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  1. Guest Who says:

    Some interesting comments too.
    Especially how one Ed Miliband once PM may reward the BBC for its support by extending state-enforced controls beyond broadcast TV to encompass anything.
    Now, what has this tool of the left done lately to suggest that may not also be a stitch-up discussed in the party foyer with the BBC while HackedOff was telling idiot Tories how high to jump?
    And even the Graun is now appreciating already how the law of unintended consequences can turn out.


  2. The PrangWizard of England says:

    I watched one of the broadcasts of Newswatch this morning (Saturday). The first complaint I think was about the language used by the BBC in its coverage of the Nairobi massacre. That ‘militants’ for example was used, that ‘terrorists’ seemed to be avoided, and so on.
    The woman defending the BBC claimed that no words are prohibited and none are recommended but ‘ we do issue guidelines on what is appropriate..’. We know that guidelines are the same thing in effect, so another piece of deceit and doubletalk from the BBC. She was most strident, not in the least bit apologetic. She was extremely arrogant, clearly the BBC can do no wrong. She took the same stance on the massacre of Christians in Pakistan, the complaint being that it wasn’t covered adequately nor the horror properly portrayed.
    The BBC cannot be reformed from within. I look forward to the day the BBC Trust is dissolved. The next step must be to break up the BBC. As someone said, the BBC is like a worm, you may cut a bit off but it soon grows back to what it was before.


  3. MadNumismatist says:

    I just came across this and thought would post here. i followed a link from Instapundit about retiring in SE Asia on $40 a day. I followed it through to a BBC world wide site and received the following denial of access to the article:
    BBC Worldwide (International Site)
    We’re sorry but this site is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our international service and is not funded by the licence fee. It is run commercially by BBC Worldwide, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BBC, the profits made from it go back to BBC programme-makersto help fund great new BBC programmes. You can find out more about BBC Worldwide and its digital activities

    How fucked up is that?


    • Guest Who says:

      “fund great new BBC programmes.”

      Of course that may just be a BBC view the BBC may not hold. Or something.
      They have rather cornered the market in barking disclaimers.


    • will says:

      Of course it is funded by the licence fee. It is given valuable product financed by the licence fee & exploits it internationally. It’s only purpose is to provide a bogus commercial smokescreen over activities which are a natural & essential extension of the public service broadcaster’s operations. That smokescreen existing for the purpose of staff jollies beyond even the outrageous level of the core BBC


  4. George R says:

    And Islamic jihad in Philippines.




    2.) INBBC:

    “Philippines hostages rescued as siege reaches end”



  5. George R says:


    Two reports use AP source, in different ways-

    1. )’Times of Israel’-


    Penultimate para-

    “The opposition has accused the Ennahda Party of being overly tolerant of a rising radical Islamist trend that has shown violent tendencies in its efforts to instill greater piety.”


    2.) INBBC:

    penultimate para-

    “The opposition has accused Ennahda of being too tolerant of radical Islamists trends.”



  6. Deborah says:

    It has started. The Conservative Party conference and the attacks on it by the BBC. Does anybody else recall any Conservatives being asked to comment on Mad Ed’s policies? I don’t. Yet here we are on Saturday afternoon and every news bulletin on Radio 4 has Rachel Reeves saying that the marriage tax allowance isn’t fair – notice nobody asks her if she has noticed that it helps poorer married people.


  7. George R says:

    Beeboid political propaganda to enforce more ‘multiculturalism’ in literature there.

    “US minorities under-represented in children’s books”



    • Chris says:

      So fill your country with immigrants without you consent. Then demand representation proportionate with their population size?
      Sounds a bit f***ed up to me. Like a very effective and efficient invasion.


  8. Deborah says:

    I think my comment has been lost so am reposting. As David Cameron announces a tax break for married couples at Conference time all the Radio 4 news reports today have had Rachel Reeves saying it is unfair. But during Labour’s conference I didn’t notice any Conservative’s views of Labour’s possible policies on Radio 4.


