Quick Off The Mark When It Wants To Be.

The BBC only reported the antics of the racists of the ‘Muslim Patrol’ when forced to by ever increasing revelations and coverage by other news organisations.


The BBC has learnt its lesson and now rapidly publishes all such incidents of religiously inspired hate:

Family quits Bingham after anti-Muslim attacks

‘A Muslim family say they have been forced to move from their home after offensive graffiti and a cross wrapped in ham were left outside their house.

Murad Alam, 39, said his wife and two sons, aged eight and 10, had moved out of their home in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, to a “safe” place.

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50 Responses to Quick Off The Mark When It Wants To Be.

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Excellent. This story is the reason why the BBC was reluctant to report the vigilante video story. There must be some very smug Beeboids in the office today, feeling very pleased that their worldview has been confirmed.


    • noggin says:

      in fact VERY smug beebots this morning …
      5lives panto session “your call” , is full of self loathing/colonial guilt today …
      “are brits arrogant” – which is changed straight away
      to “the english” with the first socialist worker phone call
      a few minutes in, changed to a “uniquely english” trait within 2 minutes.
      is facist supremacism, ethnic/sexual discrimination, jew/infidel hatred, and immediately resorting to threat/violence/murder an islamic trait.
      i don t think we ll find out, do you – not on the bbc anyway.

      but maybe just like, grafitti or youths in the alley next to your house, or a couple of twigs with a rasher of bacon on …. gets front page attention, on the bbc it all depends whether you re muslim or not


    • Maturecheese says:

      Victoria Derbyshite is covering this on her show, surprise surprise. Turned the radio over straight away as I can’t bear to listen to this crap.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘Victoria Derbyshite is covering this..
        Really? All of it? Or, as it appears clear, possibly covering up a lot else that does not suit?
        The BBC seems to have truly lost the plot if it thinks it can get excited and high-horsey on certain instances of abuse that fit its narrative, but steer clear of anything in complement that does not.
        This is pure attempted social behaviour engineering via propaganda; no more and no less.
        And in the day and age of the actual facts being clear to folks’ own eyes or a simple click away via a hundred other sources as trusted or more trustworthy than Aunty now… they are merely screwing the lid on a pressure cooker.


      • noggin says:

        ditto …
        there will be lots of excusery talk, which will laughably come down to, (re – child gang rape, jihad murder etc etc etc) – islam nothing to do with muslims, on one side.
        lots of pandering, upset, offence, the edl/bnp, the media, the pm, a “racist” english culture”, “our” foreign policy, ya da ya da ya da –
        obviously then its all “victimisation”, despite
        two most recent polls, 75%/90%, stating clearly that brits, believe islams deliberate
        non integration, abrasive behaviour, abhorrent practices, supremacist attitude might have something to do with it.


  2. Chop says:

    And that happened…..

    A year ago….

    BBC Staff meeting:

    BBC Head Knob: “Sh*t guys (an gals), there seems to be a lot of white trash getting all upperty about the old “Muslim Patrol”….what should we do about it?”

    BBC Outreach officer: “Dig up a story about how whitey does the same….that will balance it out…”

    BBC Head Knob: “Sorted….”


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      A year ago, but they’re still going to air this grievance and cause a stir about it on the BBC Asian Network now. Next up: Peter Tatchell on the Asian Network talking about the lack of tolerance of homosexuality in Mohammedan communities. Right?


      • john in cheshire says:

        And possibly Peter Hain talking about the iniquities of Apartheid in South Africa.


    • noggin says:

      on that very bbc page – explaining racism?????
      what race would that be, then?.
      the bbc can t help themselves, it appears like an awful lot a families who have an alley next to them, they get youths and offensive graffiti.
      in fact it reports, a 13 year old has been questioned recently
      one hopes there is no true aggression or true bullying that has been involved …
      but, something just seems a tad hmmm,
      but, hey they ve got the old ejector seat bbc on board

      oh the two bits of bamboo, and a rasher of bacon thing …….. well … and ? … sad to say,
      but like all of us who get offended, get over it


  3. Demon says:

    To be honest this is totally unacceptable. Going by the BBC spin, at least, they would appear to be a perfectly decent family.

