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This programme is one that should see the new DG in the dock at OFFCOM if any BBC programme would.

Evan Davis has ensured that the BBC has taken sides in one of the biggest political and economic arguments of the times. The BBC has become openly political and partisan.

A programme that was dreamt up as a clever ‘Trojan horse’ to ‘nudge’ us into accepting a certain economic viewpoint was allowed to go too far and become what amounts to a blatantly obvious piece of propaganda for the Labour Party’s spending, or is that ‘investing’, plans.

It should, I would assume, have been a subtle bit of agitprop that told a story, made its point but not say that point aloud, it should have ‘led’ the viewer to reach the desired conclusion himself…but the BBC being the BBC it doesn’t trust the British public to make the right decision so it spells it out for them…spend money now!

Evan Davis is investigating the condition of Britain’s Infrastructure…he finds it is in a dire state, of course….and in need of great deal of money to be invested in it.

This will not only help provide jobs and economic growth now…but future proof us when the population reaches 70 million….he tells us.

No mention of the immigration that Labour imposed upon us that makes 70 million a likely figure….and upon which we can heap much of the blame for the hugely expensive upgrades in infrastructure needed now….the estimate in the programme is, purely for energy, telecoms, water and transport improvements, that it will cost £500 billion by 2020….and that excludes other projects needed such as schools, housing and hospitals to cope with the flood of new people.

So not only has Evan’s Labour Party spent ruinously when in government and landed us with a huge bill hanging over us now but it has left us a legacy that is going to bankrupt us or turn us into a third world economic basketcase as the economy cannot pay for all the necessary infrastructure to cope with the influx of immigrants.

But don’t worry says Evan….the cost is a mere nothing in the scale of things…and even if you object to new construction, don’t worry…because once it’s built you’ll love it, you’ll be content!


Here is a taste of Evan’s thinking and the conclusions he proposes….it is essentially a Labour Party political broadcast giving unqualified backing to Labour’s own policies.

As I said, if he’d been clever he’d have left it at telling us of the crumbling infrastructure and the future problems that will arise from that and then allowed us to start thinking ‘maybe something should be done’…but he kept going and decided to lecture us in what is as he says an area in which there is a great argument.

He has ensured that the BBC has taken sides in one of the biggest political and economic arguments of the times. The BBC has become openly political and partisan. 


Evan Davis speaks:

‘Britain faces an almighty challenge…key parts of our infrastructure are wearing out and all over Britain it is the same story. Much of our civil engineering that’s holding our country together is not up to the job.

Britain needs some serious work.

It won’t be easy and it won’t be cheap.

But if we’re ambitious for our future there’s no better time to get on with the job of building it than right now!

Should we be doing a lot more of this work (building infrastructure)…I know I’m biased…because I like it….but isn’t there a case for investing far more in infrastructure to get Britain ready for the future?

Forth Road Bridge….although it cost 1.5 billion it is a useful fillip to the local economy at a difficult time.

Infrastructure is one of the most effective ways of creating jobs.

Many believe there’s a lesson for Britain today and we should be digging our way out of a slump.

There’s a big argument over that.

But it makes an awful lot of sense when the economy is in the doldrums.

How much would it cost?

To keep the water, energy, telecoms and transport systems alone up to scratch and keeping pace with the growing population will cost £500 billion by 2020.

Don’t we have to spend more to give our economy space to respond to change?’



Davis occassionally tries to keep to the script…ie this is a programme that is trying to suggest we build infrastructure for ‘the Future’…but keeps letting his true reasons slip out….it is all about spending for ‘growth’….or alleged growth…and no idea where the money comes from to  start with.

A more partisan programme, openly supporting a Labour policy, would be hard to find.

If the Tories don’t start acting on programmes like this and stop the BBC from airing them they deserve everything they get…which is probably a big fat zero vote in 2015.

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28 Responses to The BBC’s ‘One Notion’

  1. jarwill101 says:

    Is it any wonder the infrastructure is cracking? Successive governments have not only lied, but buried their heads in the sand:
    And here we are, with 1000 pupil primary schools, & the East End turning into a shanty town with the ‘sheds with beds’ scandal.


    • jarwill101 says:

      And the BBC elite, people like ‘Sir’ Jimmy Naughtie, have been molesting inconvenient facts about mass immigration for years, having their way with them & then tucking them away in dark corners, well away from the Corporation’s sacred ‘narrative’.


  2. Framer says:

    Cuts in capital spending are easier to effect than cuts in current expenditure as so much of that spending is on salaries.
    That’s why the civil service immediately offers capital sacrifice when economic crisis occurs.
    No public sector entity, including the BBC, will suggest wage or pension reductions.
    The only cut proposed in that department is redundancy which comes at a greater cost than staff retention, despite Francis Maude’s supposed reforms.
    Capital spending cuts also affect the private sector disproportionately.
    It doesn’t have a choice when the permanent government makes the decision.


    • Guest Who says:

      It always intrigues how the inherent conflict of interest aspects of a public sector state medium is rationalised, especially on the many areas where the sole interests of said public sector are assessed vs. other considerations.
      Given recent events, the notion of personal professionalism and internal institutional oversight acting in successful check and balance has rather been shown to be a hollow sham.


