Note…Graphic photos of death.

The BBC Middle East crew are ratcheting up the propaganda that paints the Israelis as living in a safe haven of bomb shelters, protected  from puny and ineffective, makeshift Palestinian rockets by the ‘Iron Dome’ missile system and with a sophisticated, powerful,  savage army that brutally enforces the siege of Gaza and targets civilians…or cares less whether they become casualties or not.

The repeated assertion on most reports on the aftermath of Gaza are that the Israelis just didn’t really suffer, not enough dead, not enough wounded, not enough homes wrecked….the Palestinians are the ‘victims’ of an Israel murderous over reaction.

I wonder how Bowen & Co would react if  yobs started lobbing some form of explosive at his home and family and demanded to be allowed to live in his house….and kept it up for 60 years.  I’m sure he would just walk away and hand them the keys.


Jeremy Bowen (abridged) on the Today programme on Friday (2 hrs 49 mins) lays it on thick from Gaza…..and interesting choice of ‘witness’…Mads Gilbert….more of whom later….

Jon Donnison follows with a piece on the Website doing a similar job…interesting change of spelling of the name of his Palestinian colleague whose son was killed….all spellings I have seen have  been ‘Jihad’, Donnison spells it ‘Jehad’…..

Checking Donnison’s Twitter feed it was always ‘jihad’…why the change all of a sudden?

Jon Donnison@JonDonnison

Jihad Mashrrawi: And tell them I am okay & I have durability & have the patience. I hope to you and to everyone have peace & love. #Gaza 3/3

Jihad Mashrrawi: My regards to all your friends who ask about me and also to all the staff in the BBC. 2/3

A message from my friend & colleague Jihad Mashrrawi to all who sent best wishes after the killing of his 11month old boy Omar in #Gaza 1/2



‘A very peaceful scene…a modest, dusty park in the centre of Gaza…so different to how it was not so long ago.
This has been the first big clash between the Israelis and Palestinians since the Arab Spring started two years ago.

Israel still has its Western friends but Hamas, with its important allies, claims to be the real leader of the Palestinians instead of the Western backed Fatah and is looking much more credible.
[Good that Bowen thinks a murderous terrorist group set on destroying Israel and has just blown up a civilian bus in Tel Aviv is ‘credible’].

Every morning some Palestinian families had to dig through the ruins of their homes to find dead children or parents.  I spoke to a man who was watching cousins, nephews and neighbours, tearing through the rubble, some with shovels some with their bare hands….he said to me that when a boy’s mother or father is killed the boy will seek revenge for the killing.

I spoke to Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian surgeon at Gaza’s main hospital minutes after he tried and failed to resuscitate a 13 year old Palestinian boy who’d been rushed in with a shrapnel wound in the chest.

Mr Gilbert was infuriated by the way that Western countries tend to support Israel’s version of events… “I feel between rage and desperation, between screaming and crying.  This little Shabab is now dead….and the only crime in his life is that he was born Palestinian in Gaza, he hasn’t done anything wrong and nobody really speaks up for him.  I think this needs to be addressed in a way that the fundamental right of the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza is being completely deserted by all these governments.”

Gaza has a lot more damage and a lot more casualties than Israel …..every death, every wound, every wrecked house is some bodies  tragedy where ever it happens.’


So Mads Gilbert?  A good choice of witness?  Even the Guardian recognises  he is somewhat pro-Palestinian and even pro-terrorist…

‘Gilbert, 61, and his colleague Erik Fosse, 58, recently returned to Oslo after working in Gaza for the first 10 days of the Israeli offensive [Cast Lead 2009].

The pair are high-profile pro-Palestinian campaigners and Gilbert, a far-left politician in Norway, is a particularly controversial figure, having been at the centre of allegations – which he says are “completely absurd” – of faking a TV report about the death of an 11-year-old boy during the conflict.’


Foxnews tells us a lot more:

A high-profile Norwegian doctor who has said the September 11 terrorists were justified in their attack is now treating patients in Gaza and is being accused of presenting “hard-core propaganda” to TV interviewers in his telling of the conflict between Hamas and Israel.
In addition to being supportive of the terrorist organization Hamas, Gilbert has voiced support for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

“The oppressed also have a moral right to attack the USA with any weapon they can come up with.”
When asked if he supported a terror attack on the U.S., Gilbert said, “Terror is a bad weapon but the answer is yes within the context which I have mentioned.”

