Would You Adams And Eve It?



£320,000 per year for a Human Resources director.

No wonder the BBC is 75% repeats.


For what was Ms Adams paid so much money, what outstanding values did she bring to the BBC?

Ms Adams was accused of a “dereliction of duty” for her role in authorising the pay-offs, and Conservative MP Stewart Jackson said the practice would be called “corporate fraud and cronyism” in any other organisation.


Michelle Stanistreet, the NUJ’s general secretary, met Lord Hall on Tuesday and outlined serious allegations that BBC human resources staff targeted staff union activists during a bitter dispute about changes to the employee pension scheme in 2010.

The Telegraph has seen a witness statement which claims that BBC HR officials “monitored” the emails of a member of staff who was an NUJ representative during the industrial dispute over the pension changes.

The statement by Byron Myers, a former BBC head of human resources, which forms part of a legal case brought by the union against the corporation over the new pension scheme, also alleges that HR staff used “underhand tactics” to collect information on NUJ activists and “bring cases of disciplinary action for intimidation and bullying as a means of control”.



Glenn Greenwald is already sharpening his pencils at the Guardian for an exposé.


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40 Responses to Would You Adams And Eve It?

  1. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Is “monitored” the same as “hacked?” The BBC breed do speak a funny way.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC breed do speak a funny way.
      They do indeed.
      Looks like Lord Hall may need to watch his back, as Labour’s ambitious placeman lets the end game cat out of the bag.
      But ultimately, even if funny, they way they speak is oddly unified…
      ‘“When you look at recent data the majority of the British public are in favour of the licence fee and believe it offers value for money”
      Maybe they are hired to ensure this ability is hard wired?
      ‘James reveals that … we all increasingly love the licence-fee.
      Tell it often enough lads & lasses; tell it often enough.


      • uncle bup says:

        So how is Purnell doing?

        ‘James Purnell is doing a fantastic job’
        (Call Me) Tony Hall

        Just like that eh. God forbid he actually did a job that could be measured in, say, pounds, shillings, and pence. Then we could all make up our own minds as to whether he’s worth £269 thou a year.

        Though I already have.

        He isn’t.


  2. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    £320,000 = £876.71 a day unless it’s a leap year by the way. Nice little earner for someone working in Human Remains dept.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      She runs a massive department, though, with a massive amount of forms to process and boxes to tick and reports of rape and bullying and theft and drug abuse and tax dodges and people saying “golliwog” to deal with. And consider having do deal with all those Beeboids whining all the time. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.


      • Doublethinker says:

        You missed the most crucial role of her department,viz, to ensure that no one who doesn’t have the liberal left view of the world is allowed through the door. Mind you it is easy to do, they only have make sure that the applicants for a job read the Guardian or the Independent. If they do ,let em in , if they don’t, keep em out.


      • pah says:

        True, but it won’t be her doing the actual work will it? Like any boss she point the way, she doesn’t pedal the cart.


    • Span Ows says:

      …presumably they’d be an amount of expenses claimed too: couldn’t imagine the poor dear paying for her own lunch and journeys to work.


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      Actually, its probably more than that given that there are only 220 working or business days in the year and the possibility that she managed to negotiate a situation whereby she is employed on the basis of a service contract and via her own independent service company.

      Who knows whether she did or didn’t but on that basis the calculation is £320k / 220 which calculates to £1454.55 per day

      As you say, nice work if you can get it.


  3. Teddy Bear says:

    Tony Hall’s remark actually said that Adams ‘… contributed a huge amount to the BBC’.

    She sure did – but absolutely useless in terms of good value for the licence fee payer, least of all her exorbitant salary.

    Be interesting to see where she ends up working next, and for how much. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something connected to the Arts, courtesy of Hall’s connections.


    • John Anderson says:

      A consultant cardiologist I know earns one-quarter of what the HR Director does.

      Another nail in the BBC coffin, I hope.


    • Demon says:

      Wonder if she’ll get a job running the Labour Party’s membership section. Hmm.


  4. lojolondon says:

    Typical BBBC – criticised by MP’s – nevermind. Criticised by the unions – time to go.