    I am interested though what is behind this, why they were bullied. Had they done something to annoy someone or are they genuinely innocent as the BBC tell us? If they are innocent then the BBC will be gloating that they have finally found one case where someone from their chosen victim group actually are victims. The racists perpetrating these vile acts have played directly into the BBC’s and UAF’s grubby hands.

    But it is true that the BBC would have presented this differently if the situation was in reverse.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It is unacceptable for this family to feel forced out of their home. Absolutely. Is it equally unacceptable for the BBC to suppress stories they believe might cause this to happen again? This story is exactly why the BBC refused to cover the vigilante video until the homophobic angle came up. I’m pretty sure they know there won’t be a backlash against innocent Mohammedans for that kind of thing, so they went with it. Tatchell’s special interest broadcast will not be stirring anger in the usual anti-immigration circles, so it’s no problem.

      We were told by a BBC producer who used to comment here under the name of “John Reith” that the BBC deliberately hides this stuff and tries to convince everyone else to be tolerant because that’s how you do Social Cohesion, and that this site calling attention to it wasn’t helping and we should shut up.

      It’s a discussion that needs to be had openly and honestly, and I don’t mean in the sanctimonious Nicky fashion with inarticulate EDL or BNP mouthpieces pitted against well-spoken journalists and academics. If the BB truly wants the kind of Social Cohesion they claim they do, are they going about it the right way? Alternatively, if they actually wanted the kind of bad result people here suspect they do, would the BBC be doing things differently than they are now?


      • David Brims says:

        ”the BBC deliberately hides this stuff and tries to convince everyone else to be tolerant because that’s how you do Social Cohesion”

        In other words, sticking your head in the sand and being an ostrich.

        Quite right too, I don’t like being informed, I prefer it when they don’t give out descriptions of criminals, sometimes they slip up though, by giving out the name or photograph / mugshot and it kind of gives the game away.


  4. scoobywho says:

    How many hundreds or even thousands of white British have been forced out of their homes due to being made to feel like strangers in their own town ?

    (btw did this ham come between two slices of bread ?)


    • Ian Hills says:

      I expect it was a ham croissant, not ham wrapped around a cross. Still a hate crime of course, unlike grooming rapes.


      • brett says:

        ah but, thethirteen yr old who did it was bought up to see muslims as worthless you see, so its just part of his upbringing and he did not know any better.


        • scoobywho says:

          Surely the BBC wouldn’t show support for any group of people in society who brought up their children to see anyone as having a lower status than someone else…. would they ?


    • fitzfitz says:

      … white flight is all right according to the BBC … censor the topic and never refer to its existence …


      • Demon says:

        Isn’t white flight the same as ethnic cleansing?


        • graphene fedora says:

          Just the precursor. For the unwilling, or financially unable, other persuasive methods will be utilised. Some of them will be violent. ‘No-go Zones’ will become ‘No-Live Zones’, for those not of the correct faith. And many of the facilitators of this expulsion will be, nominally at least, ‘infidels’. Or rather, useful ‘infidels’ of the left-liberal persuasion. They really are barking: the dogs of civil war.


    • Hadda says:

      It’s not just the white British, it happens everywhere. Not sure how much of this gets covered by the Beeb, though.


  5. David Brims says:

    The ethnic cleansing continues, 40% of people say English is not their first language.



  6. scoobywho says:

    Hold on… these (quote) “horrific” attacks amounted to some name calling, smoke being blown in someones face (attempted murder by secondary smoke induced lung cancer?), a lollipop stick lashed to a bamboo cane being propped up against a front door and a bit of graffiti… by a 13 year old child.