Dr. Mads Gilbert has become an unofficial advocate of the Palestinian cause, his critics say.
International media reports, including those from the BBC, CBS, CNN and FOX’s sister station Sky News, present Gilbert as an ordinary doctor.
But a look at his record shows that Gilbert, 61, is a political activist and member of the Norwegian Maoist “Red” party, and he has been involved in solidarity work for the Palestinians since the 1970s. He has criticized the international aid organization Doctors Without Borders for refusing to take sides in conflicts.
Israeli government officials have said Hamas hides weapons in the hospital where Gilbert works.’


Here the BBC’s Jon Donnison attempts to pile  on the pressure and tries to demonise Israel……no such stories for the Fogels…remember them:

They ended up like this:



By Jon Donnison

(BBC Watch have also picked up on this report:  BBC’s Jon Donnison displays a professional and ethical conflict of interests )

Gaza baby ‘only knew how to smile’
‘My friend and colleague Jehad Mashhrawi is usually the last to leave our Gaza bureau. Hard-working but softly spoken, he often stays late, beavering away on a laptop that is rarely out of arm’s reach.

But on the Wednesday before last – only an hour or so after Gaza’s latest war erupted with Israel’s killing of Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jabari – Jehad burst out of the editing suite screaming.
He sprinted down the stairs, his head in his hands, his face ripped with anguish.
He had just had a call from a friend to tell him the Israeli military had bombed his house and that his 11-month-old baby boy Omar was dead.

Jehad showed me a photo on his mobile phone.
It was of a cheeky, chunky, round-faced little boy in denim dungarees, chuckling in a pushchair, dark-eyed with a fringe of fine brown hair pushed across his brow.
“He only knew how to smile,” Jehad told me, as we both struggled to hold back the tears.
“He could say just two words – Baba and Mama,” his father went on.
Also on Jehad’s phone is another photo. A hideous tiny corpse. Omar’s smiling face virtually burnt off, that fine hair appearing to be melted on to his scalp.

Omar was not a terrorist.

Of course every civilian death on either side – not just Omar’s – is tragic. The United Nations says its preliminary investigation shows that 103 of the 158 people killed in Gaza were civilians.
Of those, 30 were children – 12 of whom were under the age of 10. More than 1,000 people were injured.
In Israel, too, there were fatalities: four civilians and two soldiers. There were also many injuries. But the fact the Israeli Ambulance Service was also reporting those suffering from anxiety and bruises is an indication of the asymmetric nature of the conflict.



The difference with the Fogel family and the Palestinian civilian casulaties is that the Fogels were murdered deliberately and in cold blood. The Israelis were not ‘targeting’ civilians in Gaza….every death is somebody’s personal tragedy….but  deaths caused as a consequence of otherwise legitimate actions happen all the time…in police chases, at work or on the roads….how many in Britain die from traffic accidents?  Three thousand or so?  And yet you jump into your car every day and think nothing of it….and yet, by driving, in essence you are that Israeli ‘tank commander’ or ‘pilot’ who has to fire a tank shell or a missile to deal with the Hamas military threat….you too could kill accident.  They are still dead, accident or not and you killed them.


I would suggest that the BBC correspondents are becoming far too emotionally involved in this conflict…especially when a colleague’s son is killed, to report in a balanced and impartial manner….the effect is to demonise Israel which is presented as the ‘aggressor’ whose intent is to wipe out the Palestinians and take their land.

I believe Bowen was promoted up to remove him from temptation and limit his direct involvement in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict after the Balen Report…clearly those limits have been breached and he has once again been allowed to air his own, partial take on events…and now ably assisted by Jon Donnison….the only mercy is that the ‘Angel of Death’, Orla Guerin, is kept safely out of the mix….‘They used to call war reporter Orla Guerin the Angel of Death because every time she went anywhere people started being murdered’.….except very often they weren’t…she invented or happily quoted reliable Palestian sources….see Jenin and the 3000 Palestinians ‘massacred’,  or not, by the Israelis.



