Question Time LiveChat

The Question Time livechat last Thursday was quite promising. There were some teething problems as you’d expect with new software. The chat window needed refreshing for most people every now and then – more for certain people in certain browsers than others. The LogIn/Out button was also in a slightly awkward place. One or two things outside of our control too; emailed passwords stuck in spam filters for example.

To address the issues raised, this week we’re going to run a beta version of the chat software’s next update. Hopefully it will iron out some of the issues. We’re going to be joined by one of the development team who will observe the performance of the chat so if you get issues please include browser type/version and other relevant details in comments so that he can get an idea of what is going on. Remember that it is a beta release of the software so there will be both known and unknown flaws in it still. But for us it is going in the right direction and we are lucky to have the ear of their dev team at this point in the project.

Please head over there before Thursday, make sure you can log in (or create an account if necessary) and try it. If you took a look last week, it still might be worth a look at the differences. Please leave any feedback either here or over there.

See you on Thursday for Question Time!


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