Yes, of course we all know that the BBC is unrelentingly hostile to anyone even vaguely right of liberal in the normal run of things BUT when the likes of William Hague and those wise old (Arabist) coves at the F.O. churn out press releases supportive of the urgent need for a Palestinian State, then all of a sudden, the BBC is almost kind to them! Almost like the BBC has an agenda on this…

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  1. pedro says:

    even is your so called right wing,dare you have a different opinion on the eu or immigration and the left wing presenters on the bbc or the left wing bigoted press in general will typecaste and label you as some right wing or even far right fascist nutjob,look at the way the goverement, the left wing press and bbc are trying smear ukip as all closet racist and loonies,why is that,simple,ukip are a fresh and vibrant politacal party with a great leader in nigel farage,,that in itself sends shivers down the spines of are 2 main politacal partys who see ukip as a big threat there politacal base,the hatefull left will always try the right wing label to spread fear and distain amongst the voters,,,we wont fall for that old tactic any more.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Well said pedro, those scare tactics ceased to work on me a long time ago. My local prospective parliamentary candidate tried to scare me like that at the last general election. I told him very politely what i would do! The problem is, a lot of people fall for the bullshit!


      • colditz says:

        Apart from UKIP being as fresh as a month old salmon, in reality the BBC is actively pushing Nigel at every opportunity. He’s never off the box or radio.

        BTW, commas and fullstops are free. This reads like a note that should be in green ink!


  2. chrisH says:

    Proof as if you need it came at the couple of introductions to “The World Tonight” on Radio 4 last night.
    They trailed their show by citing Obamas coronation as being a fine thing-but will the “Right-wing” Republicans let him be Loves legacy for all those yet to come?…and will he be stymied by those hardliners In Israel/Middle East in his quest to create something beautiful for Allah…or Yasser Arafat anyway?
    Utterly despicable, loaded context-setting guff from the hopelessly biased BBC…but who among us would expect anything else by now?
    Still-saw something good last night(Britain On Film/War and Peace…BBC4 last night 8.30p.m)
    Made in the 60s before the BBC turned into the grotesque quislings for Burgess and MacLean types..had to be ITV in there somewhere I`d say!
    Worth a watch-and tells us only how low the BBC have sunk…even lower than the Belgrano with Saviles coffin and bling included in the ballast.


  3. Chop says:

    Have to post this here today, as the open thread aint…erm…open yet 🙂

    Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall, 83, has been charged with rape and 14 counts of indecent assault in relation to alleged offenses between 1967 and 1986, Lancashire Police said tonight.

    Isolated incidents Re Saville, my arse!

    (not literally of course, don’t wanna get them too excited down at white city)


    • RCE says:

      But do you trust the police to not be pulling a PR stunt here?

      Is there a realistic chance of prosecution for an alleged offence 46 years ago?


  4. RCE says:

    Islam trumps all other politically correct causes.

    So all the gays at the BBC should be warned: Ken Livingstone is only the first!


    • colditz says:

      Can anyone decipher what what homophobic loon is talking about? Is he advocating gay bashing? Or gay Islamic bashing? Or is he missing his medication again?


  5. stuart says:

    pedro has a point there,i wince when watching question time on bbc 1,even worse is any questions on radio 4.last time i watched question time,peter hitchens was a guest on there,and it seemed like to me every time peter tried to get his point across he was greeted with the usual bussed in rentamob from what sounded like the socalists workers party trying to shout him down with insults of racist and fascist,peter pointed out to david dimberly more than once,you dont seem have a very balanced audience in here tonight,hence that was recieved with a hail booos and insults from the rentamob lefties with froth brewing from there mouths.peter gets the same treament on any questions as well.total left wing biased audiences……..


    • Alinsky 101: Appear bigger than you actually are.

      That’s what they do. Shut down any dissenting voices and it does several things.

      The worse thing that happens is that the dissenters stay schtum and and say nothing, fearful of getting heckled themselves. This further creates the impression that there are no dissenting voices to the new orthodoxy.

      Secondly, for those who don’t know what to think it acts as social proofing and gives them the impression the majority think that way, in which case they too either shut up or join in the melee.


  6. smilingjim says:

    I thought the same when the American bureaucrat, claimed Britain would be better of playing a central role in the European Union. In the past any British politician following Americas lead on foreign policy would be mocked for being a lap dog or poodle. A mix of Obama and pro euro fedralist and its all change.


  7. ron b says:

    “The situation required the United States to take the lead because of its unique ability to influence the Israelis, Mr Hague argued.” The real issue is that no-one has got the ability let alone the balls to attempt to influence the Palestinians let alone the rest of the Arab world to accept Israel as a Jewish state, or even, imagine, that Jews are not the sons of apes and pigs, rule the world etc etc. That’s what Haig should be addressing, but instead finds it so much easier and gratifying to be another useful idiot in high places. Barack Hussein Obama’s got influence with the Israelis? BS!

    Why is the West now so dhimmified?


  8. Deborah says:

    I noticed yesterday the criticism by the BBC in every nuance as well as every word concerning the cuts to army numbers. No disagreement with Labour that we may need these soldiers to go into North Africa. No mention that these numbers would have been agreed before the trouble in Mali and Algeria. Now the BBC were the most vociferous that we should not have gone into Iraq and here they are virtually crying for us to go into Algeria (not because they want the British Army to fight the Islamists) but because the BBC has then plenty more ammunition to throw at the Conservatives.


  9. Guest Who says:

    OT to the detail but this tweet seems in complement to the overall theme of this thread:
    BBC Radio 4 Today (@BBCr4today)
    23/01/2013 08:59
    Cameron #euspeech ‘spot-on’ – made clear the advantages of membership and that ‘change is essential’ says @andrealeadsom

    I merely note:
    a) The order BBC R4 saw fit to string out this quote, with what may seem a rather EU-supportive, BBC-approved sentiment stated….. by some bod tacked on at the end.
    b) The BBC’s much vaunted ‘quote’ system seems to have gone quite selective in the process. I am not sure what was actually ‘said’ and what the BBC would like me to think was said or meant.
    c) They seem to find a lot of space… when it suits
    d) The person quoted’s twitter thread does not appear to contain this… where is it actually in print?


  10. chrisH says:

    24 hours is a long time for Mr Hague though.
    Eddie Mair repeatedly offered enough hypothetical scenarios about what if Cameron says this, but Europe says that?
    The BBC clearly don`t like current reality, and would like us all to think on how many angels on a pin could stick a tail on a donkey that some future European set up might demand….and not the British people who really might get stressed about it all.
    Truly dire desperate stuff…poor old Hague.
    But Eddie Mair will get a drinkie poos bought for him-for nobody would have understood his repeatedly stupid hypothetical scenarios that Hague was vague about.
    Oh, all those poor soldiers about to lose their jobs…don`t the BBC and Labour care so much for such things…those golden years of Brown, Hoon and Ainsworth are but a memory now!