    Now I don’t condone intimidating ANYONE but Irish, Blacks and Asians endured far greater levels of intimidation through out the 50’s 60’s and 70’s and still managed to find the resolve to stand up against their bullies. They just don’t make ethnic minorities like they used to. Some how I think our protagonists are “hamming” their part up a bit (see what I did there).


  7. pedro says:

    i suggest the bbc and other media outlets should pop there cameras and reporters down to birmingham,bradford,oldham and other muslim dominated areas where white working class minoritys suffer terrible racist abuse and violence on a daily basis,,,,there are plenty examples of this and i could spend a whole page pasting examples of this…what happened to this family was wrong we all agree on that,,what is happening to mainly white working class familys who suffer in silence in muslim areas is also wrong but sadly never gets any coverage by the politacaly correct bbc and other media outlets like sky news and channel 4 who never seem to report on reverse racism that is going on right here right now up and down the country.


    • Dave B says:

      I’ve read about quite a few cases of people been hounded out of their houses by Muslims, all the ones i’ve seen have the same pattern and involve elderly victims. It’s not just whites who suffer though, any non-Muslim is fair game I think.

      Not aware of documented cases in the areas you suggest – it was a major problem in Luton a few years ago (even the BBC local news were forced to cover it, though they never mentioned exactly what was going on):

      Currently a problem in Rotherham by the look of things.


    • thoughtful says:

      Having been the victim of this kind of abuse & violent attack I can verify your post. We have a couple of Pakistani Christians driven out of their own country, the BBC doesn’t want to know about their story either – funny that.


  8. Daniel O'Flaherty says:

    The BBC is going into overdrive to sanitise Islam at the moment. We had Peter Tatchell on the daily politics the other day basically talking out of both sides of his mouth about these Muslim patrols. Its bad, but it is onlt the proverbial ‘tiny minority’ and besides Muslims are the real victims as he, Baroness Wahsi and Jo agreed in a typical BBC staged ‘debate’.
    Now major stories on BBC website:
    Hajib for a day
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21283301 (tomorrow is try female circumcision for a week)
    Should we get Friday’s off ” to devote more time to prayers, social activities and agriculture”?:


    • Demon says:

      Tatchell’s involvement has proved which “rights” are top-trumps in the left-wing game of indoctrination. Gay rights always trumped most other rights, but Islam is now the top card to play. The top 5 in order are:
      1. Islamic
      2. Gay etc.
      3. Wimmins
      4. Afro-Carribean
      5. Yoof


      • stewart says:

        Demon, surely recent events prove that ‘gays’ are still top of the victim pile.
        The muslim patrol videos only became of interest after they posted one showing themselves running a gay man out of town.
        Niqarbing H&M adverts or telling a girl she was behaving inappropriately could be ignored.
        Perhaps ‘gay and lesbian’ is the largest self identified minority at BBC


        • Demon says:

          But, they quickly had to put Tatchell in to tell a clear lie to smooth Islamic sensibilities. In other words it’s more important to let his fellow gays suffer at their hands than to imply that Muslims are less than paragons of virtue.


          • Mark says:

            Perhaps the BBC can send Tatchell on a fact-finding mission to Iran.


            • David Preiser (USA) says:

              Tatchell knows all about that. He’s spoken out publicly in the past against homophobia in Mohammedan cultures. That’s why the BBC has him on now to tell you that everyone must learn tolerance, not just the Mohammedans, and anyways it’s only a tiny minority of them. They think he provides the necessary balance all on his own.

              I mean, here’s someone who understands that there’s an anti-homosexual attitude in some circles of Mohammedan culture. Because you agree with him on that one point, the BBC expects you to automatically heed his words here.

              It’s pretty brazen of them, really. Baroness Warsi and Tatchell both trying to make this all about a teachable moment to remind you all that Islamophobia is wrong. Both communities must join together to blame the victims.

