Prime Minister’s Questions 12th September 2012

Today Biased-BBC will be hosting a LiveChat for Prime Ministers Questions at 12 noon UK time.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, although CoverItLive were always commercial at the medium to top volume of their market they have decided to charge everyone now, regardless of size.

Their concession is a sliding scale of charges, but it would still impose a financial burden on the site and we decided to look for an open source version as a replacement.

We will test the proposed solution today.

The second reason is that we think that the server load issues that have may have been at least mostly resolved. This will be a test of the server too. If it dies during the event then it will show that I still have more work to do alongside the hosting company. Please do not be completely surprised if there are problems.

Although this software doesn’t look as polished as CoverItLive there are a vast amount of extra things we can configure behind the scenes. Your input would be fantastic.

Guests can contribute anonymously but will have unique numbers assigned. I’ve turned the Country flag option on for a bit of colour. I think I’ll leave the ability to change your name turned on this time. But there’s a lot in this app. It allows private side chatrooms for example running parallel with the public discussion. That’ll be off this time around.

I’d like to thank David (@DVATW), Billy Bowden (@OnTablets), Max Farquar (@maxfarquar) and David Mosque (@DavidMosque) for their help testing this and for their advice.

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9 Responses to Prime Minister’s Questions 12th September 2012

  1. Ontablets says:

    See you a noon 🙂


  2. Demon says:

    Sorry I forgot to join in.


  3. chrisH says:

    Martha Kearneys dead donkey of a show this lunchtime tells me that Hillsborough was the big story.
    Let`s hope that when Labour bring up the “Thatcher cuts” as having its part to play in the ambulances not getting to the ground etc…let`s hope that some Tory will ask what (Labour) MPs in both Sheffield and Liverpool were saying at the time-and which of them were pulling the strings of assorted police and journos using their “mini-mes”-in the Peoples Republics of Sheffield and Liverpool at that time. Can`t imagine the likes of Blunkett or Heffer were not involved with their councillor bag carriers in tow.
    Took the Tories to vindicate the 96…as opposed to the likes of Burnham that got howled down in 2009 at Anfield…but will victims groups or the BBC mention this…hah!, dream on!
    In fact, if the Thatcher cuts are NOT dragged up-reason to look at the likes of Socialisms rotten boroughs even MORE as they pertained in 1989….any Tory on the warpath would do so…if that`s playing politics, then you know the BBC and the Labour Party will have some questions to answer!


    • Guest Who says:

      All these apologies seem rather a smokescreen.
      If there were folk who did not do what they were meant to, will there be any actual accountability?
      Or is it just some generic iconic football for tribal pols and media to kick around to keep the ratings up and the agendas hot, leaving any actual wrongdoing and justice accounting on specifics out the window.


  4. Deborah says:

    sorry AllSeeingEye – I was just trying to get on the general website around noon and failed completely (although when I went to Guido who had something about PMQ I knew why I couldn’t get on here).


  5. Alex says:

    Off topic: If Islam ever gets a stranglehold in this country then expect more of this:

    These foul threats should be met with swift arrest and immediate punishment.


    • chrisH says:

      Saw Tom Hollands programme first time around.
      Scholarly and lucid if a bit cliche ridden with too many special silly affectations-but anodyne (if uncontroversial)enquiry from a serious scholar.
      A good man who knows his way around Persian/Greek civilisations; and his contentions were perfectly valid and well-put in that academic way of his.
      I knew there`d be trouble though-the Islamic talking head from an American University was a stonewalling disgrace(how the hell does the USA grant visas to such “bigots”?)-and you just knew that Holland could end up like Rushdie because he dared ask the questions.
      Takes time of course-Khomeini was cynical in his fatwa timings, as were the quisling Danish imams re the cartoons…and Benedict himself was getting blamed for dead nuns within a few days.
      Islam is a bullying conspiracy, and chooses its targets, once someone has translated it and shown them the pictures-we`re not talking educated seekers of truth here, but thugs with an excuse to burn an American in an American flag.
      Any society with any backbone would weed the buggers out,, and send the likes of Hamza and Choudhury onto paradise via Jordan or the other side of Islam(if Sunni, send them to Shia-and vice versa).
      Meanwhile-we`re stuck with Theresa May, or Jacqui Smiff!…as a Taliban nutjob, I`d be quaking…wouldn`t you?