The BBC’s Transmission Omission Mission

The BBC is happily stoking a New Year revolution reporting with glee every claim by Labour, the Unions, charities and interest groups that they can lay their hands on which attack the government in any way possible.

It seems that anybody with an anti-government message can have their say on the BBC…but what is more telling is what the BBC is not telling……

Today the BBC are having a field day with the newly released Service Sector economic figures using the Purchasing Manager’s Index which show a downturn in sales……
UK service sector activity falls in December
Activity in the UK’s services sector fell for the first time in two years in December, a survey has suggested, raising fears of yet another recession.
The PMI services index from Markit/CIPS fell to 48.9 in December, down from 50.2 in November. Any score below 50 indicates the sector is shrinking.


In November they used the same PMI to show a slow down in manufacturing…..

Weak demand shrinks UK manufacturing sector in November
The UK’s manufacturing sector shrank in November at its fastest pace in 18 months as global demand weakened, a survey has indicated.
The Markit/CIPS Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) fell to 47.6 in November, its lowest level since June 2009, from 47.8 in October.

Today the BBC give us figures from Germany showing they are growing…

Germany retail sales higher in 2012
Retail sales in Germany rose as much as 2.1% last year as Europe’s largest economy took the eurozone debt crisis in its stride, according to the Federal Statistical Office.


In December the BBC gave us figures showing Chinese manufacturing was growing….

China manufacturing picks up momentum, data shows
Manufacturing activity in China has continued to rebound in November as two sets of figures have shown the industry is now expanding.
HSBC said its Purchasing Managers’ Index hit a 13-month high, while on Saturday the government’s version of the same index touched a 7-month high.


What is missing?  What is missing is any reports of economic good news from the BBC….


A couple of days ago the same Markit company released PMI figures showing British manufacturing was growing….. the Guardian reported that…even the Economic Times in India reported it…but as far as I can see our very own British Broadcasting Corporation didn’t…not on the website nor on the radio……

UK manufacturing activity hits 15-month high
Manufacturing PMI rise takes it above the 50-mark that separates growth from contraction for the first time since March

UK manufacturing PMI hits 15-month high in December: Markit
LONDON: British factory activity jumped unexpectedly in December to grow at its fastest pace since September 2011, a survey showed on Wednesday, raising the chance that the economy eked out growth at the end of 2012.
The Markit/CIPS Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to a 15-month high of 51.4 in December from an upwardly revised 49.2 in November – a far stronger increase than any predicted in a Reuters poll of 24 economists.



No Good News is, er, Good News for the BBC.


What else has the BBC failed to reveal to us which coincidentally fits in with their own political agenda?


On Wednesday we had a report on the potential conflict of interest (1 hr 7 mins) when MPs take money from industry lobbyists…..apparently they are vulnerable to being manipulated by lobby groups.


Today we had a report on Hundreds of GPs who could have possible financial conflicts of interest with the new ways of working and controlling budgets.


Odd then how the BBC fails to examine the extensive Green Industry interests of MP Tim Yeo who is the ‘The conflicted chairman of the Energy and Climate Change select committee’  as revealed in great detail by Guido Fawkes.

Someone who is so powerful and influential in guiding government green policy and industry direction and yet is also deeply involved in that industry.  And yet the BBC ignores that.

Just as it brushed under the carpet Roger Harrabin’s small matter of £15,000 gifted to his CMEP group by the Tyndall Centre, not to mention his ‘vulnerability to manipulation by lobbyists’…..’This week, campaigner Jo Abbess is boasting about how she browbeat the BBC into modifying a story about Global Warming’.….Harrabin bowed before her might…“Have a look in 10 minutes and tell me you are happier. We have changed headline and more.”


What else has the BBC recently ignored?

A year or so ago the BBC told us that Christianity was ‘flourishing’ in the Middle East, even stating that Christians in Gaza were getting on famously with the Islamic extremists Hamas.

Things must have changed drastically since then but the BBC seem not to want to look too closely at what Muslims are doing to Christians:

Christianity at risk of wipe-out in the Middle East, warns new Civitas study
Christianity is in serious danger of being wiped out in its biblical heartlands because of Islamic oppression, according to a new report from a leading independent think-tank.
But Western politicians and media largely ignore the widespread persecution of Christians in the Middle East and the wider world because they are afraid they will be accused of racism.


Another recent Civitas report  that slams Cameron for doling out billions in foreign aid money purely to fund his Party’s new ‘not nasty’ image was ignored by the BBC….the BBC of course love handing over money to third world countries and so regardless of a chance to bash the Tories they look to the ‘greater good’ in their opinion and ignore the bad…..

The 250-page Civitas publication, Aiding and Abetting, written by foreign correspondent Jonathan Foreman
“The powerful momentum behind current aid policy seems to have much to do with the Conservative Party leadership’s ongoing drive to ‘detoxify’ its ‘brand’ and market itself as ‘compassionate’. To the extent that an increase in foreign development aid serves this public relations purpose, its effectiveness or lack thereof at delivering a better life and future for various poor peoples around the world is presumably beside the point, although at $11 billion per annum it amounts to one of the most expensive marketing campaigns in history.”
“To ‘rebrand’ his party and cement the Coalition with the Lib Dems, David Cameron is apparently willing to take advantage of the real generosity of British people and simultaneously make life more miserable for the handicapped, the elderly and the otherwise vulnerable.
“It means that a set of policies trumpeted as manifesting generosity is in fact a cynical, ruthless and morally reprehensible con-job pushed by marketing gurus for whom their real-world effects in the underdeveloped world are largely irrelevant.”


The BBC normally leaps at any chance to repeat lurid criticisms of Cameron or the Tories such as May’s ‘Nasty  Party’ comment, Mitchell’s supposed ‘Pleb’ comment and Nadine Dorries’ ‘Arrogant Posh boys’ comment.  All quiet here though.