  3. Deborah says:

    I have always considered the cost of immigration to be huge. It doesn’t matter who the 1 million people are, they will need hospitals, schools and as pointed out above by Alan in his excellent piece the infrastructure that goes with them. Pre 2010 when Labour were in power, those at the BBC that interviewed Labour politicians used to allow them to say, ‘We have more schools, police…….whatever’ without the question being asked that with more people here we needed them.


  4. Glenn says:

    Whilst I do not agree that this is blatantly Labour (they have no policies) , it is obviously against the government.

    The BBC’s recent appointments (Allegra, in particular) show they have no intention of even handedness.

    One can support Keynesianism, as I do, however they never mention the reason we can’t do it. Labour pissed the money up the wall.

    The infrastructure he talks about is all good, but we don’t have the money and cannot lend it.


  5. Ken Hall says:

    “Evan Davis is investigating the condition of Britain’s Infrastructure…he finds it is in a dire state, of course….and in need of great deal of money to be invested in it.”

    So what the F*** were labour doing for 13 years, if even with their insane levels of state spending, our infrastructure crumbled into such a disastrous state of disrepair and neglect? Surely such an extensive state of entropy did not only begin in the last 2 years?

    Funny how the BBC never ask this? Like when the riots occured and labour and the BBC blamed cuts (which had not begun by then) and the “run down inner cities”. What had labour been doing for 13 years? what happened to all the “investment” in the inner cities? I saw lots of youth clubs and community centres and health facilities and loads more built in these areas, so clearly, all that investment did not work! Funny how the BBC forget that labour were in power, pissing away money hand over fist, and none of it made any difference, apparently.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘So what the F*** were labour doing for 13 years, if even with their insane levels of state spending, our infrastructure crumbled into such a disastrous state of disrepair and neglect?’

      Absolutely spot on. As I am reminded every time my car hits a pothole: they left us in debt to the tune of £1,000,000,000,000 with bugger-all to show for it.


      • Ken Hall says:

        True… but where I have to drive slowly to avoid potholes, I also find a mass of dangerous, damaging and annoying speed-bumps too. I understand the rationale for speed bumps, but somebody forgot that ambulances have to travel quickly sometimes. I would hate to die, because an ambulance could not get to me quicker because of those suspension killing speed-bumps. I have to have cracked suspension springs replaced on almost every MOT these days. I am sick of those speed bumps. A better idea is to do what we used to do, and TEACH children to not run out into the street!


      • Privatise the BBC says:

        I look forward to Evan ignoring the fact that Labour were too frightened of pressure groups to make a decision regarding replacement power stations over those 13 years and expect lies and propaganda about AGW.
        This will be an interesting dance though no doubt it will all be Fatchers fault.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        What were Labour doing? PFIs for social housing and hospitals, making orders to build and repair school buildings, and…oh, hang on…..that was all smoke and mirrors. Never mind.

        Evan Davis, a Left-wing economist, was the BBC’s economics editor before handing the red rose over to Stephanie “Two Eds” Flanders, another Left-wing economist.


  6. Ken Hall says:

    Evan’s solution is insane. The flow of capital is the reverse of what is needed. In his vision, the Government borrows more money, spends it importing materials, and paying wages to people to build stuff. These people will then spend much of their wages on new (foreign) cars, TVs, white goods holidays etc… So a simplified version of it is the government borrowing more and more money, at interest (which will increase) to piss away overseas, leaving less and less here to repay debt.

    That was labour’s last economic model and it was disastrous.

    We need the government to fund massive tax-cuts for manufacturing and service exporters to stimulate the economy in a way that will increase and bring a lot more money INTO this country, which can be recirculated and taxed here to increase the money the government takes in income, and THEN the government can spend on large infrastructure projects, interest free. Also, by increasing the manufacturing and exporting base, we may even find that we have more capacity to manufacture the materials here to use in these grand infrastructure spends, keeping more money in the UK.


  7. bodo says:

    He did a series on radio four a few years ago studying the housing shortage. Not once in the whole series was immigration mentioned as the major cause of the shortage.
    Just before the last general election he made a documentary “The day the immigrants left” – disgracefully dishonest and misleading piece of propaganda. I’m sure it boosted the Labour vote considerably.
    “Breaking into Britain” was a documentary he produced on economic migrants. 3 carefully selected sympathetic cases which the BBC claimed showed ‘the truth’ about illegal immigrants. In reality it was a BBC approved, leftwing pro immigration piece of propaganda.


    • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

      I’m not so sure that immigration is the major cause of a housing shortage.
      I thought it was the decline of the normal family, with a high proportion of unmarried parents, needing two houses per ‘family’ instead of one.
      But this immoral lifestyle has been relentlessly pushed by lefties, with bBBC phone-ins every day trying to persuade us that fatherless ‘families’ are ‘normal’.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Clealry both immigration and the dramatic increase in one parent families have made major contributions to the housing and infrastruture problems that we now have. Both of these are the result of Labour policies which have been consistently supported by the BBC for decades.
        But people in Britain just seem to accept the BBC view on these issues and many others which damage Britain.
        The Conservatives ought to be the ones to sort the BBC out, but Maggie didn’t do it in the 80’s and the Corporation is much more powerful now. Unless the BBC is dealt with the Conservatives will find it increasingly difficult to win office and when they do they will find they spend political capital at an alarming rate just defending their policies against attacks by the BBC/ Labour coalition.