    • Deborah says:

      apologies – my comment was there and I shouldn’t have reposted – just couldn’t see for looking.


  9. nofanofpoliticians says:

    Absolutely outstanding article on the subject of the country’s most expensive ever piece of legislation.


    You won’t see any of this commentary on the BBC, even though the writer is bang on the mark.


  10. Dazed & Confused says:

    Has anyone in the real world ever seen a niqab wearing Muslim proudly waving the union jack on the streets of this Country?

    The BBC would like to pretend this is a regular event, but I really do get the feeling that this Newsnight image (second image in the piece) is totally contrived..



    • noggin says:

      the very action of wearing the “blackout curtain”
      is a political gesture, which postures non integration, and segregation from whichever “host” culture … so
      the photograph is either :-
      a/. contrived
      b/. a lie
      those two words no strangers, to islam or the bbc


      • noggin says:

        as an adage, from the al bbc piece

        “‘I felt violated’ Anisha Patel, a practising Muslim, wears a black full-face veil and was recently attacked by two men who pulled off her daughter’s veil”
        hmmm so
        the “daughter” … had the veil pulled ie lie … an ahem, “attack”? … ie contrived


    • AsISeeIt says:

      The ‘union jack / burka’ photo is a Press Association image.

      ‘PA Images has more than 12 million photographs available online, and around 10 million in physical archives dating back 150 years’

      No difficulty finding a picture of just anything within that lot. The BBC of course republish (and pay for) the image and at the same time have a level of deniabilty should the photo later be revealed to have not been all it was supposed to have been.

      Here’s another stock image……


      So you see kiddies…. Sharia Law is perfectly compatible with British life… Cool Britannia or what? Anyone convinced? – No, me neither.

      Here’s another negative opinion of BBC attempts at social engineering on this issue.



      • Guest Who says:

        A few hypotheticals.
        I wonder what may happen to any genuine Muslim lady bursting with national pride should she sport one at certain marches that have been in the news of late.
        At the very least, one imagines the local council or Theresa May’s thin yellow line would have her carted off for inciting violence. And possibly her own safety.
        And any Beeboid reporterette dispatched to ‘cover’ the ‘story’ due to their floral disposition would suddenly get very, very, astoundingly uncurious… Just like her bosses.


    • Pounce says:

      This week a white woman was exonerated in a court of law in London of racist abuse. Video coverage of her offloading onto a muslim on the tube that he should return where he came from led to the old bill arresting her.

      However in court it transpire , the follower of peace have started the ball rolling by commenting on her poppy and that she was a slag for having had a drink with friends. She had given as good as she had got, yet while she has had to spend time in the dock, the muslim (like most abusive muslims) walked away scot free.

      That people is how this country works, attacking those who defend themselves and praising those who utter ‘Allah Akba’


      • Stewart says:

        I still wonder what transpired before the tape started rolling on ‘that tram’


      • Chris says:

        That was disgusting. A demonstration that the police force is so f***** up regarding race that they couldn’t spot a racist if they called some one a (insert skin colour) pig. You know, like one of the Oxford rape gangs. None of which was charged with any charge regarding racism.


  11. Roland Deschain says:

    The BBC seems remarkably unconcerned regarding the arrest of Greek Golden Dawn MPs on the grounds that the murderer of an anti-racist musician is allegedly a member of theirs. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24314319)

    Surely one doesn’t have to be a supporter to find that rather sinister? Or is there more to this story than the BBC thinks we need to know?

    It’s a precedent they may wish to think very carefully about, given other recent murders of note and who they purport to support.


    • Dazed & Confused says:

      Did you catch the BBC news tonight?….They had a sickly piece on various union groups protesting about the closure of some or other hospital (I didn’t catch which one and it’s not on their homepage), with the BBC cameraman (or should I say camera person) as ever, focusing on the heroic banners of the SWP, and then quickly they went from one seemingly “positive story extolling the virtues of the “glorious SWP” to an ultra negative one, as they went straight on to report that the “far right” arrests of Golden Dawn members..