              Having said that, I enjoyed the brilliant doublethink from Warsi about how individuals are permitted to object to homosexuality for religious reasons, but they must still come out and reject homophobia. Sums up the BBC Narrative quite nicely, and she was recently Chairman of the Conservative Party. You guys are so screwed.


              • David Preiser (USA) says:

                Forgot to add that Tatchell criticized the MCB right there, so his word that it’s only “some” polls which may show that there might be a slightly higher amount of homophobia in “some” Mohammedan communities than in the rest of society must be taken as Gospel, you’re all just as bad, really, so don’t go hating on the Mohammedans, end of discussion.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Daniel, apologies for stealing your female circumcision line, but couldn’t resist tweeting it.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The idea might seem radical, but in 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes envisaged we’d be working a 15-hour week by the beginning of the 21st Century, believing that would be enough to suit our material needs.The idea might seem radical, but in 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes envisaged we’d be working a 15-hour week by the beginning of the 21st Century, believing that would be enough to suit our material needs.

      The obligatory appeal to Keynes as authority. And his ideas work so well in practice when taken to extremes, don’t they? Also notice the constant focus on the drive to do nothing more than that which would provide for our basic needs. Typical BBC. No memo needed to be handed down here, no editorial directive from on high to follow Keynes instead of Hayek or Friedman, no conspiracy necessary for the bias to pervade even this corner of BBC output. The bias is institutional anyway because they all think the same way.


  9. DJ says:

    Yep, just had the guy on the Toady program, with the kind of tough interviewing that would make Michael Parkinson look like Perry Mason.

    The BBC wouldn’t report the Rochdale grooming until it had been proven in a court of law, but apparently some folks can get their tales of woe aired nationally even when there’s less corroboration for their story than the average Bigfoot sighting.


    • Guest Who says:

      Quick Off The Mark When It Wants To Be
      As Paul Weston’s comment below also shows, when the double standards are so overt, so often, the pressure cooker hits the red zone.
      I was, and am still totally in favour of the notion of ‘Watertight Oversight’ (c) Black. R, by media…. IF it’s consistent.
      If it is only one way, however, then it is merely censorship serving propaganda.
      And the BBC is NOT spared simply because most others are at it. Especially when, by funding and scope, they should be not just aspiring to but meeting a higher standard they keep claiming but missing by a country mile, and excusing all the time rather than addressing.
      It’s like the latest ME strike, probably by Israel and possibly with good reason.
      At the moment… NO ONE KNOWS.
      However, the pages and screens this morning are alive with reporters, correspondents, editors and experts WITH ZERO CLUE SO FAR, offering ‘analysis’ that is no more than what serves the PR slant their best mates in tribal political camps send them.
      Yet I, still, am compelled by law to pay for misinformation and attempted re-education.


  10. Paul Weston says:

    The Daily Mail also ran this story, which included the following statement by the Muslim father: “Mr Alam said he had nothing but gratitude for the police involved in his family’s case….Nottinghamshire Police fitted secret cameras, security lighting and after the graffiti, they were literally parked at the end of the alley for days, 24/7.”

    The comments tear this apart, with people saying they have been subjected to long term abuse within their community, but the police did nothing about it.

    The red arrows (disagree) were huge for people who were sympathetic to the Muslim family. I assume this is because of the anger generated by the clear double standards when it comes to policing in this country.

    If whites are to be second class citizens in the eyes of the state, then they have a perfect right to feel aggrieved, but this ridiculous approach by the government and police is creating a huge backlash. The state say’s it is doing it in the interests of community cohesion, but to judge by the comments, the native Brits have simply had enough.

    What will it be like in 20 years? I can see no other future save civil war. We should be reminding our politicians at every opportunity that one day they will be held accountable for their complicity in ensuring horrendous future bloodshed.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      The red arrows (disagree) were huge for people who were sympathetic to the Muslim family. I assume this is because of the anger generated by the clear double standards when it comes to policing in this country.

