The BBC seems to think SOME stories from the Irish Republic are of great interest. For example, take this story from yesterday. It concerns calls for a road upgrade in Donegal following a car accident. Hardly scintillating BUT they did seem to catch it so one assumes so one was paying attention. But ODDLY enough, this story gets no publicity whatsoever. It concerns the allegation that a senior Sinn Fein member of the Irish Parliament has been “forensically linked” to the murder of FIFTY people. I suppose it’s about newsworthiness….right?

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  1. Alex says:

    Obviously, there is no positive-reinforcement (brainwashing!) agenda going on here, then. Just like there is no BBC agenda aimed at positively portraying Muslim extremists who throw hand-grenades through Nigerian church windows, inflict genital mutilation, burn poppies, call for the death of gays, stone woman to death for questioning male supremacy and have a penchant for young white girls. Would this be the same type of seelctive-reporting agenda that the BBC uses when reporting on violent and intolerant Labour socialists such as UAF? Surely not… I must be deluding myself…


  2. chrisH says:

    We are where we are
    Sometimes you have to deal with some unpalatable people to get peace.
    That was then, lessons have been learned, time now to draw a line and to “move forward”.
    Thought I`d give you the range of options by way of opinions, that the BBC Winterval Crackers turned up by way of motto and stock cliche at such times.
    You` ll get no original thinking on such a “challenging area” as this from the BBC or its pliant Labour Liberal stoolies…hope this pick and mix of cliches saves them the trouble of having to say any more than Dessie himself.

    Oh-and it`s a BBC scoop to tell us that Thatcher was “surprised” by the Falklands invasion…so that`ll only confirm what she said in her memoirs then.
    Thank the Lord it was Maggie in the War Room , at that time ,as opposed to Foot or Kinnock…or else we`d all be speaking Spanish by now!


    • pah says:

      And yet for years the BBC have run the leftist smear that Mrs T knew that an invasion was threatened and did nothing so that she could start a war for electorial purposes.

      Now we will get a leftist smear that Mrs T did nothing because she was to stooopid not to notice what the Argentine fascist junta was upto.

      No wonder Bliar removed the death penalty for treason …


      • Jim Dandy says:



        • stewart says:

          please don’t pretend your not aware
          of the lefts spin that Margret Thatcher had allowed the Argentinians to land so as to have a war.
          God help me I bought into it back then. We even sited that world statesman James Callaghan,and Operation Journeyman as evidence of same
          And I’m sure I can remember David Owen as good as making the point on QT


          • Jim Dandy says:

            Yeeees. But where’s the link to show the BBC (NB the focus of our attention on this blog) have pushed this view.


            • stewart says:

              I confess I cant give you one,i don’t sit in front of the TV with a note pad.(contrary to perception I have a very full life).
              But my impression, as one who used to have a near pathological hatred of Thatcher, is that it is a view that has been given currency by some on the BBC (I concede that some at the BBC,on rare occasion, have been sympathetic to her)
              The issue here is, how can it be a revelation that she was caught with her knickers down by the invasion? My recollection is that every one was. And that being the case,and if,as you say ,it wasn’t contrary to the view promoted by the BBC (you have to imagine this with Brian Waldens voice)at the time,why then are they selling it as a revelation now?


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    David, obviously the BBC is waiting for more facts to come out before rushing to report about the Sinn Fein guy. If only he was on the Right, or a Palestinian source had tweeted it, eh? Then the BBC wouldn’t hesitate.

    But this give me an idea. The BBC position is that having IRA killers in government was the correct solution to end the The Troubles. Having Dessie Ellis in government keeps him off the streets. I mean, neither he nor Adams or McGuinness have killed anyone since, right? So I say that any city with a serious problem of gang violence should simply put the gang members on the city council. Problem solved.


  4. Jeff says:

    Unfortunately it’s not just lefties like Labour and the BBC that treat Sinn Fein/IRA with kid gloves. The, so called, right wingers don’t do much to expose these murderers either. Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness aren’t simply people with rather dubious opinions like BNP leader Nick Griffin. They’re both up to their armpits in blood.


    • GeoffM says:

      You have hit the nail on the head.

      How come the pretty harmless BNP is lined up for such abuse and its members targeted for sackings and persecution whilst at the same time the BBC, and Establishment generally, embrace IRA murderers and Islamist terrorist sympathisers?

      Maybe the BNP should start throwing bombs and threatening anyone who insults them with a beheading.

      It seems that perhaps the British population of these islands may need to do just that before we are listened too.

      Sick isn’t it.


  5. Guest Who says:

    ‘I see no snips…’
    I see no ships - 09 Jan 2011
    “this broadcaster took our £145.50p and still does not work!”


  6. Jim Dandy says:

    Here we go, three hours after you posted


    • David Vance says:


      Yes..3 hours for the world class £3bn a year BBC to report a story that was widespread elsewhere. Yes, here is on BBC NI, leading with Sinn Fein rejection.


      • Jim Dandy says:

        “Widespread elsewhere”

        I couldn’t find the story anywhere else other than on Irish media when you posted.


        • David Vance says:

          All over the blogosphere, Jim, but of course us mere plebs lack that world class training of the BBC. That said, ODD how a story about a car accident instantly made BBC NI but a story about an alleged mass killer takes such a time to get to the BBC attention. Almost as if the newsroom was populated by those sympathetic to Sinn Fein. Surely not 😉


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The headline is about Sinn Fein rejecting the claim, leading with the defense, rather than about the claim itself. Seems odd to me, but I guess that’s why I’ll never be a professional sub editor.


    • RCE says:

      I regret to besiege you on yet another side, Jim (although you may relish the challenge; I certainly would if the roles were reversed) but what do you think of the angle of that article?

      Whose perspective do you think it adopts as the authority?


  7. Beebop says:

    A really bizarre post, I think you’ve finally lost the plot.