Having had a look at previous notes on Donnison and the ‘asymmetry’ of this war as well as child deaths it looks like  Donnison is continuing a theme as this report from 2011 shows:

‘Militarily, Israel is far superior, a fact which is reflected in the casualty figures.
Israel, where casualties are rare, is under pressure from its border communities to punish militants in Gaza for any attacks.


It might also be as well to remember that the BBC fall over themselves to give a platform to Tariq Ramadan (‘one of the most influential voices on young Muslims’) the slippery Islamist…the man who claimed it was justifiable to deliberately kill Jewish children in a ‘war’.

Here is the full transcript (from Italian magazine Panorama in 2004) of his answer to the question of whether it is right to deliberately target and kill children and Israeli civilians because they are considered soldiers.

‘I don’t believe that an eight year old child is a soldier. These acts are condemnable; therefore one has to condemn them in themselves. But I say to the international community that they are contextually explicable, and not justifiable. What does this mean? It means that the international community today has placed the Palestinians in a situation where they are delivered political oppression, which explains (not justifying it) that at a certain point people say: we don’t have arms, we don’t have anything, and so we cannot do anything other than this. It is contextually explicable but morally condemnable.’

So in the context killing Jewish children is justifiable if morally wrong.

Ramadan is an Islamist….and just as the BBC do not explain Dr Mads Gilbert’s political ideology they choose not to explain the ‘real’ Tariq Ramadan….a hardline ‘Salafist’……

In a 2003 radio interview, Ramadan made clear his adherence to the salafist teachings: “There is a rationalist Reformism and the Salafist school, in the sense that the Salafist tries to remain faithful to the basic principles. I belong to the latter; that is to say, there is a certain number of principles that are for me, fundamental, and that, as a Muslim, I refuse to betray.”
The theoretical foundation for his concept of Europe as a space for the relatively unfettered propagation of Islam was developed in the 1980s by the Lebanese Muslim Brotherhood activist Faisal Mawlawi

Mawlawi describes dawa as one part or aspect of jihad, which he defines in a comprehensive way as the overall struggle to expand Islam. From this comprehensive perspective, he argues that jihad may not be reduced to armed struggle simply (although he does claim this is permitted in certain contexts), and further argues that armed fighting should not be pursued if circumstances allow for the peaceful spread of Islam by dawa.
He emphasizes on the one hand that periods of peace are more conducive to the spread of Islam than fighting, and that it is preferable to spread Islam by peaceful dawa, on the other hand he declares that fighting is permitted when the order for jihad is given, and even may become a duty if the ‘message of Islam’ can not be spread other than by fighting against un-Islamic rulers.
Ramadan does not see Muslim identity and European identity as mutually exclusive. He claims that today Muslims are already Europeans and calls indigenous people “just older immigrants,” thus providing a way of introducing Islam to non-Muslims as something familiar, and not a foreign, alien element.

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  1. chrisH says:

    Not fair to blame the BBC for this one, but only the LeftLib mindset could see Israels “Iron Dome” defence shield as self-excluding, isolating and a symbolic display of Israels refusal to face up to realities.
    This is pretty much what Robert Fisk says in todays Independent…and won`t be surprised if this fruitful line of denigration of Israel does not sneak into the News reviews of 2012.
    Surely we should get prior knowledge of what the BBC will be giving us by way of “this story as it looks on New Years Eve”…will hindsight or experience help shape the narrative for them all?
    Course not…Owen Jones as prosecuting council , Judge Jeremy Bowen presiding.
    Clever lawyers maybe ought to be insisting on checking just WHAT will be in the schedules at the end of the year-wouldn`t want Savile repeated would we…nor the likes of Newsnight going rogue on us again…cost us millions already, that we`re silently funding for them all.
    P.S…same paper “Gove wades into Rotherham row”…now was balls accused of same over BabyP and Shoesmith-yet another Labour Council!
    PPS. I like “I haven`t a clue” on R4…can be very funny…but if they continue to mock the likes of Gove and Clegg, I`ll have to add them to the list. Humphrey Lyttleton deserves better.
    Harry and Paul tonight is it?..great!


