BBC Talking Down Economy

A quick return to the BBC’s ‘big conundrum’ of why employment is going up in a ‘recession’.

The BBC continues to ask the question…but  it is one which it  stubbornly refuses to actually attempt to answer….because it believes its own invented answer, that  it must be caused by a drop in productivity, is damaging to the Tories.

But….Apparently it’s not so much of a recession for manufacturing industry…a fact revealed by the Guardian… it was the Guardian that reported this….the conclusion must be, as everyone at the BBC reads the Guardian over their croissants and Latte, that the BBC chose to ignore the rather eye opening revelations.


Recent forecasts have told a sorry story of PMI figures dipping, export sales dropping and, worse still, the spectre of a painful double dip recession. The reality is somewhat different.

Results from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) national barometer show that 53% of firms have increased turnover in the past six months, with the same number expecting an upturn in sales between now and the end of the year.

Equally impressive, is that more than a third of manufacturing SMEs are looking to recruit and 71% of the 719 respondents questioned believe they will boost export turnover by late 2013. So much for a downturn, you might think?

SC (Diecasting) is a perfect example of this in practice. The zinc and aluminium pressure diecaster has more than doubled its turnover since 2009, creating 20 new jobs in the process.


Of course circumstances can change and the future economy could be massively impacted by say Europe going into complete melt down…but at present it seems manufacturers are confident…and are increasing their growth…and taking on workers…something that the BBC is failing completely to reflect in its coverage….and especially in its presenter’s own comments which always paint the situation as dire.

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5 Responses to BBC Talking Down Economy

  1. john in cheshire says:

    More’s the pity that unemployment isn’t rising within the bbc.


  2. jah says:

    So because the Guardian publishes a daft article and some people in the BBC read the Guardian then it follows that the BBC is biased.

    Beyond daft.


    • Span Ows says:

      Why is the Guardian article daft in your opinion?


      • Fred Sage says:

        Its interesting that just because the article disagrees with the usual Guardian, BBC and your view: you call it daft dispite the fact it just deals in facts. Are the facts wrong? What, in your opinion, is wrong with it?


  3. George R says:

    British Aerospace (BAE): ‘Takeover’ or ‘Merger’?

    1.) ‘Telegraph”s Iain Martin has:

    “David Cameron must find a way to stop the takeover of BAE systems”

    2.) BBC News Business page has:

    “BAE Systems shares shed gains after EADS merger talks”