BBC ‘Justice’


The BBC’s top story all day has been the alleged police attempt to smear the Lawrence family.

Listening to their reporting you would have the impression that this was ‘fact’…the police had been investigated and the allegation found proven.

As always the BBC seem all too ready to attack the police when they get the chance…evidence of wrong doing, or the lack of, not being much of an impediment to the BBC’s very own prosecution, judgement and sentencing process.

The BBC are not so interested in reports of racism, homophobia, violence, political subversion and intentions to impose an Islamic state upon the UK as well as the foreign powers funding such intrigues.


The Lawrence story was originated by the Guardian and Channel 4’s Dispatches programme.

The BBC weren’t so quick to report, in fact ignored, other Dispatches programmes such as:

Undercover Mosque in which we heard things like this:

Abu Usamah: Verily Allah going to bring a group of people that he loves and they love him, these people will who will be soft and kind to the believers and they will be rough and tough against the kuffaar, they will fight in the cause of Allah.    

I encourage all of you to be from amongst them, to begin to cultivate ourselves for the time that is fast approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength, and when that happens, people won’t get killed – unjustly.


Abu Usamah: Do you practise homosexuality with men?  Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain.


Abu Usamah: Allah has created the woman deficient.    

Green Lane preacher: If she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her.


We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam. Teach them this, there is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a mujahid, put in their soft tender hearts the zeal of jihad and the love of martyrdom.



Or indeed this Dispatches programme which looks at ‘Britain’s Islamic Republic’:

Tonight on Dispatches, how a fundamentalist Muslim group has secretly infiltrated the Labour party – and the broader political system.

JIM FITZPATRICK MP: They are acting almost as an entryist organization, placing people within political parties.

How it wants an Islamic state, or caliphate.  And how it wants to live by sharia law in the UK.

AZAD ALI, Islamic Forum of Europe (undercover footage): Democracy, if it means that, you know, at the expense of not implementing the sharia, of course no one agrees with that.




The BBC, happy to undermine the police on the slightests hint of wrong doing but not to report on a phenomenon that undermines a whole society and culture….where the evidence is laid out on a plate for them to see.


What is a subtext to both reports is the influence of foreign players on Muslims in this country and their politics…the influence of Saudi Arabia flooding the UK with money as well as the business and social connections that the Saudis have with the ‘elite’ in this country…one reason no one will touch this subject.  The Islamic Forum of Europe has its links to other Muslim supremacist organisations and is itself working hard towards that goal:

A quotation from original IFE documents has helped still those complaints about “defamation” and “vindictiveness”. Such as, for instance, the transcript of a 2009 recruit training course where the organisation tells its new members: “Our goal is not simply to invite people and give da’wah [call to the faith]. Our goal is to create the True Believer, to then mobilise those believers into an organised force for change who will carry out da’wah, hisbah [enforcement of Islamic law] and jihad [struggle]. This will lead to social change and iqamatud-Deen [an Islamic social, economic and political order].”

Or the leaflet where the IFE tells us that it is dedicated to changing the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed … from ignorance to Islam.” Or the document where the IFE says it “strives for the establishment of a global [my italics] society, the Khilafah … comprised of individuals who live by the principles of … the Shari’ah.”




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55 Responses to BBC ‘Justice’

  1. stuart says:

    there are all types of knuckle dragging lefties crawling from under there stones to go onto the bbc news,sky news etc to attack the police today i have thing i have not heard is from the lawrence family and there supporters is there sympathy and support for that young soldier lee rigby who was hacked and butchered to death by what in my opinion was a racist murder by 2 hate filled black racist extremists in woolwich,the double standards and hypocrisy from the left when white people are victims of racist crime and murder in this country sickens me.


  2. Albaman says:

    Good to see you back on form Alan. Wonderful the way you link police corruption to the BBC to Islam in such a seamless way. You are a credit to this site. No doubt GeorgeR and the like will be along soon to congratulate you.

    Alan’s reply:

    Albaman….peddling the usual trite comments….why not try something original apart from the pro Islam thoughtless nonsense.

    The SNP wanted a Muslim Brotherhood member to be an MP in the SNP….selling out for a few votes….ironic really…the SNP nationalists…handing power to people funded by countries in the Middle East…much better than the hated English!

    Careful what you wish for….the Muslim Brotherhood has little interest in democracy other than to get their foot in the door.

    You need to read a bit more and then think things through before commenting so glibly on this site.


    • Kyoto says:

      Good to see you still don’t understand the concept of double standards.


    • David Brims says:

      At last, a sensible comment from Allbumman !!

      You live in Scotland, muslims tried to blow up Glasgow Airport, you seem to have forgotten that, but don’t let that stop you from your multicultural utopian fantasy BS.