      No, no. It’s because the Daily Mail is frequented by racists.

      You can be sure that’s how the BBC rationalise it. But as others have alluded, I really fear for the effects when the pressure which Auntie, with her ample girth, is sitting on, becomes too much.


      • Paul Weston says:

        I would imagine there are plenty of racists who read the Daily Mail, just as there are plenty of racists in society. And by racist, I mean genuine racists rather than people like me who objuct to the unjust and immoral disposession of a race( any race in fact) but in this instance MY race.

        My “racism” does not revolve around the dislike of any other race. But given history, the nature of man and the nature of Islam, is seems 100% certain that Britain will descend into racial/religious war before a child born today reaches middle age.

        Anybody with any sense of reality knows there are genuine racists in society. The best way of keeping them quiet is simply NOT to introduce into their midst a foreign race who make it clear they wish to take over the native race.

        Having said that, I am convinced the Hard Left are aware of this reality. They are simply using a foreign race as pawns in their revolutionary war against traditional Britain, which they seek to overthrow and replace with a Socialist Utopia.

        The hard Left are evil and their Useful Idiot liberal allies just that – useful idiots.


  11. David Brims says:

    It’s strange that when muslims / blacks commit crime, their race / religion is never mentioned, the media refers to them as ‘Men’ and ‘yoofs.’

    Yet when muslims / blacks are a victim of crime, their race / religion is continually mentioned 24 / 7, they are not referred to as ‘Men’ and ‘yoofs.’

    Funny that, isn’t it ?


    • Paul Weston says:

      Very good point David.


    • Demon says:

      Even this morning telling the tragic story of a young Muslim man killed by hitmen in a case of mistaken identity, they had to mention he was waiting for his Koran teacher to arrive. (This was actually on Sky but they all seem to follow the BBC’s lead these days.)


      • noggin says:

        does that mean he thought they were wearing burkhas? … and not
        balaclava s then …
        the old al bbc narrative indicating pious religious muslim … both unneccessary and


        • Mark says:

          Pious religious muslim … it’s like the standard Beeb video of Abu Qatada sat in front of a well-stocked bookshelf, looking all academic.


  12. Guest Who says:

    On the plus side, the ‘reporter’ picture suggests they are at least not prone to peroxideism in their hires, though the easy-on-the-eye levels still seems consistent.


  13. Doublethinker says:

    Perhaps the people who did this in Nottingham were a plant by the Muslim patrol or the BBC . Or perhaps the BBC just made the whole story up.
    The BBC may provide us with a useful service for once if they published the manual about how exactly do you get such a worthwhile result from a ham sandwich.


    • Guest Who says:

      A false flag? The very idea.
      Especially if the BBC was in on it.
      Imagine, if say here, a new poster dropped a rather juicy ‘ism steamer on the doorstep, no one would be tempted to suddenly appear almost immediately to demand closures and atonements, etc.
      Would they?


  14. Mark says:

    Here is my tuppenceworth.

    Personal attacks on individual families are cowardly and intolerable, regardless of beliefs and other criteria.

    However, it time for Islam and its apologists to face up to the realities of democratic debate. Ever since the publication of The Satanic Verses, the more hot-headed elements of home-grown Islam, such as the placard-waving Anjem Choudary have been using intimidatory means to discourage any criticism of the faith. The MSM were cowered, and did their best to avoid reporting anything negative about certain aspects of Islam.

    Thanks to the weaselly behaviour of the MSM, we now have sharia zones, poppy burnings and grooming gangs, whilst weathy leftist lawyers are lining their own pockets to keep hate preachers from being deported.

    Most sinister of all is the growing influence of Arab oil money in all walks of Western business, including media, tourism and leisure.


  15. deegee says:

    A cross wrapped in ham?????

    Excuse my scepticism but has anyone ever heard of a similar incident – ever?