  2. Daphne Anson says:

    Jon Donnison’s at it again.
    Obviously the baby’s death was an absolute tragedy, but Donnison is a “gone native” propagandist and should be relocated well away from all conflict zones.
    Notice that the father’s first name, Jihad, has been given a BBC makeover – as Jehad.


  3. deegee says:

    Apologies for republishing this from the tail end of the previous Open Thread but completely relevant.

    If I was a Hamas public diplomacy guru how would I direct the BBC to ‘position’ the war between Israel and Gaza? I would tell them to focus on Israel kills babies. Taking bets now on how long Losing Omar – Gaza baby ‘only knew how to smile’ remains linked to the Home Page of BBC news.

    I would tell the journalists, not that Donnison needs directing, to keep it as gruesome as possible but at the same time as personal. Make sure that everyone identifies.

    The UN, that is UNWRA dominated entirely by Hamas, claims that preliminary investigation shows that 103 of the 158 people killed in Gaza were civilians. Of those, 30 were children – 12 of whom were under the age of 10. Under no account mention that, even in the unlikely event of this ration being correct, the 2:1 civilian to casualty ration is remarkably low for modern warfare. In Iraq the ration is 10:1.

    Jihad Misharawi, a BBC Arabic journalist who lives in Gaza, carries the body of his 11-month old son, Omar, through al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. I would subtly suggest the child died because Israel targeted the father. In the BBC universe there are no accidents, misses, military targets deliberately placed where civilians are in jeopardy or top military officials living close by or even in the same building. Under no account mention that Hamas spokesman urged Palestinian civilians to Ignore IDF warnings

    At the same time I would direct that although more than 1,400 rockets were launched from Gaza I would make sure that the BBC never actually witnessed and reports on one of them. Although even UN figures show one third were combatants and the IDF claims that a remarkable 30 of them were top ranking Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists (sorry militants) I would direct that their deaths be from a media black hole. Dead babies, yes. Dead military commanders with families applauding their demise as shahids, no.

    Omar was not a terrorist as if anyone thought so but Ahmed Jabari, Hab’s Hassan Us Msamch, Ahmed Abu Jalal, Khaled Shaer, Osama Kadi, Muhammad Kalb and Ramz Harb were. Ignore them.

    The death of a child, any child is a tragedy. Concentrating reporting on their demise is propaganda.

    Mission accomplished, BBC. Reported exactly as Hamas would have wanted.


    • deegee says:

      Guest Who replied:
      ‘I would tell them to focus on Israel kills babies.’
      As you point out, this manual seems to have been learned by heart.
      ‘Let us be quite clear: this is war pornography. Its use is designed specifically to shock audiences into oblivion regarding the circumstances and facts and it aims to solicit purely emotional reactions of anger and disgust at the suggested perpetrator.’

      I guess now what you get to ‘believe’ is based on where you source your information.
      And it helps if, then, the edit suite is guided by PR should a few kinks in the matrix spoil the narrative…
      ‘Interestingly the spelling of his name has changed from “Jihad” to “Jehad”.’
      Jon Donnison, or JD, could as easily be morphed into all manner of other incarnations if one was so minded.
      Propaganda can be effective in starting wars, and keeping them going… it seldom ends them, or well for those involved.


      • Guest Who says:

        Really such as this should not have satire attached, but it is clear where outrage is like water off an unaccountable duck’s back, mocking does seem to on occasion register…
        ‘faking a TV report’
        This would suggest the author would therefore be a shoo-in for the now vacant slot on Newsnight, surely?


      • Guest Who says:

        Oh, and via a link of a link…
        ‘his response was to block me’
        Now the BBC can hardly claim twitter is not now a key aspect of its ‘news’ offering, and nor can it surely credibly claim that Vinesque ‘views are my brothers’ really are going to cut it when pumping out BS under a BBC banner to the individual’s often multi-thousand ‘followers’ (an apt name for most… if not all for reasons already clear). Especially as the DPP seems to be getting interested post-McAlpine on a numbers and influence basis first.
        However, I’d be keen on hearing Lord Hall Hall’s views on the evident default of near all BBC personnel using twitter to disseminate anything they fancy, true or biased, without censure by the organisation he now heads (in theory), when any feedback that does not suit is met with a banning.
        There are none so blind as those who only see what they are shown; none so deaf as those who only hear what they are programmed to receive, and none so dumb as…. well, those who think the best way to ensure the first two are all they need and use censorship to ensure that remains so.