      • Albaman says:

        Yes David, but a lot more Muslims who live very peacefully (and have done so for a considerable number of years) in Scotland did not try to blow up Glasgow Airport.
        A substantial number of Catholics blew things up in England – do you despise all Catholics as well?


        • The Beebinator says:

          youre ignorant, protestants were also members of the republican movement as well


          • Albaman says:

            I guess we can add protestants to David’s hate list then.


            • The Beebinator says:

              no youre argument is flawed. republicanism wasnt motivated by religion. youre a bigot


              • tommy says:

                You are joking of course. Go up the Falls in an Orange sash and see how long you last! Or the Shankill in a Tricolour.

                Get real. Irish Republicanism lost its last protestant members after Partition and has never regained them, or indeed wanted to until very recently when it realised why it had lost!


                • The Beebinator says:

                  i served there for 2 and a half years in the early 90s. PIRA always denied in was a religious organisation and always used to say it had protestants in its ranks. as well as english ppl

                  and your experience is?


                  • The Beebinator says:

                    tommy, the point im trying to make is irish republicanism was politically motivated, not religiously motivated like islam.


        • David Brims says:

          ”Yes David, but a lot more Muslims who live very peacefully in Scotland.”

          Ah yes, naivety and smugness combined, a lethal combination. The further away whites live from Third World immigrants, the more naive, foolish and ignorant they are about muslim ‘culture’ and behaviour.

          Scotland only has 60,000 muslim immigrants, wait until you have 3 million like in England, the fun will really start, then you won’t be such a smart ass.

          Muslim gang shooting in Edinburgh

          Muslim paedophile gangs operating in Scotland.

          Hmm, seems like the ‘fun’ has already started.


          • Joshaw says:

            “Yes David, but a lot more Muslims who live very peacefully (and have done so for a considerable number of years) in Scotland….”

            A lot of Muslims lived peacefully, if separately, in Bradford for many years as well.


        • David Brims says:

          ”A substantial number of Catholics blew things up in England – do you despise all Catholics as well? ”

          An erroneous analogy, the IRA doesn’t want to set up a catholic caliphate.


        • Joshaw says:

          “do you despise all Catholics as well?”

          As a Scot, I suggest you think twice before lecturing us on that particular brand of bigotry.


        • lojolondon says:

          One massive difference – when some Catholics set off bombs, they were/are roundly criticised by Christian groups. When Muslims kill people, there is a deafening silence, except for the BBC whining they hope there are no repercussions against Muslims. See the difference? The Muslims are condoning and even supporting these attacks. IF they are not, then let them speak out. That is what Alan is saying and he is right.


      • Albaman says:

        “Allbumman” – is that an example of “righty” humour or are you homophobic as well as racist?


  3. thoughtful says:

    One thing (amongst many) which really hacks me off with the Biased bunch, is their total paralysis in the face of Islam & political correctness.

    We know that there are people the BBC call ‘hate preachers’ but we are not allowed to know what they say to their acolytes. We are led (up the garden path) to believe that they preach a distorted vision of Islam, but again not what that actually is.

    Those of us who take the time know that there are many verses in the Qur’an, and the Hadith calling followers to violence, but the BBC would have us believe that tens of thousands of Jihadists murdering and severely wounding hundreds of thousands were motivated by – well they don’t know exactly what it was that motivates them, but they know it wasn’t Islam !

    Not only does this do a disservice to the BBCs viewers & listeners, but it does a massive disservice to those Muslims who wish to live peaceful lives. It is harmful to community cohesion (which wouldn’t be necessary but for mass immigration) and it aids groups like the EDL as only the effects of Jihadists actions are seen.

    If the BBC had any courage instead of trembling in the corner every time Islam is mentioned, they would allow us to hear just what preachers like Anjum Choudry are telling their followers, and then a preacher or two on the other side to counter what he says.

    This way we all might know what is being said by both sides and decide for ourselves if a distortion of the religion is being made.

    Of course all this pre supposes that Choudry could be countered, for if his message is strong then he would win any debate & perhaps that is the fear of the BBC. If however that is the case and Islam were so dangerous it begs the question why the state has allowed it to grow so strong.

    According to a letter by a Muslim to Melanie Philips ‘a poll carried out by Policy Exchange suggested that over a third of young British Muslims believe that the death penalty should apply for apostasy. ‘

    That is a worryingly high number, but not a majority – so why do the BBC consistently refuse to allow the majority to put their side?


  4. David Brims says:


    Have you ever heard the story of The Three Little Pigs ?

    ” If I build my house of straw, nothing bad is ever going to happen to me !! ”

    That’s what you sound like.