  8. Privatise the BBC says:

    This programme was utter bilgewater.
    I lost count of the number of times I was ‘told’ that all political parties agree that….
    They don’t – stop lying.
    Canals and trains were privately funded so why this demand that the taxpayer pick up the bill? The great Socialist dream appears to be the goal here.
    Utter cockwaffle.


    • Robin Rose says:

      Is a cockwaffle Evan’s latest piece of genital jewellry? I thought he was walking funny lately.


  9. Jack Hughes says:

    Labour certainly raised the squandering bar during their last reign, but all of our governments seem to be experts at taxing heavily but then frittering it away. The French raise lots of tax but also manage to fund major infrastructure projects – all major cities in France are connected by motorways while we still have single carriageways for huge stretches of key arterial routes.
    And where’s our TGV?


  10. Alex says:

    Thought you might find this a little amusing, if not all too predictable!

    Compare Nick “You All Love Me Because I’m Indispensible” Robinson’s analysis of Ed Miliband’s speech:

    With that of Cameron’s:


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Above all, though, the man who’s heard himself branded as posh and out of touch and his party as that of the rich and the privileged fought back’.

      Branded by…..? Why Labour, of course, whose smears, mantras and lies are repeated by their comrades at the BBC ad nauseam.

      As for Robinson’s puke-inducing piece on Miliband, he was waving his right hand around a lot whilst his left remained below camera, out of view. No prizes for guessing what he was doing with it.

      Shamelessly arrogant biased reporting. This is one hell of a sick public broadcaster doing completely as it pleases with not even a passing nod to impartiality.


  11. bodo says:

    Don’t expect too much.
    BBC reporting scrutinised after accusations of liberal bias

    Trust chairman Lord Patten launches new impartiality review into corporation’s coverage of religion, immigration and Europe

    Josh Halliday
    The Guardian, Wednesday 10 October 2012 19.16 BST

    The BBC’s news coverage of religion, immigration and Europe is to be scrutinised in an independent review following accusations of liberal bias.

    Lord Patten, the BBC Trust chairman, said the review was an acknowledgment of “real and interesting” concerns from some quarters about the impartiality of the BBC’s news coverage.


    • bodo says:

      From the BBC article;
      Whether ‘due weight’ has been given to a range of perspectives or opinions – for example, views held by a minority should not necessarily be given equal weight to the prevailing consensus;

      And yet the BBC are perfectly content for their minority pro-immigration views to dominate their coverage.


    • Alex says:

      It’ll be just another self-serving and censored report ignoring the blatant left-wing mindsets that prevail in every dark corridor and every room within BBC walls.
      One doesn’t need to conduct an in-depth investigation to find evidence of bias; one just needs to listen to the Today programme.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      ” Trust chairman Lord Patten”
      don’t ever forget this plonker had the approval of Dopey Dave!
      Useless Tories!


  12. Idontpaythebbc says:

    Is the population going to increase because

    1; it`s government policy and everyone wants it to


    2; the powers that be have lost control of our borders and they are accepting that illegal activities must fashion Britians policy .



  13. chrisH says:

    This will be off topic-so I now throw myself upon the mercy of the Court of Popular opinions…Judge Desmond Emus presiding, Scott Prole QC prosecuting.
    I saw nasty little programme a while back with 9/11 deniers getting a freebie to the USA to “investigate”.Sense the assembled clots and stoodents who got the free trips would have to be friends of Jimmys…certainly weren`t there for their insight!
    Anyhoo, I`m pretty sure that the same team have just been done for “investigating ” Area 51…breaking US law and having now to pay £375 fines. It`s on todays Daily Mail site.
    Given that this lots of “stars” and “Irish comedians with a passion or an interest in UFOs etc”…are the same conspiracy stooges that think 7/7 was a Labour set up(I hate Labour…but?)…then if we put these three stories together, we get a “emerging narrative”..for factual and historical abuse, very much in the Jimmy Savile mould.
    And my question, Your Honour-did the licence fee payer pay these fines for these lazy, ignoarant scumming freeloaders at Yoof TV/BBC 3/what EVA!
    How very dare they?…reckon we`ve got another ballbearing to slip under Fatty Pangs kimono anyway!


  14. Scooper says:

    Heard Evan Davis being ever so impartial on the Today program last week when interviewing Millipede. How he gets away with it is astonishing. The question:
    “Mr Milliband, do you think that the British public’s attitude to welfare has hardened as a result of the Coalition Government or because of a well meaning but high spending Labour government?”
    It’s not really a question of course, it’s an invitation to Millipede to unleash his bullshit without any form of challenge. Disgraceful.


    • johnnythefish says:

      If Davis had half a brain he would work out there’s nothing well-meaning about condemning generations to a life on benefits which pays them more than working.