  5. Mark says:

    “The BBC is disgusting. And it is disgusting that we are compelled on pain of criminal conviction to pay for their excesses.”

    Quote from Telegraph “post” by an ex BBC employee about high executive pay at the BeeB.


  6. Mark says:

    “When you look at recent data the majority of the British public are in favour of the licence fee and believe it offers value for money…The licence fee is something that will be examined critically but when you look at the alternative mechanisms and the level of fondness the British public have for the BBC…” LUCY ADAMS (interviewed 2010)


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Not quite sure how the HR director is in a position to publicly speak on the right or wrongs of the licence fee and public opinion towards it. It gives me the impression even the HR director is politically motivated.


  7. Simon says:

    Just wow at that salary but I suppose being taxpayer funded you get that kind of waste as it is spending someone else’s money. Again wow


  8. Rtd Colonel says:

    Heard her interviewed on R4 when the bullying stuff came to light – she made Entwhistle look like a master of his brief, decisive and charismatic – it was toe curlingly bad, stumbling, unable to answer any questions or do anything other than repeat a clearly prepared ” we take this seriously, in such a large organisation mistakes will always be made/lessons will be learnt mantra – How did this individual ever get into such a powerful position?
    Oh and what is her payoff? Surely statuatory minimum as resigned before surely being sacked for gross incompetence/potential “fraud”


  9. S.Trubble says:

    This lady reminds me of Sonny Bunz in the film Goodfellas.
    Sonny ran the Lounge/Nightclub
    On paper she’s in charge but the “goodfellas” are really running the joint.


  10. Beeboidal says:

    The ten highest paid public sector HR people of 2009 were

    1 BBC Lucy Adams £320,000
    Director BBC People

    2 Department of Clare Chapman £267,500
    Health Directorgeneral
    of workforce

    3 Derby Hospitals Tony Riley £246,286
    NHS Foundation Director or
    Trust Human Resources

    4 BBC Anne Morrison £217,869
    Training Academy

    5 BBC John Vickerman £205,000
    HR shared director
    BBC People

    6 BBC Mike Goodie £197,800
    (recently left)
    Employee relations
    and people strategy

    7 Cabinet Office Gill Ryder £197,500
    Head of Civil Service
    Capability Group

    8 BBC Robert Johnston £196,550
    Reward Director

    9 Home Office Kevin White £196,300
    Director general
    Human Resources

    10 BBC Frances Allcock £195,100



    • Phil Ford says:

      That list is fairly representative of the entitled Left. And anyway, it’s not real money; it wasn’t earned, it was stolen from the proles who were threatened with prison if they refused to pay. Every year the BBC gets its proceeds of theft – over £3.5bn. The biggest financial scam ever perpetrated on the British public.

      So it’s no wonder the preening Marxists in the BBC Politburo (as someone else here so recently put it, ‘the office-class’ within the Corporation) see no possible moral or ethical issue with the obscene amounts of public money they personally gobble up out of the trough.

      Because it isn’t real money. It wasn’t earned. It was stolen. And next year, and the year after that, they’ll steal it from us all over again.


    • Bodo says:

      Wow. Just wow. 6 out of 10 of the highest-paid work for the BBC. Incredible. Shows not just how overpaid they are, but how vastly overstaffed they are. I hope a national newspaper picks up on this, it’s pretty dynamite stuff.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        No, not “highest-paid”: it’s “highest level of public fondness”…..


    • Doublethinker says:

      Beyond belief. I knew that the BBC paid themselves lavishly but this is even worse than I could possibly imagined. They are as bad as bankers and should be burnt on the same fire.


    • Guest Who says:


      Possibly worth a thread of its own?
      The BBC does like top tens and trumpeting staff doing well in them. Usually.
      Plus what the comments from the Flokk may be if they are minded to swoop in.


  11. Mark says:

    Part of me (just a small part) sympathises with her. When she arrived to work in human resources at the Television Centre she must have seen how much money was rolling around and being used without restraint. She may well have deduced that big pay offs were utterly acceptable in that culture. Of course its is not. But why wouldn’t she get the wrong idea?

