately. What’s the point in listening? I know exactly what’s going to follow.


  4. RGH says:

    Don’t want to be a bore…but recipes for chickpeas..with lemon, olive oil etc featured in ancient roman writer Apicius (De re coquinaria).

    This suggests that hoummous is merely the ‘convenient’ modern descriptor of a dish which was widespread in the ancient Mediterranean world.

    Evidence from archaeology takes the humble chickpea back some 9000 years.

    So ‘ownership’ is going to be a little difficult to prove.


  5. GotItAboutRight says:

    Maybe Woddy Guthrie is your thing, but I got irritated by Libby Purves saying that Billy Bragg is celebrating the centenary of Woddy Guthrie “as we all should be”. I know it’s a small thing and some people would no doubt call me petty for picking up on something like that but I do tire of being gently guided by state-funded middle-class lefties as to what my tastes and interests should be.


  6. chrisH says:

    So Libby advocates chain smoking arseholes who are vicious to their wives, run out on their families, and strike a pose atop the dunghill too.
    Think the HNS “Stop Smoking” creeps and the CSA should be told what this fat, fatuous leftie advocates as a good “role model” for our young people.
    Let the cabbages at the BBC decide whether I`m referring to Braggy boy or to Perv..applies to both, come to think of it.
    The Bragg-Purvis Scale of perpetual cant as funded by the BBC should be established…it`s a very virtuous circle in pretty pastels doncha know!


  7. Ian Hills says:

    Since imperialist western forces ejected the indigenous people of Palestine in the first place – letting neighbouring tribes in as squatters – isn’t it about time that the west encouraged the rehabilitation of the original inhabitants, and told the “new” Palestinians to go back home to Jordan?


  8. Earls Court says:

    Why doesn’t the BBC mentioned the help the other Arab countries have given to the Palestinians over the years. They have not helped them a all. Does the BBC mentioned all the humanitarian aid all their socialists comrades give palestine. They have never helped them. Israel helps Palestine daily, when they could just leave them all to rot.