BBC Logic


This via Guido:

We know that the BBC lost £100 million on its failed digital media project.

But it’s worse than that.

William Foxton in the Telegraph says:

We may never know the true cost of the BBC’s latest disaster – but it’ll be a lot more than £100 million

 ‘I heard that, over the five years of its life, factoring in staff costs, consulting fees and the money paid to Siemens, the contractors fired for failing to deliver the project by 2009, £150 million had been dumped into DMI. It’s always been the tradition at the BBC to calculate the value of a project in terms of how many licence fees it costs; to put this into context, £150 million is more than a million licence fees wasted.’


He also reveals that an  ‘off the shelf” system would have cost around £1 million…plus a bit more to adapt it.

But here’s the funny BBC logic:

The BBC claims it didn’t lose more than £10 million on the Siemens deal – in its accounts, it says it paid the extra costs of the Siemen’s failure by extra “savings” (cuts) across other departments.

It didn’t lose money because it made cuts elsewhere.  Well done.

Ahh…but…if you, the BBC,  hadn’t lost that money you could have then spent it on programmes and not made those cuts…and sacked all those people.

No digital media system and no extra production…lose/lose all round.

Bit like saying I’ve lost a shoe..but it’s OK…because I’ve cut off one of my legs so I now only need one shoe.

Still, lots of archive material to keep the constant repeats going on the Beeb…if only you can find them now and get them delivered…hope there’s no Tube strikes.




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29 Responses to BBC Logic

  1. Pob says:

    ~Claps hands~

    Alan posts something interesting about the Beeb without a single mention or allusion to Islam. A momentous occasion folks. One to tell the grankids in days to come. “I remember where I was the day Alan” etc etc


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Stay classy, Pob.


      • Pob says:

        Sorry David. It was irresistible P.S You have been the voice of reason around here this week so hats off. pah, As I See It and Sir Arthur have also earned my respect.

        Not back handed, honest.

        I do pay attention to this site 🙂


      • hippiepooter says:

        Definitely a slot for Pob on HIGNFY.

        He’s not at all funny, but he has the right opinions.


    • Alan says:

      I like a bit of a do you…new day and a new name…why is it our ‘critics’ always feel the need to use so many different names?…..keep playing the games Pob or whatever you decide to call yourself…’I do pay attention to this site’.

      Nice bit of kiss arsing by the way. I’m sure David’s impressed. Flattery will get you everywhere.


      • Pob says:

        Not arselicking at all just giving my opinion as a reader. As a reader of the site I made a point (yes in a satirical manner) Don’t know what you mean by the rest but don’t want an answer especially


    • Span Ows says:

      Are you suggesting all the BBC bias that involves Muslims/Islam/similar should be ignored? Filtered? rationed?


  2. stuart says:

    just shows how much disrespect the bbc has for us licence fee payers


    • Dazed & Confused says:

      It’s contempt….Socialist television where only Guardian readers are satisfied with what Joe Public is forced to pay for.


  3. Dave s says:

    Very weird accounting tricks here. If it lost 100million plus then that is the figure. Making savings elsewhere is irrelevant and does not affect the loss. No wonder the average Beeboid has a poor grasp of reality.


    • Demon says:

      “A poor grasp of reality” and a desperately poor grasp of Finance. Hippo Steph is living proof of that.


  4. Teddy Bear says:

    It shows they KNOWINGLY deceived when telling the public how much this fiasco cost.

    Something for those who think BBC output is an unconscious bias to reconsider.


  5. Adi says:

    How about the past al-beeb’s “project” of opening an office in Tehran? Always wondered how much that “initiative” cost.


  6. Ian Hills says:

    “£150 million is more than a million licence fees wasted.” And more than a million people are on license fee strike. So that’s all right then.


  7. tckev says:

    Hey whats a £100million here and there when they get £3billion/year. Chicken feed. And you paying the bill are the chickens.


  8. James S says:

    Given that the Beeb generates £2 of economic value to Britain for every £1 taken in licence fees*, surely this should be reported as a £300M investment in the IT sector?

    *I know because they were kind enough to tell us:

    Click to access bbc_economic_impact_2013.pdf


  9. Anders Thomasson says:

    BBC making cuts, oh the irony.


  10. The General says:

    “Bit like saying I’ve lost a shoe..but it’s OK…because I’ve cut off one of my legs so I now only need one shoe.”

    They did that quite some time ago when they cut off the right leg and kicked out any pretense to balance with the left.


  11. George R says:

    Ephraim Hardcastle, re-role of ex-BBC D.G, Mr THOMPSON.

    ‘Daily Mail’:-

    “Mark Thompson’s exit as the BBC’s director-general helped him avoid entanglement in the sordid Jimmy Savile scandal and the row over the loss of nearly £100million on a ‘Digital Media Initiative’. Now Tory MP Rob Wilson wants Thompson to shed light on these matters, saying in a letter: ‘As someone who remains on the public payroll via your BBC pension, you will appreciate the need for you to attend to both of these matters urgently.’ As £4million CEO of The New York Times, I wonder if this request is high on Thompson’s list of priorities.”


  12. uncle bup says:

    it says it paid the extra costs of the Siemen’s failure by extra “savings” (cuts) across other departments.

    So why didn’t they do the ‘cuts’ anyway?

    Oh yeah, public sector, they don’t need to.



  13. will says:

    Can anyone point to any public sector IT development which hasn’t gone tits up? Seems a bit like Ministry of Defence procurement. Costs go one way and satisfactory outcomes go the other.

    Was it also noticeable (or not) that this news slipped out on Friday when everyone was still digesting the Woolwich atrocity?


  14. George R says:

    Meanwhile, the usual Beeboid junkets:

    “300 BBC staff to provide in-depth coverage of Glastonbury music festival”


    • Dave s says:

      Why? Perhaps because Glastonbury is the music festival for the Guardian reading classes. Bit like Hay on Wye with sound effects.
      They are really boringly predictable.


      • Will says:

        Oh dear. Here’s a list of the acts appearing:

        Surely not suggesting only Guardian readers listen to music and there is nothing here you like!

        However I can’t see how 300 people are needed to cover it. Maybe they are expecting it to be a bit like Passchendaele and expect to lose a large number to the mud and portable loos.

        I’d love to go, but I don’t fancy a diet of nut cutlet burgers and the runs.


  15. Louis Robinson says:

    There you go again, Alan! Hyping BBC failures.

    Please correct yourself by revising your figures. The BBC did not lose £100m as you stated but £98.4m. This will give execs a full £1.6m to spend on Graham Norton or office refurbishment – whichever proves to be the more colourful..


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