No News is Good News if it would otherwise conflict with the BBC’s own interests.

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15 Responses to The BBC’s Transmission Omission Mission

  1. deegee says:

    Out of curiosity. How does Foreign Aid compare under the Conservatives with what Labour distributed? How do the recipients compare? What about 3rd Party aid – the Govt gives to a NGO who then conducts overseas projects? Are British overseas military operations considered as foreign aid because in many respects they have the same result of pumping money into foreign economies?

    Who is being rebranded? To British eyes (and Civitas/Jonathan Foreman) it may be the Conservative Party. The the recipients it may be the United Kingdom. Has anyone ever checked what Britain receives in return for aid? Has anyone ever checked who the recipients think is giving the aid?

    I intend to read the report but at 250 pages it may take awhile.


  2. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC controls the news and current affairs agenda in this country because they have such an overwhelming share of it thanks to being so well funded by the License Fee payers. In the private sector such a near monopoly would be investigated eg BSB, and very likely broken up. But because of their unique position the BBC is allowed to continue and grow from strength to strength.
    Surely it can’t be right that one broadcaster has such a large share of the market place . In addition of course the BBC abuses this state granted monopoly by pursuing its own liberal/left agenda to change the politics, demography, beliefs, customs and culture of the the country, rather than being strictly impartial as its charter requires.
    The liberal/left agenda has been pushed by the BBC for decades and the country is being changed because of it. The change is NOT democratic because any counter arguments or evidence is either ridiculed or ignored or suppressed by the BBC across all its outlets.
    Will no one rid the country of this monster before it is too late?


    • Lynette says:

      “Will no one rid the country of this monster before it is too late ?” This strong sentiment needs action!. No one person can do this in any case. This following is only meant as an example that could have have been significant had more people helped . The 2 of us with only five complainants,whom we did not know,took a complaint right up to the BBC Governors (at the time) ruled that a 2003 documentary” The Road to Armageddon” was editorally flawed .(see ) No apology was forthcoming but imagine what could have been achieved if lawyers , journalists and marketing people could have helped and publicised the findings. A small group is needed with a few dedicated and hardworking determined people with different skills to get an organisation together to achieve this. If individuals feel it is important it can be done.


    • Scrappydoo says:

      If you buy a TV license, you are feeding the monster.


  3. Albaman says:

    “In November they used the same PMI to show a slow down in manufacturing…..”
    Basic mistake here Alan. The December PMI was referring to the Service sector not the Manufacturing sector.

    As you cited this article ( I assume that you also read it in full and then decided to ignore this:
    “Separate purchasing managers’ indexes (PMIs) released earlier in the week indicated that the manufacturing sector had expanded last month, but that the construction sector had continued to contract.”


    • Alan says:

      It’s not about service or manufacturing sectors….it’s about whether the BBC reports industrial good news as well as bad.

      Where was the frontpage story head lined with ‘Manufacturing up’ ….the BBC didn’t bother to report it….and only now doing so but burying it in a report highlighting bad news.


      • Albaman says:

        “It’s not about service or manufacturing sectors……………” Strange, was that not what your post was all about. Why not just admit that you got it wrong rather than trying to change the premise of your argument.


  4. Fred Bloggs says:

    Omission: If over the 13 ‘DOOM’ years, manufacturing as a % of GDP had not dropped from 20% to 12%, along with 1.7M jobs. Then the U.K. would be much economically healthier. Let alone the £400B of debt that McMental kept q


  5. Albaman says:

    Just another omission – In citing “A new book by foreign correspondent and senior research fellow at Westminster think-tank Civitas, Jonathan Foreman,” Alan fails to mention the following section:

    “The BBC’s World Service foreign language broadcasts, damaged by recent cuts, should be funded from the DfID’s budget. These broadcasts are relied on by many millions of people around the world for their accuracy and have played a vital role in movements for liberty and better governance. The World Service genuinely wins influence for the UK.”


    • johnnythefish says:

      These broadcasts are relied on by many millions of people around the world for their accuracy and have played a vital role in movements for liberty and better governance.

      Ha ha ha. Oh dear, ‘better governance’ and BBC. Ha ha. You couldn’t make it up.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Funny how the BBC spreads influence in the rest of the world, but not, according to defenders of the indefensible, in the UK. I’d rather they didn’t spread influence in my country, either.


    • John Thelman says:

      The question is, “What kind of influence” ?


      • Wild says:

        The BBC is even more important to the Left than the Labour Party.

        If the Labour Party was replaced by the SDP (as some had hoped) things would have remained exactly the same – for the thieving and intellectually bankrupt Leftist establishment.

        In short the same trajectory of decline towards Somalia (which was temporarily threatened by Thatcher) to keep the likes of Will Self and George Monbiot happy – not that they are ever happy, but they get some satisfaction from bringing everybody else down to their level of hate filled selfishness and envy of those with happier lives.


    • Span Ows says:

      If we can’t trust them in English how can we possibly trust them in other languages?

      And, more importantly, IF they are so important why were they cut/who made the decision when it is clear that it probably cost about as much per year as executive taxi fares…who makes these decisions.

      Finally: These broadcasts are [were] relied on by many millions of people [reducing every day] around the world for their accuracy [bollocks] and have played a vital role in movements for liberty and better governance. [note past tense] The World Service genuinely wins influence for the UK.”


  6. Hugh Fraser says:

    I agree that bias by omission is the most insidious of prejudice. I would add that the BBC’s bias shows itself in the omission of hard questions to spokesmen for climate change, the euro, and general lib/lab causes. Conservatives get a grilling – that is perfectly right – what is not right is that Lefties usually don’t.