  4. RHG says:

    Clearly and unequivocally all civilian death is regrettable. The death of children is tragic in all hostilities.

    Perhaps the BBC should tell us about the Fadjr family of missiles held by the 20% of active ‘militants’ pointed as a threat 24/7 at Israel by an organisation that clearly is not a state actor and proclaims that ‘terror’ is a legitimate weapon to achieve its political ends.

    No state can tolerate weaponry with 60 kilometre unguided range carrying 45 kilogrammes of HE pointed indiscriminately at its civilian infrastructure.

    The ‘militants’ calculate the response …including the loss of ‘innocent’ life as a ‘means justify the end’ calculation. Martyrdom (Islamic understanding) is elevated as a necessary price.

    Cynical and perverse.

    The BBC should realize this. But prefers to ignore this…all of the time.


  5. Cassandra King says:

    The extreme left and their love affair with islamofascists since the 70s, it must be a mental perversion of some kind. Where the islamists gain power they seek to wipe out and eradicate leftist Marxism and socialism. I would say they deserve to be eradicated if it were not for the fact that we normal people would suffer for it.

    In Iran the extreme left helped and assisted the Mullah takeover of Iran and the toppling of the Shah, in gratitude for their efforts these leftist allies were swiftly hunted down and given their just rewards for all their efforts on behalf of fundamentalist islamofascism. If there are any trick cyclists out there who could explain the mental disease to me I would be grateful.

    They were slowly hanged from cranes en masse and strangled to death in front of jeering mobs, not a nice way to die. The question is why the extreme left feel such empathy for those who are diametrically opposed to everything the left stands for? And yet the seem to share the psychopathic hatred of Israel, a nation of progressive democracy with a thriving left wing base.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Oh and BTW

      May God and the Angels bless the Fogel family and keep them safe in their love and care and may Satan get to receive their killers and all those at the BBC who supported them in due course for the appropriate eternal damnation and retribution.


    • George R says:

      A Beeboid affliction?-

      “Pathological Tenderness — the affinity for one’s enemies over one’s own people.”

      “Pathological tenderness”

      By Tabitha Korol


      • Alan says:

        You’re a dangerous man George R…The ‘Boys’ will soon be awarding you the honourary rank of ‘Bonkers’ if you keep talking such sense and providing such good links.


      • chrisH says:

        Fine article this!
        Explains a lot.
        My thinking is that of Melanie Phillips on this-the Left lost its Soviet dream, and saw China go all money-minded.
        About the only issue that the Left COULD unite on any more was its hatred of Israel…which was tolerated as long as it was not a nationalist state , nor anything but Socialist(kibbutzim etc).
        Now that Israel is a thriving, democratic and technological standard bearer ,but in among the blowfies, sand dunes and centuries of hatred by its neighbouring “clans” (who agree only on death to the Jews and the USA that backs them)…hardly a surprise when Socialists of old that hate the USA join forces with Arab terrorists that hate Jews.
        Look at those flags round there-Sharia script, dark green, blood red, lots of black with white sheets for the martyrs.
        It`s an esy rebellion sucking up to Hamas-and these lazy Guardian thickies would never think of looking at the constitutions of Hamas or Hez`bollah.
        Less work to buy some rosewater for Yasser Arafat when they dig the bugger up…did he keep his pin number in his keffiyah then?
        Oh the wailing and the keening of Orla, Lyse, Jon and the like can only be imagined round the interred grave…rather you than me beeboids!


        • pah says:

          It is simpler than that.

          After the British Empire was broken up the soviets and chinese fought for influence over the arab states. Only the most easterly states, like Iran, fell under chinese influence (briefly) – all the rest were soviet puppets. Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya etc. Look at all those rusting T72s. Where did they come from if not Russia?

