Wanting to take a moment and wish you all for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for your endless support for the site over the past twelve months! We’ve had a few tricky moments this year, particularly on the server issue and a other few technical fronts but we will be here in 2013 as determined as ever to hold the State Broadcaster to account. This site will continue to focus on demanding balance from the BBC and our greatest asset remains all those very committed readers who come here every day.

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41 Responses to A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

  1. johnnythefish says:

    Happy New Year, David, and keep up the good work. Your persistence has been well-rewarded.


  2. Jim Dandy says:

    Big year ahead with this due to be published.

    Click to access tor.pdf

    And the new Strictly.


    • Guest Who says:

      Thank you for that.
      I did read it all, but have to say, after I got to this early part it was through tears…
      ‘it is essential to its independence that the BBC retains the public’s trust as an impartial and accurate purveyor of news and programming.’
      That the notion of saying it over and over making it so is a hard sell for some still inside the bubble clearly to grapple with as a flawed constuct, especially those who think it works just as well outside that carefully orchestrated, modded world that is the BBC groupthink.
      But, Happy New… ‘Big’ Year anyway. Strictly or otherwise. I see a big future in those who can tapdance.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It’s useless before it even begins. This appears to be all about examining whether or not the BBC provides enough of a balance of viewpoints over the long term. At most they’ll come away with the impression that on one or two issues they didn’t quite provide enough air time for one side or the other. It will be determined to have been all quite unintentional, not deliberate, just more unfortunate consequences of the sub-optimal management and leadership structure, which of course is in the process of being reformed anyway, so no worries there.

      There’s nothing whatsoever about the bias infused into the reporting by the reporters and editors themselves. This won’t solve a thing.


      • henrywood says:

        “There’s nothing whatsoever about the bias infused into the reporting by the reporters and editors themselves. ”

        Nothing more, nothing less needs to be said concerning the BBC’s reporting. As Mr. Preiser says, the bias *is* most definitely “infused”.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Interesting company to be keeping, media trust-wise.
    The deadpan delivery of the current most liked comment is to be appreciated.


  4. chrisH says:

    Happy New year to you , Mr Vance and all friends at this site.
    A great blessing that surely reduces the NHS bill for medication and for sectioning by being here for the good folk of this nation.
    I resolve to listen to no BBC news or orifices of socialist crap-but to look at what is written here, and check on stuff worth a trip to iPlayer.
    The BBC have nothing more to say to us-time for us all to set an agenda of our own…think I`ll start with hospital radio!
    “From little acorns…”


    • henrywood says:

      chrisH says: […] “I resolve to listen to no BBC news or orifices of socialist crap […]”

      I do try to be fair to them, but I am afraid that “Today” is now quite beyond The Pale.

      “World At One” is going that way, and then dear Eddie Mair with his false bonhomie, yet very, very sly and uneven questioning angles on “PM” just seems to be trying to line himself up for Humphrys or Naughtie’s job(s) when they eventually retire or croak.

      Then we come to “The World Tonight” : “In depth reporting, intelligent analysis and major breaking news from a global perspective” (sic)

      I must admit that the strokes of Big Ben always calm me but the nights are few and far between when I am not reaching for my remote control by maybe 22:20 in order to switch over to last.fm, or other Internet stations, or even just my music collection to try and restore a little peace and calm before attempting to sleep. I am not upset because of the news. I *am* upset because of the BBC slant on the news.

      TV I cannot comment on. I last switched the set on to watch the opening of the Olympics and switched off before the dancing nurses were quite finished. (I am a coward and still pay that accursed tax just to avoid the hassle from the BBC Inquisition.)

      Next year, God willing, I *must* be stronger and refuse to pay for something I do not use.


      • stewart says:

        Had a visit from the BBC yesterday morning, having had two letters warning of dire consequence,within the space of a month (blimey I wish all state industries moved that quick).I repeated a formular of words learnt from internet tutorials and the effect was almost magical .Aforementioned ‘thief-taker’ disappearing if not in a puff of smoke then in an air of resignation
        However my soap adicted wife and daughter are pressing me to pay up,in fairness my decidedly better half made some point about the dangers of being selective with law and order
        However it occurred to me that delaying payment is the next best thing to witholding outright .12 delaying is the same as one denying .not exactly storming the barricades I know, but perhaps better suited to English temperament.


        • Justin Casey says:

          I too came across a letter from the BBC whislt I was sorting out this weeks mail which I then have to forward to my Mothers` actual living address in N.Ireland… My mothers home in England is currently unoccupied and she is intending to sell it now that she is settled back in the land of her birth… Anyway, she has left myself in charge of the house here in England and it is my job to forward any important letters to her and to look after the property until she comes back over and signs the sale over to an Estate Agent… So the letter today (To the occupier) informed me that….. `Due to a lack of response to thier last letteran investigation into the property has now begun` …. What I need is some advice on how I can entice the BBC and thier investigators to enforce a warrant to enter the premises leaving me with the opportunity to take legal action against them for harrassment and also the chance of having them pay damages for it, along with compensation for negligence, illegal use of a warrant which has been issues without any proof that anyone in the house has a television ( The house has been unoccupied since the end of August…. It says I can let them know via phone if `I` don`t need a license but that they `may confirm this with a visit`…. How can I use tthe circumstances to my advantage… I don`t pay for a tv license and will not pay until such time as the BBC stops using my money to promote an agenda which is in direct contradiction of my own conscience, so I have no intention of passing on the letter to my mother as it did not bear her name and only that of `The Occupier`… Nobody has lived there for five months and no television is even in the house…. The place is empty save for a dining room set, double bed and the white goods in the kitchen… All the curtains downstiars are drawn and the rear entrance is secure with a padlocked gate ensuring the place is secured against break ins or squatters…. Also would it be possible to take legal action if the BBC draw attention to the property and its unoccupied status should it continue to `investigate`??? Anyone with advice on how to drag the BBC and it`s vultures over hot coals would be gratefully (no pun intended) accepted…. My mother isn`t coming back over for about another three months at least…. Would it be a good idea to maybe place a television that doesn`t work inside the residence and maybe leave a tiny gap in the curtain?? The house still has electricity and I was thinking of switching a TV on but placing it in a room without an airiel input anywhere near it… The house used to have NTL and without a box an analogue TV would be incapable of recieving any kind of signal would it not??? Please help guys… I promise I will do my best to capture footage on the day if i can tempt them to execute a warrant which has been based on a false misrepresentation of the facts (No TV and no `occupants since August 2012….


  5. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ appears to be in denial over extent of fraud in U.K. welfare system.


    1. ‘Telegraph’; with

    2.) BBC-NUJ:-

    “Number of foreigners claiming tax credits ‘unknown’, ministers admit.
    “Ministers have admitted that they do not know how many foreigners are claiming tax credits after the Work and Pensions Secretary said that the system was being targeted by fraudsters from ‘around the world’.”



    “Duncan Smith condemns tax credits as ‘not fit for purpose'”



  6. George R says:

    INBBC’s continuing problem in reporting Islamic LIBYA.

    Firstly, INBBC (inc. S. Chakrabarti) supported Islamic Gaddafi regime.

    Next, INBBC supported Islamic opponents of Gaddafi regime.

    Now, INBBC avoids reporting the Islamic affiliations of the murderers of Christians in Libya (except maybe in last two words of article).

    “Libya Coptic church blast kills two Egyptians ”



  7. Alex says:

    Happy New Year biasedbbc! Mr Vance, just wonder what you make of the BBC’s Peter Taylor documentary on the history of the provisional IRA? Would I be wrong in coming to the conclusion that it seems to be wholly sympathetic to the republican cause? Even better in the BBC’s eyes that the IRA favour Marxism as a model for their foul and loathsome horrors.


    • David Vance says:

      Yes, it is Provo-sympathetic


    • hothandsdave says:

      It’s white-washing of IRA atrocities and it compliments the BBC’s black-washing of the state. It’s part of an IRA-BBC propaganda offensive to support SF politically and ensure that no one starts asking why Maginnis and Adams haven’t been sent for trial to The Hague.


    • Justin Casey says:

      That documentary was shown as part of a series showing the viewpoint from the Provos, the Loyalists and the Soldiers… Yes it comes across as sympathetic to the Provos, it is actually intentional… The other sides also had the same premise… You have taken the meaning out of context…, You obviously didn`t watch the entire series… ( I did as my parents were born in N.Ireland and were Catholic unlike myself who was born in England) I suggest you go back and watch the rest of the series… There are nine episodes, three for each faction and they try to show the effects of the troubles in all aspects… The soldiers portion also shows how the families of the brave security forces were affected by the violence in the province as well…. There are far more up to date examples of the BBCs` promotion of terrorist agendas to highlight all over the world…. That documentary is over ten years old mate….. Why don`t you concentrate on the more dangerous activities they now involve themselves in (Anti Jewish and Pro Islamic Jihadiist reporting in the Middle East) Irelands population has no need for anymore ill informed views regarding the violence of its` shameful recent past and the majority will not thank you for your rabid assertions and ill concieved conclusions after watching just over ten percent of the evidence put before you… You only make yourself like like Jeremy Bowen but without any actual agenda save the ability to disregard the bigger picture surrounding the small nugget of truth on which you have based your headline…!!! Sorry mate, but people like me are sick of hearing about the troubles…. the catholics, the protestants and the soldiers have no wish to go over the hurt and mistakes which blighted thier since the early seventies…. I know, as I personally lived that chapter of N.Irelands recent history and yes, I lost family members during those years and even now have family members working as Police officers in the New N.Irish police force right now….. Don`t stir the pot mate… The poeople over there don`t need or want it… Leave it alone FFS…..


  8. Frank Words says:

    A happy New Year to all at BBBC and to those that post here. Power to your elbows, tonight and for the whole of 2013.


  9. Framer says:


    Could you email round all those who have previously registered to remind them the site is back up after its unexpected disappearance?
    I suspect many have just rechecked their ‘favourites’ to discover it still appears down.


    • Span Ows says:

      I agree, it took me ages. I did find Teddy bear’s message on the forum after a day or two but maybe a Google bomb (or whatever today’s equivalent is) with the message would help if, God forbid, there’s a next time. That said I should have just emailed DV.