    • Mark says:

      The story will probably be renamed The Three Little Lambs, so as not to offend the Muslims.
      The Muppet Show would also lose one of its greatest characters, Miss Piggy.


  5. fly on the wall says:

    @ hater of free speech albarman.i see there is another big cover by the left and the police now in scotland about 2 muslim paedophile grooming gangs operating in your country,why is that ?


    • Albaman says:

      Hardly a cover up when the story in the Express was largely made up from comments made by Police Scotland.


  6. Albaman says:

    I have tried to respond to a number of comments made to me. However, all posts from my own PC are not showing. Posts from my work laptop are so I can only assume that “those in power” are blocking my posts. So much for free speach!!


    • uncle bup says:

      In Scotland, which has 203 onshore wind farms — more than anywhere else in the UK — just 2,235 people are directly employed to work on them despite an annual subsidy of £344million. That works out at £154,000 per job

      Hey Albaniaman,
      How’s wee nappy’s renewables dream coming along?

      Has cold bitter reality smacked him in the face like a mallet yet?


    • tommy says:

      This is normal tactics by Alan. Easy to avoid of course using a proxy server.

      They are frightened to turn the site into a registration only one because the swivel eyed loons won’t sign up in case they get compromised. Of course they are already well known to the authorities as they just found out!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      You’re not blocked, Albaman, unless you use an email or IP address belonging to a spammer or real troll that actually has been blocked.


      • Albaman says:

        David, posts from home are still being blocked. The posts are being made from the same IP address and with the same email I have used for every post on BBBC.
        If I have not been blocked perhaps someone can expalain why, on June 24th, I could post at 8.00pm but a few minutes later I could not?
        Interesting to note that this “block” came into play immediately before Alan, from his “position of power”, once again abused that position by adding comments to my post of 6.55pm rather in reply in the normal manner.


  7. George R says:

    INBBC’s role in the Islamisation of Britain.

    A recent example:

    INBBC’s licence-payer funded apartheid ‘Asian Network’ radio station, which serves predominantly people who call themselves ‘Bangladeshi British’ or ‘Indian British’ or ‘Pakistani British’ or some such designation, not ‘British’, even though such people have been born in Britain.

    Although ostensibly a music radio station (concentrating on Asian music of course), its political programmes pander to its audiences, especially to its Islamic interests.

    This was demonstrated in the recent political programme fronted by one Nihal, which was used as a platform for the political left- Islam alliance to deny entry into Britain of two American citizens, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, who are critics of Islam, and campaigners for freedom.



  8. Jeff says:

    I really didn’t think that anything more could be squeezed out of the Stephen Lawrence case. There have been investigations, prosecutions and media persecution of both the police and the white working class. We have had our legal system altered and our police humiliated and vilified. I’m waiting for a special day to be assigned to commemorate him. I’m afraid that I am heartily sick of hearing the poor lad’s name. I had sympathy at the time for the grieving parents, but that was 20!!! years ago. How many other black lads have been murdered since then? It has got to be in treble figures at least…and I couldn’t name a single one of them.
    Now why is that?


    • Beez says:

      There’s been around 30 cases of racially motivated attacks against white people that have had no exposure whatsoever from media sources. The cowardice of news sources to tackle problems head on like these, especially the BBC, through fear of being labelled ‘waaaaycist’, is quite honestly a frightening prospect for the future of the white Englishman.


  9. Fred Bloggs says:

    Just seen ch4; the reporter claimed that there was an attempt to smear the campaign. The undercover cop only said to report back any finding, he never said they were told to fabricate evidence. The bBC should listen to what was said and not what they wanted to hear.


  10. DJ says:

    On a similar theme, can we have a definitive ruling from the BBC on the whole ‘single sourcing’ thing?

    Right now, we have a single guy claiming he was assigned to run background checks on the Lawrence family and the BBC runs it as fact, but you just know they’d call Osama Bin Laden an alleged terrorist if they thought they’d get away with it?


  11. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ in DAGESTAN: as platform for Islamic supporters of Boston jihadists.

    BBC-NUJ’s Franks is in Dagestan to merely parrot the same political propaganda for Islam put out three weeks ago by Associated Press:-


    “‘I could just feel that he was being driven crazy by the unfairness that happened to us’: AP publishes weepy story portraying the Tsarnaev jihad mass murderers as victims.”

    Note how the murdered victims of Boston barely figure in BBC-NUJ political perspective:-

    “Dagestan and the Tsarnaev brothers: The radicalisation risk”
    By Tim Franks,
    BBC World Service, Makhachkala.


    • tommy says:

      You called Lawrence a black power racist in another post. an 18 year old boy waiting for bus murdered by a gang of shit who the police didn’t bother to catch.