          Only a few Arab states, noteably the ones ruled by autocratic aristocracies (and hence unlikely to look to the soviets for anything) stayed ‘friendly’ to the West. Saudi, Kuwait and UAE for example. No point having all that oil and no customers.

          The Israelis were the US’ only reliable ally in the ME.

          So, obviously the Western left support the Arabs over Israel. Even now that the USSR has been consigned to the dustbin of history the left cling to their old allies and their old hatreds. They never forget an enemy.

          The fact that the islamofascists hate socialism is inconsequencial. Only the lefts hate is real. Only the lefts hate counts. It’s why they always fail and always will fail.


    • Stewart S says:

      Pascal Bruckner in his book ‘The Tyranny of Guilt’ attributes this to form of entryism.
      The hard left unable to mobilise the ‘proletariat’ saw radical Islam as ready made shock troops in their war against capitalism
      I find this explanation convincing as in the early 70s I was ,briefly, a member of the SWP and though even as teenager I could see it as the fraud it was (and is) I maintained friends in it and its offspring the ANL
      There was clearly a strategy to recruit afro/caribbean youths to their cause (having failed to achieve a paris 68 style solidarity with the trade unions.
      The irony that they (the SWP) shared their middle class parents stereotypical view of black youths as being naturally more aggressive and violent was lost on them.
      This strategy was successful not least as the ANL gave them a moral shield so to criticise their revolutionary ends was immediately an act of racism
      I can believe that in the wake of the ‘Rushdie affair’ they believed they could replicate this success with muslim youths
      But they now find themselves as a man who climbed on the back of a tiger hoping to find a way to dismount without being devoured but all the time riding for red ruin


    • anon says:

      You could add to that Western feminists support for Islamic causes. One day championing a woman’s right to wear next to nothing and the next supporting those who would have women covered from top to toe. I agree very odd, very contrary, and very sick.


      • pah says:

        I would like to state that I fully support and endorse every womans right to wear next to nothing. Particularly if they look like Angelina Jolie.

        (If they don’t I support their right to a burka. It’s only fair)


      • Demon says:

        What a women can choose to wear or display was an early internal contradiction for the Left. When breasts were banned on television and in most films the left were calling for a lift to all restrictions as it was against their beliefs to have any censorship.

        When the watershed was broken and it became virtually anything goes, the left suddenly were against the new reality. From being “A woman’s right to choose” it became “Women only have the rights that we, the Left, will allow them.” and any showing of too much flesh became “exploitation of women” whether the woman in question was happy to show off her bits and get a decent amount of cash for it.

        The left’s u-turns on so many issues are hilarious albeit annoying as well.


        • john in cheshire says:

          As I’ve said before, for socialists who follow the Saul Alinsky methodology, the issue is not the issue. The issue is anything that promotes their warped socialist agenda. So, they’ll abandon anything if it doesn’t assist in their cause, no matter how vehemently they might have championed it in the past. Unfortunately for Israel, they are a constant focus of bile, vitriol and hatred for the socialist hatemongers.


  6. Andy S. says:

    Donnison’s on-line propagandising was mentioned on the BBC’s Newswatch programme on Friday evening. They actually mentioned the photograph of the Syrian girl laid out on a hospital trolley Donnison alleged was a victim of Israeli “bombardment”. Presenter Samira Ahmed, stated that the BBC had been accused by some of being pro-Israeli while just as many accused the Beeb of being anti-Israeli – thereby intimating they are getting it “just about right” (my words,not hers , but her meaning was the same).

    She interviewed some smug Beeboid news producer about their reporters’, including Donnison,mentioning him by name , Twitter witterings. The producer basically said strict rules were in place about what presenters and reporters are allowed to say (Helen Boaden’s “impartiality is in our genes” rule) and that,in his view Donnison had done nothing wrong. Anyway, Donnison rectified his “error” as soon as it was pointed out to him that the photograph was from Syrian on Syrian violence. Basically the producer gave Donnison the all-clear to carry on tweeting.

    So basically we have a programme ostensibly putting the BBC new output under a spotlight but in reality complacently brushing aside any complaints about the manner of their news reporting with a “we’re right, you’re wrong” attitude.