    By the way I know a couple who worked as independents at the Beeb. One BBC employee complained to management that she was being worked “too hard” by the Independent producer and swore at the “Indie” for good measure.

    One BBC employee manager told my associate that he really didn’t know what his job was for the last three years. It was something to do with phoning for cabs apparently…

    And as all independents can tell you, that on O.B.’s the Independent TV companies will field a crew of 2 or 3 but the BBC (doing the same job) for no better result will have double that number if not more.

    Mind you, fair play, it does give gainful employment to the sons and daughters of BBC luvvies/executives’. If they are not in front of the camera (Fearne Cotton, Jon and David Dimbleby, Dan Snow, Sally Magnusson, John Peel’s son etc.) they will probably be behind it.
    Strange. For an organisation that declares its self to be an “equal opportunities employer” why do so many employees just happen to be related to those upstairs. Just a coincidence I suppose…


  12. George R says:

    “BBC spends £2m of licence fee on food and drink:

    Corporation accused of wasting money of ‘boozy farewells’ for its staff.
    BBC spent £42,971 on alcohol and another £33,745 on leaving parties.
    Ordered in 13,000 bottles of wine and 11,000 bottles of beer and cider.
    Another £1.3million was spent subsidising canteens for staff to eat cheaply.”


  13. Rtd Colonel says:

    Vote UKIP – no change otherwise – when did Liblabcon last hang up on a BBC interviewer – not for at least 10 years – Nigel Farage would confront the bullying british corporation and wouldn’t that be fun watching them, run for cover stabbing each other in the back to protect their own cosy sinecures


    • Stewart says:

      Agreed -I will be voting UKIP despite fact I am in no way a Tory ,and UKIP clearly are real Tories. But a good result for them will dismantle the political status quo
      The left, both bourgeois and hard, know and fear this. Which is why both the BBC and ‘hope not hate’ have been attacking them so relentlessly. They fear that a good result for UKIP will encourage the electorate to vote for other ‘right wing’ parties .And they are probably right ,but to vote for any of the existing ‘main stream’ parties will be a vote for more of the same or worse.


  14. AAB says:

    “£320,000 per year for a Human Resources director.”

    That’s phenomemal. The amount of money that Beeboids earn makes them comparable to the earnings of the Elites during the halcyon days of the British Empire when Army officers would earn thousands whilst the poor ranker would earn a shilling and then be forced to pay for his kit!

    From what I can see, there’s little difference between the Old Empire and the New Empire: both screw the poor over while the rich earn thousands and do nothing.


    • Stewart says:

      And the new patrician class , like the old, think that’s
      self evidently acceptable and befitting of their status


  15. Thoughtful says:

    Look you obviously haven’t received the circular memo. Adam & Eve is a sexist stereotypical hetronormative ethnochristian meme. At the BBC we have instructed all employees to use the more inclusive and homophilic descriptive Adam & Steve as this is more reflective of our values and the mission statement.


  16. Framer says:

    How much was Paul Mason’s golden goodbye from Newsnight? We should be told. Has any journalist even asked?


    • Guest Who says:

      He quit (though probably only just before being made and offer no son of the soil could in conscience accept… without asking his agent) so one presumes zero.
      However, if there was one, doubtless it would be covered by an FoI exclusion ‘for the purposes of journalism, commercial sensitivity or now very sore botty coverage’.


  17. Mark says:

    Can someone tell me the distinction in the difference in jobs for Lucy Adams (£320,000) Director BBC People, Mike Goodie (£197,800) Employee Relations and People Strategy Director and what about John Vickerman £205,000
    HR Shared Director?

    At nearly three quarters of a million pounds that would pay the salary of about 30 top of the scale teachers or 35 maybe 40 young soldiers…

    Who decides these enormous wages? What the ***** is the BBC Trust supposed to be doing? Any time I hear from them everything that happens at the BBC seems to be a surprise to the Trust. From which I can only deduce is that they are reactive rather than proactive. Seeing the lazy and arrogant Chris Patten in action (or lack of) I wonder who is watching the BBC Trust? Must we do it on this site?