      In other words, the caring sharing SWP protest for the people, as evil far right neo Nazis are arrested in Greece….I loathe both groupings personally, but the BBC don’t, and this happens all of the time with their subjective framing of the news as they wish to portray it.


  12. AsISeeIt says:

    Oh dear oh dear, no sooner has the BBC dispproved of right-leaning Di Canio been given the boot than BBC favourite Jose Mourinho is making a ‘hate speech’

    From 4.10 here


    ‘…so the referee tried to do his job… but you know some players… they don’t change…. and especially foreign players…. when they come to England they still keep their…. erm… their culture…. and is a disgrace… ‘


  13. Alex says:

    I’m getting sock and tired of the BBC trying to ‘understand’ the mindset of these (quote BBC) ‘radical Muslim militants’. One almost detects an air of sympathy for the youngsters who join the vile scum terrorist group al-kebab or shebab or whatever it is.


    The reality in my opinion is simple: Islam is not a healthy religion but rather a dangerous throwback to the medieval times. It has no place in the world today and certainly no place in our western culture of freedom. The Lefty liberal wimps who are groveling for kebab points from these evil Muslim terrorists will be the first to feel what the sharp side of a kebab knife feels like when war comes to our streets in thirty or so years time.


    • Alex says:

      Sorry that’s ‘sick’ and not ‘sock’ lol!


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC does seem to be able to ‘find’ such folk with remarkable ease. Guess they just hit 1471 every time a press release is faxed in?
      At least later in the piece the actuality of a bit of jihadi overseas work experience for the cv is shared in less Four Lions terms.
      Interestingly, over at itv, Rageh Omar is doing just that, with the notion that a quick chat from the fam may see any errant teen whisk back to the straight and narrow.
      As, of course, any parents of teens know they will.


    • doris says:

      Alex, you run this sick and tired post once a month. Give us a break.


      • Guest Who says:

        doris – this ‘us’ for whom you so all-inclusively claim to speak… who might they be?


        • pounce says:

          Guest Who wrote:
          “Doris – this ‘us’ for whom you so all-inclusively claim to speak… who might they be?
          His reflection in the mirror apparently .


      • Alex says:

        Doris, you don’t like you don’t read. Simples. Most tellingly, though, it’s funny that you should be in denial but then, again, I blog with the confidence of knowing that I’ve the majority of contributors behind me on this site in addition to my views being widely reflected in media outlets such as the Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail and the Express and so on. I am just expressing what millions of the British public feel, that that the BBC is out of step with the populace at best and at worst, is ideologically sympathetic to the Islamic extremist cause.
        If you cannot accept that Islamic bias pervades the BBC, then you’re either infantile, brainwashed, inane or ill-read… Or perhaps all four God forbid! Now get lost!


        • Brother DuQuette says:

          Doris, I happen to like Alex’s posts so I’m afraid you don’t speak for. He never swears and always makes a valid point. He’s been posting for years and you say his comments are ‘sick and tired’…. However, you’ve only been posting for a few hours and I’m already sick and tired of your negative and intolerant posts.


  14. Geoff says:

    Despite the BBC actively promoting womens football, Robbie Fowler is forced to backtrack and make an on air apology for comparing two male players to women.

    A fair analogy I think, not sure who TF the BBC think were going to be offended by this, as a male I wasn’t, as a woman footballer I’d be pleased for being classed as being a bit butch …

    BTW most of today’s players act like a bunch of women anyway….



    • Milverton says:

      The apology was a deeply embarrassing moment. BBC sport is perhaps the most politically correct department of the entire corporation, as anyone who listens to Five Live will have noticed.

      They often push women’s sport without reference to it even being the women’s version.

      A few months ago I awoke and turned on the radio to hear “Arsenal are preparing for tonight’s Champions League semi-final knowing they have to turn around a deficit…” and thought “Christ, how long have I been asleep?”


  15. chris says:


    I wonder how the BBC will whitewash this? Nasty tories and their racism?
    BBC scum.


