North Korea seems to have jammed Panorama on the iPlayer so here’s another open thread to play with…fill it before Kim Jong Un nukes the BBC and it is no more…..

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208 Responses to OPEN THREAD MONDAY

  1. chrisH says:

    Any other reasons Albaman why the mighty conurbation of Goldthorpe finds itself centre stage of both Radio 4, Channel 4 and (no doubt) BBC News too?
    Someone must have told them all, and they came running “oop north” for the day trip.
    The BBC are more than happy to stage manage as it suits( witness North Korea, Wythenshawe estates etc, etc) forgive me that I`ll not see the guiding hand of the BBC behind this nasty dyspeptic little show of petulance, twenty years after they have any excuse to trash the memory of an old lady.
    Suppose we`ll be paying for all the medication, booze and surgery caused by their self-infliced ulcers and bile duct surgery…at least Maggie used BUPA!


    • It's all too much says:

      Sorry Chris, it has been shown to be a spontaneous mass movement of the proletariat. No prior contact with the BBC news room could possibly have taken place. – see my full retraction and complete apology for implying this in another post.


  2. David Brims says:

    David Dumbledy

    ”She imposed her will on the country.”

    Didn’t know she was a dictator, thought she was democratically elected.


    • Andrew says:

      Bill Sirs (Iron and Steel Trades Confederation) on Lady Thatcher, Poland, Solidarity, etc.
      “There they have governments that listen, here we have dictators”.
      They probably listened to your phone, at any rate.


    • Reed says:

      I guess only left of centre political parties can obtain an electoral mandate.

      Nice lefties govern by consensus (feel the love & compassion).
      Nasty righties must impose harshly (boo-hiss, divisive & mean).


  3. OldBloke says:

    I would like the BBC to ask of the miners, what they think of the Labour administration closing 97 pits before Maggies closed her 19? Somehow I don’t think that question will ever be asked. Do you Albaman?


  4. #88 says:

    Toenails tonight says that Thatcher, after todays ‘extraordinary events’ (I thought that it was a funeral we’d seen) is ‘burned forever…[pause / slight smirk]…in the national psyche’

    After saying that Cameron was signalling that he was ‘burying’ Thatcher’s way of doing business, I wonder if Robinson’s words were unfortunate or simply nasty.


  5. AsISeeIt says:

    Albaman and his ilk have insisted that the BBC merely gave balanced coverage of anti-Thatcher protests.

    Unfortunately some of can recall the BBC attitude toward prostests against their favoured event – the Olympics.

    I link, of course, to the Guardian….

    ‘…This exertion of control over people’s lives in order to prevent protest against or near the Olympics extends beyond conditions police can impose through bail or asbos. The weekend before the Games officially commenced saw residents on the Carpenters estate in Newham hold a “gentrification tour” of the area to raise awareness of plans to regenerate the estate through a possible deal between Newham council and University College London. Yet as the tour attempted to access the residents’ premises it found itself prevented from doing so by BBC security and police officers, as the broadcaster uses the top five floors of the tower for Olympics coverage.’

    BBC: some protests are not so cool.