A Day In The Life Of The BBC Archipelago





Some comments from the BBC that perfectly illustrate the BBC world view:


“This is called progress….”

Justin Webb tells us that blackouts are threatened (0810)because we ‘carelessly’ decommissioned power stations with nothing much to replace them.

‘Carelessly’?   Really?  Wasn’t it a deliberate plan set in place by Labour, in fact by the present Labour leader, to cripple the UK with CO2 reduction plans that no other country in the world would consider sane or sensible?

Webb goes onto ask Lord Oxburgh: ‘Do you think Ofgen are over the top [in their warnings of blackouts]?’

Lord Oxburgh replied there is a danger, though we’re spoilt in this country with the reliability of our supply [so OK to let it fail occasionally?]….but…..Oxburgh’s solution is supply management…. manufacturers must agree to reduce demand when needed, i.e. shut down…and the tax payer will pay them to do so…there will be no damage to industry [ha ha]…..there are long term and short term power supply problems….but what about all those billions we have ploughed into wind turbines etc?  Has that not solved the problem?

I wonder if there is any link to the Tyndall Centre’s (which funded Harrabin‘s own BBC campaign on AGW) campaign to reduce energy use…even if it means closing down business and a reduced quality of life.

And remember Oxburgh ran one of the inquiries that whitewashed the UEA’s CRU….as well as having close ties to green energy companies (see Bishop Hill again).


The BBC do have the grace to mention that Lord Oxburgh is a director of green energy company 2OC, is an advisor to a green investment fund, and is chairman of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association….but fail to mention this [via Bishop Hill]:

Lord Oxburgh has moved an amendment to the Energy Bill that would require the country to adopt a 2030 decarbonisation target.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is as good a summary of the corrupt state of the nation as you could possibly want.


And no mention of why power station’s are closing…the real reason…Miliband’s CO2 reduction Climate Change Act which is ruinously expensive and damaging to industry….and related to that is that we are continually told by the BBC that people’s cost of living is rocketing…no acknowledgement that it is the price of fuel driven by Miliband’s climate change act that is pushing up those costs so much.



More from the BBC Archipelago:

Steve Richards from the Independent on  ‘Week in Westminster’…wants to talk about the government‘s ‘Populist focus on welfare’……a phrase the BBC can embrace…it doesn’t like welfare reforms and it doesn’t like anything that smacks of ‘populism’ …such as immigration controls, EU referendums and climate change scepticism.

The BBC would like to think only it has the monopoly on approved thought…and the dismissal of welfare reform as ‘populist’ is fairly typical of the BBC mindset of superiority.

 Richards is a welcome voice on the BBC having been political editor of the New Statesman…and a BBC political journo…and In 2012, The Daily Telegraph ranked Richards as the 34th most influential person of the British left.


 And more:

Frank Gardner in From Our Own Correspondent , trying to add interest and colour to his report, gives away military secrets blurting out the location, use and importance of a US military communications hub in Qatar…..an excellent ‘security correspondent’.


Yet More:

The BBC’s Caspar Leighton, also on FOOC, reveals that the Senegalese know that wealth trickling down to the poor is a myth.

That’ll be why the richest 1% in the UK pays 30% of the income tax take…never mind the jobs they create and the luxury goods markets that they support…all filtering down.

In some third world countries run by essentially criminal gangs the trickle down effect may be somewhat limited…but the broad brush BBC statement is patently untrue in most cases.


Even more:

The BBC has also been keen to push the thoughts of  Lt General Nick Carter who says that we should have negotiated with the Taliban in 2002…Afghanistan is essentially a political problem.  The BBC doesn’t trouble us with what it is exactly we would have talked to the Taliban about…and just how much notice they would take once back in the saddle in Afghanistan….the Taliban solve the political problem of those who disagree by shooting them.


More More Moor:

The BBC was headlining this story on its news all day yesterday: The sexual grooming of children has been condemned by Muslim leaders across the UK in a sermon read to thousands of worshippers.