  16. George R says:

    Islamic jihad Somalis-Al Shabaab-UK.

    The threat within the UK.

    Of course, INBBC is more concerned with unspecified security threat to Somalis in UK, not with the specified security threat from Somali sympathisers with Al Shabaab to non-Muslims in UK.




  17. George R says:

    “Shock! Islamism may be involved in Nairobi massacre, says Guardian”


    (Beeboids still not so sure?)


    • George R says:

      Of course, it is ISLAM which is the ideological inspiration for Al Shabaab, as it makes very clear.


      • George R says:

        And, of course, BBC-Democrat will censor this:-

        “Young Somalis in Minnesota are still signing up for terrorist group Al Shabab that carried out deadly Kenya mall attack – including at least four men in the last year”



        • Andy S. says:

          Are these the Somali immigrants the Democrats bussed around the country to vote multiple times for Obama at the last Presidential election?


          • Stewart says:

            Come to think of it St Obama seems to have been unusually quite on the Westgate Mall atrocity
            I would have thought he would have some pearls of wisdom to cast. He is ,after all ,the worlds most famous Kenyan


            • Guest Who says:

              ‘the worlds most famous Kenyan’
              A very good point.
              The Emoter in Chief is usually first out the traps when there’s a person or persons he ‘identifies with’ involved in a bit of a do.
              Maybe he’s still crafting the bit to fill the blank in ‘If I had some _ _ _ _ _ , they’d look like the militant building redesigners of al-Shabab’?
              Maybe things are proving iffy if it turns out they are actually related?
              At which point the BBC’s entire news estate would suddenly decide Mongolian throat-warbling is the must-discuss topic of the month.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Bravo Giles, you truly intellectual giant of man, with the rare ability to cut through the ravings of a brutal Islamist terrorist group and it’s sadistic foot soldiers and look into their soul to discern their ‘competing vision of Africa’, ‘discontent with crime and supermarkets’ and ‘angst about the corruption in Kenya’ even as they single out non-muslims for slaughter.

      Your considerable talents are truly wasted here, anyone who can frame barbarism in root cause sophistry and cloak butchery in anti-corruption crusade can have a lifetime gig justifying mass murder with AlQaeda.

      Give me Bin Laden or Al-shabaab ‘ undeconstructed’ any day, at least they have the courage to put themselves out there in all their intolerance, hate and ugliness, and do not subject the global public to delusional fantasy.’

      Written by a disgusted ex-Guardian man. Only a sick newspaper, perverted by years of Leftist apologism and sophistry, would allow views like those of ‘Giles’ to be published as reasoned opinion.


      • Stewart says:

        “al-Shabaab is really attacking the very idea of capitalism”
        That is the real reason that the hard left in the west have sold their soul to the devil.
        Having failed to motivate the proletariat behind their deluded ideology ,they hope the violence inherent in Islam will aid them in their war on capitalism,.
        But as I have said before they are as a man riding a tiger, too fearful of the consequences to dismount.

        But this by far is the best comment from the article linked by George

        girondistnyc CheshireSalt
        “Still much better than their coverage of the Toulouse attack, which whipsawed in the course of about four pieces in short order from “obviously done by the far right, ideas have consequences, ultimately this is the fault of not only LePen but also Sarkozy” by Fiachra Gibbons to “lone nutter, nothing to do with ideology or the Islamic faith and its disgusting to use this tragedy or political purposes” by Nabila Ramdani in very short order.”
        Good link George worth reading thanks


  18. noggin says:

    someone mentioned this earlier …
    tucked away at about 8 in the morning sat
    bbc 1 breakfast



    • noggin says:

      oops nearly forgot …
      note the attitude of the beebot
      wheeled in,
      “use of the word militant
      is helpful in understanding”


  19. Guest Who says:

    OT I know, but I think still germane.
    From sister publications. First for laughs:
    Media Guardian (@mediaguardian)
    29/09/2013 08:45
    Peter Preston: Market forces sweep into the BBC – and buy its best economics brains gu.com/p/3j5en
    If you say so, Mr. P.
    Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish)
    29/09/2013 08:07
    Shocking investigation lifts the lid on sexual exploitation of #Asian and #Muslim girls in #Britain: aje.me/19O3K9C
    Interesting if only for who can decide when ‘Asian’ and ‘Muslim’ are one in the same, or separate.


