False Flags

Thanks to A.D who posted this in the comments:

Toxteth mosque ‘suspect’ suitcase: Danish man cautioned.


Police confirm man cautioned after bomb alert at Liverpool mosque is Somalian NOT Danish .



Reading the Liverpool Echo version it looks possibly like a Muslim was posing as a non-Muslim with the intent of implicating the ‘right’ in a hate crime:

Officers had taken away CCTV footage which showed the moment a man turned up at the mosque saying he wanted to become a Muslim.

Suspicions were aroused when, after spending about 15 minutes inside the building, he abruptly ran off, leaving a metal suitcase on the premises.

One quick-thinking worshipper dragged the suitcase out while the police were called.



Just how many other ‘anti-Muslim’ attacks on Mosques can really be attributed to Muslims looking to stir up anti-EDL feeling?  The Media are all too ready to jump in and claim any graffiti is ‘racist’ or a ‘hate crime’ before the people who did it have been caught.

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13 Responses to False Flags

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling brought this up yesterday. The police initially said the guy was Danish, the PC PCs probably using his passport as an excuse not admit reality, then the local news published a correction. The BBC has yet to update their own report with that uncomfortable fact, even though the information has been available to them for 24 hours.

    If they did decide to become honest, they’d then have to consider a Somali connection between this incident and the recent stabbing in a different mosque. The BBC’s commitment to diversity may be an obstacle here, despite Helen Boaden’s best efforts. Quite the conundrum for BBC journalists working in a low morale environment. It’s a minor story, nobody was injured, no charges filed, so maybe not worth correcting. If the public is left misinformed, it’s all for a good cause.

    Considering the Somali connection, it’s probably not a false flag op to stir up animosity towards the EDL.

    Toxteth foreign policy, inequality, and the lasting effects of Thatcher’s legacy (the riots) have been blamed for creating the situation which caused this man to act out.

    Of course, he could be a white Somali who joined a Danish neo-Nazi group and is now looking to cause trouble.


    • noggin says:

      for once not only the al bbc either I caught itv news this morning, about 8 am, still peddling the rampant “islamophobia” muslim victim fairy story,
      their source, surprise surprise! … the totally discredited nose growers of “tell mama”.
      a bit more for D Murray – Islamophilia


  2. chrisH says:

    Well let`s hope that the Somali, Yemeni and Ethiopian communities are not the victims of a hate crime, now that khat is to be …er,…”banned”.
    With no recourse to stop and search either if the BBC and the useless May Queen get their wishes met.
    Some world this one that the BBC crave-preventing Americans from laying wreaths at the site of Lee Rigbys honour killing…not letting the police check druggies and crims for khat and other “ethnically approved” drugs…and having the likes of David Nutt tell me that chewing khat is no worse that chewing Wrigleys or suchlike.
    The BBC wish it..so it must be so, and they`ll use our money to say nothing else on their sanctified airwaves and outlets.
    Burn the leeches off, and quickly….


  3. stuart says:

    good news for a change,the egyptian version of the edl got out on the streets and tonight have brought down president morsi and his fascist islamist sharia law goveremt,we should all celebrate that,but there will be people living in the uk upset over tonight events,the uaf,the swp and all the other communists in this country who support the islamists must feel sick as a dog tonight,.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The BBC is clearly unhappy that the people persuaded the Egyptian army to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood government. Of course they are telling us that Morsi was democratically elected and hence the legitimate leader ,which is true. But he promised to maintain a secular state prior to the election and then set about creating an Islamist one, so the people got rid of him. Well done them. Hopefully Turkey will do the same.
      Surely even the silly folks at the BBC can see that a secular Egypt is better for the UK than one veering off to become an Islamist state with mad Mullahs waiting in the wings to take control. Don’t they ever consider what is best for the British people?
      Why the British put with this bunch of liberal left idiots is beyond me. Hopefully there is an awakening amongst the British people about just how bad for the UK the BBC is.


  4. sc says:

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2353871/Vandals-daub-racist-graffiti-spray-swastikas-graves-dead-Muslims-Welsh-cemetery.html,, this shows how desperate the far left race stirrers are becoming,they are so thick they even forgot to daub edl on these gravestones


    • Stewart says:

      Interesting piece on this on ‘Nope, not Hope,
      Site on Monday check it out


    • pah says:

      This is so obviously a put up job it is laughable. Consider …

      1. The BNP & NF hate each other with a vengeance. No one doing this in their name would use both names.

      2. UKIP has purged its BNP infiltrators. The same point as 1. above applies. No-one who supported either would use the others name.

      3. The vast majority of BNP and NF, even the most damaged ones, would make a better fist of a swastika than the one in the picture.

      4. UKIPS supporters are just too old to be wandering around grave yards at night. Unless they are already resident of course.

      No, this smells of either kids who know nothing and are pretending to belong or lefties out to smear.

      I know which one I believe.


    • DP111 says:

      They forgot to dub “EDL” on gravestones? This is terrible. How can the MSM demonise the EDL if sufficient “evidence” is not provided.


  5. stuart says:

    the left,the marxists,the communists at the bbc have always sneered and poked fun at christians because they are a easy target and never fight back,the bbc are full of these anti christian types,sadly channel 4 are folowing in the same footsteps.


  6. Ralph says:

    We have to be very careful not to be like the BBC and build a whole narrative on one event.


  7. Doublethinker says:

    Surely the most damaging false flag of all is the anti democratic, liberal left, monopoly known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.
    You could write a thriller based around how for decades a nation of over 50 million with a proud democratic history, paid for its TV and radio to be run by an organisation that:
    a) actively campaigned against the interests of the country
    b) undermined the culture of the country and promoted alien cultures
    c) denigrated its national religion but promoted other alien religions
    d) moulded the minds and values of society to those it supported whilst denying air time to views it opposed
    e) re-wrote history to suit its narrative
    f) had a long history peadophilia amongst its ranks
    g) ensured that is place men and women and its senior officers received massive benefits far beyond those of the ordinary people
    h) forced democratically elected governments to bend to its will
    i) hounded ministers until they were sacked
    j) tried to have a free press closed down and to prevent freedom of speech

    The BBC does all of the above – how can we allow it to continue to be called British when it is doing its best to wreck our country.