Question Time 16th May 2013

On the Question Time panel this week – Philip Hammond, Chris Bryant, Charles Kennedy, FT journalist Gillian Tett and television producer Peter Bazalgette.

Please join us over on the livechat server from 10:30pm UK time.

To address some of the issues from last week’s livechat we’ll be running a beta copy of their next version of the chat software. So be aware that it will solve some problems but may bring out others. Hopefully we’ll be joined by the head developer of the project, Paul, who is going to see how his software runs under real-life conditions.

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6 Responses to Question Time 16th May 2013

  1. stuart says:

    a first glance at tonights panel seems like a borefest of politacaly correctness,where is the ukip spokesperson( < must be politacaly correct) tonight on the panel,ukip are the third party in this country i thought, but never mind, they always drag charles kennedy out of the pub to spew out his liberall garbage.who picks these guests i would like to know.


  2. Dave s says:

    I think we can be sure that if the Oxford case is mentioned the chairman and the panel will be as one mind.
    Can you guess the line they will take?
    Denial , obfuscation and deflection of blame on to the white community.
    Of course I could be wrong.


  3. Teddy Bear says:

    Unless my estimate is wrong, the closest person to a right wing viewpoint is the Tory Defence Secretary – the rest, in usual BBC balance style, of the left.

    Seeing that they have Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant, it would seem a question that will be posed concerns the Oxford gang.

    Now will the BBC use it?
    If they do, is there any doubt how it will go?


  4. Oh eck!

    (still waiting for wordpress password )

    See you all soon 🙂 (hopefully)


  5. Bannerman says:

    Not happening for me no login for BBBC users??? There was last week..its not refreshing either (Firefox). Damm


  6. No password sent, tried 3 diff email accounts.

    I get the hint.