  20. Betty Swollocks says:

    I bet Robbie thinks, “the BBC what a load of stupid Girlies”


  21. noggin says:

    “gunmen” attack school? … maybe the continued use of “militant” is having a bit of verbal abuse in al beeb land?
    don t see word terrorist anywhere.

    Expect lots of al shebaby – boko haramy – al Qaida -talibany
    head scratching type confusion in al beebs corridor of power …
    so many? why? how? who? … I don’t know

    ps can t imagine this will make the bbc muslim propaganda page


  22. Pounce says:

    The bBC and its onesided reporting from the UN and African presidents.
    Gambia president tells UN gays a threat to human existence
    UNITED NATIONS – Gambia’s president warned the United Nations General Assembly on Friday that gays were a threat to human existence, along with excessive greed and obsession with world domination, and criticized other countries for regarding homosexuality as a human right.
    “Those who promote homosexuality want to put an end to human existence,” Gambian President Yahya Jammeh told the gathering of world leaders in New York. “It is becoming an epidemic and we Muslims and Africans will fight to end this behavior.” “Homosexuality in all its forms and manifestations which, though very evil, antihuman as well as anti-Allah, is being promoted as a human right by some powers,” said Jammeh, who is accused by activists of human rights abuses during his rule.

    Now if any Western Leader had said the above the bBC would be reporting this every 5 seconds with all the usual suspects in which to (quite rightly|) defend gays. But hang on when its a Black African leader who also happens to be a Muslim and the bBC reports nothing. Gee I wonder why?


  23. George R says:

    INBBC, despite all its political efforts, is losing its battle to stop its ‘Islamic militants’ being described as ‘Islamic jihadists’, even by its own journalist, in this report on the nature of Islam, and on Islamic jihad.

    “On the trail of al-Shabab’s Kenyan recruitment ‘pipeline'”
    By Peter Taylor.



  24. Scott says:

    you would have stopped communicating with me ages ago. You haven’t , so that tells me you haven’t got the message yet, to leave me alone yer prick…

    … pricks like you try to claim the moral highground in which to silence those who don’t agree with your agenda.

    So everybody else should go away because they stand up to your offensiveness, but they’re the ones trying to silence people?

    Let me guess: you’re not going to notice the hypocrisy, but instead lash out with more abusive nonsense…


  25. Pounce says:

    Has anybody read this white wash of an article from the bBC about justice in Gaza. Do you get the impression that everything is ever so civilised:
    Day of judgement: Inside a Gaza murder trial
    Human rights groups have condemned the use of the death penalty under Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip. This week, BBC Arabic’s Shahdi Alkashif obtained rare access to a murder trial where three defendants faced death sentences….The judge listened to the defence’s argument in the Ashram case, but did not appear to find it very convincing. He also heard a prosecutor demand the death penalty. “The penalty for murder at the Day of Judgement is to be thrown into the fires of Hell,” he said. “An innocent young man lost his life, leaving behind a widow and children, and depriving his parents of their son.”

    And here is something the bBC doesn’t mention in all of the above:
    Hamas executes six suspected informants for Israel on Gaza street
    Masked gunmen publicly shot dead six suspected collaborators with Israel in a large Gaza City intersection Tuesday, witnesses said. An Associated Press reporter saw a large mob surrounding five of the bloodied corpses shortly after the killing.


  26. George R says:

    INBBC cannot see the global Islamic jihad pattern of atrocities, e.g.-

    1.) Nigeria

    “Nigeria: Muslim group storms college, sets fire to classrooms, murders 50 students while they sleep.