      Had the Police done their job correctly then the murdering scum would all be inside. They didn’t because he was a black kid.

      The fact that the Police tried to smear the family rather than catch the scum says it all.

      Funny enough, the Daily Mail also tried to smear the Lawrences. Dacre was a bit shocked to discover that Mr Lawrence was the same hardworking and decent Mr Lawrence who had done his home decorating. And who he had liked as a human being.

      The Daily Mail suddenly switched sides.

      No doubt we will see even more racist from the trolls here when Mandela dies. You sad losers.


      • Joshaw says:

        “No doubt we will see even more racist from the trolls here when Mandela dies. You sad losers.”

        So stay away. Problem solved.


      • The Beebinator says:

        “No doubt we will see even more racist from the trolls here when Mandela dies. You sad losers.”

        well in response to the moonbats singing ding dong the which is dead, its only natural for us to sing kool and the gangs celebration when good ole nelson pops his clogs. but we’re not sick like lefties so we wont do that 😉


      • Mark says:

        There were aspects of Mandela’s history and character that were more than a bit dodgy. I for one will not gush over his death, but neither will I act the way the savages of the SWP reacted over Maggie.

        My final word on Mandela is “Just let the man’s soul rest in peace.”


      • DJ says:

        Would that be the St Nelson of Mandela who’s killed far more ‘black kids’ in a single day than the EDL has managed during its whole life?


      • RCE says:

        ‘Had the Police done their job correctly then the murdering scum would all be inside. They didn’t because he was a black kid.’

        Tell that to Charlene Downes’s mum.


      • Paul Weston says:

        Tommy, you are quite correct with regard to the Lawrence murder and the way the police subsequently handled it.

        However, the murder of Stephen Lawrence was considered so repugnant by our ruling elites (and me) that it literally changed the laws within Britain.

        The rape and torture (and murder of Charlene Downs) of hundreds of native British Girls by thousands of racist Muslims was deliberately covered up for years by the police, media and government.

        This is far more shocking and scandalous than the lone murder of Mr Lawrence, and suggests there is indeed a two tier policing system in this country which puts Muslims before natives.

        I agree with your view about the Lawrence enquiry, but at least there WAS an enquiry. We can be sure there will be no enquiry about the sex slavery in Britain, and this is precisely why people are getting so angry, as you can see from the comments on sites such as this.

        I do hope you sympathise with us in this situation?


        • Joshaw says:

          “ literally changed the laws within Britain.”

          Yes – the double jeopardy rule law was abolished following Macpherson’s recommendation. I can’t think of another recent example of a single, spontaneous murder resulting in a change of this magnitude.

          What irritates me, to put it mildly, is that this was apparently not enough. The murder is diverting attention away from other, more recent and equally terrible murders, in order to appease a very noisy minority. The demands are never ending. I’ve also fallen into the habit of adding the obligatory adjective “terrible”, without being able to say what a “normal” murder is. Kriss Donald perhaps, since the BBC and most of the MSM don’t seem interested in it.

          The victims of police mistakes and miscarriages of justice are not invariably ethnic minorities. Derek William Bentley springs to mind.

          People affected by other, less publicised murders, have been forced to move on because the circumstances, and the ethnicities involved, haven’t been of interest to the MSM. Time to do the same here.


        • David Brims says:

          The media couldn’t find any evidence of ‘waaycism’ in the police force, so what does the Left do, smear the whole organisation, it’s institutionally ‘waaycist.’ job done !

          ”Dr Frank Ellis on the MacPherson Report, Anti Racist Hysteria and the Sovietization of Britain.”


      • Ralph says:

        These sort of cases often produce extremes on both sides, one attempts to smear, the other to eulogise.

        What a state broadcaster like the BBC should do is take a neutral path but also an inquisitive one. It should state that there are valid reasons to investigate the family of a murder victim, or a witness who repeatedly lies. It should ponder the safety of the trials of those accused of the murder given all the negative publicity against them and the hagiography of the victim. They should investigate other theories of the crime.

        That will help make sure we have the right people in prison for the crime not just those the media and political class think did it.

        Nobody should smear Stephen Lawrence, his family or any witness but we are all entitled to air valid criticism without being called names.


  12. Mice Height says:

    I’m sure you’ll all be wanting to attend this:


  13. Doublethinker says:

    Perhaps a significant factor in the BBC’s frenzy about the allegations that the police spied on the Lawrence family is that they think they might be able to pin something on a Tory politician of the time. After all they have a form on this.


    • RCE says:

      The Today programme had Jack Straw on yesterday and Michael Mansfield this morning.

      Two of the most despicable cultural Marxists in the history of this country feted as sages. That just says it all.