Labour’s ‘Denial Machine’


Labour is accused of operating a ‘Denial Machine’….welll yeahhh…it’s called the BBC.


The NHS is safe in Labour hands….just not perhaps your life.

The BBC is going to be paying out some overtime to spin this one:

Professor Sir Brian Jarman, of Imperial College London, worked on a government review which will this week show that 14 hospital trusts have been responsible for up to 13,000 “excess deaths” since 2005.

He accused Labour ministers of presiding over a “denial machine” and ignoring his data on high death rates for a decade.

Sir Brian said: “We felt we were banging against a locked door. They were denying out data even though there was no real reason. At the time there was pressure from Downing Street and pressure from ministers.

“The government was in the position of providing the health service and monitoring it, it was a conflict of interest. Ministers have an electoral interest in getting out good news.”



Still…they’ve got that other ‘machine’ always handy…the ‘Time machine’ that flicks us back to the eighties where we can see the ‘evil witch’ Thatcher plotting and scheming to destroy the country.  I’m certain the BBC can prove this is Thatcher’s fault….sure I once saw an episode of ‘PlaySchool’ where children could see the devastating consequences of ‘Thatcherism’….I think it was through the ‘Swastika’ shaped window.



In all seriousness…the BBC doesn’t seem too bothered….denial by omission?…it doesn’t  look as if they have even reported the story…there certainly isn’t an ‘obvious’ or prominent report on its website that I could find…remarkable for such an important claim.

‘Is The BBC Biased’ noted the unnecessary deaths report at 10:17 this morning…so no excuse for the BBC  not to report it….so no report on the deaths and no report on Labour’s ‘Denial Machine’.


Ahh…no problem….the BBC kindly provides a link to the Telegraph’s report:

Elsewhere on the web

  • Telegraph / NEW 2 hours ago… focused on “spin” and deliving a “good news story”, a government adviser has said. Professor Sir Brian Jarman, of Imperial College London, worked…



    That’s what I pay my £145.00 a year for….something Drudge provides for free if I just want links with no thought or comment.



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5 Responses to Labour’s ‘Denial Machine’

  1. Pounce says:

    I see that at 1630hrs the bBC have still to break the above story, yet the racist bigoted Daily Mail at 0930hes , 7 hours ago.

    Funny enough the Guardian only managed to report this story an hour ago
    But the focus of their story is that it is an attack on Labour by the tories. which is why they leave out 13000 dead people

    The bBC the traitors within our midst


  2. Bodo says:

    What’s the betting that the BBC takes their cue from the Guardian. A standard BBC trick is to approach the story from the left or from Labour’s point of view. Expect to see the BBC story echoing the guardians attack on the Conservatives.

    Plenty of comments on the Guardian websites that show no matter how bad the NHS performs, and how atrociously labour behaves in covering up the problems and allowing them to continue, there are enough people on the left who can still perform the mental gymnastics necessary to use it as an excuse to attack the Tories. All helped of course by biased BBC reporting that provides such a skewed view of reality.


  3. CCE says:

    NHS failings ‘being suppressed’ New

    An independent expert on mortality rates suggests that ministers have suppressed details of NHS failings to avoid losing votes.

    That headline cleary inplicates Ministers


    The wording in the report is so tortured it is almost impossible to work out that it relates to the last Labour administration. I wonder why?

    “In a report out on Tuesday, he says 14 NHS trusts totalled 13,000 more deaths than the national average in 2005-10.”

    Now is that the current rate compared with the 05 – 10 avarage or the rate of deaths during 05 – 10?

    This is a disgraceful report that does its absolute utmoast to hide the fact that

    a) despite the NHS being ‘safe in their hands’ and hundreds of billions of additional expenditure tens of thousands of people died early in badly administered NHS facilities under the auspices of Labour
    b) Labour DELIBERATELY pressurised the NHS to suppress ’embarassing’ stories for electoral purposes.
    c) Labour apparently saw the problem as one of PR and political damage rather than being utterly horrified and attempting to do something about it.

    THis has to be one of the most vivid illustrations of the utterly cynical interest driven nature of the opposition.

    The BBC traduces the current government. “BEING SUPPRESSED” Utter, utter bastards. You need a f**king doctorate in political weasle (PPE) and prior knowledge to work out who is guilty from this piece….. How would ‘Cressida’ or “Hugo” or whoever approved this piece of journalistic dysenteric liquid shit feel if [s]he found out that his/her mother died in squalor because the Labour government was more concerned about their re-election than letting the public know the truth?

    Unbelievably angry will have to stop typing………


    • Alan says:

      Yep…same with the Stafford deaths… would have been hard pushed to know that it was during Labour’s time in office.


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC news report only mentions Andy Burnham’s excuses for his incompetence as health Secretary 2009-10. Meanwhile, Burnham has not learned the lessons of his Nationalised Death Service and is campaigning to retain small, poorly-performing hospital units such as Trafford A&E, on the spurious grounds that that was where Bevan founded the NHS in 1948.
    The bBBC is only too happy to give a platform to the hypocrite to support another overpaid, bloated public-sector monopoly.