    [Opening extract]:-
    “As the world reels from the Kenya mall jihad attack, the Nigerian jihad group Boko Haram launches yet another jihad mass murder attack. “Nigeria College Attacked: ‘Up To 50 Killed,'” from Sky News, ”

    Nigeria: Muslim group storms college, sets fire to classrooms, murders 50 students while they sleep
    As the world reels from the Kenya mall jihad attack, the Nigerian jihad group Boko Haram launches yet another jihad mass murder attack. ‘Nigeria College Attacked: ‘Up To 50 Killed,’ from Sky News, ”


    2.) Kenya-Somalia.

    “Al Qaeda told Kenyan jihadis to find a way to separate Muslims from Infidels and kill only Infidels”


    3.) Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    “For Over Six Decades Pakistan Has Been At War With Itself”



  27. Guest Who says:

    Bit of fun on twitter today.
    Seems the more vocal champions of freedom are miffed that the BBC got banned (or restricted from meddling) in some aspects of today’s Conservative Party Beano.
    Apparently this has resulted in a conspiracy to prevent any news being shared (somehow, which I also somehow doubt) about the 50,000 strong protest/activist kick-off kindly provided in complement, as there was with the Dims and Ed’s. Not.
    So far, so predictable.
    What’s funny is a picture was introduced by some tinker to show the scale of what was being repressed, soliciting outrage from such as hignfy’s Graham Linehan and others.
    Thing is, said picture had honking great CND banners, and a grainy aspect, rather pegging it a few decades ago.
    The amount of grumpy egg being washed off twitterati faces still is making my night.


  28. Andy S. says:

    Pounce is obviously a man who is very passionate in his opinions. Some of his posts may be littered with obscenities and sometimes may be offensive (at least he’s offensive to the right people, Albaman, Scott and the other trolls) but at least he’s totally honest. Pounce is expressing the anger that many people today feel unable to do because of the politically correct fascists who try to stamp on dissent and destroy freedom of speech.

    Listen to any conversation in a pub or other meeting place and it’s obvious there is a massive amount of anger among ordinary people about the way their lives are being screwed by self-serving politicians and single issue groups.

    Pounce is one of those angry people who is not afraid to front up those self-righteous bastards who come onto this site with their holier-than-thou, condescending and superior attitude belittling those they disagree with.

    I’m sure Pounce is well able to defend himself, so long may he continue posting.


  29. Alex says:

    I think we know by now who these terrorists are as it’s becoming a weekly if not daily occurrence…



  30. kev says:

    I thought Doris is the name that Nick Lowles leader of Hope not Hate uses when he trolls sites like this?


  31. Dave s says:

    An old hobbyhorse of mine. The book show on R4. with Ms Frostrup.
    Now she is one BBC presenter who talks clearly and comes across as literate.
    Shame about her guests. One Sikh writer , who may be really good, but feels it necessary to drop consonants and descend into the approved sloppiness. Why?
    The woman who followed -something to do with some festival in Harrogate- was really semi literate. A literary festival fronted by a semi literate right on liberal. Just about normal for England 2013.
    I just cannot take these people seriously. If they cannot be bothered to speak clear English why should any of us listen to them.


    • Buggy says:

      Sathnam Sanghera, right ? Also to be found having a moan about the term “British-Asian writer” in the Sunday Telegraph: apparently he “despises” the term, poor little duck. 🙁

      He seems like a thoroughpaced ray of happy sunshine, hey?, so conceive of my agony that he should appear on R4 at the same time the Cycling World Champs was reaching a climax. Drat and double drat.


  32. Geoff says:

    Gosh this is all getting a tad heavy!

    I thought this was an intelligent forum, guys don’t let the lefties wind you up, its the only thing they’re good at, don’t stoop to their level!

    Quickly moving on…..caught Points Of View tonight, has anyone noticed that when complaint letters are read out they use anal and annoying sounding voice overs yet positive letters receive ‘right on’ intelligent sounding ones?


  33. Buggy says:

    Could we have a new Open Thread, pleeze, pleeze, pleeze , as this one seems to be showing signs of nomadic posting disease ?

    I thang yew.