  7. Daphne Anson says:

    Any tweeters here?
    Then wish that nice Mr Donnison a long long long long leave:


  8. anon says:

    One day an Al Beeb journalist is bound to be on the wrong end of an Israeli strike. It has just got to happen. One wonders what they will do honour to their first martyr.


  9. RHG says:

    “Many, with the permission of the Palestinian Authority, have come to Gaza over the years from the Palestinian Diaspora scattered in many Arab and foreign countries. These families have brought social change with them. Many of these refugees were less religiously conservative than mainstream Gazan society, which has led to increasing clashes over lifestyle.”

    Then there are also the original inhabitants of Gaza, who dominate its trading activities and who constitute Gaza City’s upper echelon. Education is highly regarded among the families of this social class, and they think of themselves as more liberated when it comes to choice in marriage. However, marriage between these inhabitants and refugees to Gaza is not greeted with enthusiasm. Having made prestigious contributions to the city such as the establishment of banks and shopping centres, members of these families have a lot of land and financial properties that they have passed on from one generation to another. Accordingly, they look for their equals in social class when it comes to marriage. Women belonging to these families frequently end up marrying a cousin or a near relative.”

    A*** and her family moved to Gaza from Jordan seeking a better future. She graduated from Al Azhar university in English literature, and is a writer and activist”

    There must be two Gazas!

    One a concentration camp and another one!

    Of course decent and moral people decry death and destruction…but information about the ‘open air prison’ is entirely missing in BBC output. Just a rehash of someone’s propaganda. That’s BBC journalism.


  10. deegee says:

    Mahmoud Abbas pursues Palestinian UN bid after Gaza conflict Had you forgotten about him?

    The Palestinians hope they will then be given access to international courts where they can challenge Israeli actions. Yup – and leave themselves open for legal actions against them. One thing the Jews are not short of are lawyers.

    Yolande Knell may not be aware of this but Abbas certainly is.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I assume that being so distraught over his friend’s loss is why Donnison forgot how to spell his friend’s name? Or has he now decided – with the approval of his line editor – to mislead his audience and sanitize the nature of this aspect of a growing Mohammedan death cult?

    For the time being, the initial story on the BBC website still spells Jihad’s name the honest way, as do all the others. You can bet that Donnison is aware of the lack of sympathy for someone named Jihad amongst many of the great unwashed, which may have influenced his decision to send that down the memory hole all on his own. Let’s see if Donnison’s cute move makes its way into the BBC style guide. I have screenshots of all of them for future reference.


    • Span Ows says:

      No, no, no, you nasty right wing extremists are misunderstanding the term, Jihad merely means ‘struggle’, any struggle, nothing nasty at all. Anyway, meet Jihad’s older brother; he’s called Mein Kampf.


    • Jim Dandy says:

      A quick Google will tell you Jihad/Jehad mean the same thing and are popular names. This man’s name should in no way detract from our empathy with his suffering. He has suffered an appalling and unimaginable loss. His child had no guilt and nor does he.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        When you get to addressing the point, Jim, please let me know.


      • Span Ows says:

        A loss indeed, I hope I never have to bury one of my children: however , if one of them did die I doubt I would get several different photo shoots to make the most of it propaganda-wise. Unfortunately the father lost all of my sympathy when it became clear there several different locations (even a change of clothes etc) with him still screaming and wailing at the cameras…I’m sorry, but no matter the loss, sooner or later grim silence and remorse at the futility of it all kicks in, the fact that he was wailing all over the place with different groups etc suggests it was posed. Sad. Horrible.


    • Alan says:

      Just checked back on Donnison’s twitter stream:

      It’s ‘Jihad’ all the way:

      Jon Donnison ‏@JonDonnison
      Jihad Mashrrawi: And tell them I am okay & I have durability & have the patience. I hope to you and to everyone have peace & love. #Gaza 3/3
      23 Nov Jon Donnison

      Jon Donnison ‏@JonDonnison
      Jihad Mashrrawi: My regards to all your friends who ask about me and also to all the staff in the BBC. 2/3
      23 Nov Jon Donnison

      Jon Donnison@JonDonnison
      A message from my friend & colleague Jihad Mashrrawi to all who sent best wishes after the killing of his 11month old boy Omar in #Gaza 1/2


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        So now we just wait and see if the switch is permanent, and if it spreads.


