Question Time LiveChat 9th April 2013

It’s a long overdue welcome back to the Question Time LiveChat.

We’re going to try a new application instead of CoverItLive, which now charges heavily. Please try out the new software on a Test chat session here. The session for the Question Time chat this evening is here.

Question Time comes from Coventry; a city which dates from 1945.

On the panel we have former Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis MP; Business minister, Jo Swinson MP; Shadow Education Minister, Tristram Hunt MP; the hideous Germaine Greer; and Jerry Hayes, criminal barrister and former Conservative MP. Don’t let that fool you – self confessed “on the independent left of the Conservative Party” he was described as Ken Livingstone’s favourite Tory and said that he couldn’t be a Blairite because New Labour wasn’t right-wing enough.

We’ll kick off at 10:30 over here so please make sure you’ve created an account and had a practice if you want to here.

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9 Responses to Question Time LiveChat 9th April 2013

  1. Well done ASE 🙂

    Not sure if i will make it tonight 🙂

    (at least i can stop creating accounts to get free coveritlive for qt livechat now )


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    At last! 🙂


  3. Alex says:

    Have fun… My blood pressure simply cannot handle QT anymore. Last time I watched my TV almost got the ol’ Keith Moon treatment!!


  4. Bannerman says:

    Still waiting for my password!!


  5. Knuts says:

    I’m getting an internal server error 🙁


  6. Knuts says:

    Now waiting for a password!


  7. George R says:

    ‘All Seeing Eye’:-

    Correct date?


  8. Bannerman says:

    Thanks ASE it worked all be it on an early 2000’s dial up sort of way! Some of the wit was lost as some posts didn’t quite match the old speed we had before. Get rid of that LOGOUT button and if as some of us had to do and refresh..then put that button there.
    QT has become watchable again! It wouldn’t be the same without us…a bit like watching “Downfall” without the subtitles.


  9. Thanks ASE and DM and othe rmods, was good (apart from refresh prob), see you next week 🙂