What was missing was any real thoughts on why that message was going out…..the reluctance to break the taboo illustrated by the BBC’s usual reluctance to reveal the single relevant fact about these men…..

Two of the men were of east African origin and five of Pakistani origin.


We were told by one Muslim on the radio that the Muslim community opposes the distorted views of women, the widespread disrespectful views of women…but that attitude is due to the lack of male role models and a crisis of masculinity.

Nothing to do with teaching Muslim boys that ‘Women Are No More Than a Lollipop Dropped to the Ground’. and that the Koran says men are worth more than women and can beat their wives.

However, how many times in one article can the BBC repeat the “Koran obligates the safeguarding and protection of women and children.”

The BBC is also quick to point out….It’s clear that most abuse is carried out by white men….which avoids the issue…the choice of victim, how and why that choice is made.


And to cap it all off:

Finally we have Paul Mason and, for a BBC economics editor, one of his most desperately political statements:

A whole generation of young people has seen economic promises cancelled: they will work probably until their late sixties, come out of university with lifetime-crippling debts.

Funny how we have learnt that this year more people from low income families than ever have applied to go to university….

The application rate for 18-year olds from the most disadvantaged backgrounds has risen to 19.5 per cent, the highest on record – up from 10.7 per cent in 2004.

…because they, even if paul Mason doesn’t, realise the value of their degree and that the student loans are in fact enabling them rather than crippling them…and the fact is that some of them may not have to pay off the loan anyway should they not make vast incomes…say for instance they don’t get a job at the BBC.

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6 Responses to A Day In The Life Of The BBC Archipelago

  1. petrossa says:

    “The BBC is also quick to point out….It’s clear that most abuse is carried out by white men”

    That isn’t clear at all. On a proportional %tage basis and taking into account that almost all muslim female abuse goes undetected that is an untenable position.


    • Alan says:

      Curiously the BBC has managed to find a Muslim girl who has apparently been abused:

      The BBC being the BBC this is an attempt to persuade the viewer that the white, non-Muslim girls were just unlucky to be picked….just a coincidence they weren’t Muslim.


    • RCE says:

      Muslim female abuse – ie domestic violence against muslim women – does not really belong in the same category.

      The abuse of underage white girls by muslim men is more in the mould of rape as a weapon of war, as evidenced by the element of torture and sadism prevalent in these attacks. Feminist analysis often states that rape is about power, not sex, although I’ve never seen anyone in the MSM make this point in this context.

      A lot of muslim men do treat all women like shit and there is much in the Koran and Islamic culture to ‘justify’ this; but the targeted rape, sodomy, branding and sharing-round of white girls is something apart.


      • DJ says:

        Indeed. Compare & contrast with the BBC’s treatment of St Stephen of Lawrence.

        Whenever Beeboids are asked why they spend so long on this case while ignoring the numerous black on black murders, they say it’s because of The Racism. The self-same crime committed by a black guy is a yawner, dog bites man, bottom of page 94 stuff.

        The BBC has spent years pushing the liberal position that ‘hate crimes’ are the Crimiest Crimes In The World. Now suddenly the BBC has found its inner conservative and started arguing for equality under law. Who’d have thunk it?


  2. DJ says:

    Of course the same chop logic that leads the BBC to claim that most abuse is carried out by white men, that must mean most taxes are also paid by white men, right?

    Let’s hear it for the white guys!


  3. Doublethinker says:

    A brilliant round up of the diet that the BBC feeds to the British people. But the BBC seems to be becoming ever more extreme in its propaganda . Is this because they realise that their omissions , distortions and lies aren’t working and the British are resisting their propaganda? So they are having to increase the daily dose. Eventually they will become so extreme that everyone will see them for what they are, a self serving liberal left elite, whose world view is failing to convince the British people. Then they can be got rid of and we can return to a democracy where reporters and commentators from across the political spectrum write and say what they think and the people can choose to buy it or not and make up their own mind.