  12. Roxana says:

    Basically it boils down to the Pallie sympathizers wanting more dead Jews – preferably all three million of them.
    Locating weapon emplacements among civilians is a war-crime, not that you’d ever know it. Oh no, Israel is supposed to just soak up attacks and never, ever strike back because they might hurt people who matter – unlike themselves.


  13. Ian Hills says:

    I am truly sick of seeing that Palestinian chef crying his eyes out because Gordon Ramsay swears at him for wrapping his spotted dick up in far too much cloth. He’s had several tries – different coloured cloth, much smaller pudding – but each time he goofs. Not that he’s really crying, if you look close. He just wants to emotionally blackmail Ramsay into giving him his City and Guilds.


    • Albaman says:

      One thing is correct in the above post and that is your assertion that you are “truly sick”. Elsewhere in these pages you assert that there is no baby in the “bundle” – x-ray vision Ian?


  14. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC correspondents will soon be able to attend and cry at another funeral for Arafat.


  15. The Old Bloke says:

    Well, this is interesting. The above link is now a 505!
    I wonder why?
    Now where did I read a report from the bBC correspondent that Omar had blonde hair where in fact he had dark hair.?


  16. Cassandra King says:

    “My friend and colleague Jihad Mashhrawi is usually the last to leave our Gaza bureau. Hard-working but softly spoken, he often stays late, beavering away on a laptop that is rarely out of arm’s reach”

    Hard working chap eh? And what is this Jihad working on that is so important on his laptop, and its out of his arms reach but very definitely beyond the reach of any BBC collaborator? The BBC is not saying, its not BBC work though of that you can be sure. He would be a busy bunny if he was in fact a hamas operator placed within the BBC team and ordered to keep a close eye on BBC reporting but also to liaise with his bosses to place the BBC teams in the places that hamas wants them at the time that is suitable to set up fake shots for them. Oh yes the BBCs Jihad would work later than his BBC work would dictate if in fact Jihad was handling them as an on the ground hamas asset. A normal BBC employee would do the assigned work and then leave, not our Jihad though he had not one but two jobs, one for the BBC and one for hamas.

    The BBC wont be explaining how Jihad came to have such a heavy workload over and above his regular duties, as a skilled director of the Pallywood studios his job is to get the BBC useful idiot collaborators on the scene.


    • Albaman says:

      So many assumptions drawn from two sentences without a shred of evidence to back them up.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘So many assumptions drawn… without a shred of evidence to back them up.’
        However, with £4,000,000,000 at their disposal each year it appears that for fear of investing 10p in a phone call, a most-trusted, professional news entity feels this is adequate.
        Analyse that.


      • Cassandra King says:

        And of course your BBC would never do that would they? The fact you jumped in on an old thread means you people are distinctly nervous about the real Jihad and what his real job consisted of. The truth will of course come out in the end, and if that happens you will of course not be crawling from underneath your rock to comment. It just confirms our belief that the BBC monitors B-BBC.


        • Albaman says:

          Cassandra, for accuracy please note that I do not work (nor ever have) for the BBC, have no association with the BBC (or any organisation that may in whatever way be associated with the BBC) and have no friends, relatives, acquaintances who work for the BBC. Just because someone disagrees with you (or any others in the core clique who post here) does not mean they are associated in any way with he BBC.


          • Guest Who says:

            Accuracy is a funny thing.
            I used to think it was at least the domain of professional broadcasters of integrity, but then events showed that was just a claim they made about themselves that was without merit. And they didn’t care if it was BS, as they still proudly so declaim under the banner of ‘views my own’, or that of the BBC in whose employ they are so privileged to be.
            Over t’internet of course, any claim made is of course as pure as whatever drives the snow… or a person to spend their entire time making daft assertions in support of an entity they have no connection with.

            Maybe the best thing then is to go on the body of ‘work’ to date?
            But fair point on the ‘no friends in the BBC’; such efforts really are not doing them any favours on top of their own.


  17. uncle bup says:

    وتكبر في نف