      • Justin Casey says:

        This is another reason why we who use this place neerd to sort out our own Facebook group or something… It would enable us to pro actively challenge the BBC and its biass and also allow us to stay on the money even when the servers here are down or a technical issue has come about…. it would also gain us many more followers and contributers to our cause…. I myself cannot set this up, Mr.Vance and the guys need to be the ones in charge… My name on the BBC facebook groups is too well known and anyone who is known as a friend of mine there is no longer allowed to comment on thier many BBC afiliated facebook pages…. If I ran the biassed BBC facebook group all the group members on it would lose thier commenting abilities on the BBC facebook threads…. But seriously someone needs to set something up ASAP!!


  10. NotaSheep says:

    A Happy New Year to all the contributors to BBBC and to most of the commenters. Whether I keep my blog going in 2013, or not, I will continue to frequent this site – whatever its URL.


  11. Span Ows says:

    Happy new Year to all. Not aSheep, keep it up but don’t feel ‘pressured’ by not being able to blog every day. many blogs have given up precisely for that reason which to me is crazy. I go weeks sometimes without posting.


    • NotaSheep says:

      Thanks for those wise words. I do feel the, self generated, presssure to post every day and then worry that I haven’t posted about everything that has caught my eye. I keep forgetting that I’m not paid for what I blog!


  12. Teddy Bear says:

    Very warm wishes to DV, Alan, DP, and the enlightened contributors to this site for a great year ahead. May the fruit of our labours efforts (just in case any beeboid misunderstands ;)) be better realised.



  13. #88 says:

    I thought that I’d end 2012 on a positive note with my own nominations for 3 of the best political journalists on the box. In an increasingly politicised landscape, throughout the year, they have remained role models for their balance and integrity.

    The wooden spoonists of 2012 will have to wait – there are just too many to choose from (and all infest the B-BBC).

    Political Editor: Tom Bradby (ITV)
    Political / Business Broadcaster: Jeff Randall (Sky)
    Beeboid: Brillo


  14. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ won’t like this: U.S urges U.K to spend on Defence.


    “UK urged to spend Afghan withdrawal savings on defence.
    “£US ambassador to Nato says Europe is relying too heavily on America and must use cash to re-equip their military.”

    By Nick Hopkins.


    BBC-NUJ is inclined to believe it is immoral for U.K. to spend on Defence (whatever the national security needs), when there are U.K Labour voters who want more state spending on their own welfare.


  15. Demon says:

    Happy New Year to al on here including the DOTIs.


  16. GCooper says:

    Happy New Year to the B-BBC team and contributors. Those few days ‘in the wilderness’ helped me realise how much this site is a vital safety valve after exposure to the evil empire.


  17. tckev says:

    B-BBC keep up the good work, and to all – have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


  18. henrywood says:

    Concerning my previous comment about not using BBC TV, tonight being Hogmanay, and me being an Englishman having lived in Scotland for the past 30+ years and having enjoyed quite a few Hogmanays during that period to their very limit, I attempted to use my computer to watch BBC Scotland live “celebrating” Hogmanay from Princes Street as widely advertised. It was not to be. All I could get was a wee nyaff by the name of “somebody Norton” who seemed to be yapping frae somewhere doon Sooth. Nae wonder we want independence! 🙂


    • wallygreeninker says:

      At least Norton was live – at R3 they just just bunged on a tape of the 2012 Last night of the proms, then went down the boozer.


  19. petrossa says:

    Phew. Glad to see the site back. Had me worried a while. Had even visions of the BBC Police in black costumes raiding the offices. Keep up the good work


  20. Guest Who says:

    I was browsing the BBC blog roll just now.
    Also the Newsnight Facebook page. The last post there is dated 20/12. The last tweet the 21st.
    Hence Newsnight appears to have accepted that news, or at least the version of it that it deals in, ceases operating during a pretty protracted period. Certainly a view shared by most BBC Editors, looking at cobweb-bedecked blog threads in complement. Most appear to have hit the slopes as soon as the school hols kicked in.

    Thing is, I am not too sure ‘news’ does cease though. But for sure nothing adverse appears to have resulted from the absences of all of the above.

    Rather raising the question as to what it is they actually do, and why they are needed the rest of the time. Certainly all the ‘reporting’ and ‘analysis’ usually poured forth when they are around adds little and more often than not obscures simple facts now easily gleaned elsewhere.


  21. Guest Who says:

    This chap is interesting, especially in what he finds…. interesting…
    ‘Mike’s politics may make this interesting. He joined UKIP this year.’
    I wonder why his politics would make any difference, unless not being the usual BBC employee tribal affliation is a matter of concern?


  22. hippiepooter says:

    Happy New Year DV.

    I think Scott deserves a ‘New Year’s Gong’. If I’m right, I think he managed to go through 2012 without once mentioning you’d once lost an election! Let’s see if his New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to give up ad hominems completely! If he does, and B-BBC also manages to shake off it’s BNP sympathising contingent, B-BBC will be a far better place for 2013.


  23. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!


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