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1.  You have to laugh….Mickey Clark on Wake Up To Money…surely he’s a London cabby dragged in off the street to fill the diversity quota.

The OECD has predicted British growth will outpace the US, Japan and the Euro giants.

Mickey Clark’s thought…‘My surprise is that the OECD thinks they wouldn’t…I mean the US, Japan and Europe, they’re all struggling…if we can’t beat them it’s time to pack up and go home!’


From a bloke, in an organisation, that has been telling us for 4 years that US economic policy is leading the way…we should do what they do…stimulate to accumulate…whilst our economy is being killed by Austerity.

He might be surprised…but it isn’t the surprise he says it is.



2. My own surprise was to hear the BBC define the Resolution Foundation as ‘left leaning’….both on the radio and in print…no surprise though that the Resolution Foundation is once again on the BBC…one of the fixtures there along with the IPPR and the New Economic Foundation.

Sarah Montague was chatting to Labour’s Rachel Reeves this morning about the Resolution Foundation’s latest claims about low wages….Reeves will be talking at the Foundation’s shindig later on….and conveniently it seems the Foundation is pushing that Miliband’s last great whiz…’predistribution’…remember that?…renamed the ‘Living Wage’…..nice of the BBC to bring it all together for us…and them.

The ‘Living Wage’….Something that is completely unworkable as proposed by Miliband, except in Labour’s dreams. We already have a ‘living wage’…it’s called a low wage topped up by tax allowances and credits and other benefits ‘redistributed’ from the richer end of society….it’s called Socialism….strange Labour want to throw it out and close down all those small businesses and throw the workers onto the scrap heap.


3. That aside they then got onto Labour’s little trouble with the unions…and Reeves said that the vast majority of donations came from individuals….not true…..the Unions provide by far the vast majority of money.

Sarah Montague said nothing….not bad for our most prestigious news programme…informing and educating us.



What else on the BBC’s Titter feed?


4. Oh yeah…the Never Fail Solution if you ever need a  stopgap example of bad BBC journalism …Victoria Derbyshire.

Talking about the police investigation into hacking to Sun journo Chris Pollard who suggested it was way over the top.

Derbyshire jumped in suggesting that such a large investigation reflects the people’s utter revulsion at the hacking of phones of celebrities and people in hospital and other such victims.

What example did she give of a ‘patient’ being hacked?  Gordon Brown…when his son’s medical condition was revealed by the Sun….though we know Brown was lying through his teeth about that…just part of his ‘war’ against Murdoch.

Why does the BBC push this lie?  Brown did nothing when he was Chancellor and PM, he took no action at all….not a thing….because he knew the truth.


5.  Next was Derbyshire again…talking about the economic recovery to a builder…..note that again and again on these phone-ins that they all say ‘confidence is the key’ to recovery…something that the BBC has been undermining for the past 4 years…..the other phrase callers have been using for the last couple of years is ‘Actually we’re doing quite well’…..but the BBC preferred not to dwell on that….preferring to ask ‘how on earth is employment still so high?…it’s a puzzle.’

The caller said that the resurgent housing market was boosting things.  Derbyshire shrieked in the way she does that we’re heading for a ‘BUBBLE’..and all the government schemes are doing is helping people getting into debt with mortgages they can’t afford.

Hmmm…Wasn’t it the BBC’s very own economic guru, Stephanie Flanders, who told us again and again and again that the government should build more houses…that is the solution to creating economic growth?


6.  Finally PMQs and John Pienaar who told us ‘We learnt nothing from this’.


I thought we learnt quite a lot…or it confirmed quite a lot.

Miliband is hopelessly political and floundering badly on Syria….lying too…he had all the things he demanded from Cameron….including waiting for the UN and a second vote before any military action was taken….so suggesting that he voted against ‘a rush to war’ is rubbish…not something Pienaar points out.

Cameron is a fool with an innate ability to put his foot in his mouth…with terrible political judgement. (still believe he would have won a majority in 2010 if he hadn’t reneged on the promise of an EU referendum….thereby revealing himself to be the usual untrustworthy politician that he is…and he’s learnt nothing…still looking to slip out of any commitment to a vote)

Ironically whilst Putin, strongly against military action in Syria, tells us that he may back it if the UN does, Cameron, who supports military action has now decided that Britian will never  back it, under any circumstances.

Cameron defiantly tells us that we must press our point in every forum…our point being the utter revulsion we have for the use of chemical weapons.  Assad will be quacking in his boots.

What’s he going to do to help the rebels?  He’s going to support their demands for a democratic Syria.  And?  Well….er….not sure how exactly.

What’s he going to do to support those countries inundated with Syrian refugees like Jordan and Lebanon?  Well….He’s spending a lot of money on embassies in those countries…and on diplomatic niceties.



7.  Pienaar tells us Cameron doesn’t want another vote because he would lose.

Is that correct?

He lost by 13 votes last time…..if all the Tories who didn’t turn up turn up for a  second vote, if Miliband backs a new and improved Motion backed by stronger evidence, if a few MPs change their minds, as many have already intimated, it is likely Cameron would win.


If news stories had to be conveyed to us in 140 characters or less do you thnk we would be any the less wiser than we are after a day of relentless BBC indepth analysis and reporting?








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6 Responses to The BBC Titter Feed

  1. brett says:

    I would like a putin to lead britain. See where that puts the lefty freaks.


  2. Ian Hills says:

    If Wikipedia has a downer on a lefty he must be really bad –

    Since its launch, Clark has co-presented Wake Up to Money on BBC Radio 5 Live…and is known for his pessimistic delivery.


  3. flexdream says:

    “to hear the BBC define the Resolution Foundation as ‘left leaning’”

    Maybe the BBC is listening. I’ve posted previously how the BBC website described the Resolution Foundation as ‘independent’.

    Now it is describing it as ‘left leaning’. Progress 🙂


  4. flexdream says:

    “Pienaar tells us Cameron doesn’t want another vote because he would lose.”

    It’s quite possible Cameron doesn’t want another vote because he would win. This way he sees Ed Milliband twisting in the wind, while we keep out of unpopular and unwinnable military action. Cameron has an election to win soon.