This Open Thread is sponsored by the Chris Bryant appreciation society. Off you go….. now then, DID Captain Underpants make a boo-boo or not yesterday? Hard to tell from BBC coverage…

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  1. OldBloke says:

    I’ve been doing some homework on this one, but I’ve probably been looking in the wrong places. It concerns this piece of news (reported in the Sun and Lancashire Telegraph Aug 6th): A maths teacher has been charged with 5 counts of sexually assaulting pupils at a school. Yaser Amin (31) was arrested after specialist police interviewed the THREE young girls. Amin, of Blackburn, was arrested in December and charged with sexual activity with a child. he will appear before Blackburn magistrates on Aug 14th.
    I’ve Googled this info and sure enough it comes up in the Lancashire Telegraph but nothing, zippo, nana on any of the BBC web site and pages I’ve searched. I might have been looking in the wrong place, i’m sure folk on this board will point me in the right direction. What is interesting is that during my search and on todays BBC Look north web page, there is the main headline of and EX Teacher from a grammar school being arrested over historical sexual abuse claims, which go back to the 1970’s. Now as I say, I might have missed something in my search but, without profiling the arrested (suspects), Yasir Amin (photo’s are available) and a 75 year old ex teacher from the 1970’s in Blackburn?


  2. OldBloke says:

    Sorry, that should be BBC News Lancashire.


  3. ember2013 says:

    I watched BBC News for an hour this evening and no mention of the egg attack. So yet again the BBC are hiding eggstremist attacks in the UK. Even on their beloved Labour leader.


  4. Pete says:

    Has anyone seen any mention on the BBC news of the murder of a 10 year old Christian in Egypt? I haven’t seen any reports of it myself, but apparently last week, while walking home from a bible class, a 10 year old girl called Jesse Boulus died from a single shot to the chest. Apparently, during Morsi’s time in office, the Coptic Christians experienced a rise in social discrimination and violence. This has allegedly gotten worse now that he’s been deposed, because followers of the Muslim Brotherhood partly blame the Coptics for Morsi’s removal.

    Some newspapers have carried the story. And I’ve seen brief reports on both Sky and ITV news. The BBC however have been strangely silent. I’m not sure why, possibly because it doesn’t fit with their Islam=religion of peace narrative. Or it could be that it goes against their attempts to portray the Brotherhood and its followers as innocent victims of the new regime’s violence. It’s quite difficult to convince people that Islam is peaceful and that followers of the Brotherhood are innocent victims, when one of those followers, presumably an adult, has murdered a child.


    • George R says:

      Yes, INBBC continues its role as Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporter; INBBC’s political line on MB is barely distinguishable from that of the Emirate of Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood-supporting AL JAZEERA TV (for which many ex-Beeboids happily work).

      INBBC and BBC Arabic TV can’t report the following because it would mean making a basic criticism of the MB-


      “Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters attack 22 churches”

      [Opening excerpt]:-

      “Meanwhile, the Brotherhood’s supporters in the U.S. continue to claim the moral high ground, aided by a bored, lazy, compliant and compromised media.”


      We licencepayers shgouldn’t have to pay for INBBC’s MB propaganda: INBBC’s chum, Al Jazeera, already does that already, in English and Arabic too.


  5. joeb says:

    Heh heh – “carbon pollution”. Love it, classic stuff. Will be looking out for it on Al Beebera.


  6. Ian Hills says:

    Like most visitors to this blog I am concerned at the BBC’s refusal to employ transsexuals. I can only put this down to pressure from in-house religious fanatics – perhaps Christians or Jews. Never mind Paxman sporting a beard, when are we going to see newscasters like him wearing frocks, in order to reflect the diverse nature of 21st century Britain? The corporation has it in for people with ginger hair, too…..


    • The Beebinator says:

      no transsexuals on the BBC? what about news24. i see a lot of “women” that look like they’ve gone from blokes to women, but non that have gone from women to blokes. Thats sexist. and what about black transsexuals. non at all. thats racist. muslim trannies? they’re islamophobic as well


  7. George R says:


    For the Muslim Brotherhood-supporting, INBBC:-

    ‘Fox News’

    “Terrorism expert: Muslim Brotherhood ‘spawned Al Qaeda.’

    Erick Stakelbeck reacts to violence in Egypt.”

    (5 min video).



  8. hadda says:

    Nothing obvious yet on the Beeb about the latest ingedient in the enrichment recipe.


  9. RCE says:

    Behold a narrative in the making:



  10. Stuart says:

    It’s A-level results day and the only person interviewed on Radio 2? Stephen Bloody Twigg.